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You know how many games at a time the good teams take it? That's right. One.
Of course, if you're from the same state as the closed captioning nightmare pictured above, I can see why you'd believe what you do.
When in the wrong, resort to name calling. Yeah, that always works.
I wonder what Smith will do for a living. He will certainly never coach again.
They're certainly trending the right way, but they gotta get the talent. I know that's so obvious, but Georgia landed seven five-star recruits last year. Florida signed zero. That number must change.
Well done. 5 for 10. Should've been 4, but Mullen was too nice to score at the end.
Perhaps you should use "I" instead of "we", then.
Amazing. Something actually more annoying than fantasy footballers complaining about an outcome. I respect a player that puts the game ahead of personal or fiduciary interests.
I was at the Missouri game last week. I kinda felt like the booing wasn't directed at Franks so much as the decision to keep him in when he was clearly ineffective. Obviously the kids on the field probably don't make such a distinction. But yeah, you should never boo the kids. And you never know. Maybe it will motivate him. You can either give the shoosh sign to your fans, or you can step up and become a winner. Like Chris Leak did.
He did it again! And while we're cheering him. He doesn't understand this whole hoping/cheering thing.
My first reply is awaiting moderation because of a link, but need I remind you of #EmptyNeyland and #BoycottNeyland? Plenty of pictures to back it up, too.
I notice the byline is "SDS Staff". No one wants to put their name to this trollery. Yeah, we've had some empty seats lately, but this hack job isn't fair. Our students are always late arrivals. Have been as long as I've been going to games (40 years).
He's young. Young people do stupid things. A wiser person would know one good play doesn't mitigate a hundred crappy ones.
Well, you were 2-for-10 on the UF-Mizzou predictions. That's weatherman-level accuracy.
Yes. We are indeed having problems.
"The Advocate reported that the incident began as a verbal argument over the Alabama-LSU game" No, that's not at all what they reported. Here's what the Advocate story actually said: "Earlier Wednesday, [Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry] Layrisson said he believed the argument was over the game itself. Later, he pulled back from that statement, saying, 'For the most part, we have no proof it was the football game.'"
I watched Charlie Southern's O-line pushing our guys around in the opener, so none of this surprises me.
This is hilarious. UCF is like the tough-talking guy being held back by his friends, but who would cower in fear if they actually released him. The whole "National Champs" thing was funny for about two hours, but they really need to let it go. Better yet, join a Power 5.
Those dang kids wear somethin' different every time I chase them off my lawn! Hey, I get it. Focus on the uniform across the line from you, not the one you're wearing. But the kids love that stuff these days.
I'm sure you meant "Florida loss", but it has the same effect on any evaluation of LSU.
Full diagram of the play with alignments and shifts, Mr. Trask, or it didn't happen!
There were burn marks on the windows and doors, but yeah, it is kind of baitey.
And it took place in Tallahassee. So the whole Triumvirate of Mediocrity is well represented.
"his rooting interest begins and ends with the current logo and which school is responsible for the current paycheck." Since he's getting a $785,000 check from our University Athletic Association this month, I assume that we can count on him to give us a couple of touchdowns, then?
I've been watching Georgia for almost 40 years, and it seems like they always, always get running backs. Whether it's Herschel or Pulpwood or Garrison or Edwards or Gurley or whoever, they always come with a full load of backs.
The exhilaration I felt watching Trask lead the team to a touchdown evaporated quickly when I realized the offense wasn't gonna get the ball back enough to win the game. It doesn't matte who you have at QB, if the defense can't get the other offense off the field, it's gonna be hard to score.