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They say that anybody who is obsessed with what other teams are doing probably doesn't have much confidence in their own team.
Defensive players who are underappreciated: Almost all off them Offensive linemen who are underappreciated: All of them Too much attention is given to the "offensive skill players"
You need to learn a program's history before declaring a coach "best coach in program history ". Mississippi State's "best coach in program history " was easily Allyn McKeen and it isn't even close.
All championships are "claimed" championships. The NCAA still does not award a national championship in FBS football.
Hyperbole. He was there 12 years during which Alabama went to the sweet 16 five times, which is very impressive but is not "most years". It is a bit early to claim that a coach in his second year who has yet to even go to a postseason tournament at Alabama is anywhere near that atmosphere. You'd better hope that this coach's exit from the capstone is a little less inglorious than Wimp's was.
These are not power rankings. This is an opinion based ranking. The difference is that power rankings: 1) use objective metrics to determine order and 2) are a representation of where the subjects are NOW, not projected to be at a future date. The first thing that you have to do in order to formulate a power ranking is eliminate any subject from the list for whom you do not have sufficient data which would greatly shorten your list. Next, you have to come up with a formula to look at the comparative metrics. This opinion listing makes no effort to do any of the above and is therefore not a "power ranking".
Certainly the powers-that-be at Tennessee have made some bad decisions over the years, but I still think that I'd trust them more to come up with the right candidate than I would a writer for SDS.
"top SEC RB"? huh? State's top running back averaged 4.46 ypc. That put him 18th in the SEC.
Manning is set to recommend Brad Paisley as the new Tennessee coach.
Spears is on this list because it is an “All Saban” list and he played for Saban.
so he's saying that OSU's defensive line is better than Alabama's offensive line? I don't see it.
It was made after jeremiah Masoli went to Ole Miss and is affectionately known as the Masoli rule
It's college football so just about anything can happen. However, if both teams play their best, Alabama will win. If OSU plays their best but Alabama has an off game, then OSU will win.
Neither I nor anyone here really know all of the factors leading up to this incident, but It is a factThat miss state has a long history of fighting and its fans always wants to blame the other team. It’s as much of a tradition as cowbells
So you’re saying that if trask was smart he would have gone to Alabama
Disappointing? Three SEC wins is a fairly typical season.
No. You need to work on comprehension. You've got posters talking about Mullen's character based on his behavior and that of his teams over his years of coaching, not based on this one incident. The statements are that this incident is not surprising given his known lack of character. By the way, the NCAA does not rate these as "minor" nor do they issue show causes for "minor" violations.
Not surprising. Mullen has never been known as one of high character.
If you disagree with the opinion expressed collectively in this list, take it up with the coaches who made the selections.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. These opinions represented by the list presented in this article are the result of voting by the 14 coaches in the SEC. I'd say that their opinions are worth hearing. We are all entitled to make our own list and we can then debate whether our opinions are worth hearing.
Sounds like a weak AD to me. You have to be able to tell boosters to get out of the way. Be a leader or get another job.
Which took a tiny fraction of the time I'm sure it took to compile this list. My comment also took considerably less time to make than it would have taken to read this article so I'm not sure of your point or the reasoning behind your "LOL".
All rankings are subjective and the opinion of those compiling the list. Two types of rankings are particularly useless and should never be done. One is the comparison of "best players". How do you compare players from different positions. How do you measure an offensive lineman against a defensive back? Most people don't even watch offensive linemen and aren't really aware of them unless they make a mistake. You can't say that an elite QB is a better player than an elite defensive lineman because there is no metric by which to reasonably compare them. the same is true of teams from different years. They have played against completely different schedules. They have totally different challenges. These rankings are useless. The only way to reasonably compare them would be to get a time machine and have them play against each other, which is of course impossible. What a waste of time.
Yep. Devonta Smith. However, as far as QBs, Jones is clearly the better choice.
Yes, the choice appears clear to me- Mac Jones is the better candidate. However, I don't think that there should be complaints with either. By the way, you left off one stat that is more important than any of the ones that you chose to list- wins.
I have never heard of a coach kicking a player off the team for a single unsportsmanlike penalty. Most teams would have trouble fielding a team if they did
But this is for Tennessee the team, not Tennessee the state. If it's because the Vols are in "the only state in the conference with mobile sports betting" then it belongs as much under Vanderbilt.