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So the kid went up to Ohio State all butt hurt that they hadn't immediately offered him then got mad when the coach was blunt and upfront about why he originally wasn't interested? Grow up. Yea, Meyer was rude with his wording but come on. He calls it how he sees it. It is Ohio State....they aren't cream of the crop but they don't really need to kiss ass to a 4 star recruit committed to Kentucky...
I agreed, but I think it's because it has been overshadowed of late. Auburn vs Bama has had the limelight and UGA has been more focused on the east. With Carolina having become a threat over the past decade and the rivalry with UF finally going from UF always winning to back to a real rivalry by the time Auburn has kind of become a second thought. There are some great moments from both teams from that series for sure.
Really Mike? UGA isn't the only team in the country to have restrictions on transfers....almost every school in the country has them in some form or another (most of which are within conference restrictions such as having to sit out a year or go to JUCO for a year in-between). Yea, it sucks for the young man having to be the first person to have to deal with these restrictions and the Dawg nation wishes him the best, but he pledged to play for UGA and has decided to part ways with us. Sometimes breaking a pledge comes with consequences. It sucks, but it happens. He'll find a place somewhere, it just won't be in the SEC or at Miami next year.
So what you're saying is I should just go to footballscoop since you just copied and pasted their report?
Ouch. But to be fair, that new guy they've got coming in looks pretty solid and while Harris isn't the QB of the future for the Gators, he can hold his own with the "good but not great" teams.
I wish him luck and hope he finds success there!
1) Please fact check yourself, not even going to go into the deal wtih him being DC not HC at UNC.... 2) If you're going to write an article make it longer than 4 run-on sentences and do something more than copy and paste links from other articles where writers have actually done work....
Dangit SDS, you're not allowed to make me agree with Kanell on something....
Honestly there isn't a doubt in my mind that he said something like this. Have y'all (none Florida fans) been to UF and the Swamp?? It's pretty legit! However, I wonder if he wasn't drunk, or surround by players and attractive women, or both. You get caught up in the moment and things get said. I find it highly unlikely that Eason would flop without even talking to the incoming staff. Hell, I bet he'll take a trip down to Miami before he commits. He seems like a bright young man and as such I'm sure he'll wait and look at his options once everything has settled down before he makes any kind of decision.
I'm surprised you can sit down with so much butthurt.
This is why I'm surprised Mark was fired. I don't see any green grass out there. The 4 names mentioned with HC experience are a step back in my opinion and Smart is a question mark.
"mutually agreed"? Yea....right....whatever you say...
Buddy, sorry to burst your bubble here, but if anyone is stealing UGA's recruits it won't be Auburn after this year. Lol.
I honestly thought he'd bought himself another year. People are saying Kirby Smart is supposedly in line to replace him but still kind of shocked by it. I figured he'd retire into an administration position within the program before they'd fire him.
Schotty? Yes, please kick him out. Pruitt? No. Our defense is the only bright spot we've had all year even if it hasn't been super bright. If there is personality conflicts then I can understand but on the field wise his work hasn't warranted a firing in my opinion.
Let me apologize for the Bulldawg Nation for the idiocy of this comment...
Real question for UGA: Is Brian Schottenheimer going to find a way to let Lambert pass the ball (which is a difficult thing) enough to keep GT from putting 8 or 9 players in the box and shut down UGA's offense like GSU did?
I agree. As a UGA and Falcons fan I want to dislike Cam, but I can't really. He does a lot of classy things for his team and his community. She needs to get over herself anf realize that her kids will see a whole lot more than "The chest puffs. The pelvic thrusts. The arrogant struts and the ‘in your face’ taunting of both the Titans’ players and fans".
Well that wasn't sexist or anything...
I wonder if after how crappy this season has been if Pinkel might have been losing his team/locker room and he saw this as an opportunity to get some good favor with them back. Had he not supported them I wonder if he wouldn't be walking out the door with the President and chancellor.
It's been Uga all season; as in, that picture of Uga has been the picture used for the article each week of "Sad Fans Are Sad".
At least he said what pretty much everyone outside of Mizzou is thinking....this will change NOTHING. It won't suddenly make it sunshine and rainbows in Mizzou. If anything it'll piss off the racists and make them worse. The only hope is that this will calm down the protesting students with their demands and will allow both sides to talk about what needs to be done in a civil manner.
Do us all a favor and never come to another UGA game. You're not a fan you're some fool that bought a jersey at Walmart. I stood my pissed off ass through the pouring rain until the game ended against Bama and I did the same yesterday. You stay and support your team win lose or draw. Those men tried their hardest and it didn't go their way, they deserve the respect of us supporting them through til the end. That's what the DawgNation is all about.
"Jabba The Lundquist" hahahah well played good sir well played
The original comment talked about TCU and how he is "not sold that theyll make the playoff this year". So the reply was insinuating that the OP thought that Ole Miss was a lock since they decided to comment on TCU possibly not making it. Come on guys...