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I thought you were trying to summon a time traveling DeLorean at first..
They watched - they still just see the script A.
Considering the number of injuries Georgia is dealing with, it's probably mostly the former and not the latter.
So we do hear about this when it happens at other schools...huh either it DOES happen more at Georgia or ACC-PD is better at catching them than College Station PD.
UGA was told not to play the game in Norman. There was discussion of making it a neutral site and they were told to not play the game period. UGA and Oklahoma were not given options by the league office to play the game.
It's amazing. Huepel was highly critical of their offensive performance, clearly he was wrong. Also, teams can't run the clock if your D doesn't let them. The most a team can run off the clock is around 2 and a half minutes...unless your D can't get them off the field.
Or maybe he is looking at the marquee non-conference games and realizing the SEC ain't all that this year. Double digit Losses to Texas, Miami, FSU, UNC, Wake Forest, Utah. We have close wins over Cal, Arizona, and a single blowout of lowly Virginia. The conference is down this year. Mullen simply sees what everyone without blinders on is seeing.
The sound of Pollack's CFP Chamuopnship take being vindicated.
While I agree NIL and the portal in the long run are good things, players actually have more freedom to move than coaches because the staff all have buyout clauses if they choose to leave before their contract is up. About the only thing affecting players is inconsistently applied rules by the NCAA.
That's not true. Grant of rights is not ironclaf. It is able to be broken if the league is seen to harm the potential value of the conference or harm the member shools. Travel across the country absolutely harms the member institutions and students. They just gave them their legal argument, and it's not really debatable.
Altering the makeup/perceived value of the conference voids the escape clause. I wouldn't be surprised if FSU, Clemson, and UNC all relized this and voted to add them simply to trigger a penalty free exit. Unless they can add ND as well, adding these schools adds no value, but does financially harm the member schools/students in terms of travel.
I just thought Bobo was trying to troll the "Run the d@&# ball, Bobo" crowd.
Interesting....I remember there was a defensive back for the Steelers that was prohibited from playing in games at Mile High due to medical risks for his condition. There is not much you can do to prepare absent blood doping to account for it, so I am not surprised nobody "prepares", but it definitely has impacts.
Harbaugh won't likely ever be punished. The NCAA won't sanction him til next year, but by then, he will be back coaching in the NFL.
So there are good and bad aspects for the fans - the players not so much. For the fans,at least it improves the overall level of games in the conferences (SEC is adding Texas and Oklahoma, not Georgia Tech and Charleston Southern). Overall, the level of competition and home game slates will improve. Who benefits from UCLA at Rutgers? UCLA fans in Mid-Atlantic area who may not be able to make cross country trip to see their alma-mater or chosen school play. These schools moving are all major universities with alumni everywhere. Rutgers most attended games are probably when OSU, Michigan, or Penn State show up...UCLA, USC, Washington, Oregon will be the same. There are benefits. It sucks college football is being torn apart at the seams, but there are benefits to the changes for the fans. They just tend to be outweighed in the eyes of long time fans like myself.
As opposed to the Huskies that are the proverbial blind squirrel? How many titles have the Huskies won? -6 titles all time in 21 sports (excluding rowing which is a mess to calculate). -3 total in the big 4 sports of Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball. Only 1 this century (softball). -Football has has not won a football title in 32 years, and that year, they shared it. -Football has won 2 conference titles and shared one this century, but the most recent was 5 years ago.
I didn't say it was simple, nothing legal is. FSU has 30 million reasons to make sure they get it right, so I am not surprised they are taking their time, and possibly working back channels with other ACC powers. It also wasn't as urgent the past year as it became this week, which is why FSU started public saber rattling. Notre Dame's leadership is changing over the next year, year and a half and the word is they will be more amenable to moving to a conference after that change.
Nobody was made to wear those awful colors but masochists and the blind.
The GOR has clauses related to the league not damaging the value or perceived value of their team, as well as the league maintaining or expanding current memebership. IE, Only one team has to take the hit, they have to convince ND to break their contract and join a conference, or they have to argue their "brand" is damaged by ACC missing on adding Pac-12 schools. Success with any of those would break the GOR for entire conference.
Having looked at all of this a few years back, I think the grant of rights issue really hinges on convincing ND to jump to the Big-10 fully, ending their agreement/games with the ACC. Then a legal argument could be made that FSU value has been "diminished" by the league office, and the grant of rights is broken. Once one team leaves, every ACC team is in theory free to leave at that point as well.
This is the funniest response to that question I've ever seen to that question. Ah, back in the day when players took performance diminishing drugs.
He's trying be Will Anderson. Anderson said basically the same thing last year. We see where that got them.
Lawsuit would have went nowhere. NIL can't be tied to on field performance, so absent taking it to court and admitting to NIL violations (something Tennessee is dangerously close to admitting with the publicity stunt), nothing would have happened. Basically this was a way of playing to the goobs in the state who bought it.
I know a Tennessee Volunteer, home of Bar Knoxville Brawl fame, surely isn't casting stones about a bunch of speeding tickets and a drunken accident. Georgia might have some problems, but Vol fans have been there and worse with their program and have no room to even enter the conversation from a moral superiority standpoint.
It's not really the speed itself that is the issue, it's the safe distance between other vehicles. Outside of random wildlife everyone could go 100 and be fine so long as they left proper space.
He said other 13 or 15. He's excluding Georgia since they have already been tallied.
Her claim kinda makes Carter's lawyer and the ACC-PDs statement Carter never left the scene a little suspect.