Have always loved the Tide!

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Dude just had major surgery...that’s what that means. He is an investment in the future if u sign him
He didn’t like sitting behind an inferior QB..who could blame him? Dont think he would have a problem sitting behind Dak!
We do sing the rammer jammer...which gets under your skin but I think the point is LSU fans are just Nasty, loud mouthed and obnoxious people. Tiger fans don’t have to sing the song to be Nasty, their loud mouthed antics could turn a preacher against the Lord’s Prayer. It’s not simply the acoustics and size of tiger stadium that Creates the incredible noise, it’s putting that many big mouthed Cajuns in one structure that does the trick! When other SEC fans walk out of their respective stadiums overwhelmingly they are nice southern citizens. When LSU fans walk out they are overwhelmingly loud, obnoxious people.
I will say Burrow and that offense was the best I’ve ever seen...and u beat us by 5. Our coaches are still in place..the rb still in place, receiver talent still in place and we just signed the number 1 dual threat qb in America .....enjoy it this year. There is no way, no way that your coach is smart enough to pull that off again. I would make a bet that as far as div 1 coaches his IQ puts him in the bottom 20 percent...he did make some good moves LAST YEAR, no way he sustains it! When Brady left the planet just went Bama on its “ Bama owns your ass” axis. And he is still the same coach who went 2-10 and was fired from Ole Miss. that’s the Ed that will rise to the top!
Hey geaux had to go a ways back to find something relevant and it was bs. Bama has owned LSU all my life except for the Saban Stint In BR. Hats off this year...but you know it and I know it that the ridiculously laughable coach of yours made a couple good type hires. He will go the way of the hat and saban will own LSU again just like just like always and y’all be calling for his head in two seasons. Tick tick tick tock ..wait for it!
Funny ..Ed O will go back to being the “mediocre at best” coach he has always been. He couldnt pull another hire out of his azz like Brady if he tried. He will be just like the HAT in three years...gone and forgotten!
Saban is all now we have to have coaches to entertain us? I’ll take what I got
LSU will be a flash in the they always are. They are good, they are the best team this year. But don’t expect anything to change. Saban has owned LSU and that is t about to change. Go LSU beat Clemson!
Hopefully they can teach him how to go on the called snap count. Not sure if this stat is kept but I GUARANTEE YOU he had more false start penalties than ANYONE in Bama Football history. I wish him well and good luck! Any pre snap offensive penalty ..I just knew it was him!!
We all know the bulldogs don’t have the ability to run the score up on Akron. Bitter fans of Sh-tty teams always take exception with everything.
I love the DA’s that claim to know more than the man in charge...
I hate to hear a woman trying to sound like a guy=Beth Mowins. Be who u r! It comes off like she is speaking in deep monotones!
Beth Mowins is the worst announcer in television sports. I don’t give a dang if it’s the National Championship(which she would never call) but I would turn down the tv and listen to Eli Gold. Public outcry with her is huge...why can’t ESPN see she is terrible!
Jomo why the name calling for the guy giving his opinion dude ? Lighten up and it was a fair point had to be pretty significant to get fired at that point ..cause Bama needed him !
This the most f’d up site. You can’t hardly read or comment for the constant barrage of pop ups. I’m done
Georgia could have double the offensive series as LSU and they would still lose by thirty. Georgia’s offense is horrible
Hey Pitre You have the best qb in LSU history and beat us by 5 points. Things will be back to normal next year. Your program is a joke compared to are hanging your hat on Orgerron...without that coordinator and an Ohio State transfer you ain’t jack. See ya next year Corn Dog!
It does my heart good to see the class act Auburn fans on here! Hats off to you guys!
Blood sucking media asking Saban why he played him! He is a football player! That’s why. I despise media actions in this country. Hip dislocation with wall fracture. He may be done...not just this year, period. God be with him and the family. Class act from all other fans best wishes on here!
I have forgot more about college ball than heather Dinich ever knew. I’m all for equal rights but most females have never EVER strapped on a helmet and played football so why should they be trying to give me insight Into the game. Only thing worse than the .com reporters is the ones trying to talk with the deep voice and call the crappy 12 o’clock games on tv. Automatic channel change for everyone I know.
CHN is the only coach that I can remember in the last 25 years that instilled any pride in the program. He turned a broken down old car into a fast new ride and every coach in the conference dreaded playing him, including Saban. You guys would be lucky to have him. It isnt the job it used to be. All the fighting and back biting with each other has taken its toll on your program. Hire the guy back!