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Fair point, but I have two comments. First, this list is just one person's opinion. Second, of all of the meaningless rankings and stats we banter about, none is more meaningless than a list that attempts to compare players across position groups. How do you compare a DL to a QB to determine who is a "better player"? It's ridiculous to even make such an attempt. It's hard enough to compare a QB in one offensive system to a QB in another offensive system in order to rank QBs against each other.
I think that I could get by on $7.5 million per year...
What should matter and what does matter are two different things. In the end what matters most is money so the question becomes which team draws from a larger market.
You won the head-to-head but finished in a three way tie third in the SECWest. Texas A&M has the better win against the presumed number one team.
You missed the point of the article and my point completely. Davis "puts up incredible stats" as well, just not the two cherry picked stats that the op listed, which are not even the most important stats for the position that Davis plays.
Of all the places that I've visited in my life, Las Vegas is by far my least favorite and the last place that I'd choose to visit.
So you want to take selected stats that are primarily skewed toward edge rushers and use them as a reason to not give an award to a nose guard? If you're going to do that, you probably should apply the same to Young and Stroud and the others who have even fewer tackles for loss or sacks (as the sacker not the sackee).
The head coaches of all the universities are expected to be there as well as finalists from each school. You hardly ever see a no show. It would have been embarrassing if Leach had not been there.
He has 95 million reasons for making the move.
Switzer's bowl comments do seem to indicate that he has been asleep for the past 33 years. He coached when it meant something to go to a bowl game. In fact, he had an 8-4 Oklahoma team that that didn't make a bowl game. Now with 63% of FBS teams playing in bowl games, any team with a break even or better record is guaranteed a bowl game and there are always going to be some teams with losing records that go. I would never brag about a bowl streak in this era because it doesn't really mean a lot now.
Keep in mind that Switzer coached in an era when going to a bowl game actually meant something. Now well over half (63%) of all FBS teams go to a bowl game.
really? my best games have been the ones my team won.
I thought that Rita didn't want to live in Alabama...
Is this supposed to be satire? They need to tweak the formula big time
In other news, CBS has found a new announcer for their game of the week
I was surprised at how poor the turnout from State fans was. There was a large Ole Miss contingent that took advantage of the available seats.
and just when did they tell you this?
While "second-to-none" is certainly hyperbolic in the article, your comment is hyperbolic in the other direction. It isn't "second-to-none" but it is certainly an environment to be respected and the simple fact is that it is difficult to play on the road this year after the year without crowds last year.
It is plain silly to think that a competitor like Corral would give up on his team as you allege without evidence. A better take is that Corral is 100% physically but has practiced very little over the past five weeks and is therefore rusty. In the Vandy game, it was obvious that his ability to throw the deep ball and scramble were both back but due to timing being off after five weeks without practice, he was overthrowing receivers and having timing issues.
Those conditions would favor State because Ole Miss is more of an undersized team that relies more on speed while State is more of a physical team. The one notable exception is snoop connor who is a very physical runner between the tackles but if Ole Miss has to rely on that then it might be a long day for them because that is the strength of the State defense.
A more important question is why does the CFP rankings have 25 teams when only four go to the playoffs? What does it mean to be 25, or even 9, on those rankings?
I can't imagine why. They routinely post whatever comes out of spurrier's mouth.
It actually makes a lot of sense. Who else can say that they are averaging 6.43 yards per carry on 233 carries in a power 5 conference?