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It's cute that Derek Stingley is getting some "dark horse" Heisman hype now that his father, Devonta Smith, has graduated and moved on to the NFL.
"He's one of the worst former Heisman winners in the NFL right now." Not sure I can think of a more ignorant way to categorize a guy just to try to slight him. Heisman winners currently in the NFL: Ingram, Newton, Winston, Mariota, Henry, L. Jackson, Mayfield, Murray, Burrow, Smitty. Compared to other RB's, he's only behind the best RB in the league. "Compared" to QB's... not really sure how you even do that, but he's had a better career than Winston or Mariota, from Jackson to Murray, those guys are too young to make a career comparison, and Burrow and Smitty basically or actually haven't had a chance to do anything. That doesn't even account for RGIII or Johnny Football who have been out of the NFL longer than Smitty and Burrow were even in college.
I know this is a regular series, but doing this for Alabama's 2021 offense in relation to 2020 is the same as doing it for LSU's 2020 offense in relation to 2019: unfair. Those situations ought to be re-named "Not as good" or "Holy **** they did it again"
yeahhhhhh that "Bounced After Maybe a year" acronym is neither clever nor accurate.
LSU is about to be walloped with LOIC charges across the entire athletic department. They've created and facilitated a culture that football and basketball are all that matters and players and coaches get a pass for their actions as long as its in furtherance of those two programs. Even their women's tennis coach lies to protect the money making sports. It's despicable. It Baylor all over again, maybe worse.
LSU will be banned from post-season play by the time March comes around so none of this will matter.
The only thing I'll say is that Klatt COMPLETELY misses the mark on calling Harris "the hammer" and constantly saying "power power power" in reference to how he's used in our offense in contrast to how Clemson uses Etienne and saying he's so skilled they're trying to get them the ball in any way they can, including Etienne being able to run the power. It seems like he's just ignored the fact that Najee has been PHENOMENAL out of the backfield for quite some time now. He's the best RB out of the backfield under Saban and it's really not even close. Josh Jacobs would probably be second in line, and that's mostly because I don't think he got enough opportunities to show it.
yeahhhhh your take is straight garbage and belongs in the Tennessee checkerboard trash can.
Young, sure. Mac Jones, absolutely not. Bo Nix started 13 games last year and threw only 2 more TD's than Mac Jones, who started 4 games. 7 of Mac's 14 TD's came in two games against Auburn and Michigan, two defenses ranked inside the final Top 25 in the team defense rankings. Comparatively, in four games against top 25 defenses (UGA, Bama, Oregon, and Florida), Bo threw 5. Mac also had a completion percentage 11 points higher than Bo.
Butkis Award winners since 2009: Bama 3, LSU 1 LB's Drafted since 2010: Bama 14, LSU 12 LB's Drafted in the First Round since 2010: Bama 5, LSU 3 LB's drafted in the top two rounds since 2010: Bama 7, LSU 5 LB's selected to Pro Bowls since 2010: Bama 6, LSU 2 LB's currently on NFL rosters: Bama 12, 11 2020 ILB Recruits in the Top 10: Bama 2, LSU 1 2020 OLB Recruits in the Top 10 : Bama 2, LSU 1 (Drew Sanders listed as ATH) 2021 ILB Recruits currently in the Top 10: Bama 2, LSU 1 (neither school appears in play for remaining uncommitted Top 10) 2021 OLB Recruits currently in the Top 10: LSU 1, Bama 0 (Bama in play for #5 Sorey, currently with 100% of CB) So yeah... I guess if you base LSU's current advantage of Top 10 OLB recruits for the 2021 class and you ignore like... everything else that matters, you can make a "strong" argument for them as LBU
I was on the fence about everything in this post, but then I remembered you put it all in caps lock, so you have me convinced.
"Alabama will undoubtedly have a loaded schedule. Actually, though, the Crimson Tide might not even have the toughest schedule in the SEC in 2028. Florida will host Colorado and it’ll travel to Arizona State and Florida State that year, while Georgia will travel to Texas and then host the likes of Florida State and Georgia Tech. Yowza." I know this references OOC games only, but Bama will also travel to LSU and Tennessee in 2028 on top of traveling to Notre Dame and playing Ohio State at home. Going to be tough to top that schedule, but who knows... by 2028, this type of thing could be normal.
I'm not glossing over it. No one is taking away anything from what LSU did last season. Best season ever. But until Coach O fields an elite team more than once, he doesn't deserve to suddenly be named the best coach in the SEC.
"at home" as in "in Baton Rouge". Bama has beaten LSU in BR by a combined score of 39-0 in Coach O's 2 games against Bama in Redstick.
Putting Coach O at #1 after a single year of elite success makes about as much sense as putting Chizik #1 going into 2011. Was it Chizik? Was it Cam? Was it Gus? Was it all lightning in a bottle (hint: this is the correct answer). For the record I think Coach O is far better as a HC than Chizik, but maybe we can slow the “Coach O is #1” hype train until his teams score even one single point against Alabama at home.
I actually really like the Tennessee over OU pick. It's all about getting OU early before they get rolling. Tennessee can pound the rock against what will likely again be a poor OU defense and keep that growing offense off the field.
“ I dealt with this injury, a lot over the last couple of years.” Ummm no you haven’t, unless you retired from the NFL and became an ortho pardon surgeon treating people injured in car wrecks. This isn’t a common injury to football AT ALL. Literally every ortho that has weighed in out it has said the type of injury is so rare and the recovery is so unique that Tua would be no more likely to suffer the same injury again as anyone else that hasn’t suffered from it before. Complete BS
"I don’t think [Tua] has the ability to transition to the next level and be as successful as let’s say a Joe Burrow . . . . [I}t just keeps me a little off-putting in terms of what he can do without the same kind of talent he had at Alabama.” This makes literally zero sense to criticize Tua for his supporting cast while in the same breath you give Burrow a pass. Not only did Burrow have just as many talented players around him as Tua, but he had the exact same supporting cast in 2018 as he did in 2019 and did absolutely NOTHING against good defenses. Tua has games to answer for, particularly later in the year when he was banged up against the likes of UGA and Clemson in 2018, that's undeniable. I just don't get how people find a way to criticize Tua for having talented teammates and a few bad games against good defenses give Burrow a pass on an entire year of mediocrity with the same supporting cast he had in 2019.
Leach survived the liberal haven of the Pacific Northwest just fine. What in the hell makes you think he won't survive in Starkville, Mississippi!?
"I just want to make this clear: I’m not an LSU fan." Your son went on to win 2 SEC Championships, a national championship, and was the first pick of the second round of the draft, and is making millions now. If you're still clearly this bitter about his decision, you're either an LSU fan or you were a fan of LSU's money or you're just staggeringly selfish.
Good for him. Kid deserves nothing but the best with the character he has and what he's been through. If he ends up in Miami, they still have Fitzpatrick on the roster. I think you have to start the season with him as the starter and ease Tua into the starting lineup as the year goes on before turning the reins over to him in 2021. If I'm the Chargers and want to go up and get him, I'd do the same thing with Tyrod Taylor.
It's hard to answer this question in today's light of SEC dominance. SEC teams have played in all but one CFP championship (and one had 2 SEC teams in it), and have won half of them. Prior to that, you have to go all the way back to 2005 to find a BCS championship game that didn't have an SEC team in it. From 2006 to 2013, the SEC went 7-1 in championship games (thanks a lot, Gus!). But that's the thing, that's all POST 2004. Ultimately, I don't think Auburn really "deserved" to be in over Oklahoma. I think they had an argument that was just as good as Oklahoma's and either decision was going to tick the other off. It just boiled down to one simple thing to me: OU started at #2 and never lost. If it had been Auburn there, OU never would have jumped them just like Auburn never jumped OU. Just an unfortunate set of circumstances for Auburn that really should have been the catalyst to move towards a Playoff then (especially after OU got destroyed) and it's a shame it took another decade and an all-SEC championship game to really get that ball rolling.
“You’re always working. You’re always doing something.” Idle hands are the devil’s playground, young man.
I got curious to see what other schools had these videos. Your typical list of Bama, Ohio State, UGA, etc.... I did get a really big laugh when I started UGA's and the first highlight was Fromm's 5+ second 40 haha
1) Burrow had a VERY mediocre 2018. He was atrocious against any team with an above average defense. He combined for ONE touchdown and 4 INT's and completed less than 58% of his passes in all games against UF, UGA, Auburn, Bama, and MSU. His "late season growth" came against Arkansas, Rice, Texas A&M, and UCF. Even in the 7 OT game against A&M, he only tossed 3 TD's for 270 yards. Is that really growth or is it inferior competition? 2) Acting like Burrow wasn't in a good situation in 2018 is pretty off base, as is the idea that Tua was dropped into a perfect situation. Both schools have continuously recruited the skill positions at a high level for 10+ years now. Burrow had 2 coordinators in 2 years (sorta, with the complete change in philosophy). Tua had 3 in 3. Burrow landed in Baton Rouge with the EXACT SAME group of skill players at every single position in 2018 that he had in 2019 and pretty much the same OL. Literally the only meaningful difference between LSU offense 2018 and LSU offense 2019 was the addition of Brady and his system.
Pretty easy choice for me. Both QB's have just about an equal upside, with Tua having the slightly higher ceiling, albeit with the injury risk. Option 1- Sell the farm to jump up and get Burrow, someone who, as you pointed out, is a one-phenomenal-hit-wonder along with a VERY mediocre first year at LSU; or Option 2- Stay where you are, keep all your other high draft picks, let Tua fall to you, and surround him with other young, high level talent to protect him/build a defense/be weapons for him with your other picks. Worst case scenario, the QB you grab tanks. At least with option 2, you have several other young draft picks you can lean on. If Burrow turns out to be a "product of the system" Brady brought in and his NFL career looks more like year 1 at LSU than year 2, you've totally botched the entire draft.