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“ You don’t go 15-0 with arguably the best season of all-time with a head coach who is still figuring things out.” Let me preface this by saying I don’t believe this is Ed O, but I have two words for you..... Gene. Chizik.
Even when in the midst of a historic season with one of the best players in school history winning the Heisman in historic fashion, even when we're 6 days away from LSU's shot at a potential national title, it's apparently not about LSU for LSU. It's been 2 months since LSU beat Alabama, and all their beat writers have done since they overtook Alabama is.... talk about and compare them to Alabama. This article is a great example, as is the LSU beat writer whose column heading on twitter after beating UGA in the SECCG a month later took a shot at Alabama. That's the thing about what Nick Saban has created at Alabama. Everyone compares themselves and measures themselves to Alabama, even after they've supposedly surpassed them. Even when it's not about Alabama, it's about Alabama.
The goal of the BCS was to put the 2 best teams in the championship and the goal of the Playoff is to put the 4 best teams in the Playoff. Not the best to win their conference or division. Just simply "the best". It's not like Alabama put themselves in those games. People that were in no way connected to Alabama and computers did. What they did do was take advantage of the opportunities and proved those people and computers correct when they chose Bama to participate. Your whining about the SEC Championship being somehow devalued by the 2011 national title game, and moreover directing your drivel directly at Bama like they're responsible for all of this, just shows that you're a jealous, overly emotional hater.
I’d love to hear how Jalen “got screwed over at Alabama” when he was beaten out by a better player after being given ample opportunity to show the coaches he was the best player for the job, including an entire spring of practice where Tua was sitting out and he STILL couldn’t win the job. A coach’s job is to give his team the best chance to win and Tua gave the team a better chance to win than Jalen did. Anyone that argues that is a fool or a troll, I’ll let you pick.
Love Jalen. He'll always be a beloved member of the Bama family. And I don't much have a reaction to OU/Jalen making the Playoffs because 1- they did it in the second easiest conference to come out of behind the ACC and 2- They didn't do it at the expense of Bama. I want nothing but the best for Jalen and I hope he plays well against LSU and if the chips fall the right way, maybe he can even pull off the win. But let's be honest... Jalen is the same QB he was at Alabama, possibly slightly better. He's a tremendous athlete, the consummate example of a teammate and hard worker, and he's a sub-par passer. He's never been able to make it past his first or second read if they aren't wide open and he's never had a truly good game against an above-average defense. LSU's defense has certainly had it's fair share of struggles this year, and this will be the best offense it's faced since Bama, but they're coming on at the right time and have a month to prepare for Jalen. Aranda's defense held Jalen to some exceptionally pedestrian numbers the 2 years he faced LSU and I expect more of the same. This will be a blood bath. LSU scores in the high 40's, maybe low 50's, OU in the 20's.
Fromm's year has more to do with having no one other than Pickens to throw to than any "regression" on his part. That said, if Tua stays, if I'm Fromm, I'd seriously consider going. That would put him behind at least Lawrence and Tua next year and possibly Fields.
Did you miss the LSU game earlier that year? Or the Washington game a week before the Clemson game? Hurts has never been good against good defenses, whether Kiffin was calling the offense or otherwise.
"I’m convinced they would have own the championship that year had Kiffin been calling the plays because he had that kind of relationship with Jalen Hurts" Ummmm this is the same Kiffin-Hurts combo that combined to have a total of 0 good outings against good defenses. Kiffin was there the week before when Hurts went 7/14 for 57 yards and 0 TD's rushing or passing against Washington. Bama didn't win a championship that year because Sark had too much faith and Jalen and forgot Damian Harris was a 1,000 yard rusher once Bo went down with a broken leg. We also lost because our defense couldn't step up and make one last play when we had the lead with under 2 minutes left in the game. Paul is (as always) full of it.
At 6-5, 232., Sanders is the nation’s 12th-ranked player and the 2nd overall outside linebacker in the country. . . . The other linebackers coming to Alabama include ILB Demouy Kennedy (6-3, 205, Theodore, Ala.), OLB Quandarrius Robinson (6-5, 217, Jackson-Olin HS, Birmingham, Ala.) and Jackson Bratton (6-3, 233, Muscle Shoals, Ala.) For high school kids, those are some big a** linebackers!
@bamaman 234 How is Dabo coming home "the dumbest idea" people have come up with? I mean you're an LSU fan for Christ sake. Les Miles wrote the book on dumb ideas. I don't personally think or expect Dabo to leave Clemson for Alabama, at least not to replace Saban. Also, if he had no connection to Bama whatsoever, I would probably agree with you. It would be like Saban leaving Bama to coach Ohio State. But suggesting that he wouldn't be tempted to come back and coach his alma matter when he's already achieved GOAT status in Clemson lore no matter what he does is short sighted. If he wins multiple national titles at multiple schools, then you're talking rarefied air.
Actually it's not even close to the same thing if you know the basic rules of football and how the clock works. In 2013, TJ Yeldon ran out of bounds, meaning the clock would not begin running until the ball is snapped. Even if they gave Bama the 1 second as it happened without needing replay, Bama still would have had the entire length of the play clock to get the FG unit out there as the clock would not have been running. In this scenario, Auburn did not get out of bounds or call a timeout. The clock stopped momentarily because of a first down and was set to run as soon as the chains were set for play. The rules require a 3-second runoff for a spike, which means Auburn couldn't spike it. The automatic runoff would have ended the half. Likewise, it would be impossible for Auburn to get it's FG unit on the field and set and the ball snapped in the amount of time it took the officials to reset the chains and roll the clock. The stoppage for replay gave Auburn the time to get set up. If you can't recognize and admit how the two scenarios are different and that Auburn was the beneficiary of an unforeseen loophole in the replay system, then you're a blind homer.
It's a weird scenario that happens very rarely, but I would suspect a fair rule change would be to require a 3-second runoff (just like a spike) if this situation happens again: end of a half, team with the ball has no timeouts left, instant replay on whether there is any time left creates a "4th timeout" for that team to allow them to either get the FG unit on and set or snap the ball for a hail mary, which they otherwise never would have been able to do if the officials ruled there was time left to begin with and rolled the clock after the chains were set. Not like Auburn cheated. They were just the beneficiary of a loophole in the replay rules that gifted them an opportunity at 3 points they wouldn't have otherwise had.
@Kg321 LSU under Coach O has had 1 good year of offense (along with a pretty sub-par defense that looked a lot like Bama at times), they beat Alabama for the first time in 8 years, and suddenly they're on a "streak"? Come back next year without Burrow, without Jefferson, with 2 or 3 new linemen, potentially without Moss and Edwards-Hekaire, without Delpit, without Lawrence, without Fulton, and potentially without Stevens... and do it again and then we'll talk about a "streak". Until then, you're having a great year, and that's all, so enjoy it.
First of all, the Committee has already demonstrated "a team that can't even win their division" can still be one of the 4 best teams in the country. See 2016 Ohio State and 2017 Bama. Secondly, how does that 11-1 team, whose best win is over a 4-loss team, make a case over a 12-1 conference champion? It's pretty easy if you're talking Bama and Oregon. Oregon will have just as many quality wins in that scenario as Alabama and Bama will have beaten that 4-loss team (Auburn) on the road while that same 4-loss team beat Oregon on a neutral field. How does a team that wins the worst or next to worst conference, that loses on a neutral field to the 5th best team in the SEC, make an argument that they're better than the second best team in the SEC?
I watched Texas throw all over LSU's defense in a way they haven't been able to do against anyone else all season, and they play in the Big12 for Christ's sake. I watched Vandy's OL push them around in the first half when throwing wasn't predictable and they could still run a more balanced offense. I watched KYLE TRASK pick them apart for over 300 yards and 3 TD's in Death Valley at night. LSU's defense is extremely vulnerable, especially away from the friendly confines in Baton Rouge, and Bama is by far the best passing offense they'll have seen. I don't see LSU holding Bama to less than 40 so long as Tua stays upright and "healthy". Sure, that's a HUGE "if", but a well-protected Tua is going to shred these guys to pieces.
All good points. The only way I could potentially see Bama having a shot at losing the game and still getting in is if Tua plays, and plays well, gets Bama like a one or two score lead, gets hurt and has to leave, and then Bama loses very close games like 31-24 and the offense appears significantly different when he is out. Then and only then can you look at it and maybe say Bama is just unequivocally one of the best 4 teams when they're at full strength, which in theory they would be by the time the Playoffs roll around. Otherwise, you're absolutely right. If Bama loses this game straight up, even close, even in an overtime classic type game, I just don't know if I see a route for them to get back in it.
Perhaps if you were as smart as you apparently think you are, you'd notice that the statement "The Tide played twice in 2015 as a lower-ranked team" is factually inaccurate, and that going on to briefly discuss both of those two 2015 games referenced and leaving out the UGA game that year means that... you guessed it... he left it off the list.
This list also left off 13th ranked Alabama smashing 8th ranked Georgia in 2015
Alabama has embarrassed LSU several years in a row now. The rivalry hasn't been relevant on the national stage late in the season since Tua was in middle school. CBS had no reason to believe this year would be any different, so they chose the most high profile non-conference game of the year (yes, way bigger than LSU-Texas preseason) between two likely undefeated top-10 ranked teams that have both been in the Playoff in the last 2 years. They made a very smart decision given the information they had at the time that they had to make it and you want to sit here in hindsight and act like they were dumb for making the decision. Enough said.
You do realize how ridiculous you sound, right? "Screw the contract! Let's have a billion people watch it under the lights!" only to be sued by ESPN for breach of contract, lose 10 times the money you made in revenue from marketing during the game, and then pizz all over the relationship you have with ESPN who runs the SEC Network, the biggest cash cow you have. Yeah, screw it, let's do all that for 4 hours of a (hopefully) good game.
That's actually not the case this week, though it is most of the time. They had a flex option this week and were advertising all during the Bama-A&M game that they would be broadcasting LSU-MSU, UF-USC, or UK-UGA. They didn't make the final decision until Sunday.
Paul talking out of his arse like usual. Saying CBS looks stupid for choosing UGA-Notre Dame as it's one primetime game instead of Alabama-LSU is as "hindsight is 20/20" argument as you can possibly get. UGA-Notre Dame was (and at the time the game was played) billed all offseason as the top non-conference matchup of the season. It was a fantastic game that, at the time, meant a LOT to the CFP. Who knows, by the time December rolls around, it still might. Conversely, Alabama has absolutely dominated LSU in recent years, especially in Tuscaloosa. I'm pretty sure when CBS made the decision to do UGA-ND in primetime, Paul even made a comment to that effect that LSU had to do something to make that game relevant and worthy of the primetime spot. Turns out they have, but they did that after CBS had to make the decision about their one primetime slot. Plus, CBS still gets that game, not like they lost out on the opportunity to show it, just don't get to do it in primetime. If the Bama-LSU game lives up to the hype this year, I'd be willing to bet it'll be right back in primetime next year. Now I will say them choosing to air LSU-Mississippi State this weekend is a head scratcher. Florida played well at LSU and South Carolina pulled off a massive upset. How in the world they aren't broadcasting Florida-USC is beyond me.
I mean, I understand the criticism of some of Bama's "issues", but you clearly haven't been watching Clemson play this year. They are about 5 or 6 on a list of teams that look like they could threaten Alabama right now. I'd put LSU, UGA, and Ohio State ahead of Clemson right now, possibly Auburn depending on how Nix develops the rest of the year combined with their DL. Bama is going to score on everyone as long as Tua and the 4 Horsemen stay healthy, albeit some more than others. But right now, LSU, UGA, and OSU are the only teams that I think could stop Bama enough times while also putting points up consistently to beat Bama.
"Take away the quick slants and tackle in space. Sounds simple doesn’t it?" Problem is Tua is not only the best slant thrower, he's also the best deep ball thrower in college football. If you cheat up to try to jump/take away the slant, here comes the slugo and Jeudy/Ruggs/Smith/Waddle are behind the defense in a heartbeat. Defensively, you almost have to give them the slant and just bank on your guys making tackles.
"Now imagine what Auburn can do with a senior-dominated offensive line and a run game at full throttle" Ummmmm what tape have you been watching? Auburn's senior laden OL is pretty below average. They've had one good game against MSU. Just cause they're old doesn't mean they're good.
Toughest place to play, yet Alabama has a 28–9–2 record in Baton Rouge, including winning 5 of 6 match ups there in the Saban era.
"but he has been sidelined since 2016 with a heart condition and does not fly before games." Sounds like Nova has been hanging around Urban Meyer too much.
Bama-Clemson, Bama-VT, Bama-West Virginia, Bama-Florida State= Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Bama-Duke= Popeye's Kickoff. It's just second-rate.