Have always loved the Tide!

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Traditionally you LSU fans talk a lot of sh-t in sept and oct before being reminded who your Daddy is in November ...this year will be no different.
Shocked that Herbstreit put his own Ohio State team at no 1 when they haven’t beat anyone...neither has Clemson or Bama but they started out up there...just like politics In This country ...right or wrong seldom plays into the outcome!
Kirbysmart All that math doesn’t mean sh-t if he can’t beat saban. He’s a great bs artist to these kids but a terrible in game coach. Kirby will go the way of a long line of great recruiters in Athens...somewhere else
Burrow may be the guy and I hope he is for the sake of the kid but I still don’t think Coach O will ever even approach the level of respect that everyone had for the mad hatter. His only downfall was following saban and then having him in the same division...and he gave saban hell. Better than Kirby, Mullen or coach o will ever do. Bad mistake on LSUs part.
Yes but it’s not part of the game, just two a-holes trying to bring attention to themselves. They got their attention, now throw em out so EVERYONE can enjoy the game!
In fact I’ve NEVER heard one person say they like or admire the guy.
The ONLY reason he hasnt been fired is because they KNOW as do u and I that he would scream racism. Fact is though he has no likeability or interesting perspective on anything. He LOVES to name drop NBA players to make himself look important. Total jackass.
If Kirby did that...he’s doing other shady sh-t. Kirby will be the next Hugh freeze...wait for it.
Pdadawg that’s where you are ignorant. The kid never bought in. Saban was trying to convince him to give it his all and if he would the kid could be a first round player and get all the benefits of such. He is maybe one of the biggest disappointments in Alabama history but the kid has all the tools, except for his work ethic. That and you can’t always get away from your upbringing To talk about CNS? Kirby isn’t qualified to hold his hat. All smart has done is steal and deceive from a man who provided him the world. That’s a fact.
F off...on our worst year in a decade Bama was better than u f’ers.
Both offensive guards were injured and freeman was let’s be fair about our comments.
Your Kirby is Richt made over...obvious Saban is in Kirby’s head with that stupid call. Hell Saban will beat y’all with high school players. Smart isn’t very...
Leach has proven it over several seasons...give orgerron another year or two and he will screw it up. He has never been nor will ever be a good head coach, hey but you guys keep him! This was his best chance to beat Alabama and it was never in question except to LSU fans!
That Fla vs OU game seems like an attempt At an SEC beat down , more evenly matched game please!
Come on back. If I’m a Bama DB I pop him right in the bread basket in the first quarter and then you won’t see him anywhere except on the bench for the rest of the game.
Your prognostication abilities are only exceeded by your firm grasp of spelling. Seeing an awful lot of UGA people on here. By the way, Alabama is STILL the 2017 National Champion. UL can’t hold our jock!
All you Tennessee fans laughed at Bama and trolled us when Saban hires Lane Kiffin. If Saban hires Butch Jones he will be a rock star in 2 years. So laugh it up, Saban knows his coaches!
My God what a mess...Fulmer has long been an underhanded , backstabbing, so_. Just ask Johnny Majors. Anyone remember all of the underhanded s_it he did to Alabama instead of just beating them on the field ...with Saban Bama has just beat the brakes off of you for more than a decade, no whispering to reporters in an effort to destroy your program needed. IHOP he ends up as AD cause his long history of this sort of thing won't stop and he will finally hang himself and the entire program. Of course they are so bad now it has take. The fun out of pounding them on a yearly basis.
Fulmer has a long and nasty history of doing underhanded stuff to get what he wants. I hope he gets the AD job as him and the Vols deserve each other...
Gus Johnson number 1.. are you kidding me? Really????im gonna go out on a limb and say that 90-95% of all SEC and ACC fans don't even know who he is...Fox has the worst CFB coverage of anyone none. I won't be the only one griping about this must owe the guy money or something.
If he was your coach you would have a different reaction. But he isn't, just beats y'all down every year!
All you Missouri people have enough to worry about with your sad program. Step off.
If it was illegal Saban wouldn't do it. He ran it by the NCAA compliance staff and it was found to be within the rules. So, say you don't like it but I'm quite sure the compliance staff knows a tad more than you do. RTR
Agree with everything you said EXCEPT the part about Sean White....please
Does it really's another stat, UT has never beaten Saban since he has been at Alabama.
Saban will give the kid exposure and National Titles! I don't think he wants to be pampered!
How about a lifetime ban for being a pompous scumbag....the evidence is overwhelming!
I also find it hilarious that some of you think a damn college sign will influence the game. Please