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Yeah, read the original article, ignoring what Bratton wrote. It makes much more sense.
His job depends entirely on enthusiasm for and interest in the product he represents. No surprises here.
Not just losing $1.8 million here. Giving up a home game means losing the gate for that day, and thousands of people—from stadium workers, to security, to hotel workers—also lose money. Hey, I get it, competitively speaking, it's an awesome move. I'm just thinking about the whole picture.
I worry about that kid. He's had a lot of knocks.
Their QB Rich Campbell was supposed to be a Heisman candidate that year. Until he met Florida's D.
I make the best steaks this side of anywhere, and I loved "WKRP in Cincinnati" when I was a kid. I'm you're chef, Joe.
Funny, but it seems we don't think much about our schools' academics until someone makes fun of our schools' academics. Hey, I have an idea: "MondaysThruFridaysDownSouth.com".
Since they're adding analysts, one guy on Reddit suggested: "Get Grossman as 'the minister of f*** it and chuck it' next." I about shot coffee through my nose when I read that!
I think duplication of success is necessary for use of the term "elite". I mean, Auburn went 14-0 behind a generational quarterback, but no one ever considered Gene Chizik "elite". And that in no way diminishes the incredible season LSU had, nor my enormous admiration of it. I just think writers—or anyone with an opinion on the matter—sometimes tend to get caught up in the moment.
Great read. Thanks. Fogo? Wow. Not only was that an expensive outing, the restaurant probably ran completely out of meat!
Ha ha, thanks. Yeah, I thought about trying to find out for myself, but dang it, I shouldn't have to!
Did I miss one? I thought the SEC went 8-2. For those who care: 3-1 vs. ACC 3-0 vs. Big XII (X) 2-1 vs. Big Ten (Fourteen)
So now Joe Burrow is saying the money was real? If he's serious, that a real problem. If he's joking, that's a terrible joke.
Same reason you're probably really good at something: skill, blended with experience, with a few dashes of luck.
Even in an age where we are overwhelmed by video, data and communication, I still haven't lost my sense of awe at seeing a great photograph.
Yeah, it's fake money, but it's still an idiotic thing to do, particularly in the current college football climate.
I liked that Burrow's first snap of the game was another Heisman moment!
Congratulations to LSU. Burrow and the receiving corps simply couldn't be stopped. It was a pleasure to watch it all year, save for one game. Cherish the memories from your greatest season ever, and Geaux Tigers.
The kids love the shiny stuff. That's just the reality of college football today.
"Stephen A. Smith is not making many friends in L̶o̶u̶i̶s̶i̶a̶n̶a̶ the known universe." FTFY
Do I get to charge rent for hosting that discussion? ;-)
That would be a significant upgrade. Like Ford Escort to Mercedes upgrade. And nothing against Joe Tessitore, but if you're bringing in Romo, they ought to upgrade play-by-play as well.
Nah, you gotta have balance. Weird isn't weird without normal.
If the Starkville board of aldermen doesn't change their welcome signs to "Starrrghville", they're missing a golden opportunity.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Danny. You're still a nobhead.