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Foley is chicken sh*t punk... Straight up. He's got a p*ssy way of doing things. I hope Georgia slaughters Florida now. I hope it's unmerciful
I think Tennessee has the advantage here. They know him and know that he is a fourth-quarter prevent coordinator. That's followed him everywhere he's gone. When things get close or when things get tight, Chavis goes in to prevent. If Tennessee is a true second-half team and Texas A&M is in prevent, it could get wild again in Vol Nation.
That's pretty tacky saying Butch sold his soul to the devil. Who publishes that? smh, SDS... You're better than that. Still a reader but that's not necessary.
Dan Mullen?? What?? You fire Les Miles and put a coach on your short list who should be on the hot seat at the school he's at currently? I'm telling you... LSU and Georgia should have called Tennessee. You don't fire a coach because you're tired of going 10-2 and find somebody to immediately turn around your program that was a perennial 9-3 or 10-2... LSU, you're looking at several years before you become relevant after what you've done.
Surprised?? Everybody thought Tennessee was crazy to fire Fulmer, but Tennessee. They fired a perennial 9 or 10-wins a season coach and are finally relevant again 8 years later. Say goodbye to LSU for a while too. Tennessee set the model for how NOT to fire a coach and Georgia says, Naa we're different... We're DAWGS haha... Well, try satisfying yourself with mediocrity for at least three years. It's not easy and YES, it will happen to you. Kirby Smart is not a great game manager.
Being a Vol fan is hard on your heart, lol... Something special is brewing in Knoxville. We can't continue this second half stuff though.
Tennessee fans... We're about to see something special. Let the haters hate.
you seem to be the only one speculating