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And if that referee had been worth a darn: New Orleans Saints (7) Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida Will Clapp, C, LSU Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee Taylor Stallworth, DT, South Carolina Larry Warford, G, Kentucky Benjamin Watson, TE, Georgia
You mean I'll get a chairback? Sweet! I'm tired of paying for a seat and having some big schlub with no sense of personal space taking up half of my spot on the bench.
Why is this "stealing"? Did he sneak Sunseri out of the Gator football office in his briefcase?
"2. UNC creating a fraudulent major program to ensure athletes don’t also have to be students 3. Penn State running a pedo farm" Doesn't care? I think fans of UNC (probation, postseason bans, scholarship reductions), and Penn State (the same, only moreso, plus vacated wins, fines, etc.) would vehemently disagree.
+volzdeep22 But some do finish with their big in-state rival, which is the great thing about Rivalry Week. They're just lucky (or unlucky?) that the opponent also happens to also be an SEC team.
We really micromanage the heck out of this game, don't we?
Could teams be left with the individual option of whether to schedule a permanent inter-division rival, or does it have to be all-or-nothing? I would hate to see over a hundred consecutive years of Georgia-Auburn come to an end, but from a personal standpoint, playing LSU every year isn't a big deal to me. That seems strange to say, since we've played them almost every year of my life. But I've never felt about playing them them way I do about Georgia and FSU. Hey, Bama-Tennessee fans...chime in.
I thought Peter and his principle have repeatedly had their say about Sark, but he keeps getting chances. I guess time will tell.
"Danny Kanell is a feminine hygiene product." - Captain Obvious
This is so "Life of Brian", watching the Gourd Followers and Sandal Followers beat each other up over a future they have absolutely no control over. Excuse me. My popcorn's ready.
Freddie Swain made that stupid remark. Please cite where Mullen and the rest of the team said it.
It was like they've been in such a habit of running the ball well to set up Tua's passing that they failed to notice how well it was working.
You can bet that if Fields had won the job from Fromm, no one would've heard any more about that idiot baseball player. This is so transparently a sham to help someone get around the rules. A waiver would not only be a mockery of the, but it would also be an insult to any student actually harmed by racism or other true hostility. There's no hostile environment from which Fields needs to escape. Just a guy who made the wrong choice and now wants a free do-over.
Linemen everywhere have been taping their jerseys to their shoulder pads for a couple of decades. I think it goes more to the heart of the matter to say that in the trenches, Clemson is simply better and more talented than Georgia. Plus, they had something else Georgia didn't have: game film of Georgia playing Bama in the SECCG.
I'm trying to come up with a strange analogy to Connor's strange analogy, but I'm afraid I'll start a wormhole.
I'm thinking ahead to next year, keeping in mind what Saban's Alabama teams usually do after ending a season with their hearts broken. 2008 Sugar Bowl loss. Following year: Natty. 2014 Sugar Bowl loss. Following year: Natty. 2016 CFP Final loss. Following year: Natty. 2018 CFP Final loss. Following year: ?
Heckuva game by Clemson. I'm amazed that Clemson won so handily despite not really having a dominant running game between the 20s. After one quarter, I thought it was going to be a shootout, but Clemson just drew a line in the sand and said, "No farther!"
He's Mickey Andrews, minus the nasty disposition. I can never fault a guy for saying, "This is what I was meant to do."
It probably wouldn't have mattered. If we've learned anything about them in the past year, it's that there will always be some excuse.
Most delusional fan base in America. And they don't seem to know where the line is between good-natured trolling and being utterly ridiculous.
Nattys in 2006 and 2008 doesn't count as relevant? Man, you have insanely high standards.
He just wants to spend more time with Urban Meyer's family. Should I tell him?
Great choice, WVU. An upgrade in the hair department, too.
College football needs more people like Spurrier, Bowden, Miles, Leach, and many others who make us laugh, make us scratch our heads, make us cringe, and otherwise make college football more colorful and fun.
Nothing sparks debate quite like saying "there will be no debate about any of the choices."
Any group who appreciates moms, grits, and sweet tea is bound to feel a kinship over football.
Good thing I'm only typing, because I can't speak through the lump in my throat.
Their trash has appeared in two SECCGs and one CFP Final in two years. I wouldn't mind having that kind of trash coaching my team.