Have always loved the Tide!

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This is the weekend wheee the hype bubble gets busted on Florida
Finally some truth. Florida is not a top 5 team, ole miss just made them look impressive!
Yeah florida is good but they made Trask look incredible...until he actually faces a defense! Just having 11 men on the field doesn’t count as a defense.
Over the next couple weeks there will be less talk about how good the UF offense is and more about how bad the Ole Miss D actually is
Agreed..perfect storm has u stuck with Him for a couple years Chizim at Auburn. He has long history of suck that everyone is about to come face to face with!
I said even if They won it all last year, and everyone knew that assistant coach and QB were too good for even him to f it up, That they would run him out of town inside of three years. I stand by my prediction! He has a long history of destroying programs !
None that I have ever seen or known are as shady as this guy? He should be banned from the game! Is this what we want to teach our kids
I’ll just say this...I just built my own house and every single subcontractor said this is the most money and best economy they have ever worked in...then came the democrat/Chinese virus. Hell yeah Trump is the right man!
Honestly what do u know? He gets paid either way DA!
I wish Cochran well! I just wish he had gone anywhere but UGA because I believe Kirby will do anything to win ...he’s already proven that. I just hope he doesn’t take Scott down with him.
This just in ...Vanderbilt is begging the league not to play football and to consider giving up every sport other than Baseball!
As far as I was concerned “ the jury was still out” on SEC Commisioner Greg Sankey but if he remains steadfast and gets the SEC through this season he will be among the most popular individuals in all the southeast!
Please please please don’t pull the plug. It’s a part of our life! It’s who we are! This virus is gonna be in everyone’s life regardless!
Auburn won last year...but your entire pathetic program exists to beat us...we are after are terribly insignificant in the eyes of the cfb world !
Let’s all watch as UGA and LSU all try to copy Alabama in speaking out...Kirby is arranging something now I’m sure...wait for it...3-2-1..
Anyone else think he is overhyped simply because of the last name????
He is a thug...probably end up at Auburn, Florida State or Ohio State.
What Saban is famous for us giving players every opportunity to work their way out of his doghouse...if they won’t do the work Bama is better off with them gone..
Coach Saban is a class act...I am always so proud of him. Sure, he loses his shot on the sideline during a game, who wants a coach that doesn’t ? Not me!
Darrell3535 Honestly, are u ignorant or just enjoy making ignorant statements? Bama is picked to win the SEC and to win the Natty by several’s funny to me that because we have gone 2 YEARS without a natty...some a hole says we r in free fall. Oh and the ref comment...f’ing grow up...did u watch the Auburn game? All teams get bad calls...even Bama!
I applaud this by the NCAA! This is the first time In a long while that I have seen them make a ruling that wasn’t driven by the almighty dollar! They are dismantling College sports as we know them, one ruling at a time!
With that o system that kid ran they could have won big with a mediocre QB. We will see what this year brings for em..he didn’t lose 10 games at ole miss by being a good year don’t make a career...lots of those...ask auburn, And Miami just to name a couple off the top of my head!
It also has douchebags who never lived in the state that have no idea what they are talking about..
Kirby would try to steal sabans underwear and put em on if he could...seems pretty stupid to bring a strength coach in as a special teams coach. Good luck with that !