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This is supposed to be an article about possible upset games not wishful thinking on a reVOLS fan wish list. The wig gonna romp on 10rc.
I got all the info I needed to evaluate this article from the writers bio. MICHAEL WAYNE BRATTON A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Michael Wayne Bratton oversees the news coverage for Saturday Down South. Michael previously worked for FOX Sports and Quick now do Alabama Coach Duggs. With fiction is the only way the reVOLS win these games!!!
Yes the Wig says please go sign a bunch of 3 stars like the reVOLS have to get your ranking up Geeeooorgia...
Oh now Big Chief Wig realizes heap big mistake. Ruffled feathers of the tribe of LSU. But obvious FLA beats LSU in battle of initials on battlefield but not that big of a deal this year.
Chief Smokescreen expressing own opinion. Hype will get the Gutters and another Trail of Tears will lead to Shreveport!
I see Alabama, Auburn, ATM all ahead of LSU this season in the west. Georgia then Kentucky with the reVOLs and the Gutters fighting it out for third and an all expenses paid trip to Shreveport this bowl season.
The wig will get Gus, Jimbo and Jeremy a toasty bum this season.
I can just hear his mom. Trinity I want you to stay close to home so I can watch you play feetballs. Mommy, dang it I told you 10 times the Wig and Mal'z man cave would not even look at my film.
Awww the butt hurt she doth run deep for those yapping Dawgs true NashvilleGator?
I personally love all this Gator love these click baiters are throwing out! Till you do it on the field it is all just talk. My wig loved Mullen at Miss State. Easy win!!!
From what I just looked up on 10RC has 12 three star players committed. Awesome. But really with what all 10RC has been thru lately if I was a Vol fan I would be over the top happy too. Gonna be a slow brutal drop when the usual suspects start filling their classes up though.
Remember that silly slap fight Deion and Andre Rison had during a game? It looked like RuPaul and Jaden Smith if they fought. Lisa Left Eye hit Rison a lot harder.
The elephant in the room is how much money would it take to lure Dabo away from Clemson. Ain't no way they would not fight to keep him. 20 million would not be too big a number to toss out.
Heck just rejoice in the fact you had a good coach at one time and move on from this guy.