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What about his run against LSU last year?
This is the worst recency bias I have ever seen. This is bad Les. As an LSU writer, this list should embarrass you.
Nah, it's just as long as they don't get killed they are still in, so why spend a couple grand on the SEC Chip when you can go to a playoff game?
Send 25,000 when a playoff game is almost guaranteed is still impressive, especially considering Athens is right next door.
It's expensive. Would you rather see the SECCG or a playoff game?
Should a team really be ranked 4 after losing to South Carolina?
Can confirm, LSU fans won't have a massive attendance because we are saving for the playoffs. Since we're in unless we lose by 17+, why spend money to go to the SEC Chip when you could go to a playoff semi-final.
This might be one of the top10 most ignorant and foolish comments I have ever seen on this page.
Is this a joke? They have both recently had byes before the game. Bad journalism right there