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Or maybe I've misinterpeted both your and her comments. If so, I will stand corrected in advance.
She's black; Myles Garrett is black. So where's the racism you're complaining about? Is she sexist? Maybe.
I'm with you. Neutral site games have their place, but I'm a big believer that college football is at its best when played on-campus. Surely there's a way to do something like two in Jax, then two home-and-home. Maybe one day.
There's little imagination, and sometimes just no sense, to Coley's play calls. Here's one example from the first quarter last night: UGA's facing 3rd-and-4. So naturally, Coley calls a 3-yard out to Pickens at the sideline, which is run to perfection. The result is 4th-and-1. I then wonder out loud to my grandson as to why we're sitting in the driving rain to watch such nonsense. Why run a 3-yard route when you need 4 yards? If the receiver is catching it while going out of bounds, then he has no chance to turn upfield to gain any more yards.
Bama and UGA might be second and third, but they haven't played anybody yet. Still, I'd have Bama second until LSU or UGA can beat them. Put LSU at third because of the Texas game and drop everybody else down one spot.
The end-around is classic Chaney nonsense. In 2016 UGA faced fourth-and-one against Vandy. With Nick Chubb (let me repeat: Nick Chubb!) in the backfield, Chaney calls the end-around with Isaiah McKenzie getting the ball. Didn't work then, either.
Great question. The game was a week ago tomorrow, so this project might have been going on for five days now, and this is the first I've seen it mentioned anywhere.
@CO Jones Hate to burst your bubble, but your own information is, in your own words, "low". I'm not one to get into the trolling like a lot of the others, but I also realize that a lot of UF fans don't think that football existed pre-Spurrier. Check the unedited UF record for 1979 and you'll find a winless Gator team that finished tied for last in the SEC. So, yes, they HAVE been a bottom-dweller. Even under Muschamp they had years when they finished second from the bottom in the SECe. So your statement that they have "never been one" is factually false.
People shouldn't sleep on Mizzou. Their SECW crossover schedule is leaps and bounds easier than UGA's, UF's, and USC's. If Bryant puts it together there they will be a tough out. Luckily UGA gets them in Athens. And really, how do you not pick Bama to win it all?
I should rephrase that: 90% of the ones I've heard about. (They've probably got some really good ones hidden deep somewhere.)
About 90% of NCAA rules & regs fall into that category, IMO. I don't think it's possible not to commit some of these dopey violations.
I'm from an older school that was taught both to win and lose with class. Apparently Eason was taught that as well. When the injury sidelined him and he couldn't beat Fromm out to get his spot back, he didn't immediately leave the team or cause any friction. He handled his new role like a true team player, unlike others I won't name. Like you, I wish him tremendous success at UW.
The one that surprised me the most was Tennessee's fall. I saw a Twitter post the other day showing SEC teams' regular-season conference records since the expansion in 2012, and Tennessee is tied with Kentucky for second-worst at 17-39. How in the world did UT get there?
Scratched my head over that, too. Man, are we at the point where EVERY Georgia game is a rivalry game? I thought UT was Vandy's one and only rivalry.
Good point about the local economies. The schools make a big deal about how much they get paid from Jax for the game, but the $$$ don't flow into the communities at all--just the school coffers. I just think the campuses should host the games so that more people would get a chance to see the game in person. Essentially the same contributors get tickets every year, plus students. At least every other year twice as many of each schools' fans would get the opportunity.
I always felt that way about Stephen Garcia. Seems like he was Spurrier's QB for Spurrier's entire tenure at USC.
From your second comment: "Looking at Jimbo’s track record against quality noncon opponents, he’s beaten Michigan, S. Carolina, ND twice, Auburn (Natty), NIU (ranked #16 at the time), never lost to Florida, GATech, Ok St, and Ole Miss." From your reply to Weagle99: "I never said he never lost to GATech." Looks like you did.
"...even Kirby Smart is disgusted." That's a great line.
First amendment gives him the right to say what he wants, but it *doesn't* require SDS to print it.
That was as funny as the Wiki entry itself. Are you the party in question?
If the author is going to call out someone for grammar then he should acquaint himself with the proper usage of "myself." Hint: You don't use it in the subjective case.
I'm cool with that. All you have to do is lose to Auburn and UGA over the next couple of weeks for that to happen. I'm know that I'd really appreciate it, and I'd bet Auburn fans would, too!!! (Somehow I don't think Saban would be up for it, though.)
Maybe Gus shouldn't have called a throwback screen for a TD with about 6 minutes to go last year while leading by 23, and then gloating about beating the dog crap out of UGA afterwards He and Auburn are whiny-ass b*tches and deserve every pounding they get. Now maybe Bama will put 50 on them and we won't have to hear from them for another year. Or course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
Correct. Consider this scenario, however unlikely: UGA and Bama both lose to Auburn, and then UGA beats Bama. They each end up with 2 losses and both miss the playoffs. This gives the Committee the chance to show it doesn’t have any SEC bias and shut the whiny masses up. (I’m looking directly at Danny Kannell.)
LSU is a good team. Bama is a great team. The Tide rolls.
Last year MSU was 1-1 against the SECe, so that's 3 losses out of the last four. I think you're right.
Definition of usually: "under normal conditions; generally" UGA has won 7 of the last 10, and 12 since the year 2000. All time the series is 23-22-2 in UT's favor. In other words, under normal conditions (i.e., "usually"), the game could be expected to go either way. However, if you're willing to give me UGA and 20 points, and if you have, say, $10,000 to your name, I'll take that bet.
Agree with you on this. If replay is to be allowed, then camera placement should be standardized, at least as far as is humanly possible. And certainly sidelines, end zone pylons, and goal lines are pretty standard. I can understand why some random angle on the interior of the field might be difficult to view, but some of these placements should be no-brainers.
Bama looks scary good, 15-0 good. Can they lose? Sure...the better team doesn't always win. Will they lose? Well,it might take the starting offensive team getting the flu to shut them down. Or injuries, which one can never predict. In the meantime, they're the gold standard. Maybe they'll have to face an explosive offense with a great QB down the road that will provide a true test for them, but right now they look unstoppable.