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I tell you what, the state of Mississippi was impressive as hell yesterday.
I guess one has to do something with all that computing power. Still, I'm not quite ready to book a hotel in Miami just yet.
She must have REALLY not wanted to wear a mask.
Only one more day. God, I'm so excited!
"The reality is we’re going down a path we’ve never gone down before" That, plus their chronic inability to find their you-know-whats with a funnel, gives me much cause for worry.
It still won't fix it. It'll just make us feel better. Which is more than good enough.
Sounds like a solution for which there was no problem.
And Gainesville media are reporting it wasn't a dumpster fire, but a field maintenance tractor that caught fire.
It's gonna be a good year. I think back to the Braves' press box catching fire after Fred McGriff joined them and they went on an insane hot streak to win 104 games. This is a good omen.
@Kevin I was responding to gwhite, and perhaps you don't know that an equals sign with a slash through it mean "is not equal to".
I remember after 9/11 how sports was something for everyone to lock arms and enjoy together to take a break from all the world's sadness and tragedy. Gosh, that was a long time ago.
I suppose the public universities in the Big Ten are subject to such rules, but is the conference organization itself such an entity? Or is it privately run? Maybe someone could answer that.
I think he means the harm would be not from the contents of the documents, but from allowing a few disgruntled athletes unhappy with their conference's decision to force a league to get bogged down and picked apart in a protracted legal proceeding.
Yep, I shuddered. They ran simple iso's all night and we couldn't stop them. I firmly believe had we played them when we were supposed to, we would've won. Yet another reason for me to hate the 9/11 terrorists. And I'm glad the Georgia game is where it is. Pretty much the same time of year, so people don't have to drastically change their Cocktail Party plans. And back in the 80's, the first weekend in November is when it was usually played anyway.
It's not easy to tell, but a lot of the people in that picture look to be older than college students.
I'm all for helping the kids, but WHEW, McGarrity wins today's Buzzword Bingo!
Classy move, UGA. Fighting back tears here looking at that family.
When you personally tell someone to do something they already agreed to do, do you still castigate them?
Good points. You don't see the interwebs exploding with conflicting, unconfirmed reports about the SEC doing this, that or the other. On the contrary, it does seem, right now at least, to be calmly paddling through uncharted waters.
Um, Brittany, last time I looked (and the time before that and the time before that), the SEC says it's gonna play.
This reminds me of one of my biggest concerns over the past few days: if players from cancelled conferences retain eligibility, does that put playing conferences at a competitive disadvantage next year by burning up a year of eligibility while the non-playing teams sit back and rest and retain for 2021?
Holy crap, that was funny as hell! Lemme go get my popcorn!
I'm sure a lot of these decisions are filtered through very expensive people with very expensive law degrees who look at liability and believe that if a student athlete dies because they played, that they'll have very expensive blood on their hands. But if these same student athletes—with no college to go to, no athletic program to keep them occupied with routine, supervision and testing—die from getting COVID back home, the administrations have no less blood on their hands. I'm not saying the decision is right or wrong. I'm just saying the schools should carefully consider that they are responsible for their student athletes wherever they may be.
That's a mighty B1G domino to fall. Will the rest follow suit?