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If that's the case, then should ole miss have a choo choo train on the side of their helmets?
My granddaddy's college football went down the tubes with the NIL business and transfer portal not changes to the playoff format.
I learned that Kiffin just took old miss to the cleaners.
Any State HC that lost three in a row to Mississippi lost his job. Nevertheless, doubt if it happens this year even if State loses that game. But next year Leach will be on a short leash, very short.
Don't know if Kentucky defense is as good as LSU defense. Imagine they will try and do the same thing defensively that LSU adjusted to, but don't think they have the talented players that LSU has to execute it. We'll see.
Arkansas has had success against State lately, but it's LSU that seems to have State's number.
I'd say that most State fans would rather OM not win a NC in baseball or anything else. OTOH, if they do win it, it won't take away from State's NC last year. What it will do is put a hell of a lot of pressure on State corches which may be for the better.
Thank goodness. Now we don't have to keep reading about it...worse than the Kardashians.