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I was near one of the announcers afterwards and actually heard them comment that Auburn has the potential to become the Georgia Tech of the SEC . His crowd laughed.
Any UT CFB news that doesn’t contain the words ncaa, assault, drugs, weapons, Pruitt, lawyers, or suspension is good news. UT will win 7 games this year.
Saban recruits coaches as well as he recruits 5 stars. That’s why he said O’Brien had to adapt to Alabama’s system rather than allow him to install an entirely new system that would have to be replaced within 2-3 yrs when O’B takes the next hc job
I haven’t heard once in the last year that Nix is the next Heisman Trophy winner. And now even Auburn fans talk about his poor performance (naturally, secondary to OL inconsistencies). Am I in a parallel universe where there are logic inoculations and the ‘All In’ family are required to get them?
I can’t stand Mullen. Does he ever say ‘no comment’ when there is a reporter or microphone nearby. His observations are obvious. He has a personal agenda for every comment. I think he is once again setting UF up for the big ‘rumor’...... I’m leaving for the nfl so you better be good to me. ‘I will leave because cfb isn’t the same’ Also, his BS of ‘saving’ spaces on his recruiting class is just his insecurity of poor recruiting of high school prospects. He is killing the transport portal but can’t close the prep prospects. So what? He wins. At least football. But not interviews. I think his core social psyche arrested at 12 yrs old. Just stfu with every proclamation designed to protect you imagined status, Douchebag Dan. The loss to ok is his fault alone.
For crying out loud, he’s being paid to play FB. This is an NFL media driven overreaction to placate a very large segment of the previous fan base who gave up spending $$$ supporting the league because of the political nonsense. Tony is obviously immersed in a culture where he is comfortable. So what? As long as he is peaceful and doesn’t have multiple fatherless children who cares? If he is disciplined (hello Isaiah Wilson) then to pass on him in the draft is foolish.
Rush Probst also just tweeted that Fidel Castro is still alive and living with Paris Hilton as her pool boy
I respect what Mullen does developing qb talent. Only an idiot could not. But I believe this is a bait and switch. Mullen has trouble recruiting top hs qbs and the inevitable head to head with Ala, Clem, tOSU, UGA over those talents looks bad when he loses out. It’s just like Mullens personality to only do the usual p5 offer rather than lose out on an intense recruiting competition. Check the other offers he has had and that tells you why he committed. Also, ther
I may be mistaken but I don’t think Mullen’s show cause was mentioned. This penalty is a coach’s worst offense. It had nothing to do with the media mistakes. That stuff is insignificant. He’s just a needy low self esteem guy who must brag and excuse perceived failures. But a good play caller ( not better than kiffin or sark)
If I recall he had a little attitude problem when he first got to the NBA. To his credit he improved. Seems like he’s getting out at the right time. NBA is tanking in the States.
For 2021 UT will win the 5 games Pruitt would have won. They may also get lucky with Miss and USCe. UK is? The difference is they may be competitive against UGA and FL. CJH could reach 8 wins in 2021.
Nick Marshal knows about stealing possessions from locker rooms....was he around? Oh, that’s right. Only from teammates.
Late comment: despite what most of the posters are saying, Garner was very lazy his last 4-5 yrs in Athens. Most weren’t sad to see him go back to AU.
Coach Steele is just waiting to be Coach Harson’s replacement in 3-4 years. They’re coaching into their 70’s now
I guess Kevin Steele’s tenure in Knoxville is an example of Heupel’s policy ‘love you long time’ when compared to the three star who lasted about a minute after coach found out about his scholarship. Both tossed out like a living room tabby cat with no kitty litter and stomach cramps.
HS coach is acting like a rotten teen. Just grow up, shut up and stop the virtue splash all over every microphone
None of the reasons matter. Pruitt wrote a check and Josh didn’t want to cash it. It’s Josh’s right and duty to do what he thinks is best for the program. End of discussion.
^^^this. This article reminds me of the guy who randomly shot an arrow into the side of a barn then painted a circle around it and said he hit the bullseye. The reporter has is mind made up before he collects evidence....lazy
As a Gator fan you have a right and duty to defend Mullen. Everyone understands.
A couple of things about Mullen. 1) If his personality were his feet he would have bruises all over his face from falling constantly. He truly gets in his own way. Just accept he is worthy of acceptance and try to prove it with each sentence. 2) He is smart. And I think his trigger to leave is more about how unpleasant he feels at UF rather than how ‘good’ a job he is offered. His hand got slapped when he played the adolescent threat to leave for the nfl. Not good. 3) He truly is the Portal Master so his average recruiting isn’t bad considering who he has to compete with. 4) If he doesn’t make a NY’s bowl I think he tries to leave