Rushing Marchette

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Nothing new there? Georgia QBs threw the ball 46 times..
And I agree with him. I think outside Ohio State, the Big Ten is lacking in talent.
Pay attention guy. Soft zone defense is the culprit. 2 and 26 remember? We gave up two quick touchdowns to Auburn with this scheming. Notice the change on Auburn's last two drives when reverting back to man. Nobody is blaming Fromm. He did everything we needed of him. He made the plays when it mattered. You actually perpetuate the same false narrative you try to condemn.
Never in my life would I have thought vandy leads that series.
Wasn't there an Alabama whistleblower not too long ago saying Ole Miss was going down? I'm pretty sure SDS had an article on it.
The offensive appears to be well covered. The defensive and offensive line could always use depth. Burns and Allen are certainly higher priorities than two athletes.
I just don't understand how my sorry ass, chubbless dawgs nearly beat them. Hell we haven't scored that many points since then.
I can't get over that bomb Florida dropped on Cincinnati in 2010! Of course I saw it coming a mile away but the BCS apparently didn't.
Mettenberger was a pretty big bust for Georgia. Man, we have had it bad.
At one point, Verne called Alabama's receiver an "impressonating player."
Or Georgia/Clemson? Since you know, the rivalry is already there. And Georgia beat ND in 1980.
I hardly consider Georgia Southern a cupcake anymore. Last year, they did better against Georgia Tech than Georgia or Mississippi State.
Georgia Tech! Hell! I'm more worried about Southern right now than Tech!
Have you seen them play? They are pretty damn good.
I would still take Clemson in the SEC over Mizzou or Vandy any given day.
I'm all for an inclusive role for women in the world of college football, but Beth Mowins has no talent in calling games. She's not analytical. She doesn't bring up memories of her time playing football with so-and-so player. She can't create the back and forth banter that calling games entails.
Well by the transitive property, Georgia southern beat Western Michigan by alot more than both OSU and MSU. So they should be number one.
I'd like to say OSU is overrated. But they aren't. They're a great team and they could hang with the best of the SEC. However, michigan state is overrated. The Big Ten overrated and I think the playoff committee should be very thoughtful about which power 5 they choose to leave out. They almost set a precedent with leaving out TCU or Baylor . the playoff must be expanded to 5 or 6 teams!
Scratch that. Hes just right. Good list.
I would have Jordan Jenkins higher..I mean 5.5 tfl and 2 sacks!
Clemson down that far?! No way, I think this is the year Clemson beats FSU.
It was unintentional though if he was trying to wrap up.