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Most Aggies have left this site because they blindly hate and don't actually participate in credible analysis. I used to love this site but John Christ caused me to leave. This is the first time I've been here in months, and I don't really plan on coming back. I would bet everything I own that Texas A&M finishes 6 or better in the west. No one who actually pays attention thinks that we will be that bad.
South Carolina will smack NC State. A&M will thump UCLA. Alabama will blow out Florida State.
Also, not to argue, but what did you find that suggested Starkel's upside is limited? I agree with you, however, on your analysis of Hubenak and Mond.
I'd argue that true freshman QB Connor Blumrick has the most talent of any QB at A&M. He is 6-7, our fastest quarterback, and he has the best arm of anyone on campus. He has been injured and so he hasn't gotten live reps. Outside of him, I'd have to go with Starkel. I contend that our team will be run oriented next year.
You're not alone. No Aggies either.
We have issues developing receivers and yet we developed Kirk and Reynolds? Also, don't blame Speedy's lack of development on A&M. He has has off the field issues to blame for that. Either way, I wish Jones and Noil the best and Gig'em.
I know that Jameis didn't attend the draft, but the NFL asked him not to.
Either way, we aren't Baylor. We don't cover up or support rape. We took care of the situation exactly how we were supposed to.
If Myles Garrett has a better NFL career, will you admit that you were wrong? I'd be happy to do the same if Myles isn't as good as I anticipate.
If you do any real analysis, Allen has almost no NFL upside.
Josh Reynolds is the third best receiver in this draft. Book it. Myles Garrett will have a better NFL career than Allen. Book it.
He broke his hand during the 2015 season, and that hampered him through half of that season.
You can question his durability. You can say that he has to get a little better at the run. However, questioning his work ethic is bs analysis.
A&M is underachieving by a lot, and that isn't acceptable. However, Auburn, Texas, Iowa, UCLA, and Georgia are underachieving just as much if not more.
He was on track to have a great season this year until Dan Skipper for Arkansas pulled that dirty play.
I have given up. People in the comments are clearly here to troll and know nothing about football or Myles. He is clearly not lazy. He has clearly been hurt by injury. He made twice the plays than fellow defensive end 3-4th round pick Daeshon Hall did, despite the fact that Myles was injured over half of the season. People clearly altered game plans by rolling the pocket away from Myles or putting people on him. Drawing a double or triple team takes offensive guys out of the play, allowing for Myles' teammates to make a play. There is a reason why he is consensus #1 overall. Notice how the only teams that descent in that regard are the ones who are completely inept as scouting... Clearly no one else in this comment section has actually watched his tape or played the sport of football. I guarantee that y'all will run into hiding when Myles proves y'all wrong. You will pretend that you always believed.
When the Bammer grads don't know sarcasm.
I don't either, actually. I've learned to forget the second half of seasons.
Florida State and Southern Cal are the two most overrated team sports coming into This season. Give me Jalen Hurts, Jarrett Stidham, Jacob Eason, or Shae Patterson over the two starting QB's mentioned above.
We will beat UCLA. Rosen is their only star. They will get destroyed by a middle of the pack SEC team. Again. We will lose to Alabama and Florida, probably LSU, and maybe even Arkansas.
Also, in no world is SEC west play comparable to SEC east play. Myles would have had 20 sacks in the East last year, even with his injury.
Or maybe because you haven't done any actual analysis on Barnett. Barnett doesn't have enough tools to create an effective NFL pass rush. He is a speed end who is screwed if he doesn't beat the tackle.
Jealousy is running wild on this thread. He did it, showing he has passion. He was injured during almost all of SEC play, but chose to give his all on the field anyways. He was constantly double/triple teamed, giving others the chance to make the play. Myles thus took multiple players out of the game for the opposing offense on almost every snap. Also, SEC refs don't call holding for ANYONE. There is a reason why NFL scouts think he is the best in the draft while no one here has a job in football.
He shouldn't do what he would do if his daughter was the victim. When the victim is family, you cannot look at the situation objectively.
Maybe he didn't have the motor/drive because he was injured and there was nothing to play for anyways? Denying these two points (mainly the injury) is bias within itself. You cannot assume the reasons for Myles' decision. We never said that LSU fans hate us. What I said is that it is odd that they ganged up to troll us on an article about an Aggie.
Isn't it odd that John leaves out most of the points when replying to a comment? Maybe it's because he cannot refute them.
You deserve zero respect, troll. You haven't come up with one constructive comment and you are just trying to piss us off. I don't know why I told ekinggill to be nicer to you. You are uneducated trash.