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I’ve always been puzzled by people complaining about the announcers. If you don’t like them, then do what I do and mute them.
not to mention that only the top 6 or so have a real playoff spot so none of the rankings after that even matter
Georgia has had a very solid schedule and the only two losses are to two of the best teams in the nation. I don't see any teams ranked below them that I think would have a good probability of beating them.
Although there may be some truth to your latter choice, there is also the fact that this is an unusual year. There will be some head scratching when bowl pairings are made because bowls will just grab those teams that they think will get them a viewing audience. I would not be surprised to see south carolina left out in the cold though. I think that some of the lesser bowls that rarely make money will not be played this year.
Short throws is how State moved the ball against UGA for the most part.
Even if there was a journalist who had the current football knowledge equivalent to that of a current power 5 coach, which is unlikely, that journalist would still not be in an equal position to judge player suitability for a particular game as the coach has seen that player work out every day and the journalist has likely not see him once.
and yet you're the one calling people names for disagreeing with you online.
Hopefully both of the players that Miss State still has on the team will be ready to face the new uga qb
I think that UGA could win by whatever score they want. However, they will use the opportunity to rest players and give lots of faces playing time and win by something like 49-0.
No single stat tells the entire story. As far as double coverage goes, I'm not so sure that it is a bad decision to throw to either of those two in double coverage (a little tongue in cheek, but these guys are tough to cover with just two defenders).
It doesn't say much for Auburn's coaching if they dropped 7 against the top rushing offense in the SEC. I guess that they're lucky that Ole Miss's defense is so poor so they won anyway.
That depends on what metrics you consider important in measuring their "worst game". By your metrics, you might say that moore's "worst game" was worse than either of the other two but then wouldn't you also have to say that moore's "best game" was better than either of the other two? In fact, with those definitions of "worst game" you'd have to say that moore had TWO games "better" than pitts' or smith's "best game". They are all good answers which is why your opinion is valid, just be aware that it isn't the only valid opinion.
They play different positions and have different skill sets. That's my big beef with player ranking lists. How do you compare two players at two different positions with totally different skill sets in different offense schemes? I'd rather just sit and enjoy the greatness than try to decide who is better than the other.
Ok, thanks BT. Then I have to say it: Costello to Witherspoon should be the number one duo on the list.
Yes, that is your opinion and it isn't a radically obscure one. It has some validity as does Mr. Ervin's.
Just to be clear, I was not criticizing your rearrangement of the list. All three duos are amazing and justifications for putting any of them on top can be made. I was just criticizing you for saying that Auburn "shut down" Moore and he "just had five catches" and then saying that hadn't happened for the others. They all have had games where the QB wasn't looking their way much because something else was working. That's part of this chess game with pads that we enjoy.
The amazing thing to me about both Pitts and Moore is the high ratio of catches to targets. Targets is a stat that needs to be tracked more. A receiver that has 7 receptions in a game may have been targeted 14 times or he may have just been targets 7 times. The thing about those two is that if you throw the ball in their direction, it is almost a sure thing that they will catch it.
That's fine. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's. They are all awesome and the only way to criticize someone else's opinion is if they give a ridiculous one like "Costello to Witherspoon should be number one".
and your assumptions are 100% wrong in all respects by the way.
Most of the 59 was on one play and Moore had a touchdown in the game that you criticized him for just having five receptions in. Yes, you can limit any receiver if you concentrate overly on him, but then the offense goes off for 283 yards. Incidentally, Moore's five receptions were on six targets. They didn't throw much to him because something else was available and working. That doesn't reflect on his talent. He had a big impact on that game because he is such a threat that eyes were on him that should have been elsewhere.
Well, well, so you call people names for giving facts. Interesting.
Was that an ad in the personals section of the newspaper looking for players for State that I saw? I grew up in the country and my junior high football team had 23 players. Isn't that about where State is now?
I can see how a list ranking QBs would be depressing to a Georgia fan, especially when they realize that 8th is too high for their QB.
You do know that Sexton is Saban's agent, right? I don't know whether to chuckle or shake my head when people call Sexton "sleaze". Such people obviously don't know him. He a very nice guy, much more soft spoken than you would expect and probably one of the most upstanding and least "sleazy" people you can find in major sports. You really shouldn't talk bad about people, particularly those that you don't know and you know nothing about.
you spend most of your post describing more differences between 2020 Florida and 2019 LSU but then close by saying that they do look alike and I "just refuse to accept it". I didn't say that 2020 Florida was bad, just that they don't look like 2019 LSU. They can look different and still both be good teams.