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What makes you think that? If He is God then He should be able to handle all things at once considering He would be an all-knowing, all-powerful being.
In fact, I did not miss that. By saying "So maybe you did no understand it?" I was reinforcing what was said. I also understand that the question was who you would start your team off of. Clearly the writer chose to start his off with Treadwell. Maybe it is you not understanding?
The question was "IF EVERY SEC PLAYER BECAME A FREE AGENT TOMORROW, WHOM WOULD YOU SELECT FOR YOUR TEAM FIRST?" So maybe you did not understand it? It just wasn't Dak vs LF7
Has Quincy Adeboyejo got a senior bowl invite? If not I am surprised because he is having a stellar season. Fahn Cooper has really impressed me, especially considering he has had to flip-flop between RT and LT all season in Tunsil's absence.
2nd place isn't even close. Most catches and yards. Also, being the focus of every defense they face and still putting up insane numbers. Also Quincy should definitely be on this list. Much better than a few of the guys listed above.
I don't understand why the A&M defensive player is not suspended for the whole next game. He only missed 2 minutes of the game. Seems like not much of a penalty when the same consequence would have happened had it been during the 2nd half kick off.
As do I. What is not part of the contact sport is the media celebrating and profiting off of a young man's injury.
This was not the fourth down play. The photo shown was 3rd down. Also, please learn to use correct grammar. In addition, the players did not know that Robert was hurt, but we all do now. So, why show the photo knowing he is injured? If this had be LF7 I'm sure you would be howling.
Elston isn't even playing CB this year. He is a FS.
Has there been any updates on Tony Conner's injury? When he had surgery he was only supposed to be out 4-6 weeks, but I've been hearing he's out for the rest of the year.
"Ole miss is schizophrenic..." You nailed it!
Ole Miss confirmed Robert Conyers is out with the year with an ACL.
You're insane or delusional. Who are you supposing we replace Coach Freeze with? I think he is a top 15 coach in the nation. The defense and o-line are decimated with injuries, which is why we can't stop anyone and can't run the ball. If you have had enough you need to find another team to root for. I am ashamed for you honestly. Please stop making all Ole Miss fans look like huge cry babies. You must not remember going 2-10 the year before Freeze..
Alabam's blemish on their record doesn't keep them out of the top group but Ole Miss's does? Makes perfect since considering that was the only explanation as to why Ole Miss is just a "conference contender."
Good, as always, Murf! I love Trae. I believe him and Hilton are the two really holding everything together on the back end of that defense. Elston has Ed Reed like abilities when it comes to being a ball-hawk, and then always being a threat to take it in for six points.
What exactly was I supposed to be looking for? Just looks like Georgia is hyped for the game and to defend their home turf. Nothing to see here folks..
You're right I read it "in the past century" which I interpreted as the past 100 years. I concede.
Their saying is "Let's go Peay!!!" Seriously. Haha I live only a few hours from the school.
Actually, Please Miss has beaten Candy by more than one score over 30 times in the past century. Including them not losing to them from 1952-1973. But yeah. I don't see it being close at all they just don't have the talent. UM 2nd team could beat Candy by 20.
How did the officials help?? Please inform us..
He definitely batted the ball forward. Whether or not it was intentional is a different story. Still should have been a re-kick. I didn't actually know that rule existed before that game though.
Isaac gross was not starting this year. DJ Jones was the starter lined up beside Robert Nkemdiche
Ole Miss didn't play 2 FCS teams. Fresno State is a FBS team and have historically been fairly good at knocking off bigger programs.
Gross isn't even a starter so I'm not sure about that actually.
I'm loving Jones and Speaks. DJ is the starter right?
I agree. Bo was definitely scrutinized unfairly. One of my good friends is a UT fan and he said he would have rather had Jonathan Crompton as a QB than Wallace. I had to walk away.
Great stuff, Murf. I have to say I was blown away with Kelly's arm strength. I was not used to seeing that strong vertical game in the offense under Bo, and seeing it now excites me. It definitely opens up the entire offense. I understand and agree with you that Kelly is a better athlete than Bo, but in what terms do you mean by that? Do you think Kelly possess more elusiveness or pure speed? Bo was deceptively quick and could break tackles, especially eluding pressure in the pocket. I always liked Bo, but I almost feel as if Chad is Bo 2.0.
If JSU hadn't shakes that punt with 2 minutes to go Auburn would have certainly lost that game. I knew it as soon as it happened.
That will be an interesting match up with Ole Miss playing itself in the tax slayer bowl lol
When have they matched up? Unless you're talking about High school. The last time Ole Miss played Florida is when they made Tebow cry.