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0% Kirby benches him. He values consistency, and loyalty. Bennett has been loyal, stepped in when needed, and the team loves him. Kirby would not make that move because he is, from his own playing days, enamored with an underdog story, and he is also very hesitant to prioritize ceiling over steadiness. Saban is the coach who would pull a starter for a freshman at halftime of a NC game to try and find a spark. Kirby is not...he rides with what got him where he is, and right now, Stetson Bennett has him #4 in the nation and a chance to win the East. unfortunately for us, Bennett is a poor man's Jake Fromm, and we already saw how the real deal played out after 2017.
Interception 1, while not his fault, was definitely due to his height limitations. It happened more than once, so it was not a fluke. Interception 2, while it was not entirely his fault, was principally due to missing his target slightly high and well wide. This was not the first or last time he had that issue in the game. For my money he had 3, maybe 4 really good passes in the game (both TDs), Pickens on the sideline. Most of his other passes were to fairly open receivers and were never in stride. Many of his misses were also to open receivers and were simply off. Interception 3 was probably one of the worst plays I have ever seen.
Auburn doesn't have those problems anymore. Exhibit 1: Cam Newton Exhibit 2: Bruce Pearl I think they have incriminating photos of NCAA investigators.
Stetson Bennett will still be starting because Kirby keeps getting himself into these situations where it would be bad optics to the team to pull the trigger on a QB move. So you guys probably hang 30-40 on us as well as our D tires out in 3rd and 4th quarter. Gator offense is nothing like Alabama's offense,but y'all definitely are better than we are for sure. Just hoping Kirby understands that the 2nd half of the Bama game, when they had their full team eligible again, represents Bennett's ceiling. That won't beat Bama in December, let alone Florida. It might not beat Kentucky.
45 on Bama huh? We haven't scored that on anyone. They might have had a bad game against Ole Miss, but we aren't scoring 45
They more than have the money if they want him gone. They seem to have the same issue though UGA did with Richt....can't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Malzahn is not going to pull a Bauta starting vs UF like Richt did, so the best their fans can hope is a couple more losses like they had to Arkansas and South Carolina will push the administration will finally see the writing on the wall.
@Kuzan So let me get this straight...you think symptoms are what determine whether some if sick or not. So by translation, if I don't FEEL like my blood pressure is high, or if I don't FEEL like I have colon cancer, I am perfectly fine and am thus not sick. Right....gotcha. There is a big difference between being sick, and feeling sick. Having the virus means he is sick. Not having symptoms means he doesn't feel sick.
Chad Morris is Auburn's OC, not Georgia.
Mullen can't get a ton of credit for Trask. He would still have him on the bench if Franks hadn't gotten hurt. And Franks was not exactly progressing as a QB, if anything he was regressing. Trask also wasn't getting a lot of that development as a 2nd string QB. A bigger question is how did Mullen not see Trasks promise earlier. His talent was obvious the minute he stepped on the field.
Your assumptions couldn't be further from the truth. NCAA was give a golden opportunity, and they aced the test. This is the NCAA, in the face of incredible pressure to keep the money flowing for the member institutions, keeping a consistent talking point, even when it potentially could cost member institutions millions and potentially their athletic programs. Lost out on spring sports? That's fine, NCAA will grant you more eligibility for impacted seniors. Doesn't help member institutions, only costs them more in scholarship dollars. School still not being held on campus? We can't hold you to a different standard...sports are on hold. Gig is up? Far, far from it. These moves will go miles to earning them points in any cases regarding straight pay for play. Likeness rights, not so much...
If by "the same conditions", you mean "it rained", then yes. The heavier rain bands and wind didn't hit until MUCH later in the day. It was demonstrably worse in Athens. Doesn't excuse our poor offensive production, but to say the Spurrier Invitational was played in the same conditions shows how little you watch the games. You do know both games were televised correct?