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Nah, just another game. LSU will still be pouting I'm sure. Little early to make predictions.
Will that make everyone happy. Once the guilty son-of-a-gun is called out and rebuked. Just a photo does not tell the story of what caused the fracas. Bottom line is, LSU will whine, the game is in the record books, A&M won. That's about it.
But, they did didn't they. You'll get over it.
I don't remember a year with so many over rated teams. Some of those teams don't even belong in the top 25.
Better check the history books this morning my friend.
Congratulation Coach Miles and good luck. You will do well there. Gig'em Aggies.
Those type violations are common place in all schools. You wonder why they self admit. What's really going on?
Crying shame what is happening to many great athletes. They have no moral fiber. His opinion is his own but, most great stars don't broadcast such.
Just remember BamaTime, nothing lasts forever. It's gonna hurt so bad when it ends.
Doesn't matter, it was ruled a touchdown and went into the history books. Gig'em
Proud of the Aggies tonight and it showed that we must keep Kevin Sumlin. He is a good coach. He would be hard to replace.
We will never forget you RC. I was devastated when you left.