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Perhaps it was time to dismiss Luke. But I believe the AD was classless in the manner Luke was cut, and the damage it’s caused will set Ole Miss back at least two years. After all, who would want to come to Oxford, Ms. to accept a comparably low salary (to other SEC coaches), with difficulty recruiting top players, a fan base that doesn’t show up, indisciplined players that would jeopardize team success by showboating, to see several team members run to the transfer portal, to see several recruits decommit, with an AD who says great things in support of you only to back stab you and throw you under the bus and fire you without even having the stones to advise you to your face? Ole Miss’ leadership is not serious about football or Coach Luke would had the support needed to get back to playing competitive football. He had the offense improving. Ole Miss needs to quit thinking about championships and get realistic. Win your four cupcake games, try to pick off a few SEC wins over a Vandy, Kentucky, and maybe South Carolina and be thrilled with 7-5 and a bowl game. They’ll never beat LSU, Bama, Georgia, Auburn, or aTm.
The biggest problem with the process of reviewing and adding a second is the manner in which the ref signaled the ball ready for play. It was as if he checked with the Auburn FG unit to ensure they were ready before the whistle. It’s not his job to ensure they are ready. Once the replay is over, signal the ball ready for play.