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What is he basing that statement on? The Jake Fromm is better than Justin Fields decision maybe.
Wow number 39 rank in North Carolina with a bullet. Who would even care about him reaffirming. lol.
Maybe the QB coach would have been a better choice. Or wait maybe even the guy who decided to stick the starter.
Bo is the master of the flick the ball out 5 yards in a panic as he about to be sacked play!
Nothing to see here. All they did is drag her back to her safe place on campus!
You wish you had those woes! Where did you get the info regrading the 10rc recruits? I would love to read that article. Or was it just wishful thinking? Do you know how hard it is to get upgraded one star?
The heck with corch. 10rc is cornering the market on 3 stars. Kenturkey is jealous!
Of course Bama and Georgia won't have any starters back and the Dawgs whip you just as much on the road as at home but please keep him at least one more year.
Don't worry no one else wants all those 3 stars 10rc has.
After watching Auburn this year Morris is just one of many problems.
I hate the Gators as much as the next guy but that was not right that they let that many fans in there not to mention totally disregarding the protocols the SEC had set for social distancing.
The Gus Bus might want to concentrate on regular offense and defense instead of gimmick plays.
Is Allbarn seriously gloating over beating Arkansas at home on a bogus call. My how the once upper SEC West program has fallen!!! lol. Hey we scored 6 on Georgia.
Tank will be beat half to death by the end of this season. Williams and Swartz too. Would not surprise me to see at least one of the 3 enter the portal as the season progresses down the toilet.
How far back do you have to go to when the reVOLts beat a good program?
Remind me what 10rc fans were saying after Cade Mayes picked the G over the T. ACL tears were the most frequent wish.
What was the Georgia score at 10rc last year? Same defense will be there.
Heck remember when Quick shot Velma's crusty ole pinky toe off and she still stayed in charge of the girls!
As a quarterback Nix is a great pooch punter!
He tells it like it is. All of you are the type people that if someone walked up and handed you a 20 dollar bill you would say hey why not four 5's!!!
Valdosta knew it was coming. They just did not know exactly when or what it would be but none of the fools who hired him expected it to be this quickly. Way to go Valdosta BOE.
Hmmm. So of course all the players wore masks and were socially distanced at all times out on the field?
When the Bulldogs play can they use dog whistles?
A lady I used to work with named her daughter Orangello. It took me a while but I figured it out that it was orange jello shortened! lol...
Propst is probably the one who suggested the "separation" since he is an expert on the two family at one time experience!
Here here. Truer words were never spoken. An NBA player of all people can threaten to shut down Alabama college football and SDS lets him voice his opinion but then won't let a few local yokels try to voice theirs then something is bad wrong with the process. If a posts deserves deleting and the poster banned then so be it. There are two sides to every story and some may deny it but God said all lives matter to him.