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I hadn't thought of it that way, but our last liberty bowl was indeed the year before the one year that we were actually pretty good.
And in the meantime, the true MVPs, the offensive linemen, will be ignored except when they make a little mistake.
People have been injured storming the field. Certainly a lot more are injured storming the field than by a simulated "dog pee". Name the school and I am certain that we can find plenty of silly classless acts by players and/or fans. The NCAA will need a lot more money and a lot more personnel (do we really want to go that route?) in order to police every little classless act beyond an on-the-field penalty. However, when it comes to safety of players, coaches, officials and fans, it makes sense to protect yourself from a liability standpoint by making rules against storming the field and enforcing those rules.
It could be argued that most, if not all, schools have "unrealistic expectations".
Looks like he could have a bright future but he is too inexperienced for a P5 head coaching position at this time in my opinion.
The cheapest and best seats are in front of my TV, possibly with the sound turned down.
Even without looking at stats, having seen both play many times this season I have no doubt that Georgia has the better defense of the two teams. LSU's is not as bad as some want to claim, but they certainly aren't on par with Georgia. Georgia has an exceptional defense- probably the best in the SEC. It will be strength against strength and LSU has the ball.
while what you say may be true of astroturf, the game was not played on astroturf. The game was played on a much more modern synthetic- field turf. I don't care for synthetics for other reasons, but extensive studies show that major (season ending or career ending) injuries are less frequent on field turf than on natural grass.
College Football needs a real championship with objective criteria like every other sporting organization uses to reach the playoff rather than this subjective "best (in a closed door committee's opinion) four get in".
If by "best game" you mean "one of the more one-sided games", then I agree. If you mean "closest game", I don't see it. There are some other games that will be much closer fought.
That would be an interesting pep talk: "go win this one so that I can get another job, boys!" Not exactly the stuff that movies are made about.
Because Morehead makes such good decisions and is so good at game management? lol
With Rutgers unable to ink a deal with Schiano, I believe that there is very little pressure or incenting for Morehead. I believe that he knows where his future is and that this game has no impact whatsoever on that future.
It is an interesting matchup. I'd be curious to see how the espn computers are programmed to calculate FPI. On offense, both teams have good rushing offenses with Ole Miss first in the SEC and Miss State third. Neither team is a very good at passing although Ole Miss is slightly better (Ole Miss 11th in SEC, State 12th). On defense, both teams have decent rush defenses although here again Ole Miss gets the nod. Once again, both teams are bad at pass defense but Miss State is slightly better.
I'd rather watch a game and not listen to anyone tell me what I'm seeing.
That depends on the team that is earning those 30+ points and the situation under which they are earning it. Vandy's (other than the first TD) were in garbage time. Texas was the outlier but that was early in the season. Other than those, the only ones that have scored 30+ points against LSU are the two top offenses in the SEC beside LSU and LSU had more than plenty of firepower to outscore them.
Wow. I know that a lot of people are down on Mississippi State, but I've yet to see anyone else as down on them as the author of this article.
I have to admit that a sentence the I never thought that I would read is "WalMart has brought a lot of culture".
Yes but can he get a young staffer to ride on the back of his motorcycle there? I hear that's a thing at Arkansas.
Your offensive coordinator has the team at #3 in total offense in the SEC with 7 freshmen starting and you want to fire him? They are only behind generational offenses at LSU and Alabama. If Ole Miss can keep what they have going into next year, they are going to be tough to stop with a little more experience.
Were two of the scholarship offers sent to Lori Loughlin's daughters?
It would be an empty promise for the Vandy fan base to say "we will not show up". They don't show up anyway. I've been to several Vandy games and the visiting crowd always exceeded the home crowd, even during winning seasons. That is why they will always struggle to get a good coach and struggle to recruit good players.
I'm a little surprised to see Miss State favored over Ole Miss and expect that point spread to swing the other way as people start putting their money on Ole Miss.
Academics is a problem for Vandy, but not in the way a lot of people think. There was a study a few years ago concerning schools with high academic standards and athletics, particularly football. A lot of focus was placed on Vandy because it is a school with high academic standards and it is in the SEC with a lot of schools that are very good at football but not so much in academics for the most part. The study showed that academic standing (pre university and during university) of football players in general were not really any different for Vandy and other schools in the SEC. Vandy has relaxed standards for athletes and they aren't really substantially different than standards for athletes at other schools in the conference. Where academics hurt Vandy football is in game attendance. Non-athletes at Vandy are held to a much higher standard than non-athletes at other SEC schools. Students who get into Vandy have little time to devote to football fandom. They are holed up studying rather than attending games. That carries over to alumni as well. Vandy just cannot have as large a fan base as other schools in the conference and therefore can't have as much money and attention to the football program.
I can think of no other sport where the decision on which teams to include in the playoff is subjective. Of course, in any sport there is going to be grumbling about someone who was left out, but when you use objective criteria at least people know why a team was included or left out. When playoff hopes live and die by the decisions of a closed door committee instead of objective criteria, you open the door to so much more moaning and crying.