Just a simple southern country man from outside knovillle, tn. I'm a veteran of the US AIR Force. Spec ops outta hurlburt field afb, Ft. Walton Beach, FL and a huge Vols fan. Orange and white n red, white and blue till the day I die.

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I'm sorry I don't agree...if u leave before u graduate cus u think ur good enough and go to combine and do good and go to the draft but nobody picks u. Not even off free agent list. Now if they left early and can come back for a year or 2 to graduate, I'm all about it, but if u declare for NFL then u shldnt be allowed back to college just cus nobody wanted u. Just my opinion tho...
Lord no!!! Thats crazy to me. You should stay ur 4yrs and get ur degree even if u think ur ready for the NFL and if u don't and declare anyways and don't get drafted or picked up in F.A. THEN go play European or Canadian or arena ball cause u messed up. Wld be totally unfair to let some who declares for NFL, go to combine, go to the draft and not get picked up to go back to college to, I'm all for letting them go back to get or finish a degree but as for playing football again should not even be a question. Just my opinion tho... Lol let's go Vols!!!!! GBO!!! VFL!!!