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A-minus for Florida? What is this, common core?
That's called a "non-apology apology". And I'm not sure if it's any sort of bias. I think Griese is simply a hack. I've never listened to his games and felt he contributed any insight. He'll never be a Danielson or Blackledge or Romo.
Cats fan, I know it stings, but to get upset at the coach who is solely responsible for putting you in the position to be upset might be a tad unfair. He seems to have settled into a job that is historically a springboard, or more often, a dead end. Yours is not the first team to ever lose to a team you outplayed. Or to lose to the backup you didn't plan for.
I never felt any skepticism (and I am a card-carrying skeptic!). I realized that the heartwarming story of a school and fanbase getting behind a kid can and does successfully coexist with the disaster movie that is Tennessee football right now. Neither one mitigates the other. But, Connor, to borrow from a certain interesting man...stay skeptical, my friend.
@boxter Agreed. And it's not like this is a Bama blog, though BamaRule may think it is. It's a story on an all-encompassing SEC site, with no "turf" to protect. I guess he just like echo chambers rather than actual discussion. Personally, I enjoy our diverse, if somewhat dysfunctional family here.
"There’s no question that Fulmer would like to be UT’s football coach again." Has he said, "I would like to be UT's football coach again."? If not, then yes, there IS a question whether he'd like to be UT's football coach again.
What would happen to the balance of the football universe if some male Manning child ever opted to focus on soccer?
It's true. Apparently, the shirt's page on the Vols Store is crashing from the demand. Very good on them. Heck, I'm thinking of buying one. The Vols Store says $3 from every shirt goes to an anti-bullying organization. It's debatable whether two girls laughing at a kid constitutes actual bullying, but it's still a very nice gesture. All in all, a wonderful story.
Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez came down from the office to coach a couple of bowl games after the head coaches left for other jobs. Won one, lost one.
As opposed to Clemson. Are they ever gonna play a Top 25 team again this year?
I hope both #1s getting knocked out of the first game doesn't become a tradition.
And that they went 3-5 in the SEC, beating only Kentucky in the east.
I had to look it up. He is indeed Darryl Stingley's grandson. Watching grandchildren of people I watched play. Man, I'm gettin' old!
@JTF Amen to that. He's one of the more insightful members here and never stoops to infantile insults.
I clicked, hoping to see the word "tackling". Disappointed it wasn't there.
Fallout from the players-only meeting, perhaps? "Several guys have chosen to leave." Several? Names, coach. Please elaborate.
Yes, I played football. I also watched the video, read all the related stories and Dunbar's history. Still saw no indication an all-out bloodbath was imminent. Throwing a game is not a gateway to violence.
Without any firm research to back it up, my sense of "players only meetings" is that they rarely result in improvement, but are rather the first sign of rot.
Hm. Seems a bit extreme to call off a game halfway through the second quarter because of one player losing it. But 12 penalties in a quarter and a half? Dang, that's an undisciplined bunch.
"A member collapsed on the field, but that didn’t keep the band from stopping mid-routine." So, when a member collapses, the band usually plays on around him?
I love arguments that go, "So-and-so believes this, but would never say so publicly", thus guaranteeing it can neither be proved nor disproved. Atta boy, Skip.
Fish swim. Birds fly. Danny Kanell calls people out on social media. It's what he does.
When you're stuck in a hole, Shelley, you don't keep digging.
Poor tackling form. Gotta wrap him up. Break those bad habits now, or you'll look like the Gator defense did last week.