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I wonder if the coaches have considered installing a set of plays where Bowden throws to himself...
"tiresome" and "lacking relevance" are perfect descriptors of finebaum.
Apparently they missed the Miss State vs. Kentucky game.
I can't stand listening to any TV announcers, so I don't.
If Vanderbilt only has a 12 percent chance of winning their game as the article says, then why are they projected to win? That is what it says right now. Obviously a mistake was made in the article and I assume that at some point someone will read my comment and correct the article. As written now, however, it says that Vanderbilt is projected to win by 16.7 points and Vanderbilt has a 12 percent chance of winning.
Here's the thing. While I agree that undefeated group of five teams shouldn't be in the four team playoffs because they don't play anybody, that in and of itself is a problem. If a team can go through an entire season without playing a good team, that means that there are way too many teams in the highest classification of college football. It will never happen, but a team should be required to prove that they can at least sometimes play with the big boys in order to be in the highest classification and there need to be far fewer teams in that exclusive club.
Why are you so sure that Notre Dame would be in the east? They are further west than Auburn, but then so are Vanderbilt and Missouri. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the divisions any more so once again, couldn't Notre Dame just as easily be in the west?
No team could be as good as Alabama without any linemen among their top ten best players.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there is a word that describes people who think that Cal is better than Clemson, Georgia and Alabama or think that Kansas State is better than Alabama...
Another valid point. Swift's 388 yards on 49 carries is much more impressive than Hill's 551 yards on 91 carries. The best running back in the league isn't on the list at all.
Considering the quality of competition, it makes a lot of sense. Things like that will work themselves out as the season goes along. They aren't worth fretting about after four games.
The PAC-12 misses the boat entirely on the controversy. The controversy isn't on whether or not it would have stood on review. The controversy was over why wasn't the game stopped in order to sufficiently review. If the game had been stopped to review, there wouldn't be any real controversy. They didn't even address the issue at all in their statement.
It is not unusual at all. It is sometimes used to try to entice those schools to offer and if they are considered premiere programs, it can get the attention of other schools.
". I just don’t think he really wanted to admit the obvious that Jalen Hurts has continued doing extraordinarily well." uh, paaaauuuul, you do realize that Saban said exactly what you claim that he doesn't "want to admit", that Jalen Hurts did "extraordinarily well".
Wait... There are defenses in the PAC 12?
A power ranking should be a power ranking and not a ranking of records. If a team is power ranked 11th, then that should mean that if they played any team above them ten times, they would lose more than they would win. Dropping a team down because of a difficult schedule means that you really aren't doing a power ranking at all.
Since the softball question does not specify slow-pitch or fast-pitch, you could get one more coach on the team by defaulting to slow-pitch which uses 10 players instead of nine.
The fatal flaw with any rankings is that they are someone's opinion, nothing more. With something like quality of players and coaches, informed opinions are of a little more value than uninformed opinions but one informed opinion is not necessarily better than another informed opinion. With something like "gameday traditions", uniform appearance and so forth, no one opinion is better than any other opinion. I find this type of ranking as completely useless and annoying.
I agree. While I don't see any problem with the ordering of these QBs within the SEC based on what we currently know, I cannot believe that there are over 100 college QBs in the country better than any of the SEC QBs. Many of the QBs that are higher rated are rated higher simply because they have better numbers because they face lesser defenses.
The "Memphis outright" bet is a bit puzzling. You'll have a hard time getting anyone to cover that bet considering that Memphis is favored by a touchdown.
I see no evidence in anything that I have read showing that this young man is being treated any different than any young man who killed Joe Nobody under the same circumstances. There is nothing to indicate that these charges are "trumped up (invented as an excuse or a false accusation)". The charges appear legitimate and reasonable to me.
your post is misdirected. ugachris is the one that brought up money. If you want to know what money has to do with it, you'll have to ask him. I was responding to his comment.
Nkemdiche's father is a noted brain surgeon. His mother is a high political official in Africa. One thing that he has never lacked for is money. That's a large part of his problem.
Like every state, The University of Louisiana is a system, not a single campus. However, the main campus is in Lafayette so they have just as much right to call themselves "The University of Louisiana" or Louisiana for short as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi or Tennessee.
ah, a vacuum cleaner tube rather than a "vacuum tube" which is an electronic component that is almost obsolete.
I read the headline and had an image in my mind of some guy chasing Kelly with a vacuum tube from an old radio. Maybe he could throw it at him. I think that perhaps they meant "fluorescent tube" instead of "vacuum tube".
It absolutely isn't a vacuum tube. Anyone who knows what a vacuum tube looks like would know that is not one.
Did anyone else find it curious that the scandal involves Adidas and the schools that have contracts with Adidas, yet the photo for this article shows a Nike ball with the Nike swoosh prominently featured?