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Georgia High Schools tends to play better football in the mid to lower divisions.
It's ok to admit Stetson under threw Pickens every, single time. So did most QBs who threw to him. To say he played to make circus catches is one of the dumber things I have seen on this message board considering the lengths he went through to get BACK to playing football at the end of last year. Most players would have just prepped for the draft.
Except Bennett was riding the pine a couple games later when Daniels looked all world against Vandy.
And to be honest, he got lucky winning that one. He is so over his head in coaching big games.
That would be a Thursday night game though...
All it takes is ND joining a conference and that will break the ACC deal because ACC schools can then argue loss of ND as a game is damaging to their programs media value. The ACC is going to regret that quasi member football deal they made with them.
Texas was more interested in Pac-12 when A&M approached SEC as well. This apparently is a little remembered fact...
I cannot believe anyone is dumb enough to believe this. Texas an OU have been approached by multiple conferences in the past (Pac-12, B1G) in regards to playing there. In both those instances, the reason Texas stayed was solely about the future of the Longhorn Network, nothing else. They have wanted to leave ever since Nebraska, Mizzou, and A&M left. In this round of realignment, that was no longer an issue for them, or appeared to not be, as they reached out to the B1G before the SEC as they have stated themselves. Nobody was played. They were leaving. The better fit was SEC, but if A&M had fought, they would have be in the B1G right now.
Tech had their chance and left. They should go to the back of the line.
They were in the playoffs in 2018 and 2020. Regardless of the losses, that is being in the mix.
NCAA has no teeth these days, but in the past, that would have resulted in probation and a lack of institutional control charge.
Again , what about that wasn't already known about Jimbo?
Saban is looking for 55 more wins. That is when he retires, after he has those. He would love 141, but I don't think he wants to coach 10+ more years, so he would settle for the 55.
Alabama (19th), LSU (20th ) and Georgia (21st) Last three CFP champions keeping close company.
If Tennessee was a little better it could have been 7 of 8.
Tennessee's regular season and record is irrelevant, much the same as an B1G football teams. They are simply the top ranked loser. You play the games to make and win the CWS. They didn't, so their season is worthless. End of discussion. Recruits and players don't care about regular season games. Recruits and players care only slightly more about SEC title games. What they care about is getting to the majors and winning where they are. Tennessee is no more likely to put a player in the majors than any other school and as of today, their chances of winning are 0. Right now, there are 8 schools better positioned than Tennessee, and hundreds in their same boat. Nobody cares about Tennessee or will remember their best season in 5 years except as the footnote on a better future SEC teams season. Nobody remembers the runners up in this league.
It's only a sign of how insufferable their arrogant, won nothing fans are.
We talking about stats? Try winning games when it matters. GWhite is officially confirmed as Tennessee's version of Dan Mullen.
The bigger issue with being a state employee would be FOIA and limitations on NIL money due to state regs designed to prevent improper lobbying.
Miami is a little more questionable because their history of success is pretty short, but they do have everything else they need for success. Kids graduating today do not remember a time when Miami was really competitive nationally though.
Is it? I don't think anyone on this site is connected as much as the coaches involved who called it out and the one who overreacted to the point it makes it seem very much like it did. Nobody here really knows. It is VERY suspicious though when you start looking at how odd the situation was. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire and while it may not be 30 mil involved, something surely was, and it wasn't the weather.
I don't think Candy needs help like that... If we are considering them "employees" now, the public has a right to know about compensation of state employees under FOIA. It's why coach contracts are as public as they are. Also, if they are "employees", as state employees, I would think there are limitations on what they can accept.
Jimbo is a 4 loss a year coach who finally looked the other way at FSU to get his one title. Right now he has the same number of titles as Coach O and Coach Chizik.
There is a question about whether what they did was NIL or direct payment/pay for play. The latter is what was being talked about around signing day as that is not allowed, regardless of NIL.
Sankey more or less did when he said SEC office was seeing direct payments. Though A&M was not specifically mentioned, this is the specific allegation that was being made about them specifically on and around early signing day. NIL is not a "give players money however you want" piece of legislation. There are some minimum rules, such as no "pay for play".
I mean, 4 losses per season is exactly the average for A&M in the SEC right?