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We realize it isn’t a second to none atmosphere. However, it is a much better atmosphere than you say. It means everything to MSU fans and to many college football fans who aren’t MSU fans. For instance, I wouldn’t drive an hour to attend a game in Athens but I realize that it’s everything in life to Georgia fans.
And, to say fielding is suspect is ignorant. Vandy maybe but the Bulldogs have had 6 consecutive games without an error.
says the fan of a team who can't hold a candle to either of these two teams. We are there and you are home which is common for your team.
Notre Dame and Texas are a joke. They wouldn't win one game against the rest of the top 10.
And to think that had Florida's job not opened up when it did Mullen would have been at Tennessee now. Wonder how the vol fans would have liked to get him versus Pruitt.
I would say it’s wishful thinking to think that they dodged paying a buyout of Pruitt. He lawyered up and there will be a settlement unless they decide to drag it through the courts which I don’t think they are willing to do.
Good gracious! You act as though LSU has never had a fight at a game! Tulsa was the team with 4 unsportsmanlike penalties and a 100 % targeting by Tulsa that wasn’t called. When a lineman is laying face down on the ground 15 yds behind the play and a lineman hits you helmet to helmet trying to hurt you it’s targeting.
And exactly what does this comment have to do with this article?
You would think a writer would be sure of what he is saying rather than just go with “kicked him in the face” when he didn’t. It was in the shoulder. But, I’m not surprised with sds writers doing anything they can to get people to pay attention to them.
To be clear. He does not kick him in the face. He kicks him in the shoulder. And, I know that doesn’t excuse the behavior.
Sad thing is that MSU did score on Bama and you and everyone in the college football world knows that the refs made a block in the back call that was the worst call in college football this year. It was also funny how the MSU defense manhandled Bama offensive line. I won't even go into detail about how Bama plays a game that physical and has on penalty called and it's a kickoff violation. That game was a travesty when it come to sec officiating and any Bama fan should be ashamed to get that kind of help when they don't need it.
Did the Mississippi State people thinking they would beat LSU make you laugh too?
I am the biggest Mullen supporter there is and have been since he's been there. But I could not believe he did that. Absolutely a crazy thing to do. Those kind of calls let teams the caliber of auburn back in the games when the only call there is to punt it deep and let your defense take care of it. I have no problem with how they covered that particular play but they were a little homerish to auburn at times but that's ok.
Number 5 should be the boiler plate response for anyone thinking Mullen will go to Florida at the drop of a hat. Money is not everything and he will get his raise and stay for the foreseeable future.
Hey Gus, how do you like your crow? Baked?
Why on earth would he want to go to Florida where idiot fans will want him run off with one down year. You don't know what you are talking about from a recruiting standpoint. He is bringing in mostly 3 stars and and has the staff that is developing players to an unbelievable level. He can stay right there where his wife Loves it and make 4 million a year and more from now till the cow comes home and win 8-10 games a year be sitting on a nice cold seat for years to come. My guess is that with the family lifestyle that he lives you can only spend so much money so money is not major factor here and right now State will pay him and his assistants comparable to what anyone else will offer and the new SEC network windfall will fund it.
I got news for you. It don't matter where MSU plays Alabama this year. Bama doesn't have the pieces necessary to stop MSU's offense and MSU's defense will. to be run on by Bama and what does that do? Forces them to pass and we all know how that is working out for you. My prediction. 42/17 Bulldogs. Now, Ole Miss and Auburn. Auburn couldn't mount any offense of significance against our Defense. What makes you think they will against ole miss in Oxford? Ole Miss wins 34/21. Bama and auburn will be playing for third in the division at best. Just the way it is this year.
Look, you cannot push on the defender in such a way that it creates an opening to catch the ball and that is what happened. Anyone who sees that replay that doesn't see the foul doesn't want to see it and for the most part are auburn fans. it was one of those plays that could have been called (which it was) or not have been called. Judgement call that went MSU's way this time. Auburn has been the benefit of these type calls that could have gone the other way as has any other team. The no call holding penalties he says he has pictures of is a load of crap as I can guarantee you that an MSU fan can come up with just as many no calls on holding as they can. Geez, you can call holding on any play in any football game if you look at it in slow motion and break down each and every play.
I won't disagree but there was enough of a push to get the clearance. It all depended on the referee. Judgement call that went our way. Look, State beat a good Auburn team and there was a lot of mistakes on both sides that you could point to and say if this hadn't happened or that hadn't happened the outcome would have been different . That one play didn't decide the outcome of this game.
Please, if Starkville is such a stinky nasty town tell me what is any different about Tuscaloosa. Nothing. It's just your typical college town that is only slightly larger than Starkville. That's the only difference. Geez, you write a good post and have to end it with a jab at Starkville for no reason. Ask gameday personnel and I'm sure you would get nothing but praise for Starkville. Also, if you think last night was a tough game you best get used to it cause MSU is going to roll into Tuscaloosa 9/0 and hang 40 + points and 500 plus yards on your tide.
Hang in there. Man they are close. As a Bulldog fan I can sympathize with your fans having to be patient when you want wins. His emotion reminds me of Mullen. Loves his players and you guys should be proud to have him. It's gonna pay off soon. I'm so glad we have you at home this particular year. I sure would hate to have to go there and play this team.
Army, in the pic-em contest I'm in at work I predicted the score for state/auburn to be 38/24. Sounds like you were dead on also.
Thanks for the props. You guys are cause for concern in a couple of weeks. They are playing great and I'm glad we have a week off.
It was a fumble. Period. Thanks for the kind words 007. Now go beat the aggies!
It wasn't a bad call. The push cleared enough room for the pass to be caught. Plain and simple.