sabi wan kenaban

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They have home field sorcery like no other team on the planet.
UCF Coaching chain???? you mean 3-30 Scott frost or the gets blasted by real competition Josh Hueple? If you want a good coach that will beat Saban, you have to find a championship caliber coach. Hugh Freeze is a cheater, so he wont get the job done. Lincoln Riley, Jason Day, James Franklin, or dare I say it, Gus Malzahn would be the right targets. franklin and Malzahn are the only realistic targets.
Bama needs to win this for the legitimacy of the title, if Ohio wins it then the 5 game difference will leave an asterisk in the mind of many. Bama beat A&M, UGA, UF, and ND, all ranked in the top 8. Ohio State only had to play Clemson. NW and Indiana are not elite teams, no where close.
I've come for retribution. Trask is a day 3 draft pick. Jones is a 1st rounder.