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Stoops is the perfect coach for Kenturkey. Low expectations. He is the King of 5th year seniors. All he has to do is finish ahead of Florida and Tennessee every two years or so and the people will love him and keep the football money flowing. Beat Georgia and another school will steal him. Status Quo is the best.
Hire him. Look what Mack Brown has done to the hapless North Carolina program in a short amount of time. Oh wait forget I typed that!
If Napier is hired that is what they call settling. No way he is a better coach than Mullllen. Better recruiter but no not a better coach.
Save face and wait till LSU fills their job and not so many people will say the Gators got the leftovers from the LSU coaching search. Although that is exactly what is happening. Be careful or USC will sneak in and get the one other good candidate.
Wow LSU has gone from we have our pick from Jimbo or Lincoln to we would take either of Napier or Aranda warts and all.
Oh wow great idea!!! And while they are at it get Jimmy Johnson to come be a graduate assistant.
Man that is the 2021 version of kicking over the GatorAde table at halftime to get their attention.
One look at what all is happening in California and he should say thanks but no thanks.
And yet once again you let the mindless troll you.
3rd and Grantham will be available as soon as the season ends.
The next few games will determine if Auburn is surging or purging. Coach of the year talk is jumping the gun.
I for one had never been informed that there was a separate page on here for each team and no one should comment on another teams misfortune.Heck that is half the fun on here.
Uh I am afraid if you went to the Gator message boards this weekend you would indeed see it is a very serious questions from many, many Gator fans. Some even speculating Riley would leave the Sooners for their job. lol.
Ricky Bobby says oh little baby Jesus please let the Cocks win 3 games this year!
Begrudgingly I am going to say the Dawgs adding Arik Gilbert plus those other two portal guys put them squarely back in the SEC championship game against the GOAT and his Bama Crimson Tide. The Tors can't survive losing Pitts, Toney and Trask. No team could except Bama. The fans want Mullen to land softly with 2 losses this year but I am saying the will splat with 5 losses.
They better have a lot of depth at the punter position. Lot of tired legs for kickers this year.
Won't there still be teams that do not make the playoffs that will overlook their bowl game the same way if they came close to making it? Nothing will change.
Why don't you teach him a lesson and throw how great reVOLts football has been lately back in his face.
Amount of receiving yards does not always mean the best player. I was mainly going by this quote in another article (This news comes after Woods caught 32 passes for 619 yards and five touchdowns last season. His average of 19.3 yards per reception was the best among all returning receivers in the SEC this season and ranked third-best in the conference last season behind only Alabama’s Jaylen Waddle and Ole Miss’ Kenny Yeboah — both of which have left school for the NFL.) But you do you Karen.
This article did not age well. Just lost their number one receiver to the portal.
Georgia or Oklahoma is what I am hearing through the grapevine. Gladys Knight told me.
I wonder how their fat little girlfriends are doing this offseason?