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Before we just start trashing Alabama let me say that im from Alabama and I think Georgia is a very pretty state and lived their at one point. But Alabama is still a pretty nice state to live in. Ranking or not
I think To'oto'o will get the nod, but we do have christian harris, jaylen moody and shane lee
Etienne was also picked up in the 1st round
Dont get me wrong the Egg Bowl is an outstanding rivalry and game to watch, but the Iron Bowl is greatest. It has a over 100 year span of great games and tradition. It is the game most Auburn and alabama fans look foward to every season.
Cool! havent been since senior day in 2019, so if this happens I will look foward to see it.
alabama v auburn should be some great games next season. maybe they will meet again in sec tourney. who knows? Either way both bama and auburn should be pretty good.
What a great guy. he leaded this team through all of the ups and downs.
Roll Tide! Even with the small ball style dribble drive offense we run he should fit very well into the system. Great pick up. We needed a big man like him
I really started buying in to Bama hoops when Petty, Herb, and Reese were freshman. It's been an amazing thing to watch these guys games develop. Bama basketball has been through its ups and downs put this has been a really special group to watch. good luck to Herb and Petty at the next level and thank you for the culture you helped create for our program. A champion ship school! RTR
that sucks for this young man. prayers to him and for a fast recovery
the same old SDS troll phrases are getting old. All I hear as a comeback from one user to the other is either Hillbilly, 1980, Sweet Home Alabama Jokes, coach mullet, and so on. We need to find some new comebacks people.
Tim, you make a good point. maybe I was being a little too ignorant on that post
cant you just be happy for the guy. He was a good player
Negan, your claimed national title is not in any record books at all, Saban has 7 and it doesn't matter what you say. And all of these things you are saying are what-if questions. the hypothetical questions are pointless.
It doesnt matter what any Georgia fan will say. one of those guys will transfer.
that would be hilarious. I gotta be honest one of those two QB's will transfer