Born and raised in the Salt Life of northern St.Johns County before matriculating to north Georgia, South Carolina then Alabama over 11 years before returning to the beach. Splitting my time nowadays between the mountains north of Asheville and the beach while enjoying the lifestyle I’ve earned. Been a faithful Gator fan in all sorts of weather including a rainy 51-0 loss to Georgia I have experienced the good and bad but never gave up hope.

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Who is this clown. Although I don’t believe we will be competitive for the East title the progress from last year will be evident. Wait until next year will never be more accurate for the Napier rebuild. Florida hasn’t faced such a rebuild since Charlie Pell took over.
No posts from the UGA trolls? Guess they still remember Spikes absolutely destroying Noshow Moreno in the 2008 game. Set the tone for the entire game.
StL And yet Billy brought players with him that both Saban, Smart and all the services /analytics turned their noses up at. I agree you can’t compete at the SEC level with a roster full of 3 but I don’t see that’s what Billy is trying. He is loaded with 4’s and is sprinkling in some 3’s. It’s still too early to tell if he’s going to be successful I’ll be the first to admit when I heard him at his introductory PC I came away unimpressed ( not the most dynamic public speaker I’ve ever heard). Yet, since then as a former player I’m seeing many things I like. My fear is given this year’s schedule the record may not reflect the actual progress that is being achieved. Hopefully, he will be given that all important 3rd year at the helm and not succumb to naysayers.
Lake do a little research and you might find numerous three stars that went on to have stellar careers such as Mike Pouncey and Sam Bradford. To quote a longtime coach of a southern college who wore a funny hat “ give me a. kid who isn’t an all American but doesn’t know it over one that is an All American who knows he is and I will beat you nine times out of 10. The coach went on to win more games and the other coach at the time in NCAA history. Keep spouting your ignorant statements, you’re such a fool.
Everyone of the trolls points to what Kirby did in his 2nd year as a yardstick for Napier. Truth is it’s apples and oranges. Kirby took over a settled program who had the same coach in place for 15 years and had enjoyed good success. Napier took over a train wreck and his first season ended just as I suspected. I’m afraid year 2 may not be much better. I say “may” in that there is a much greater possibility of a decent. season this year than last. The bad news is both FSU and Miami are getting better……the good news is FSU and Miami are getting better. When our traditional state teams are doing well more in state talent stays home and don’t matriculate to other schools. The State of Florida has demonstrated it’s capable of producing 3 top 10 teams year in and year out. When that occurs the worm will turn and happy times will be here again.
Hey Negan talking about memories is 52 points scored by the opposition still the record between the shrubs. Talk about an empty stadium!! Not many puppies left by the 4th quarter that day.
Classless and clueless. I really liked and respected their coach until today.
Angel Reese’s classless gesture towards Caitlin Clark at the conclusion of the game was an embarrassment to the program Kim Mulkey has built. Caitlin Clark deserved the MVP trophy. I wanted to congratulate LSU until watching Reese’s behavior.
Can’t even begin to understand why Napier would want to hire someone who Saban recently hired ( even though Saban hired him as a position coach he obviously has qualities that impressed him). While I’m a big fan of Charlie Strong I believe Armstrong is a better fit for Napier going forward. Only time will tell if both of them are the right fits in Hawgtown.
Willybob I’ve had the experience of 35 years of working with numerous individuals who have JD’s, MBA’s, MD’s and PHD’s from some of the top universities in the country. I can tell you one thing I’ve learned from this experience. The level of one’s education doesn’t equate to the level of one’s intelligence. So a rancher in the red state of Montana with a high school degree can be much more intelligent than a lawyer with a Harvard degree in the blue state of New York.
Excellent observations Foodman. Almost a Brock Berlin scenario.
Someone help me out. Once a player and a school enter into a LOI are there conditions by which that agreement can be rescinded either unilaterally or by both the parties. Any penalties should a player decide to not honor the agreement?
Poor Negan is so confused it’s really sad. First he says the collective is broke and can’t pay, then in the next sentence he realizes how ridiculous that sounds with all the money we have so he switches saying the collective is mad at the Coach and will not pay. Finally he tries to draw an analogy between SOS’s feelings about UGA and his feelings about Florida once again attempting to assert the HBC’s penchant for bourbon when in truth and fact anyone who knows Orr knows he’s a beer drinker since his days in Hawgtown. The missives he posts are becoming increasingly delusional. As far as the article itself I believe StlGator is probably pretty close. My take is that Florida has in essence “drafted” this player through the recruiting process and his signing a LOI. Although it’s not supposed to play this role the NIL agreement is analogous to the rookie contract of the player and for whatever reason(s) he is now attempting to renegotiate this agreement. Likely someone got in his ear at the All-Star game. Given the utter lack of regulations by the NCAA and laws by the various state legislatures on NIL the universities, collectives, lawyers and players will likely be ironing out these issues in the years ahead and make for great theater.
Oh my the sky is falling the sky is falling. Everyone stop listening to all the haters, remember we are the flagship university in the most talent rich state in the country with a coach who understands that as well and is recruiting well. He said have patience and the quality of the type individuals he seems to be signing bodes well for the future. Next year will be another.500 season, give or take a game with year 3 returning to challenging for championships. Those of us who have been around since before the 60’s know the meaning of patience and rewards.
Correct UT wasn’t a rival in 1979 but Auburn was and we lost to them thus we lost to all of our rivals that season.
Sorry Mr. Truth but Charlie Pell lost to every rival in 1979 when he went 0-10-1 his first season.
Looks like our longest streak without being shutout is in danger of coming to an end.
What a classless post. I’ve never been a Trump supporter but have many friends who support him. That doesn’t mean I don’t include them in my circle of friends or recognize them as fellow Americans. You personify much of what’s wrong with our country today with your intolerant rhetoric.
My condolences to all the MS Bulldogs. Your coach was truly a breath of fresh air whose mind and wit were unsurpassed in his profession. I’m sure all that had the privilege to have played for him are better men as a result. May he rest in peace.
Billy’s and his team played the complete game today………..from coaching decisions to all 3 units they were completely horrible. Makes me wonder if they were all down on Broadway last night. Very disappointed in everyone today.
Rat poison can come from places other than the press. If you find it and can get rid of it that’s what needs to be done. I wish the young man well and respect that Napier continues to put the team first not the individual players who might be stars. Very different from some of our previous coaches.
Some good comments.Napier reminded me of another coach we had a few years ago who after a loss would often say, “we didn’t do a very good job of coaching them up”. That same coach was also fond of pointing out that according to the rankings of recruiting classes Georgia had better players yet his teams beat Georgia all but once. .Between the transfer portal and NIL it’s a different world as compared to 10 years ago. In order for a program to be successful the ability to adapt will determine whether you succeed or not.So far Napier has shown both good and not so good traits. He does seem intelligent but then again so did Mullen. Thankfully he doesn’t seem as arrogant as Mullen. The rest of this season and his results in restocking the program through recruiting and the portal will tell us a lot about where we are headed. The fact this team fought back today is encouraging. The coach I was referring to above got his head handed to him up in Knoxville early in his tenure with many pundits saying at the time that he was in over his head. He proved them wrong. Napier deserves the full opportunity to show if he can do the job.
Agree that was a classless remark. I guess we all have fans who are idiots. Congratulations to the Dawgs. Unfortunately Kirby Smart has built a program that may be around for years to come. Enjoy the ride.
BTW I’ve noticed a proclivity of both you and MD to post on other teams articles on an almost daily basis. Pitiful
So going out of conference and out of state to play a program that’s down, like Texas, who you almost lost to proves what exactly?. I believe the last time Bama went to an out of conference campus we’re the years they played Duke and Penn State which was a decade ago.
If you really want to be anonymous don’t post from the same IP address………besides that what’s your point considering since that time we’ve played a schedule that’s consistently ranked in the top ten in difficulty and have played more schools with a NC over that period of time than any other college in the FBS?