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Thanks for the class, TexaSEC. There's no shame to lose to a team like A&M. That defense is legit. The first half was a sloppy game. Both teams kept shooting themselves in the foot. The game was decided on that 4th down play at the goal line, in my opinion. Completely shifted the momentum. Our D gave up after that. I'm disappointed since we could've won if not for the costly turnovers, but that could also be said for A&M. It was the mental mistakes that cost us. I think our team looks good. Correct the mistakes we made against A&M and we have a shot to beat anybody.
The team that is ranked 17th is favored to beat a team in the top 10? Hope the Hogs can pull out the win and gain some serious momentum. A&M is no joke. They're a very good team with a nasty D-line, which scares me because of our shaky O-line. I believe we can win, but it'll be close! WPS!
I'm excited for the game. If we win this, we are likely to be heading to the Alabama game with a 5-0 record! And with the confidence that would give our boys... who knows... maybe we have a shot at upsetting the #1 team in the country!
I'm very nervous for the A&M game. They are a really good team! Our O-line is still a bit shaky, and with their players, I sure hope Austin Allen isn't spitting out turf for a week!
With a win over A&M, I have no doubt that Austin will be at least #3 in the SEC. I'm praying for a win against A&M! That game has the potential to make or brake our season.
No Drew Morgan? Lol ok. It's not like he lead the SEC in touchdown receptions or anything...
How is winning in 4 overtimes extremely lucky? It's still anybody's game. Auburn couldn't hold on and Arkansas could.
To be fair, there was a reason that Auburn was hyped up... they just fell flat on their face.
I've been hearing he commits to LSU. I hope everyone is wrong, but LSU is his likely destination.
If not for a slow start to both their seasons, Arkansas and Tennessee would've met their pre-season hype. When there is a hype around a team, their is usually a reason for it.