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Ah yes, the oft forgotten "Ints that SEC D would have grabbed" stat. The problem is it didn't happen, and perhaps Daniel's doesn't take same chances against an SEC opponent and second, you would have to know what an SEC defense was capable of to assess that...something the Gator's haven't had in quite a long time from their own team. The opinion of a Gator on what is possible from an SEC D is laughable.
The only school right now who appears willing to vote no is A&M, and even that is questionable based on recent statements by President and AD.
Here's the thing....nobody in Birmingham cares if they come and are a flop on the field. We are doing plenty of winning without them...we DON'T need them for that, OU either. What they do care about is the $$$ they bring, and that is not going to change. The difference between the Big-12 and the SEC though is there are at least three schools that can hold their own revenue and profit wise with UT. SEC is a conference of near equals, something Ut has never dealt with. They won't be the biggest fish in the SEC.
Except realignment started before A&M and Mizzou left for greener pastures....The Big 12 issues were bigger than A&M and Horns Down U. Nebraska and Colorado got it started, and Texas and OU started to look to leave. Y'all left for SEC to protect yourself...and rightly so, but Colorado and Nebraska started it.
I would trade Mizzou or Vandy to the west for Alabama and Auburn in the East right now, and that's without adding two new West teams.
This is why nobody like Gator fans.
A lot of chit chat from a fan whose team has never won, nor even played for one.
There is a difference in having good seasons and what Tennessee fans expect. When is the last time Indiana played for or won the Big-10? Made the playoffs? Won a title? Prior to this year, when was the last time Iowa State played for the Big-12 title? Made the Playoffs? Won a title? Do you think that is what Tennessee fans envision themselves as? A team that occassionally finishes second in the East and loses to an unranked team in a bowl? Watch their coach walk to another school when another, higher tier job opens up? People point to the Indiana and Iowa States of the world, but it proves the point of the article...those teams may have a one off season, but they are not going to have extended success. They are also considered stepping stone jobs for their coaches.
Honestly, it's the same for Clemson. They are a missing Dabo away from going back to mediocrity. South Carolina is not exactly rolling in talent either (more than Tennessee, but not enough to maintain their current level).
That is the hottest take I have ever seen. JT Daniels or not, Georgia was not beating Alabama in 2020. All it would have done is given us the chance to lose two games to you guys, maybe a third.
Not legit until UGA proves it on the field. Yes, we get players back, but we are gutted in precisely the wrong unit to deal with current CFB offenses (secondary). We have also done nothing to prove over past 40 years we should deserve the benefit of the doubt. We should be around 8-10.
Anytime Clemson plays a team with a pulse is must see TV...it happens so rarely with their schedule.
Except the same Dan Mullen started Franks willingly over Trask. That was a mistake (a very obvious one made clear very quickly after Franks' injury last year). I don't discount Mullen is a good QB coach, but I don't think he is quite as good as Florida fans want everyone to believe.
The "they had 2 teams in the playoffs" line that normally makes sense, but doesn't apply here. It's excuse making. ACC team was: The higher ranked team in 3 of the matchups (Clemson, Miami NC State). One of those was a loss to a team with a losing record. One of the matchups was teams with similar records (3-3 Wisconsin vs 4-4 Wake). One was a 1 vs 4 playoff matchup that should be competitive regardless (but nobody really thought it would be). The only one where they were forced to play up was 8-1 A&M vs 8-3 UNC and that wasn't that big of a gap as a 5 vs 13. ACC was given a gift of having 2 playoff teams, a gift they proved on the field they were not worthy of.
Georgia has an MO under Kirby, Play Alabama tough for a half, and has a bad loss every year (16 Vandy and GT,17 AU, 18 LSU, 19 SC). Wonder which of our two losses was the "bad" loss this year?
They ACTUALLY DID at the Rose Bowl. Made the end all the sweeter. Like their team, their fans thought the game was 30 minutes long.
Referring to the Georgia defense as anything different than the rest of the SEC would be a mistake. Yes, we have injuries, but this defense mostly builds it's cred on beating up on less talented, SEC East teams. Whenever they play an offense with comparable talent, they get torched.
They aren't horrible takes when it has already happened once before. Hell, we have already had WR recruits say the EXACT same thing and ditch us for greener offensive pastures. I highly doubt Vandagriff does the same, but I wouldn't blame him if he did. There is zero reason to think he would not be marooned behind a lesser talented QB.
Just like there was a problem with Fields? Kirby has a problem making hard decisions. I wouldn't read anything into their practice habits. Daniels wasn't cleared for Arkansas, so he will never be an option. If Stetson had more eligibility, he would start next year over Beck and Vandagriff.
That's a nice platitude, but next week is about our offense and not our defense. We already know our defense when healthy can handle y'all 60 minutes* even with a somewhat imploding offense, see last year for example #1. (*not much more than that. If the game was 10 minutes longer, y'all would have won.) But if we cannot move the ball at all, our defense cannot win the game themselves and the game will get out of hand, see SEC title game 2019, UGA vs Alabama 2020. Defenses still win championships, but only if they have a pulse on offense to keep them off the field more than 3 downs and a punt.
It's looking more and more like it, yes. 2017 is a long time ago, and Chubb and Michel aren't walking through that door anymore to bail Kirby out. 2020 looks a lot like 2018...sticking with the clearly regressing veteran when there is a player with higher upside potential behind them simply because the vet has somehow earned it. Before anyone says hindsight is 20/20.... while everyone talks about Saban's gutsy national championship call, Dabo did the same thing, kicking Kelly Bryant to the curb (a QB who led them to the playoffs the year prior) for Trevor Lawrence. That result led them to a championship the year after Saban benched Hurts for Tua. So it's not exactly uncommon for championship caliber coaches to make these decisions. Head Coaching is about hard choices, constant competition, not settling, having a vision. Other than ill advised fakes, Coach Smart has not shown the ability to make any hard decisions or shown a desire for deep introspection into the issues that plague his teams. Lack of imagination, poor play calling or design, and, not least, a QB who often compounds the issues with lack of ability to stretch the field have been hallmarks of the Kirby era. I'm not calling for him to be fired yet, there is still time for him to improve, but Georgia leadership needs to make it clear the issues need to be remedied before UGA falls any further behind. Need I remind anyone, SEC and ACC Rivals have won 18 of the 39 titles since 1980. Florida 1996, 2006, 2008 Tennessee 1998 Alabama 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 Auburn 2010 LSU 2003, 2007, 2019 Clemson 1981, 2016, 2018 Georgia Tech 1990 Yes, we should always question our coaching staff and their ability to take Georgia to the next level, because until we win a title more than once every 38 to 40 years, that is about all we can do.
0% Kirby benches him. He values consistency, and loyalty. Bennett has been loyal, stepped in when needed, and the team loves him. Kirby would not make that move because he is, from his own playing days, enamored with an underdog story, and he is also very hesitant to prioritize ceiling over steadiness. Saban is the coach who would pull a starter for a freshman at halftime of a NC game to try and find a spark. Kirby is not...he rides with what got him where he is, and right now, Stetson Bennett has him #4 in the nation and a chance to win the East. unfortunately for us, Bennett is a poor man's Jake Fromm, and we already saw how the real deal played out after 2017.
Interception 1, while not his fault, was definitely due to his height limitations. It happened more than once, so it was not a fluke. Interception 2, while it was not entirely his fault, was principally due to missing his target slightly high and well wide. This was not the first or last time he had that issue in the game. For my money he had 3, maybe 4 really good passes in the game (both TDs), Pickens on the sideline. Most of his other passes were to fairly open receivers and were never in stride. Many of his misses were also to open receivers and were simply off. Interception 3 was probably one of the worst plays I have ever seen.
Auburn doesn't have those problems anymore. Exhibit 1: Cam Newton Exhibit 2: Bruce Pearl I think they have incriminating photos of NCAA investigators.
Stetson Bennett will still be starting because Kirby keeps getting himself into these situations where it would be bad optics to the team to pull the trigger on a QB move. So you guys probably hang 30-40 on us as well as our D tires out in 3rd and 4th quarter. Gator offense is nothing like Alabama's offense,but y'all definitely are better than we are for sure. Just hoping Kirby understands that the 2nd half of the Bama game, when they had their full team eligible again, represents Bennett's ceiling. That won't beat Bama in December, let alone Florida. It might not beat Kentucky.