Born and raised in the Salt Life in northern St.Johns County before matriculating to north Georgia, South Carolina then Alabama over 11 years before returning to the beach. Splitting my time nowadays between Highlands and the beach while enjoying the lifestyle I’ve earned.

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Powder they want so powdered they will get while singing those Delta Blues courtesy of a bunch of Rowdy Reptiles!
Gabriel has had too many rides on space mountain it’s affecting his ability to perceive fantasy from reality!
Meant Jared Dudley but hey it’s not like he is much of a player whose name you remember anyway.
Coach Saban is being called out by Jason Dudley about his comments on Game Day. Now that’s really funny as if Saban could care less about what Dudley thinks!
Jax Dawg and you have $.00 class.
UGADawg78 refreshing to read your post above addressing this idiot King Negan. One of my neighbors and his son both were infected by the virus in March. Both of them ended up in ICU while the wife/mother who also tested positive showed hardly any signs of virus. All of them were in the age groups that are supposedly least likely to suffer severe consequences yet two of the three required hospitalization. King Numbskull the family was the Boselli family who are the poster family for healthy lifestyle. To sit here and read your drivel and diagnosis of this virus is absolutely laughable in light of what little we know about the disease at this point. It’s obvious your motivation is simply self centered in your desire to be able to watch games this fall without any regard to how it may effect others. I’m sorry if you take offense but I word to the wise please don’t launch your adolescent threats of bodily harm my way as I’m an old man with many infirmities and don’t have much tolerance for blow hards such as yourself. I firmly believe it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. What a dweeb or idget I’m not sure which.
King where did you get your medical degree? Your a few fries short of a Happy Meal. I’m all for free speech but your drivel makes me question that position.
LeghumperU he obviously has some merit since Bama likewise offered him also as a long snapper. BTW I happened to play that role for two years during which time we never had a punt or FG blocked or mishandled. It’s the little things that make the difference.
Or to give Mullen credit would be to admit that someone else contributed to your success? Knowing Meyer I tend to think it would probably be the credit is all his and his alone.
I consider Alabama as the only true BB in the SEC. LSU,UF and UGA in that order, while impressive, haven’t quite reached that threshold. All 3 can change that this coming decade by replacing Bama at the top of the conference and given Saban’s age might just happen. In all likelihood by the end of the decade there will be a new coach in Tuscaloosa and remember what happened the last time they needed to replace a legend.
UGADAWG78 you are correct the desire to win a NC isn’t complicated it’s actually doing so that’s tricky. You, better than most should understand given your teams failed attempts to do so over the past 4 decades!
Kirby will prove he is no better than Richt this season when his offense continues to sputter and his puppies limp into 3 conference losses. The question is how long it will take them to start looking for their next great coach. Truthfully the only great coach they’ve ever had ended up in Statesboro winning 3 NC’s while UGA kept spinning their wheels with ole ferret face Dooley pulling the strings.
Like MattyJ I’ve never been one to let my heart make the pick and have predicted Georgia the last three years to win the East. Looking at the schedules in a worse case scenario I can see Georgia with two loses and Florida with one headed into Jacksonville. Georgia will have played both Alabama and Auburn by that point and Florida will have played LSU. Both LSU and Georgia are going to be starting new QB’s while Florida, AU and Alabama return starters. Given the fact there was no spring practice this will be a big factor for all teams. How well Florida’s offensive line comes together will dictate whether they win the East. Right now I give Georgia a slight edge until Florida reclaims the game in Jacksonville but it’s a closer race than it has been in several years. If Florida wins and UGA has 2-3 conference losses it will be interesting to see how hot it gets between the hedges for Smart and company.
Oskie that goes to show you don’t know Tebow!
UGAGrad417 he realized they weren’t doing well with him in charge and by stepping aside was hopeful his staff might turn things around so as to enhance their job chances. Also, walked away from a guaranteed large buyout. More like he was trying to look out for others besides himself to me.But considering how UGA fared against him over the years your opinion is understandable but not necessarily correct.
Leghump easy on the prison familial references given your state was founded as a prison colony. As far as your placing so much emphasis on Not So Smart’s 3 straight SEC East Division titles notwithstanding Richt’s better winning percentage (42-10 for .807 vs. 44-12 for .787) it’s refreshing to finally see you concede Florida’s superiority over Georgia over the last 40 years based upon your own criteria ie Championships. So based upon a poorer winning percentage and one more division crown your dismissing the comparison between Richt and Not So? I really had forgotten what a mental midget you could be.
Leghumper I’ve taken a while off from SDS since nothing of any substance is happening right now in college ball. Log on to find your still spilling the same moronic drivel You were several months ago when your puppies once again underachieved. I’m amazed that you have this kind of longevity. Have you stopped to compare Richt vs. Smart at this point in their coaching careers at UGA? Remarkably similar. I’ll give Not So Smart one more season and after they lose 3 conference games this season you will crawl back in your hole until your next hire trying to achieve what every school in the surrounding states seem to be able to accomplish since 1980. Such a loser!
SOS would be like a Bull in a China cabinet as a Czar. He is great for the game and Gator Nation but isn’t politically correct enough to fill that role nor would he want to! Much happier needling his rivals like Jawja and free shoes . Urban Meyer would be a better fit
mudragon the SEC is a leader not a follower. Our commissioner took the prudent course of action and the other conferences will soon follow our lead.
Oh UsmcDawg your such a manly man I just love it when you talk dirty like that. However did you learn to be so scary with your words? Do you like to pitch or catch big boy ?
UsmcDawg still retains those quick witted comebacks but hey if you repeated the 6th grade 4 times I’m sure something would stick!
Don’t waste the postage as UsmcDawg prefers boogers and dingle berries
About as close as UsmcDawg got to being a marine was when he was a school crossing guard for his elementary school. He lost that gig when he flunked 6th grade for the 4th time! Kinda a mental midget as evidenced by his posts.
UsmcDawg that was probably either your upper lip or your Dawg breath you were smelling
Hey USMCDAWG when did you return with your drivel? Seems like you left us before the end of last season after you kept getting torched so much. Didn’t realize being masochistic was another of your deviant character flaws? Can’t wait to see what pearls of prognostication you put forth this coming season and if you put your little puppy tail between your cheeks and run again this season. Take care dweeb!
I had the privilege of getting to know Wendell and his wife, Belinda, while he was still working at the school a few years ago. Truly a class act and someone that all Alabama fans can be proud of for his many years of service to the school. Roll Tide. Congratulations Wendell!
Unless it’s written in crayons it’s usually above your comprehension level USMC