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I was at that 92 Sugar Bowl. I'm pretty sure Jerome Bettis is still running over us.
I get what tailwhip's saying, but it should've been directed somewhere other than at you. Yours is the only comment here with a "G" next to it that isn't childishly snotty.
When I see stories like this, I always think of Lou Holtz's little gem: the only thing transferring accomplishes is to give your problems a new address.
Only three positive paragraphs out of 14. As a Gator I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually not enjoying the piling on of Tennessee anymore. There's schadenfreude, and then there's just watching a dog get whipped too much.
Yes, we do. Please read Chip's article and show us where it says that Muschamp was working there.
Yeah, the headline in the other article stated something that simply doesn't exist in the AJC piece.
"dumb hillbilly delusional ad hominem remind you of how long ago your natty was blue state red state socialism dumpster fire schiano you suck no you suck fat phil muschump mullet justin fields comment on your own team freeze kiffin" There. That about covers it.
I'm not sure if that's an apples-to-apples comparison. Meyer was paid to develop quarterbacks to win games at the college level, not the NFL. Now that he's in the NFL, it's the same mandate, just a different level. And he'll be getting an already well-developed quarterback in Lawrence.
First Andrew Zow, now C.J. Spiller. Union County HS is really representing at Clemson of late.
Here in Jax, the feeling is that it's almost done and we'll get a press conference announcement any moment now.
I once watched an Ohio State game with an Ohio State fan. I was trying to be nice, since he was dating a friend of mine. Big mistake. I never hated a definite article more in my life than I did on that day. Anyway, after Monday, I guess they're just "An" Ohio State University.
I remember watching him at nearby Union County High. He was a great player then. Good luck to him.
I've felt the same way about him for about as long. For him to do what he does in this era of unprecedented competition and scrutiny is beyond remarkable. Last night merely upgraded his place in college football history from legendary to unassailable.
Congrats, Bama. This game gave me what I wanted: a tight game for a half, then a blowout. It's a championship well deserved.
For additional context, go read the SI article on Jack Easterby. Holy cow.
With such a QB-heavy draft class this year, he might be a middle-round guy. He could probably benefit from one more year. But one injury could screw it all up, so I totally understand.
That thing bothered me the entirety of both games. Every time the down and distance changed, I thought for a fleeting moment there was a penalty.
An embarrassment that was within one score of beating you. Yeah, it's been a bizarre year for us, but you've been there before, and you'll be there again. That's life in college football. Enjoy the ride, because it will end one day. /perspective
I love the picture at the top. "Todd, we need you to take the honorable way out."
You told us nothing. We've been paying attention for many years and already knew about his reputation. But keep on defending your "high ground".
Not that I think he should win it, but since the finalists were already named, doesn't that mean all the votes were in well before this game?
I'm of two minds on this. I support players wanting to avoid the risk of injury and protect their future earnings. But this level of gutting a team shouldn't happen. It just feels wrong, somehow.
I bore witness to a lot of the shenanigans that got us in trouble in the mid 80's. So yes, insulation between the head coach and the goings-on is very important. But at some point, even that isn't enough for the coach to keep his head, er...job.
What an incredibly comprehensive, detailed and capricious set of punishments. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it seems like the NCAA doesn't keep good notes as to what punishments they've previously meted out. They do work in mysterious ways, their wonders to perform.
Dang it. That's what I was afraid of. Well, at least he's out of the hospital and with his family. He doesn't need to worry about basketball right now.