Don't talk football smack unless your team has at least 15 National Titles, a 420-195-27 SEC record with 23 SEC Championships...especially if you are not in the SEC!

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Just like any qb goes to any team...they don't just go, they are recruited out of some type of camp and told they must compete. Then next two for bama are Mac Jones (Pro style) and Tua Tagovailoa (Dual-Threat). I've not seen QBs bail like this so they must be getting advice to do so.
Next up Big Mac and Tua for 2017. We'll see how they shake out.
Even as a Bama fan I agree that was a hellava stable for the U !
Great Post. If a university such as Missouri has to resort to this, then their accreditation should be suspended and scholarships put on hold until the university can provide real solutions. This email is wasting a ton of American Taxpayers Money. All Parents--pull your student before it gets out of hand!
I don't think players can strike because they are not employees. First and foremost they are on scholarship, so that could be in jeopardy. Second, its more like a boycott versus a strike. Looks like they sought legal council somewhere, and I would be willing to bet its a parent, or sibling that can afford it. I also hope these players were smart enough to present there demands before the coaches, athletic director, etc., before blasting allegations. Hopefully they can get it resolved, no one deserves bad treatment.
Don't forget as stated below, current SEC coaches have won more than 100 games including Nick Saban with 108.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Gator gumps, ha ha ha ha. Alabama can pull from five SEC powerhouse areas for recruiting. Tenn, Georgia, Ole Miss, Miss St, and Florida. We've even cherry picked from the Swamp. Great bit of research went in to the list.
You can rest assured this young man didn't make that decision on his own. He had adults around him telling him what to do. I am a bama fan to and something seems to stink here. Its not good for LSU but its a sure mark of power for Alabama.
I agree that there are fans that get stupid and out of line at any stadium, in any conference, in any circumstance. The word fan is taken from "fanatic" so it stands to reason why some go over board. I have been to many games all over and the majority of fans are nice. I think each university Alumni should take this on as an education and play well with others campaign. It will never stop though, some people thrive on being different, an in my opinion external factors play a big role, such as peer pressure, alcohol, and other things people do before and after the games. The elephant goes back to a story in 1930, written by sports writer at the Atlanta Journal. http://www.rolltide.com/trads/elephant.html
I agree with edge rushers because of the faster tempos everyone is seeing now days. Running lanes are more than getting out of a stance and pushing a guy. The O line must create seams that open with perfect timing, and on the right side of the line according to what the defense is presenting to them. It has to be a well choreographed dance production.
The ball has to be taken away for a person on either teams side to get the truth. But, it looks like an interception, and at least should have been called an incomplete pass. However any normal person with some football sense can see it as the bama player comes down with one foot in bounds. Finally, it speaks volumes of the recent SEC officiating. Because after all the call on the field is what determines the outcome in most (not all) cases.
He didn't exactly explain why it won't happen again as the title suggests, but okay. I can draw my own conclusions. What needs to be done with Alabama is a booster shot for the corners. They were many steps behind, or away from receivers all game. On a few occasions there wasn't a bamb corner in sight. They need to stick to receivers better, yes, even as good as williams and coates are it can be done.