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George Pickens’ metrics were a surprise, especially his 40 time, and some are wondering if he won’t move to the first round.
You're right. Did these kids sign with Texas A&M for the right reasons or were they going after the most dollars? I'm sure there were some of both. For those who did it primarily for the NIL, how will their character emerge when things get tough?
LSU’s title team seemed different, less organic. No doubt, a great team. They were struggling not long before (Loss to Troy) and the 2019 team came together fast in a perfect storm. Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State’s programs seem to have a better foundation under them.
In an era of segregation and smaller players all around, a different game altogether. I shudder to think what Saban would have done with no scholarship limits and the old transfer rules.
Good point about how it was the coaches’ fault the lost. How much longer can Bama bear to keep Saban around?
He is from Texas. I think there is a connection with the Florida DB coach. He must think he won’t get much playing time at Georgia, but he must be seeing something I don’t see. He had a good chance of starting this year, but was injured.
A coaching job? Bennett is well-spoken, smart and reminds me a bit of Kirby as a young guy.
There's a long list of what went wrong for GA. Definitely couldn't run consistently and, as expected, Bennett couldn't win the game on his own. The D-line got fatigued, the pass rush couldn't get to the quarterback and the (thin) secondary couldn't cover the Alabama receivers. What's different this time around? Not much, maybe a healthy Jamaree Salyer helps open some running lanes and a healthier George Pickens forces Alabama safeties to stay back a few steps. I know Kirby is brilliant and learned at the foot of the master, so I never count him out.
Michigan and Georgia are very similar teams. Power offense and defense. Georgia is just a much better version.
UGA will have to get pressure on Young because our safeties just aren’t good enough to be much help to the cornerbacks. They also don’t have enough DBs to play Dime packages. I thought Cincinnatti did a good job of defending the pass, which is probably why Bama gashed them on the ground.
But they all also played some inferior teams. UGA played Charleston Southern, Ga Tech for two. A team has to be awful to not be eligible these days. Look at FSU.
He played against some good competition, but it was a smaller classification. Height comparisons: Drew Brees 6-0 Bryce Young 6-0 Baker Mayfield 6-1 Kyler Murray 5-10 Yes, height is an advantage but mobility and being able to throw the ball are more important these days.
Amazing that Georgia signed five 5-stars, all on defense. None on offense.
Jordan Davis was a 3*. I think some of these 4* and 5* kids attend a lot of camps and get noticed by recruiting media. Those who don't camp get overlooked. Also, how many of these high ranking recruits mature way earlier than their peers and dominate for a while until the pack catches up. Identifying raw talent is where the Sabans, Smarts and others seem to excel.
FSU still hasn't recovered from the sorry state of the offensive line Jimbo left them with, which had started deteriorating while he was there. Interesting that the O-line is a problem at A&M.