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Yeah...the morons this site hires. Note to author: Ole Miss returns to Oxford, Miss State returns to Starkville. Must be some retard yankee that flunked out of boston college after 1 semester.
Yall dont see it yet..but you will. The running game will surge later in the season when it is needed. Plenty of time to rest the RB's until they are needed. Until then...enjoy the show.
UGA lost to Bama in 08, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Why would anything change? They always have the talent but can't overcome the common denominator: Saban.
They probably hired a street $hitter that doesn't know html worth a crap. It's similar to asking someone from the middle east to design a microwave, but they have never even seen, or used one before...
Want to know what is not explosive? The new page layout for SDS..."its turrible...just turrible." You have to scroll side to side like it is made for desktop viewing. Nonsense. I'll come back in a week and see if the viewing experience is rendered acceptable.
I don't see Auburn's offense improving much, mainly due to malzahn's track record of not developing his own qb's. Newton, Marshall and Stidham were all transfers. Their hard-nosed D will bail them out of the UGA game, but they will lose to LSU, Bama, and A&M. I wouldn't sleep on UF either.
I don't think Texas can wrap its head around the notion that A&M doesn't need to play them. A&M has joined the strongest conference in the country, and pay-outs are equal. All Texas did to A&M and the rest of the big12 is crap all over them. Arrogant fools are jealous of A&M and should be.
This is not a true statement. Alabama played a home and home series Penn st. in 2010/2011.