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Sorry, Ohio State, but LSU is, to my eyes, the most impressive team in the country right now. That was a fun game to watch. Congrats to LSU.
This reads like a College Gameday press release. He writes that they have an epic picker, then names someone most have never heard of.
Possibly premature, but definitely funny. "Please sit down" from Auburn fan was perfect.
Does the noise really bother them that much? Kirby knows Fromm is an excellent quarterback. That's all that should matter.
A nasty, profane ignoramus attacks a media member for writing about a nasty, profane ignoramus attacking a media member. How meta.
Any coach would have to think very carefully about going to a school that fires a guy after a season and a half.
That was funny. Looking at their FPI, they might not go to a bowl game period.
Forget the coaches. How about SDS commenters? S.E.C. Snob - Queen
@Class Mullen said "years". You're saying "seasons". Two completely different ways of counting.
Dangit, these comments make me hungry. I've spent so much time in Atlanta, and have never been to The Varsity or Bone's.
@USMC It's late, I've had some wine, and all I saw of your post we're the words "Hooters" and "vagina".
Yeah, I almost never eat any region's BBQ and say, "Eww, that's terrible!"
Whatever the reason for the decision, you know it has to be business-based. The powers at ESPN obviously believe there's some advantage to going to Memphis instead of Jacksonville. Maybe their experts think there's already an SEC fatigue this year and a trip to an exciting mid-level matchup might be more appealing. Whatever. It doesn't bother me. They do what they wanna do. We can party with 'em, and we can party without 'em. S! E! C!
That's the thread that binds together the magnificent tapestry of this gameā€”and of the college football experience as a whole: family. From my very first Florida-Georgia game (as an 11-year-old lad crying after "Run Lindsay" in 1980), all of my Gator and Bulldog family members have been a memorable part of the tailgating, triumphs and tears that make the Cocktail Party so special.
You don't suck. You lost two good games to two very good teams. Nix plays young, and when he matures, you may come out on top in games like those.
Everyone is apoplectic about the incompetence of SEC refs right now. Are you sure you want to give them another rule to try to enforce?
So the reason he gave the NCAA for transferring must not have been so bad after all, if he thought about returning.
Hardened criminal: "What're you in for?" Gamecock fan: "I threw a towel on the field." Hardened criminal: (shocked) "Man, you gonna kiss the baby!"
A very thoughtful article. I believe in the maxim, "Sports doesn't build character. It reveals it." Everyone reacts to adversity in different ways, and in a profession with ever-increasing salaries and pressure to match. Some coaches can handle it gracefully, because, well, that's just how they are. But other coaches are going to blow their tops. And the line between "it's old school" and "it's unacceptable" seems to move depending on a host of variables, not the least of which is the success and power of the angry one. And it's effect on a team in not insubstantial. When Muschamp was at Florida, the team was an undisciplined, heavily-penalized bunch. I wondered how I could expect them to maintain control when their head coach and tone-setter was going full Vesuvius every other play. Is anger more prevalent, or is it just that there are cameras at literally every sporting event and we just see it more? I tend to think the latter. Sports isn't just a reflection on society, it is an integral part of it. Some of our social ills seem to be on the rise, but it may be that we're merely aware of it more because of technology, reporting, and those busy little devices in our pockets. Thank you for your indulgence.
Hooray for the Cocktail Party! See y'all two years from now when the "Move the Game" contract ploys once again emerge from hibernation.
Bennett was a former nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, however: - 2016: Kicked out of Seahawks practice for fighting. - 2017: Cheap shot started fight at end of Jaguars game that lead to a teammate's ejection. - Now: Traded after "incident". Hmm. A picture is beginning to form.
@JTF If you go to Aunt Kate's get the gator tail. The citrus sauce is amazing! And their shrimp-n-grits is about the best anywhere. If you're in the mood just a mess of great fried shrimp, you won't go wrong with O'Steens on Anastasia Island or Schooner's on US 1 (FYI: O'Steens may still be cash only.)
@Weagle99 That doesn't bother me. I expect them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. I don't expect them to stop being human beings. You and bmlock seem to be connecting two unrelated dots. There is no benefit to an SEC officiating crew for the SEC to go to the championship, since they can't work a postseason game with an SEC team.
Translation: "Hey, we're doing the best we can. Man, I miss the good ol' days of crappy standard def when our mistakes didn't get caught. We might do something about it, or we might not, but it don't matter since we ain't gonna tell you anyway. Yer schools voted to not complain, so you should just shut up about it."
$hithole? Listen, you don't HAVE to stay at the Joe Motel on Philips Highway anymore. There are lots of other places to choose from!
Pretty soon there will be a Tinder-like app for ADs! @Jamie Pollard: Maybe the Big 12 should try to win some natties. Beating Oklahoma in the playoff every year gets a little old.