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Bama players continue to trust the system. The system includes properly addressing the media. I'd be shocked if Alabama player responded in a way that could potentially create bulletin board material. But I suspect that Vandy DL's comment fired up some Bama players who will simply respond with some 1st Quarter booming blocks...
Sumlin is likely gone at the end of the year, but not a moment sooner. Does anyone actually think there will be a mid-season firing this year?
That's easily the only logical explanation I've heard.
How happy do you think this list makes Brett Bielema? By all means, he should be atop the list, but he somehow doesn't seem to attract the same level of dismay as the others. I guess when the bear's a chasin', you need only be faster than the slowest guy.
The first two paragraphs are more important than the second-to-last one. Oversell. But, then again, maybe Leo Lewis will have representations as to why he's really quitting and this is a bigger story than we now realize...
The author is overselling the importance of the Ole Miss long-snapper. I'm confident Ole Miss will find a suitable replacement by the time it matters.
I suspect Buddy Stephens might add a 2.5 hour easterly jaunt to his next trip to Tallahassee just in case...
There's too much hype for UK for you to buy into the USC game being more crucial than the UF game. If the reports out of Lexington are true, the Florida game should be the early season measuring stick for this Stoops Squad.
If the lowly 6-7 USC Gamecocks waltz out of Columbia with a win, it'll save this alum quite a bit of money, especially since my other school won't be bowling this year. If Muschamp has a better thing going than Odom, we'll all know just how far Mizzou has fallen. But, to Ty Duffy's credit, I think he's right. If Mizzou can clear the lower USC hurdle and keep it respectable in the home game versus Auburn, the UK game will be crucial for the Cats from Old Mizzou. Of course, I think Mr. Duffy is likely making a lesser point about Mizzou football. I think he's saying Mizzou needs a win versus UK if it is going to have any chance at all of winning 6 games total...
When was the last time Ole Miss had this kind of money to offer (since it doesn't have to pay Freeze)? $$$ should allow them to change the tide. But riff raff is probably right; I don't see Bjork surviving this process, so it's unclear who will make the next hire.
If Matt Luke is at least average, Ole Miss will be in a great position to do exactly what Mizzou basketball just did: hire a guy on the cheap, store money in its coffers, let Luke flounder while the dust settles, and then hire the big fish. Let's face it, Ole Miss is about to get slammed by the NCAA, and they've done everything to showcase how badly they deserve to get slammed by the NCAA. The Rebel faithful can only hope and pray the self-imposed Bowl Ban is deemed sufficient, though I think we all suspect there's more to come. Forget competing for the SEC Championship or a playoff bid, Ole Miss just needs to take its licks, clean house, and strategize as to how it is going to rebuild. Ole Miss can only hope Luke is adequate enough to get it through to the next big hire after the dust settles.
There's obviously more to the story. If Freeze just had a personal problem, Ole Miss would've helped him through it. Anyone who read the Houston Nutt lawsuit can see firsthand that this story has legs. For example, journalists rarely give up a source. But Freeze and his partners burned several journalists so badly that they're openly giving up Freeze as their source of information for the news that the Ole Miss violations occurred mostly under Nutt, and they've presumably given affidavits to this effect. Thus, Freeze allegedly used reputable journalists as a vehicle of deception in advancing his recruiting efforts. Not a good look for Ole Miss. Let's be honest, does anyone really think Freeze was only calling escorts for himself? Have we already forgotten about the Louisville scandal? If you're willing to run a smear campaign with knowingly false information (allegedly) and you're willing to utilize escorts as a recruiting tool (allegedly), then who knows what else this regime was willing to do.