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I wonder if administrations purposely allow such "move the game" talk, just to give the city of Jacksonville something to think about when the contract comes up for renewal. The Cocktail Party is one of the best things going in college football. Leave it the heck alone.
Don't fret, Jeremy. It's okay to break stupid rules.
One of the greatest Gator fans ever, and as much of the fabric of Florida Football history as any player or coach. The Swamp's first Two-Bits cheer of the upcoming season will certainly be a tearjerker for me.
Far too young. Maybe a Cat fan could tell me, but is it safe to say he's one of Kentucky Football's most beloved people ever?
Honestly, the draft doesn't move the needle at all for me in terms of how I feel about my college team. Who declares months earlier is more important to me.
Wow, I've never heard stories about fear and loathing in the donor relations arena before. This should be good.
Probably some more information waiting to come out, but here's what we do know: Wade is a potty mouth.
More clickbait. I watched his comments live. I didn't see it as an insult to Tennessee. Heck, the writer of the article says as much. Are the headline writers even on the same planet as the story writers?
Why? Because It would be helpful for everyone else if a notoriously opaque organization like the NCAA would shed some light on how it makes its decisions. If I'm a player wanting a waiver, it would sure be helpful to know where the dang bar is set.
Agreed on the marketing, or lack thereof. I had been hearing about this league off and on since last April when the HBC was making the national media rounds. But I didn't know the season was starting last Saturday until my son texted me the day before. I'm sure glad he did. And "Philly Special"? That's just Fun-n-Gun from the 90s.
I hope they have staying power. It's a good product, but unless they get major network saturation, it'll be hard for them to stay profitable. I enjoyed watching it very much. It was simply football. Not Arena, not XFL, just plain, ordinary football played the way it's supposed to be. In that way. it reminded me a bit of the USFL, which I feel was the best non-NFL pro football league ever.
What I took it to mean was that there were no five-stars on the entire roster for the first time, not that this was the first five-star-less recruiting class. But as far as I know, Clayton is still on the roster.
If Missouri was the perfect fit for him before the bowl ban, that shouldn't change because of the ban. If he has a great year auditioning for the NFL, it also saves him from having to decide whether to play in or skip the bowl.
And if that referee had been worth a darn: New Orleans Saints (7) Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida Will Clapp, C, LSU Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee Taylor Stallworth, DT, South Carolina Larry Warford, G, Kentucky Benjamin Watson, TE, Georgia
You mean I'll get a chairback? Sweet! I'm tired of paying for a seat and having some big schlub with no sense of personal space taking up half of my spot on the bench.
Why is this "stealing"? Did he sneak Sunseri out of the Gator football office in his briefcase?
"2. UNC creating a fraudulent major program to ensure athletes don’t also have to be students 3. Penn State running a pedo farm" Doesn't care? I think fans of UNC (probation, postseason bans, scholarship reductions), and Penn State (the same, only moreso, plus vacated wins, fines, etc.) would vehemently disagree.
+volzdeep22 But some do finish with their big in-state rival, which is the great thing about Rivalry Week. They're just lucky (or unlucky?) that the opponent also happens to also be an SEC team.
We really micromanage the heck out of this game, don't we?
Could teams be left with the individual option of whether to schedule a permanent inter-division rival, or does it have to be all-or-nothing? I would hate to see over a hundred consecutive years of Georgia-Auburn come to an end, but from a personal standpoint, playing LSU every year isn't a big deal to me. That seems strange to say, since we've played them almost every year of my life. But I've never felt about playing them them way I do about Georgia and FSU. Hey, Bama-Tennessee fans...chime in.
I thought Peter and his principle have repeatedly had their say about Sark, but he keeps getting chances. I guess time will tell.
"Danny Kanell is a feminine hygiene product." - Captain Obvious
This is so "Life of Brian", watching the Gourd Followers and Sandal Followers beat each other up over a future they have absolutely no control over. Excuse me. My popcorn's ready.
Freddie Swain made that stupid remark. Please cite where Mullen and the rest of the team said it.
It was like they've been in such a habit of running the ball well to set up Tua's passing that they failed to notice how well it was working.
You can bet that if Fields had won the job from Fromm, no one would've heard any more about that idiot baseball player. This is so transparently a sham to help someone get around the rules. A waiver would not only be a mockery of the, but it would also be an insult to any student actually harmed by racism or other true hostility. There's no hostile environment from which Fields needs to escape. Just a guy who made the wrong choice and now wants a free do-over.