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Alabama has embarrassed LSU several years in a row now. The rivalry hasn't been relevant on the national stage late in the season since Tua was in middle school. CBS had no reason to believe this year would be any different, so they chose the most high profile non-conference game of the year (yes, way bigger than LSU-Texas preseason) between two likely undefeated top-10 ranked teams that have both been in the Playoff in the last 2 years. They made a very smart decision given the information they had at the time that they had to make it and you want to sit here in hindsight and act like they were dumb for making the decision. Enough said.
You do realize how ridiculous you sound, right? "Screw the contract! Let's have a billion people watch it under the lights!" only to be sued by ESPN for breach of contract, lose 10 times the money you made in revenue from marketing during the game, and then pizz all over the relationship you have with ESPN who runs the SEC Network, the biggest cash cow you have. Yeah, screw it, let's do all that for 4 hours of a (hopefully) good game.
That's actually not the case this week, though it is most of the time. They had a flex option this week and were advertising all during the Bama-A&M game that they would be broadcasting LSU-MSU, UF-USC, or UK-UGA. They didn't make the final decision until Sunday.
Paul talking out of his arse like usual. Saying CBS looks stupid for choosing UGA-Notre Dame as it's one primetime game instead of Alabama-LSU is as "hindsight is 20/20" argument as you can possibly get. UGA-Notre Dame was (and at the time the game was played) billed all offseason as the top non-conference matchup of the season. It was a fantastic game that, at the time, meant a LOT to the CFP. Who knows, by the time December rolls around, it still might. Conversely, Alabama has absolutely dominated LSU in recent years, especially in Tuscaloosa. I'm pretty sure when CBS made the decision to do UGA-ND in primetime, Paul even made a comment to that effect that LSU had to do something to make that game relevant and worthy of the primetime spot. Turns out they have, but they did that after CBS had to make the decision about their one primetime slot. Plus, CBS still gets that game, not like they lost out on the opportunity to show it, just don't get to do it in primetime. If the Bama-LSU game lives up to the hype this year, I'd be willing to bet it'll be right back in primetime next year. Now I will say them choosing to air LSU-Mississippi State this weekend is a head scratcher. Florida played well at LSU and South Carolina pulled off a massive upset. How in the world they aren't broadcasting Florida-USC is beyond me.
I mean, I understand the criticism of some of Bama's "issues", but you clearly haven't been watching Clemson play this year. They are about 5 or 6 on a list of teams that look like they could threaten Alabama right now. I'd put LSU, UGA, and Ohio State ahead of Clemson right now, possibly Auburn depending on how Nix develops the rest of the year combined with their DL. Bama is going to score on everyone as long as Tua and the 4 Horsemen stay healthy, albeit some more than others. But right now, LSU, UGA, and OSU are the only teams that I think could stop Bama enough times while also putting points up consistently to beat Bama.
"Take away the quick slants and tackle in space. Sounds simple doesn’t it?" Problem is Tua is not only the best slant thrower, he's also the best deep ball thrower in college football. If you cheat up to try to jump/take away the slant, here comes the slugo and Jeudy/Ruggs/Smith/Waddle are behind the defense in a heartbeat. Defensively, you almost have to give them the slant and just bank on your guys making tackles.
"Now imagine what Auburn can do with a senior-dominated offensive line and a run game at full throttle" Ummmmm what tape have you been watching? Auburn's senior laden OL is pretty below average. They've had one good game against MSU. Just cause they're old doesn't mean they're good.
Toughest place to play, yet Alabama has a 28–9–2 record in Baton Rouge, including winning 5 of 6 match ups there in the Saban era.
"but he has been sidelined since 2016 with a heart condition and does not fly before games." Sounds like Nova has been hanging around Urban Meyer too much.
Bama-Clemson, Bama-VT, Bama-West Virginia, Bama-Florida State= Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Bama-Duke= Popeye's Kickoff. It's just second-rate.
2 thoughts on OL.... 1) Bama actually returns 3 starters on the OL from a great unit last year. Deonte Brown took that starting guard job from Lester Cotton Tennessee week and played great football until he was suspended for the Orange Bowl/National Title. Sure, he's suspended for the first 4 games of the season (Duke, NM State, South Carolina, Southern Miss), but seeing as that's not exactly "murderer's row", he shouldn't be missed, the younger guys like Neal get 4 games of experience, and all it does is ensure he stays healthy going into the A&M game/start of the important part of the schedule. 2) "A weak link for Auburn last season... all 5 starters return." "This unit will likely be a strength this season." Don't get me wrong, I get the concepts of improvement and experience, but when the sample we already have isn't very good, I'm not sure how you jump from weakness to strength simply because they're older. I'd have to call this one a tie going in to the season. Agree on pretty much everything else going into the season, though I think by Iron Bowl/season's end the 1-2 punch of Harris/Robinson will be better than Whitlow/Martin. All that assumes everyone stays healthy of course, so this post likely won't be worth a crap by the time the Iron Bowl gets here.
Ok let's set this straight... CBS gets first pick of the SEC Game of the Week and ESPN gets the leftovers. In this scenario, CBS gets the rights because it's a home game for an SEC team as opposed to 2 years ago when they were at ND and NBC got the rights to that one. And yes, make no mistake about it, CBS made this decision both because it's the biggest game of the week that by far and because people aren't as hyped up about watching Bama-LSU in primetime as they once were considering Bama has owned that series for the last 8 years with no game in Tuscaloosa being close since 2011. Now, with CBS/ESPN/Gameday... CBS can have the rights to air the game and Gameday still be there in the morning. This has happened on NUMEROUS occasions, including several times for the Bama-LSU game, the Iron Bowl, and the year Ole Miss upset Bama in Oxford (2014). It's actually one of the few scenarios that happen where Herbie gets to pick the winner of the game because he won't be calling the game. Herbie then hops on a flight and heads off somewhere else to call the ESPN game of the week. So long and short... Gameday will be in Athens for UGA-ND, the game itself will be broadcast on CBS in primetime, Herbie will be calling a game with Fowler somewhere else that night, and Bama-LSU will likely be relegated to a 2:30 CBS game in Tuscaloosa come November.
@#hailstate only an idiot would think putting Jalen in for that game would have made a difference. If anything, it would have been far worse. Go take a look at Tua's numbers and the box score from that game. Tua played a pretty good game actually with very few mistakes, though the ones he had were costly. The pick 6 was more a risky gamble by the DB to come off of his man than a bad choice/throw by Tua. He read the blitz, picked out the right man, and made the correct throw in that situation. The off coverage DB came off of Smith before the throw and made a great play. Tip your cap. His second interception, Tua guessed on the coverage rather than reading the coverage and it cost him. Only real big mistake I can put solely on him. He's better than that. Otherwise, he completed 65% of his throws and threw a couple TD's. We moved the ball well all night long except for when it mattered most: the red zone. Our red zone woes had little to nothing to do with Tua and more to do with poor play calling and poor execution by the OL. Ultimately, Tua led the offense inside Clemson's 25 a total of 7 times and we came away with 16 points. If you honestly believe Tua didn't look very good or that Jalen could have done better, especially against the type of blitzing Clemson was running at us all night, you clearly know nothing about football or you weren't paying attention.
I was hoping to click on this article and just find a YouTube clip from Billy Madison of him playing dodgeball with the 1st graders. *Catches ball* "Now you're all in BIG trouble..."
I'll answer your question with a question of my own... Do you know how to read? Because if you actually read the article, you wouldn't have asked the question.
I could sum this article up in two very simple points: Tua is just a better passer and has better weapons to throw the ball to. That is why he has the passing edge over Fromm. Not a knock on Fromm at all. He's a great QB. He's just not Tua kinda great.
You can whine all you want about missed calls (for instance, a blatant facemask no call on Tua that would have kept a drive alive) but bottom line, they happen in every game and Bama was ALWAYS going to destroy Auburn Saturday, even if the game was called perfectly. What you need to be concerned about is the fact that you have a head coach that comes out after halftime and is still whining to the sideline reporter about a correctly-called holding call made during the second drive of the game rather than focusing on the adjustments his team needs to make to have a successful second half.
Bama's offense is far more explosive this year than last and UGA's defense isn't as stout. Still good, but not as good as last year. Advantage Bama. Bama's defense has progressed a lot this year and they tend to feel much more "at home" facing the style of offense UGA runs as opposed to someone like Auburn. Also, Swift is a phenomenal back, but I like Bama's chances to slow him down and make Fromm beat them with his arm, which he couldn't do in the second half last year outside of the one deep bomb that beat Tony Brown. Advantage Bama. Kicking game... advantage anyone but Bama. Bottom line, UGA will need to get pressure on Tua and force some turnovers, hit 3 or 4 big plays in the passing game, and make a big play or two like Auburn did on special teams to have a chance to keep up with Bama, and I just don't see that all happening. Bama 41-20
I think we can all agree it wasn't a block in the back and it cost State a TD, but if you watch it live and in slow-mo, it's pretty easy to understand why it was called. The State receiver ran right up behind Carter and had his hands up/on Carter slightly, their feet got tangled up, and Carter tripped and fell on his face. The State receiver knew exactly what it looked like, which is why he threw his hands in the air to indicate he didn't do anything. Unfortunately, that's exactly what people do when they DO block someone in the back, so it just made him look even more guilty. At the end of the day, it was terribly unfortunate timing and circumstances for State that, when everything is played out live in front of you, looks 100% like a block in the back, even though it wasn't. I can't fault the ref for making that call. 100% blown away they didn't at least stop and look at the could-be fumble. I could see the call standing or overturned, but the fact that it wasn't reviewed was pretty shocking.
"LSU will have a placekicking edge" is about as bold of a prediction as predicting Bama to beat The Citadel.
Tua excelled in Atlanta (not Tiger Stadium, but not exactly "neutral" either) against UGA (a top 5 defense) in the national championship game where he was asked to come off the bench and bring the team back from a double digit deficit. It's not exactly like he hasn't experienced extreme pressure at the college level. Sure, LSU's defense will be by far the best defense Bama has seen this year, but LSU's defense hasn't seen an offense that's remotely as powerful as Alabama. The best they've seen is UGA, which doesn't have near the fire power Alabama has this year. (Ole Miss is statistically ranked higher than UGA offensively, but anyone with eyes and knowledge of the game doesn't buy that. Ole Miss offense folds like a cheap suit against elite defenses. See Bama and LSU games).
Yes, 2012, 2014, and 2016 games were all very close. Even before the streak, 2008 and 2010 games were close. Both teams had elite defenses in all 5 of those games. Hell Bama and LSU are and have been THE defensive standard in college football for nearly a decade now. Both teams have elite men in the trenches on both sides of the ball as they always have the last 10 years. Both teams have future NFL stars at the skill positions as they have the last 10 years. But there is one HUGE difference in those games and this one: Quarterback. Bama has the Heisman favorite calling the plays and no one before him has come close to playing at the level he is, with the closest being AJ McCarron in 2012. And then you have Joe Burrow, who reminds me of a slightly more mobile Jake Coker: Dependable, won't get you beat most of the time, but he also isn't going to expose an elite defense. Barring an injury or a lopsided turnover margin in LSU's favor (3+), Tua is the difference in the game. Bama 38-20
“Get off my lawn!!” God that line is almost as pathetic as spending thousands of dollars on a billboard in a completely futile effort to change a rule in the middle of the season with no basis for the change other than hurt feelings and inferiority. The fear is strong in the corn dog fan base and the game is still 12 days away...
Either it’s already basketball season for you and you’ve stopped paying attention or you clearly never knew what you were talking about in the first place is you think Tua is Bama’s entire offense. I’m guessing it’s the later.
I don't disagree with the notion that LSU's secondary is elite, but I wouldn't even come close to using Ole Miss as the standard for an elite passing team. They were only able to muster 133 yards passing against Alabama, and that was after going for 75 on the opening play of the game. Ole Miss has no balance against good teams and their passing attack beats up on weak defenses, and that's it. Alabama's receiver corps (including Irv Smith at TE) is deeper and more explosive (though maybe not as physical at the line) as Ole Miss and they have a far superior player under center to get the football to them. It's still hard to believe I'm typing this but.... Alabama is the standard in the SEC when it comes to a passing game. If anyone can put up 300+ in the air against LSU, it's Tua & Co.
@BamaRules- Please remember these things before posting in the future... 1) Try to be an adult and respond to what's posted rather than just going off on random, irrelevant tangents. 2) Troll the trolls. If someone says something reasonable, it deserves a reasonable response. 3) LSUSMC is 100% spot on in his post and you offered absolutely nothing of value in return. 4) We've beaten LSU 7 times straight :-)
No no no no no no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! But for real... maybe...
This is kind of misleading. The SEC isn't "adopting" a 2-bye week schedule for 2019, so much as I guess it's forced into that situation by the calendar. All of college football is doing this if I'm not mistaken. In 2019, Labor Day is September 2 and Thanksgiving is November 28th. That's one day shy of the earliest Labor Day can be and is as late as Thanksgiving can possibly be. That combo creates 14 weeks to play 12 games if you want to start Labor Day weekend and finish Thanksgiving weekend. In 2020, we go right back to one bye week, having 13 weeks to play 12 games between Labor Day weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.
@BamaTime true, although Northwestern and Baylor aren't exactly world beaters this year. And a good point about FSU as well. LSU actually lucked into Miami being a quality opponent. When that game was scheduled, Miami was a good name but an 8-5 team, just like Louisville was the same year when Bama scheduled them.