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Neither were "robbed". As long as we involve opinion polls in the deciding of a "national championship", who should be in is a matter of opinion. As everyone has their own opinion, you will never please everyone and someone will claim to have been "robbed". That's why other major sports use objective criteria to decide who competes for championships instead of doing it subjectively as we see here. However, both Auburn then and FSU now were aware before the fact that these things were decided by opinion polls and how those polls are put together.
Maybe he should learn who is in which conference championship before he makes picks
Luke was offensive coordinator at Georgia? That's not how I remember it.
So in your opinion, a two loss Missouri, with one of those losses to a team not in your rankings, should be ranked above a one loss Alabama whose only loss is to one of your top teams?
It’s all opinion and speculation. Ther are none of us that knows what will make a particular coach leave for another school. We have seen coaches leave goliaths. We have also seen coaches stay at small out of the way schools when the blue bloods have come knocking
After one week and one day, there will no longer be an SEC Wesy
The first half was only boring to those that do not understand the nuances of football and thus are unable to enjoy great defense. Yes, the defenses were aided by both QBs playing injured, but the gritty play of those two young men added to the entertainment. I kept wondering who was going to blink first
This, in my book, is what the portal is all about (or at least should be about). You have a player that wants a shot at a P5 school. As it turns out, he isn't quite good enough for a P5, but he is too good for FCS. Before, his choices were 1) stay at the P5 and not get playing time, 2) transfer to a G5 and sit out a year or 3) transfer down to FCS. Now he has the option of transferring to a G5, which is where his talent should put him, without sitting a year.
Go study English. Maybe in four or five years you will be able to understand simple English and even string together a phrase or two.
Considering the bigotry that Chadwell's Iranian wife has experienced since 9/11 and the increase in that type of bigotry since the war in Gaza started, it would be interesting to know how that would affect the Chadwell's decisions on whether to go and if so where to go. I would think that MState would not be the only university interested.
He is most definitely not "spot on" with his assessment of TAMU as a "dream job". They may have deep pockets, but there is obviously something keeping them from breaking through. It isn't the ability to acquire talent and I'm not a big Fisher fan but he did win a championship when he had the right talent. Fran was likely never going to be a championship coach, but he did win 10 games in a season at Alabama which he never was able to recreate at TAMU. I contend that there is an issue beyond coaching and and talent that is holding TAMU back, making it more like a nightmare job for a good coach.
Lol. He says that a&m won’t land a “$10 million per year coach”, but then names Kiffin as a likely candidate. Does anyone really believe that Kiffin would go for less than $10 million per year?
Good to see these young men regain their health. If Ole Miss doesn’t get some offensive linemen healthy before Thanksgiving, state could certainly give them some trouble.
Nobody "deserves to be in the playoffs" after playing just ten games. Look at the question again in a couple of weeks when we know what everyone has done with their season.
So you think that mizzou’s ranking is based on something that happened years ago?
Wait, so Bowers went and played for Texas A&M Saturday night after he had a big game for Georgia?
Except that their contract have COTY incentives built in so they get a nice bonus if they win the award.
That is funny. I bet Holly got a good laugh when she realized what she said.
Missouri against Ole Miss on a neutral field would be an awesome game by the way. I'd give a very slight edge to Missouri but it could go either way.
"The optics" of losing to the best team in the nation on the road in a night game are no worst than "the optics" of losing to a three loss team at home regardless of the relative scores, particularly when that game against the best team in the nation came at the end of a brutal stretch in the toughest schedule in the nation. The big factor between the two has nothing to do with "the optics", but more rather the time bias in opinion polls. Had Ole Miss's loss been a few weeks ago, there is a good chance that they would be higher. The fact that that loss just happened pushed them down the polls a little. It is just luck of the schedule. If you put Ole Miss's game against Georgia on October 7 and Missouri's loss against LSU on November 11 and Ole Miss would be ranked higher, even with the same results. Anyone that follows football closely should recognize that quirk about opinion polls. It doesn't really matter. The CFP poll has the sole purpose of selecting playoff teams so it doesn't really matter this year anyway. Neither Ole Miss nor Missouri are going to the playoffs this year.
If Kentucky has the no.1 recruiting class, how is that "just behind Duke"?
It is high time that we stop having two national awards for best QB in the nation and give more attention to other positions.