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Yes, gosh, how could a paid professional EVER get a call correct in such difficult circumstances. Shoulders were at the line to gain when he went down, ball was at his waist.
It was short. Try being objective, not just a homer. The ref that made the call had the best view of the ball itself. Other refs had obscured views.
Confirmed = call was correct Stand = not enough evidence The ref that made the call had a better view to the ball itself than the other ref. Multiple TV angles confirmed he was down with his shoulders at the 40, but the ball was at his waist.
1. They showed people in lower level who were injured. 2. I think everyone will "wake up" when Tennessee fans stop defending it as if it wasn't a big deal. It was incredibly stupid and dangerous. 3. Yes, most fans get upset with calls. However, I don't see highlights of the latest stadium littering project every Sunday morning, so I think MOST fans (seeing as SEC refs are terrible pretty much weekly) deal with it like grown Adults.
He's not incorrect - he SHOULD have replaced Fromm. But neither is the crowd that says no opportunity existed to do it because that is also true. That is why the comparison is dumb. I would say comments that Fromm COULDN'T have led us to a title ignores his numbers against Alabama in 2017 and 2018. We didn't almost beat Alabama both years because of rushing. Alabama took that away and forced us to pass to win, and Fromm almost succeeded on two occasions. The problem was not Fromm..it was play calling and relaxing. That and not realizing Michel was our best RB in Atlanta in 2017. Nothing against Chubb, but Michel was the hot hand that day and we-underutilized him.
The line had come down from 23.5 to 21.5 ... so most were going with Kentucky with and the points. So it earned a lot of people money.
Georgia still has time to do Georgia things and not make it.
1st and goal from the 3. Settled for FG instead of TDs....that was the difference.
Agree, highest ranked victory. Iowa should be #1.
Mullen (UF) has built in recruiting advantages Mullen (MSU) didn't have. Same coach with slightly better players, due mostly to UF brand.
LSU defense left their feet too much and failed to maintain their positioning. Nix was willing to give up 20+ yards running backward, but LSU bailed him out.
The coaching staff for Florida LET the crowd be a factor by not addressing the inability of the line to hear Jones clap. Yes, a lot of false starts, but that was on coaching not adjusting.
You play keep away when you have concerns about your Defense. I don't think D is an area of concern at the moment. Arky could expose us, but at this point you have to say our D is the best unit on the team.
No. We are playing lights out against teams that are a combined .500 football. Only team with a winning record is UAB.
They rushed for more than 10 yards. We failed to get sacks and stop the run.
I feel like Georgia's D-Line might have broken DJU a little bit...
You can challenge the down...the problem is the replay booth had already confirmed the down. It was in the press release. The timeout would probably have been wasted.
The thing is, we don't know what would have happened on the subsequent punt if the refs had done anything right on that play. If it was blown dead, Simmons doesn't block the first. If he doesn't, Alabama may not see him on 2nd punt attempt and he blocks that one. That's why you can't go down rabbit holes about what MIGHT have happened - even 2nd and 26. We lost because we didn't make the plays we needed to. Ref stupidity aside.
He forgot Auburn played an OOC game and lost, how good did you think the bowl picks would be?
Well, the playoff committee could be petty and political and exclude the second SEC team because the conference invited TU and OU. Add in the fact that the SEC has two reps, RC Slocum from A&M and Strickling from UF, I can see it not happening due to recusals and rivalries as well.
I wouldn't hold much against Auburn losing by 8, on the road, against what legitimately might be the Big-10 champs this year unless OSU improves dramatically.
Let me correct this for you, the East is 1. Florida -gap 2. Georgia -larger gap 3-6. KY, UK, UT, USC -cavernous gap followed by another large gap 7. Vandy Nothing has happened this season to make me think this years Dawgs are more capable of beating UF than last year. And before everybody points at the 14 point lead we had, we had a lead over Bama with SBIV too. The point was we lost it, and we will again against a real team. The loss to Florida was not due to injuries or a fluke. Their team is good, the SEC title game and the Bama rematch shows it. I fully expect another 15+ point beatdown in Jacksonville.
He was in pads. You don't do that typically unless you are cleared.
It's discrimination based on personal medical information that doesn't disqualify them from the job (IE, it's not a requirement). It makes sense too, but you can't really do that, and you sure can't say you did.
Would have won more if they hadn't played FSU... Georgia would have 3 this decade if they hadn't had to play Alabama.