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your post is misdirected. ugachris is the one that brought up money. If you want to know what money has to do with it, you'll have to ask him. I was responding to his comment.
Nkemdiche's father is a noted brain surgeon. His mother is a high political official in Africa. One thing that he has never lacked for is money. That's a large part of his problem.
Like every state, The University of Louisiana is a system, not a single campus. However, the main campus is in Lafayette so they have just as much right to call themselves "The University of Louisiana" or Louisiana for short as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi or Tennessee.
ah, a vacuum cleaner tube rather than a "vacuum tube" which is an electronic component that is almost obsolete.
I read the headline and had an image in my mind of some guy chasing Kelly with a vacuum tube from an old radio. Maybe he could throw it at him. I think that perhaps they meant "fluorescent tube" instead of "vacuum tube".
It absolutely isn't a vacuum tube. Anyone who knows what a vacuum tube looks like would know that is not one.
Did anyone else find it curious that the scandal involves Adidas and the schools that have contracts with Adidas, yet the photo for this article shows a Nike ball with the Nike swoosh prominently featured?
It does seat 71,000 if you really cram them into the bleacher style seats, but there isn't parking for anywhere near that many people and the roads are such that a crowd of half that would be backed up for several hours.
There isn't a suitable stadium in which to hold an NFL game in Birmingham.
I guess to each his own poison. I, for one, am a fan of good old fashioned defense and think that 13-3 makes for a very exciting game.
I know it's impossible and it wasn't without a bit of sarcasm that I posted it. The Downtown Athletic Club and the media need to stop pretending like the Heisman is more than what it is. I am perfectly happy for there to be awards just for position groups, but if an award is going to claim to go to the most outstanding football player, they need to consider all football players.
I wish that there was an award for the best player in college football regardless of position.
No one has any idea what discussions have gone on concerning his employment other than him, his agent and the other parties involved. To pretend otherwise is just silly.
What a meaningless exercise and a waste of time to try to put together a list like this in January.
"What did Alabama's National Championship loss mean for the SEC?" It means that Alabama lost the national championship game. Nothing more, nothing less.
It was just one of several very bad coaching decisions on that sideline.
there were some absolutely horrid coaching decisions in that game. It makes me wonder if Nick might be starting to lose it. Clemson had clearly watched film and prepared well for the game.
No. Once the season starts, it is rare to see an 11 against 11 scrimmage featuring all of the starting offense against all of the starting defense. The full team portion of practice is devoted to going against the schemes you will face on Saturday, not the schemes that your own offense/defense run. During skills portions of practices, there are some one-on-one or small sided best vs. best, but the QB isn't going to be involved in that typically and if he is, it is not going to be with any hitting by the starting dline at all.
As with any starting QB, he wears a no-contact jersey in practice and the Dline that he faces "every day" is Clemson's scout team.
" including five players who spent their college years in the SEC" Atwater didn't spend a single minute in the SEC, much less years.
Should be a defensive game. Iowa will not score 24 and not sure state can score 28. Both defenses are good and both offenses are suspect.
We aren't talking about someone misspelling a word. We are talking about a 300 pound man beating a woman.
He wasn't give a second chance because he never lost his first chance. He faced no consequences whatsoever for his videotaped assault and battery of a woman simply because he is good at football.
If State had held a full strength Alabama to 24 points, then that argument would be a little stronger. The fact is that Alabama's starting QB could barely walk and their second string QB was out completely. The Alabama third string QB only played against two power 5 opponents and the only one that he played extensively against is Miss State.
Neither. Your point was that in your opinion, Miss State has the best defense in the SEC and possibly the nation. You apparently missed my point that I disagree with that opinion. State has a very good defense but certainly not "the best in the SEC". There is no doubt that Simmons and possibly even Sweat could be (and probably were) considered among the best, but when you can only choose so many and those picking, whether right or wrong, feel like they had better not get too many from any one conference, it is difficult to argue that any defensive lineman in the SEC is better than Williams.
What a silly assertion to make, particularly concerning a team that you barely topped 200 yards against and that had 560 yards against you.
You must have missed Quinnen Williams.