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Sorry to sound like the “get off my lawn” guy, but I don’t hear the next legendary voice of the next generation. Every time I turn on a baseball game it’s a pair of clones from the same school of sounding like Will Ferrell imitating Harry Caray. Harry, his son Skip, Red Barber, Mel Allen, Vin Scully, etc etc. They didn’t blind you with statistics and clichés. They talked to you. They painted a beautiful picture of the moment. All gone.
He had the great privilege to call some amazing games over 33 years. I wish him a happy and healthy retirement.
You know it's bad when commissioners actually want government all up in their business.
I sat next to his grandmother at the Georgia game. The nasty piece of work actually cheered when our other kicker missed a field goal, because she thought her precious angel should've been in.
Interesting, in an ironic sort of way. I always felt like White was our Mark Richt: couldn’t get to the next level, but did just enough to keep his job.
This is STILL trending, so I just though I’d jump in and say “poop”.
I for one was thrilled to see his success this year after seeing him languish for so long in Detroit. I couldn't have been happier for him. But I need to see more. Right now, he's a first-ballot Hall of Really Good.
I read the story on SI and thought how wonderful Matt and Kelly were to take care of the bills. Then I saw the video. Good lord.
I'm really looking forward to watching AR beat teams with his eggs.
Translation: "The NFL doesn't want me, so I'm All In on Michigan!"
I'd hardly call winning a national championship "underperforming".
That was a lot of fun. The Bulls games at the old Gator Bowl were electric. When Herschel Walker and the New Jersey Generals came to town in '84, it was like an NFL playoff atmosphere.
Sorry, I don’t follow LSU that closely. Could someone please explain to me why the football program is so horribly shorthanded? None of the articles here tell me why.
It's actually fairly impressive that Franco's record stood for so long. He did it in only 14 games, and the NFL went to a 16-game season over 40 years ago.
Good job, Cats! Thanks for carrying the banner.
I’m address the various comments blasting the NCAA about the rules for the playoff. I probably should’ve been more specific about that. To your question, the NCAA has no control over the Holiday or any other bowl. The only point of contention here is that the NCAA won’t recognize a “no contest” as a win, and that in the NCAA records, the 2021 Wolfpack are a nine-win team.
The NCAA has nothing to do with the forfeiture plan. The CFP is in charge, and they made the rule.
It drives me nuts, too, but I don’t know how you would craft such a rule. Maybe create a new referee called the Medical Judge to go over and determine if someone’s really hurt? There are some times where I wish fans would not automatically boo an injured player without understanding the situation. I’ve seen so many instances, including last night, where a player going down with an injury is clearly against his team’s interests, so it’s obviously legitimate, but the crowd still boos.
Too bad it had to end that way, but it was certainly an entertaining game. I guess some of Heupel’s late-game decisions were sort of “What the heck, it’s a bowl game” kind of calls, but it did cost him. Great effort by both teams.
No, it’s actually happening. There’s a good article on ESPN right now that has much more info.
From one 6-6 to another. I’m not sure I understand the choice. Maybe he thinks he’ll catch more balls there.
A win against a damaged, mediocre, unranked 6-6 team is bigger than beating a 10-win, 7th-ranked team for a farcical claim of a national title? I respectfully disagree.