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Since it was after the game, it wouldn't affect last night's game. It would only have an effect going forward if it wasn't corrected before they play in another game.
and for as great as the LSU offense was this season, the defense held Clemson to 25 points and proved that by the end of the season, with players healthy, the LSU defense is also elite and well compliments that unprecedented offense.
I saw it on my setup with state-of-the-art surround sound and I did hear some boos, but they were far fewer than the cheers.
Isn't that a Dr Seuss book: "The Clown in the Crown"?
Hey leave him alone. Any fan of a team that has hired John L Smith and Bret Bielema knows about clown shows...
Ok, truth time. If you opened the article just because you hoped to see pictures, raise your hand.
having an opinion and posting it publicly are two different things. I expect every player to have and opinion. It is a bad look for him and could possibly end up being a bad look for the school.
Grantham may be a good choice, but it is a bad look for a current player to lobby for a particular coaching candidate.
A lot of Miss State fans are convinced that no matter what Napier says, it is just a smokescreen and the he is taking the job.
That is not true at all. Besides, we aren't necessarily talking about "big time programs".
I don't think that Brady would take it. I believe that if he holds on a little he can get a better gig.
2014 is the only year that Mullen had a winning record in conference play. His wins mostly came at the expense of non-conference cupcakes.
I'm not sure if any can win in the SEC at Miss State. Mullen was 33-39 in conference play.
Why would a "casual fan" go to the national championship game, pay those prices and fight those crowds? And all that on a work night? I don't see it.
That 130 is exactly the problem. There are too many teams in the highest division of College football. The competition is too watered down.
Little known fact: The Ole Miss receiver was not pretending to pee. He had a cramp in the groin and was trying to stretch it out...
More like a continuation of normalcy. Finishing 3-5 in the SEC at fifth in the west and an appearance in a minor bowl game is not atypical of a Mullen year. He finished fifth in the SEC west more than half of his seasons at State A fifth place finish in the SEC west is very typical of the Mullen years.
Central air conditioning was invented in 1902, before the first Florida-Georgia game.
A decade is ten years, but it can be any ten consecutive years that you want it to be. 2006 to 2015 (inclusive) is a decade. If the author wants to post his opinions concerning the best SEC players of the decade, he can do it for any decade he wishes and doesn't have to follow your criteria, just as he doesn't have to have the same opinion concerning which players belong as you.
1) There are beatdowns in the playoff now sometimes too. 2) Sometimes surprises happen a la Utah v. Alabama 3) Even if there are beatdowns, how is that different than playoffs in other leagues/sports in the early rounds of playoffs? There are plenty of March beatdowns in basketball but we watch hoping for those cinderella stories.
That is a very solid team. I'm sure that someone will come up with someone that was left off, but those are some great choices. This is the best year that I can remember for young talent. The next few years are going to be great across the conference.
Georgia's way can win championships but you have to execute it better than they have in some games.
You'll likely have to figure out a way to reword it, trophy. I have yet to figure out why some comments have to "await moderation", but I've never had one come back like that that ever actually made it to the board. None of them have even remotely been inappropriate either. Some of the ones that get posted no problem are probably more inappropriate.
I didn't "arbitrarily (choose) 12 to try and make (my) argument more relevant". If I was going to do that, I would have chosen 1972 to 1982. I chose the most recent 12 because going back beyond 2008 didn't make much sense to me. Unless one "arbitrarily" chooses a chunk of historical data (such as 2002 to 2007 for example), my argument is equally valid. Any way you slice it I think that the title is overly dramatic and gives the wrong impression of the series. I probably would have had something to say if it said "Why Does Auburn Lose to Alabama So Much" as well. I've lived through a lot of Iron Bowls and as an impartial observer living in the state of Alabama (despite what they say it IS possible) I've always considered it to fall into the "anything can happen" category more than any other rivalry game that I can think of.