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If they do boycott I heard that NIU would replace them in the bowl game.
It definitely did in some way. I personally know two groups of season ticket holders who didn't renew their sets of 4 because of the protests. While winning more would've helped I still don't think the stadium would've been at the 2013-2014 levels unless they were a top 5 team.
Make targeting any hit above the shoulders or get rid of the rule. The inconsistency of it being called (even after review!) is ridiculous. I don't know what is harder, trying to guess a targeting call in college football or trying to guess what a catch is in the NFL.
Looks like Ole Miss is about to get some significant penalties...
Justin Smith was Mizzou's. It was an oversight by SDS (shocker...)
We played msst at home last year haha
Mizzou has to tackle better to have a chance to win this game. Tackling the last two weeks were horrific and I think I read somewhere that Chubb has the most yards after contact in the nation. That'll be the one place I can really see UGA killing Mizzou all night.
I think most Missouri fans have liked what Odom has done so far. Obviously the performance on the field is to be determined but I've really liked the off-season he had. Hopefully the on-field performance is just as good.
Indiana should be Mizzou's no question. Kentucky loss hurt but not nearly as bad as IU.
VT I think is going to be a tougher game than Vols fans expect it to be, so I can see that potentially being an upset. App State though... that's a pretty big reach.
Wow. Whoever came up with that shirt needs a raise! That's brilliant haha.
Also the $165 for Mizzou is all sports excluding men's basketball. If you want season ticket for football and men's basketball I think it's like $245.
I think #2 is right. I'm a student and I've sat 45 yard line, 2nd row from the field each year I've been at Mizzou. I'd pay $165 any day to sit that close for the whole season.
Agreed Banana. You have to go with whoever gives you the best chance to win. Odom and Heupel would be stupid not to go after him, no matter what the situation with Lock is.
Really? I think Mizzou's looks awful. I had to stare at it for a minute to actually make our the logo. Our schedule posters have been good historically so I hope this is just a fluke and they improve by the time they get around to the posters.
Agree with all that you said but I still don't see the offense as good enough to beat the 4 I mentioned. I'm cautiously optimistic for 7-5 and would absolutely love anything above that. It'll be interesting to see the new look offense with a coordinator who doesn't throw bubble screens every other play and a more aggressive head coach along with the pieces you mentioned like Ross and Black. I'm excited for the season to start to stop reading 3-9 and 4-8 predictions for Mizzou. 5 wins again should be the bare minimum expectation.
I like the optimism but I wouldn't get too crazy. The way I see it MIzzou should be 6-6 or 7-5 this year which I'll take after last year. Wins against Delaware State, Eastern Michigan, Middle TN, Vandy and USC. Toss ups with WVU, Arky and Kentucky and losses against UGA, UF, LSU and Tennessee.
Great news, it should always stay in Jacksonville. Lived there for 11 years and that game is as big as it gets for a regular season game.
If all other SEC fans are okay with it I'm sure Missouri would love to keep Brothers for another year!
Not technically SEC because it was before Mizzou switched over but Gabbert was a huge bust for the Jags. As a fan of both teams it was really disappointing to watch.