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I wonder how their fat little girlfriends are doing this offseason?
And guess what coach was not good enough for 10rc? lol...
Any time you win a recruiting battle with Arkansas State you know you are on the upswing!
About time for the cheerleaders to start entering the portal too.
This is Matt Luke 2.0 at Ole Miss all over again. Not going to end well for the Vols. Next!
Remarkable. He would have hired one of the many coaches who turned him down but now says he got the best hire for 10rc. He sure dodged that hire a name coach bullet just in time. lol.
Wow it is apparent now that Jeremy Pruitt learned from the best!
Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't the Laner call his own plays?
Jelly of the month club and 10rc coaching searches. The gifts that keep on giving!
The more things change in 10rc the more they stay the same. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. Hey I know we have gone maybe a few days without doing anything to throw a log on the fire so let's do something to get the embers fired up again.Let's yank a scholly offer right before signing day. See if we can get Pruitt to call the kid with the bad news.
Georgia State would be a good team to knock off. You owe them big time. lol.
Did that make the reVOLs football situation any better for you? lol.
Once again some coaches are going to use an interview with the reVOLts to get a huge raise and further embarrass 10rc.
Apparently Ole Missed is willing to cheat to win at all costs just like 10rc. Enjoy Kiffin the short time you will have him.
Nope he sure wasn't. Did you enjoy that ncaa probation much?
What incident is it you are alluding to? Do you have more inside info than Dan Patrick who of course would not back up his sources and the story.