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Bill O'Brian being a "bad hire" calls the list into question. Young just put up record numbers with less talent at WR than Jones or Tua had, and a thinner RB room on top of that. Give the guy some credit. Pete Golding for all his weaknesses still coordinated them to 2 title games, winning 1. Neither of those guys are as bad as they are made out to be. Are they the best at their business, no, but they are better than they are given credit for.
That's not the question....the question is if he is a great coach. I think the jury is still out because he has had advantages no other coach had to this point.
Right now, he is just a broken clock version of Ed Orgeron...right twice. He has had stable coaching, great assistants, and a couple of generational talent QBs. He needs to prove something in that regard...who was more valuable, Venables and Elliot or himself?
All the "funny stuff" that happened? Did you lose a bet or something? Nothing funny happened in SECtitle game
Yet somehow all these teams have won titles in BCS /Playoff Era. Alabama Florida LSU Auburn Tennessee Georgia Nobody is living off Alabama. They win more than their share, but the rest are holding their own.
Ok, let's play the game....all would have been better off in another conference, if not won it. Texas A&M Arkansas Ole Miss Kentucky Tennessee
They've won a national title, an SEC Championship , and 2 semifinals more recently than you have. Kids born when you last won a title are entering high school. It's nearing a whole generation doesn't know Florida as a championship program.
Focus is running the ball and an "efficient" passing game. Phrasing is telling and it appears nothing has changed since Atlanta in their thoughts on how to attack Alabama. They are going to lose.
There have been quite a few narrow misses in those 2 games as well. Games could have gone much worse for the pups.
Tempo was part of it, but the Pups going 3 and out multiple times did as well. A lot of the first game was dictated by their D not getting a rest due to the differences in play between Young and Bennett. I don't really think Georgia was gassed at the beginning of the second though because the offense hadn't done much in the first quarter and Georgia had a couple drives to give them time to rest. It just snowballed from there because their average QB couldn't keep their offense on the field.
That is common in sports journalism....recap the winning score or scoring run, then start from the beginning and tell how it got to that point. Was a sports reporter when I was in high school and college. Readers don't usually read the whole article, so you hit the high points, then do the recap.
The three and outs from Bennett in the second straight have played into it a bit. You can't fully blame the D (they deserve the bulk of it) without acknowledging that the offense stopped entirely in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. They were playing from behind because Bennett was not able to keep pace early.
They have two 5* and a 4* on the bench. They have another 5* QB coming in next year. Talent at the QB position is not one of the pup's issues - playing the right one is. I also would not say their best teams are in the past...they just had the #3 recruiting class in the nation and trail only Bama in terms of overall squad talent. Keep telling yourself they are slipping.. UT has been hoping the same thing about the Tide for the past 15 years. The East is Georgia and the rest at this point til Napier gets UF back again.
That doesn't mean much - they can re-write them in the offseason if need be.
Never underestimate Smart's predilection for starting average QBs. That alone will get UT closing the gap. Can recruit all he wants, but you have to play the best players and at that position Smart never does.
No, he can recruit all the 5* he wants, but if he thinks Bennett gives them the best chance to win, he think's Bennett's talents are better than Daniels. So no, he can't evaluate talent.
With all due respect, the three and outs sandwiched between the Alabama TD's in the 2nd quarter we're what killed UGA. No rest, not time to address their problems or make adequate adjustments. Bennett played OK for 1st quarter, but the 2nd was a disaster for their offense and defense. Nobody wants to talk about that, only the offensive failures in the 3rd quarter after Metchie was out. Their offensive problems started much earlier.
JT Daniels was Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2017-2018, the same class with Fields and Lawrence. So it's not like they don't have a quality QB already. Smart is just stubborn.
And Nick Chubb wouldn't have belonged on this list. A lot of Georgia fans would argue Michel was the better back in 2017.
Not even listing Jake Camarda for UGA at punter - best I can come up with.
You have to cross the Ohio to get to Columbia, Missouri.
If Michigan D can keep Georgia out of the end-zone, they will be able to grind out a run game. Georgia looks better against the run because teams have been forced to abandon it early. I don't think UGA offense will do as well against Michigan D, so Wolverines run game will be able to continue to lean on GA front 7 all 4 quarters. Guessing Michigan 20 - Georgia 18 All this changes if Kirby wakes up and starts Daniels.
Because Kirby in the same boat would have played Harrison Bailey after UT lost to Ole Miss and sent Hooker to the upside down due to his injury. It's not lack of development. It's a chronic inability to select the correct QB. For all the grief UGA fans give UF for starting Franks over Trask and Jones over Richardson, Mullen and Smart both suffer the same affliction. Neither was able to adequately assess the QB on their rosters and exhibited undying loyalty to certain players. What sets Kirby apart is he can at least recruit and he gets by in the East with brute strength of talent. Neither are particularly good head coaches.
2 losses, Georgia has 1. Baylor avenged one of theirs and has a better win and conference title. Baylor's other loss was by 2 points. Can you say for certain UGA is "unequivocally better"? I don't believe so.
There are a lot of factual inaccuracies here. Eason I think was slated to be out 1/3 of the season, and JT Daniels was the preferred starter, but was injured -which led to Dwan Mathis starting. Bennett was technically 4th string to start last year. Stockton would qualify, but Vandagriff is from Athens area, so he is not exactly rural. But the overall premise is right.
This is a sports site, so I would tend to talk about sports teams, so yeah all good, thanks for asking.
He'd have to know how to finish, so I'm not worried about that. Georgia beat nobody (1 current top 25 team), and got demolished by a pedestrian, but motivated Alabama team. A lot of teams could do with Georgia's schedule what they did. Why are you so hurt when someone points out their flaws, or the fact that UGA is what it was last year - and that is not very good. Even the score last night was the same as last year. They don't belong.
Baylor. Better wins and a conference championship.