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I don't care what team you claim, the 2012 game was by far the most hectic and exciting SEC CG there has ever been. It isn't about points, it's about the back and forth. The 3rd quarter of the teams trading blows back and forth, followed by the 4th quarter where both teams were grinding until the very last second of the game. There is a reason most people have called that game the real National Championship Game of 2012 (and not just the fact that Notre Dame sucked!) because it really was the two best teams in college football that year.
It's funny to see him be so passionate about this, when he has to know inside that he is 100% incorrect. Real Quick Top 50 Stats: Total Offense: SEC = 5 Teams Big 10 = 3 Teams Total Defense: SEC = 8 Teams Big 10 = 8 Teams (including the #3 Defense in Wisconsin that "overrated" Alabama lit up for 35 points) Scoring Offense: SEC = 5 Teams Big 10 = 5 Teams Scoring Defense: SEC = 10 Teams Big 10 = 8 Teams
I don't mind being "stuck" with Saban and the 3 (and counting) National Championships. Do you enjoy the one he gave your Pussy Cats, as well as the foundation he left for Leslie to win another? You should, since Leslie hasn't figured out how to do it with his own players since Saban's finished their time with the LSWho program. 5 Wins In A Row!!!!!
You're making the assumption that Georgia and Alabama are equals in terms of program sustainability and national prominence. I would argue that Georgia is well behind Alabama, LSU, Florida and even Auburn in those categories. The reality is that Richt has not done enough to make Georgia a national brand, rather they try to own their state and never meet expectations each season. Other teams in the SEC are pulling kids from Connecticut, Minnesota, California, etc. because the programs have reached that national level. If you look at UGA's last recruiting class, 14 players came from the state of Georgia and the other 14 from a total of 6 states. In comparison, Alabama had 6 players from the state of Alabama sign, with the other 17 players in their class coming from 10 states including Texas, California, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and he took 3 of the best players out of Georgia! Richt had 15 years and he accomplished less in those 15 years then Saban has in his 8 years at UA. You're asking if the fan base would stand for it. I'm saying that if Saban had not done so much already it would probably be an issue, but the reality is that he has done more than Richt in half the time. He has done more than Miles as well.
Who would LSU have gotten that is better than Miles? Even the most elite coordinators are not to Miles' level. Name a HC that is willing to leave his program and go to LSU. Sweeny and Fisher are not leaving the ACC where they have 2 maybe 3 tough games each year, to go to LSU where they will have as many as 7 tough games depending on who their second SEC-E crossover game is against. No one outside of Meyer and D'Antonio (neither of whom would leave) is worthy enough. David Shaw is not leaving Stanford. So who else do you really have that is willing to go to LSU? Unless you are betting on an NFL guy getting fired and wanting to come down to the college ranks, the reality is that Miles is still the best option for LSU. Surprising that it took the public outcry and CFB analysts across the country to sound off and make Alleva realize that he wasn't going to get any better then what he already had on campus.
Is this Vanilla Ice's kid? People stopped engraving lines in their heads in the mid-90's d-bag.
This isn't surprising at all if you have listened to Cowherd over the last 2-3 years. After Alabama lost to Oklahoma in 2013, Cowherd said the "dynasty" was over and that Alabama was headed downward as a program. He is just sticking to what he has been saying so that he can't get called out for flip-flopping. He calls himself a recruiting guy, but seems to ignore Alabama's #1 classes each year and will instead focus on non-SEC programs as being the next big thing.