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I realize that we only hear one side in the matter, which is why I said "if Leach actually told him that he’s glad that he’s leaving, then that’s bad on Leach". It actually unfortunately sounds very much like something Leach would say but there is no independent verification that he actually said it which is why I qualified my statement. I guarantee you that other coaches will use it when they are talking to recruits and their families.
It sounds like something a petulant four-year-old would say. Player "coach, I'm entering the transfer portal" coach "I'm glad you're leaving, you aren't tough" might as well throw in "nyah nyah nyah" The coach is supposed to be the adult in the equation.
It is bad that the young man said that in his announcement, but if Leach actually told him that he's glad that he's leaving, then that's bad on Leach as well.
Rested Judkins and Evans vs the number 90 run defense in the nation... hmmm. I wonder what the record for rushing yards in the Texas Bowl is.
I have a feeling that the verb "to snub" doesn't mean what some people seem to think it means.
So should I do like you and just come on here and call people names for daring to disagree with me?
I predict that Ashford does not start a single game under Freeze. Freeze will probably go after the top few QBs that show up in the portal.
Colorado has Ralphie. Seriously, if I were choosing among those three and choosing based solely on how much I want to live in each location, Colorado would win hands down.
Can't everything said here be said about any game. They need to do well in the trenches to win. They need to establish the run in order to run play action passes. Blah blah.
So that's all that you have? childish name calling? nice.
to a national championship game, but not to a national championship. You have to win the game to get a national championship.
Not true. The only coaches that have taken Auburn to a national championship are Shug Jordan and Gene Chizik. Jordan never coaches at a high school. While Chizik did coach at a high school for two years, he was most definitely not a "high school coach" when Auburn won the national championship, having been in the college ranks for 23 years.
Is that how you measure success? That explains a lot about the current state of your program
You honestly believe that Rattler is one of the ten best players in the SEC?
No, he hasn’t turned it down because he hasn’t received an offer
What is he supposed to say? Is he supposed to list every hypothetical offer he might receive and explain in detail what he would do if he receives that offer?
Both teams have wins that have been vacated that no longer count in the totals.
Unless they are in the top 4 (or should be), why get bent out of shape about where anyone is in this poll. the sole purpose of the poll is to determine the playoff teams.
and by the way, the discussion was all by whiny Tn fans so of course they are not looking at the facts with an objective eye.
I've watched the replay once for fun and twice because after the incessant whining by Tn fans, I wanted to see if they had reason to whine. I took notes the first of those two times and the second time, I verified that my notes were correct. Ole Miss had five injuries during that game that stopped the clock. Tn had seven injuries during that game that stopped the clock. Each had one injury that it would be hard to classify as fake no matter how cynical you are (both in the first half). Of the other four Ole Miss injuries, which neither you nor I know whether they were fake or not, the following is true: 1) Tennessee had a big play on the play following the Ole Miss injury. Ole Miss gained no advantage from the injury, whether fake or not. 2) The Ole Miss player did not return during the same series. In two of the four cases, the Ole Miss player never returned to the game. Those two facts exist for every time the clock stopped for an Ole Miss player but not for every time that the clock stopped for a Tn player. Perhaps you are the one that needs to rewatch it but since you are obviously watching with a bias, I'm not sure that would do you any good. Oh, you might also take note of the time that the Tn coaches were caught on camera waving for a player to go down and that player subsequently collapsed.
I assume that you mean that Tennessee set the record for fake injuries since they had more in that game than Ole Miss did.