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What incident is it you are alluding to? Do you have more inside info than Dan Patrick who of course would not back up his sources and the story.
So funny seeing the Floriduh Gutters fans on here trying to justify their drubbing in a bowl game. They all were bragging how great a coach they have in Cousin Eddie and all he did was take a team with a Heisman Trophy candidate at QB, a top 5 draft pick tight end that he grossly underused and a great receiver Toney and led them to a 4 loss season. What's up next? A sub .500 record?
Cause a new coach is going to solve all the problems. Seems like the hiring of Pruitt was supposed to do the same things. Even if Freeze did not go hard after the Auburn it sure ain't cause he was waiting on the 10rc job to open up. Delusional! lol... He didn't want either job because they both play Bama every year and he knows he can't beat them now that he can't cheat anymore!
This is what they came up with? The Notre Dame guy to Vanderbilt was a better hire.
Are Mullen and Spurrier sharing a toast tonight? lol
This is just a 10rc reVOLts lather rinse repeat deal. The vuls moaned and groaned and pitched a fit and now their team is step by step even with Rutgers with Pruitt. Cacalaky will be used by many coaches just to get a raise and they will have to settle for Bobo in the end cause no good coach in their right mind would want that job.
Uh Oh. Sounds like the Butch Jones moral victory speech. It is all over but the orange tears.
SC officials should think LONG and HARD before they INSERT Freeze into their program. I wonder who would ESCORT him to the podium after he accepts the CELL PHONE call and CHEAT on Liberty!!!
South Carolina will lose all 4 of those great opportunities.
After reading that you must really be Jeremy Pruitt!
Went to another level to make him miss huh? How about cheated to make him miss?
Maybe he should lock them in a supply closet till they change their minds.
if you have to long wind explain it then you know it was wrong!
What changed was nothing. He got to face the Ole Miss defense is all. Still lost the game but was saved by the stripes.
But they got all dem 3 stars coming to the rescue!
Keep it up SEC officials and replay booth goofs. That way the Gus Bus won't leave town!
Would be way more street if he did not have his grandmas shades on!
What is he basing that statement on? The Jake Fromm is better than Justin Fields decision maybe.
Wow number 39 rank in North Carolina with a bullet. Who would even care about him reaffirming. lol.
Maybe the QB coach would have been a better choice. Or wait maybe even the guy who decided to stick the starter.
Bo is the master of the flick the ball out 5 yards in a panic as he about to be sacked play!
Nothing to see here. All they did is drag her back to her safe place on campus!
You wish you had those woes! Where did you get the info regrading the 10rc recruits? I would love to read that article. Or was it just wishful thinking? Do you know how hard it is to get upgraded one star?