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Championships shouldn't factor into the equation. If the best QB ever was on the least talented team ever, this hypothetical QB would still be the best QB ever. You need a quality team around you to win a championship. This being said, A&M most likely would have won it all in 2012 had our game against La Tech not been rescheduled, forcing us to play Florida as our first game of the season.
You are wrong, actually. That was a power clean with proper form. The way he did it allowed him to get more weight on the bar. I play highschool football at a 6A school and so I know what I'm talking about.
Can y'all quit with the QB thing and A&M? That stick became old a long time ago. Mond will he in the position that Shea Patterson was in to start the season. I don't understand why anyone thinks that Mond will have any significant playing time this upcoming season. Also, those QBs burnt us out, and not the other way around.
Don't you love it when people call a 100% accurate and factual title/connecting article click bait?
A&M is at worst 5th. We brought back Watts, Wilson, Willis, Harvey, almost all of our backups, and some great freshman/redshirt freshman such as Derrick Tucker and Kendrick Carper. Our lack of production last year was because 4 of our 5 starters were hurt by mid year and we had a bad secondary coach. We have a new coach and better depth now. I wouldn't expect y'all to know all of this, as y'all have to cover all 14 teams. I just wanted to give perspective from someone who knows more specifically on the Maroon and White. Thanks and Gig'em.
You are the one who knows nothing about football. I made zero excuses. Alabama had better talent and played better football. Your O-line was the best in the country. I also doesn't hurt that Bama has the SEC refs in their hand.
Kentucky is above us? This is comical.
Similar to the professionalism he showed in the comment section on the article that said the Browns should take Allen at #1. I am surprised that this guy hasn't gotten fired yet.
Alabama had the best o-line in the country. The same cannot be said for the inexperienced star-lacking OL of A&M. We returned just 14 starts, two freshman, no seniors, and no five stars. Your comparison isn't fair. Also, as you don't want to forget about things, remember that A&M was leading in the 3rd, and remember the phantom targeting calls (or lack there of) that both unfairly went against A&M.
Y'all forgot Damontre Moore. Otherwise, good article.
Awesome article. Thanks SDS. Gig'em.
But...But...The all knowing John Christ says that Allen needs to be picked at #1...
I never said that I was speaking for the vast majority of people.
The base of the Republican Party is about small government and more rights. Republicans today are turning away from that. For example, any two adults of legal age should be able to marry, and you should be able to identify as any gender you wish, as doing so doesn't hurt others. I am also vegetarian in order not to hurt animals, but I don't believe on forcing that choice apon others. When did I ever say I was trying to be compassionate? However, one can dislike people while not wishing violence against them.
Just to clarify - I'm glad the police are here to serve us, but bad cops are one of the worst parts of our community.
Why is public intoxication a crime in the first place, and why is it so bad that it warrants assault from the people who are supposedly here to protect us? The actions of those officers did nothing positive to help the people they serve.
I am a libertarian. I am more right wing than republicans. Get the government out of our lives. Trump is a volitale democrat. Gay marriage and social rights are great and I support them, but the governments only job should be protecting our rights. Being intoxicated in public is stupid, but a citizen should be able to do so if they wish. Also, if that tackle happens to an African American, there would be a DOJ investigation. His actions in no way warranted that tackle.
That was really violent and horrible. Why do we allow our police to treat citizens like this? Also, I hate Baker Mayfield.
His throws were just as good as any QB not projected in the first round at the combine. People probably just looked at the stats and not the throws/catches (or lack there of). This being said, throwing accuracy at the combine is different than game accuracy. He struggled to complete 50% in college, and that doesn't look good for an NFL QB prospect. I do agree that he should play tightend, safety or fullback at the next level.