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Alabama controls their own destiny, Kentucky does not. If Alabama wins every game they play, they make the playoffs. The same cannot be said for Kentucky.
Can't be doing that, but if he feels like he's not getting a fair shake and wants to transfer, I support him. Obivously I hope he sticks it out but only he can make that decision for himself. I hope that no matter what he chooses, he succeeds. He's a very talented guy and I wish nothing but the best for him!
I swear every time it looked like we had him, he tossed it up over 3 of our guys heads right into the waiting arms of his receivers lol.
Well that's nice but y'all are absolutely #1 right now. Great on offense, defense, coaching all of that.
Definitely looked like a first year starter. The whole team didn't look like they came to play and that bit em in the ass lol. Hopefully it's the kind of loss that propels them to greatness later on.
Absolutely fair, hopefully we'll see y'all in Atlanta again
Pretty sure he meant during Malzahn’s tenure from 2013-2020. Which happened AFTER miles beat saban for the last time.
Mark Barron was a safety for Alabama. Didn’t start playing linebacker till he got to the league.
Everyone makes mistakes, chill. His credibility is more than intact. He made a mistake, owned up to it and corrected the article. Dude's possibly the best writer on this site and he'll continue writing excellent articles, so doubt his credibility all you want.
I still think Marlon and Cam will go first round, but if not, oh well haha.
Agreed. I don't think he gets past Denver at 20 unless someone like OJ Howard is still on the board (somehow).
What do you think about Eddie Jackson? I haven't seen where his draft stock sits with most people but I feel like he could be an underrated guy in the secondary/return game.
Quality in the NFL or just college? Even just basing it in college only Peyton really stands out as anything more than ordinary.
Don't forget about guys like Jarrad Davis who, if he hadn't been injured so much, would be right up there (in my opinion) with Foster as the top LBs in the draft.
Not sure how giving one's opinion (in an opinion piece) is hypocrisy or horrible journalism, but you do you playa. I personally think Jon Allen will be a wonderful NFL player but so will all the guys mentioned, Adams, Wilson, Davis, Howard, Barnett, Garrett, and some guys not mentioned, like Foster, Humphrey, Cunningham, Tabor, Lawson, Fournette and many more that I didn't list. It's a great draft full of amazing SEC Talent and I can't wait to see how each of them grow in the NFL!
He mentioned that that game in 07 was vacated and no longer counts against the Tide so.....
I think the reasoning for bringing up Sark over Napier was that he would run the same offense as Kiffin and when you have to replace your offensive coordinator a week before the National Championship you want to change as little as possible for the players.
Eh, thankfully it didn't come back to bite us. I'd have been more upset if that play had cost us.
I thought the defense was very good in the second half. Jesse Palmer kept thinking they would get gassed later on in the game but they showed him!
So no Landon Collins? Not even in the "Just missed the cut" Category? You're telling me that there are 21 other guys in the SEC better than Landon Collins? YOU EVEN PUT A KICKER ON THERE BUT NOT LANDON COLLINS? Why? Did he kick your puppy? Bump into you at Starbucks and spill your Pumpkin Spice Latte? This is inconceivable. There are not 10 other players better than him, much less 21 INCLUDING A KICKER. Shameful.