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i dont think you can truly compare these coaches because they coach on two different levels of football
roll tide. I always thought he was good, but Landon was better
another one back for the defense. this 2021 defense might be nasty
then we would have McClellan, robinson, and sanders at rb
good luck, thanks for coming to Bama, best wishes
Guys this website is not a politics website, it is a Football website
yea but if we had the defense we had this year we wouldve won
bama would've won the game vs LSU last year if it wasn't for the sorry defense.
Yes, ohio state had a great year, even through Covid difficulties. i regret saying that they shouldnt have made the top 4 after what yall did to clemson
I honestly think osu had the best game their gonna play all year against Clemson, i don't think they will be able to repeat two amazing games, plus dabo hyped them up.
possibly the best possible dc hire for auburn with the positon they are in