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Hubert was enjoyable and well prepared in the 33 years he was the voice of the Gators. Since 1940 I believe only 2 other announcers held that position. Otis Boggs and David Steele. Pretty lofty company. Thanks for the memories Mick!
Negan you have this young man being guilty just because he refused to take a test. From the article it’s unclear if the test was a field sobriety test or an intoxilizer. There could be valid medical reasons for the refusal. As far as his failure to appear it’s common for lawyers to have their clients sign a waiver of appearance and if the lawyer fails to appear a warrant is issued for the client not the attorney. Today’s athletes are probably not much worse than the ones 50 years ago. What’s different is media and internet coverage coupled with LEO not having discretion on taking someone home instead of arresting them makes the problem seem more common or frequent. In fact, I would venture to guess that today’s youth are less likely to get behind the wheel while impaired than those when I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. I clearly remember an All-American safety at UGA in the 60’s who was famous for being out partying on game night in his convertible wearing shades and a floorboard full of beer cans. Don’t get me wrong, as a former prosecutor, I in no way condone drinking and driving but I also believe today’s athletes are under much greater scrutiny than those of my generation. I’m sure glad I grew up when I did and not in today’s environment. Most of today’s athletes are very dedicated young people who work very hard to achieve their opportunities. I for one am willing to give them the benefit of a doubt.
Even when Negan chooses to comment on the Georgia team it’s usually devoid of any real substance. Napier’s comments on how NIL and its effects on team unity and chemistry are correct. The ability for college coaches to adjust and capitalize on the new dynamics of the transfer portal and NIL will dictate the future success of many programs. I haven’t seen enough yet to determine if Napier can return and maintain this program to an elite status. Hopefully the fan base will be patient. The upcoming season’s schedule is brutal. In light of that a 7-6 record could easily occur and not be cause for concern so long as progress is evident both on the field and in recruiting.
Negan what exactly are you trying to accomplish with your incessant attacks on other teams?
Being able to disagree in a respectful manner has become a lost art. Maximus I feel the same about Herschel Walker who has overcome so much from his early years in Wrightsville.
Really Negan you need to get a life. I used to dislike you but now I pity you. Go outside and enjoy the weather or better yet enjoy the NC your team just won.
Congratulations to SB4 and the entire Dawg Nation. Having followed a team that for many years failed to win a championship I know well the well deserved joy being felt by all the Red and Black faithful. Having spent most of my life in NE Florida I’m well acquainted with the brand of football played in South Georgia and Stetson reflects the grit and determination of so many of the kids who grew up in that area. SB4 epitomizes much of why I love college football over the NFL. Once again congratulations to all the Dawgs…..even Negan.
He’s still a kid and as such he’s entitled to not making sense. He evidently has a lot of good memories as a Gator. Wish him the best as he enters the next phase of his career and life.
Tidefan8x5 I listened to him religiously as a boy to his Friday prognostications which were mostly dead on and much more entertaining than what we’re bombarded with today. Thanks for the compliment now get me out of here Percy so I can watch my Pachyderms. Roll Tide and Go Gators!
As Leonard Anthony Postero Sr. the immortal native son of Athens,Ga.and 1946 graduate of UGA might put it; “Kirby’s K-9’s March into Indy on Monday night with the most heralded Dawg Defense since Irk’s Junkyard Dawgs patrolled between the hedges still smarting from the pachyderm pounding suffered in the Benz woodshed last month. However, all the Peach State faithful believe the little Smart pills they and their red and black warriors have taken and I’ve always alluded to over the years, might be enough to finally bring home the hardware they’ve sought for 41 years. Unfortunately, those little Smart pills will likely turn out to be nothing but more rat poison as Saban spoils another Dawg Day Dream. Leonard’s loser JAWJA!
I was thinking the same thing ETCJOE when I read NYC’s comment. I think the real reason that Dawg fans aren’t gobbling up the NC tickets like normal is they haven’t recovered from all of Saban’s rat poison they ingested a little over a month ago in Atlanta. Hopefully it’s a good game and I’m pulling for the Tide but will be happy for my long suffering Dawg fans and family should Jawja win. Roll Tide and Go Gators!
Negan (or whatever your handle is this week) I’ve never seen someone who can take up so much space to convey so little of any substantive value.
Coach from my perspective it’s looking pretty good. While the number of players signed isn’t significant (thus the lower ranking under the matrix used for rankings)the quality of players signed is significant in light of recent years. Of the 9 players there is one 5 star and several 4 stars with 3 top 100 players. It looks like Napier is sticking to what he said and being patient is what he has requested. Jawja fans should appreciate patience since they’ve been waiting patiently for over 40 years for a NC.
Negan…..congratulations that’s one of the nicest comments you’ve ever posted. I definitely am pulling for his recovery and both Georgia and Bama making it to the championship. This time let’s hope it’s a game for the ages. Notwithstanding the last game’s outcome I just don’t see this Georgia team losing twice to the same team this season. Hope I’m wrong. Roll Tide and Go gators.
Negan tonight I will not call or text any of my friends or family members who are die hard Georgia fans. The vast majority of the Dawg fans I know are fine people. You on the other hand have clearly demonstrated a mean spirited narcissistic nature on SDS obviously taking pleasure in other fans misery. Are you really so clueless to act offended now when the worm has turned? You deserve everything that will be dished on you in the days ahead! Roll Tide and Go Gators!
LOL Looks like a #2. From what I’ve heard about him he probably gets his wife to cut it at home. Going to a barber shop costs time and money. He doesn’t like to waste either. He might just be as frugal (cheap) as Spurrier.
I haven’t been this excited and confident on a hire since Spurrier.
You need to go back and research who was the best recruiter at Bama when he was on their staff. It wasn’t “Not So”.
Napier did a pretty good job at recruiting when he was on the staff at Alabama with “Not So” . I think you’re going to see the Cocktail Party reach a new level in the upcoming seasons with Billy Ball. Remember the last time a Billy was a head coach in Hawgtown we had pretty good success. Georgia will continue to field good teams and this years team will likely go down as their best since the Herschel/ Erk Era. If they get past Bama next Saturday I don’t believe there are any teams left that can defeat them this season. I will be pulling for them and be the first to congratulate them if they win a NC. Notwithstanding a few Georgia fans who sprout their drivel on this site most Georgia fans are good people and their storied program has gone too long without a title. I never was a Mullen fan and was on record as far back as last year stating we would never win a Championship with him as our coach. My top two candidates have been Cristobal and Napier even before Mullen was fired. I’m very pleased with this hire. We are in for some fun times in the years ahead. Go Gators.
I agree about the way today’s players seemed compelled to act out after every play for doing their job. If our new coach is either Cristobal or Napier I have the feeling that the players in Hawgtown are in for a rude awakening. The even better news is both are as good, if not better, recruiters than that “Not So Smart” fellow in Clarke County, Georgia. Going to be fun to watch over the next few seasons.
Tailwhipp99 there’s one person I know who loves the Gators more. His wife Jerri.
I’m hoping it’s Aranda or Campbell only for selfish reasons. I would love Florida to hire Napier or Cristobal.
Poor puppies still whining about a NC and how close they have come without bringing home the bacon. Maybe, just maybe, this is your year but I kinda doubt it. Kirby (Not So) will find a way to make another blunder like a fake punt …..
All the comments about Florida being soft on both sides of the line are absolutely correct. I can’t see any new coach giving much weight( pun intended) to the players lobbying for a S&C coach when that’s the case.
Don’t remind me as I already had my Rose Bowl tickets prior to that game in the Swamp.
It seems as if there is a general feeling amongst many commentators here that there’s something wrong with Florida having high expectations post Spurrier. As the article so succinctly points out Mullen is the 5th Florida coach since SOS. I seem to remember another SEC school who faced the same criticism not too long ago who had 7 coaches over a 25 year period after their legendary coach retired. They ended up with Nick Saban and look where they are today. Nothing wrong with an expectation for excellence. Both Spurrier and Myers demonstrated that it’s achievable especially at the flagship university of a talent rich state like Florida. Yes Spurrier left to go to the pros but he had always wanted to try coaching in the NFL. Keep in mind he had accepted the Tampa Bay job a few years before until his boss (Jerri) said no. Also he would have returned to Florida after the NFL gig but for a new President who wanted his boy Urban. Yes, Florida is a tough place to please it’s fan base and so is Bama. However, as Saban and Spurrier have shown the rewards can be significant. Hopefully our next coach will deliver. Roll Tide and Go Gators.
Agreed if they are dumb enough to hire that man they do deserve all the baggage and then some. Mario Cristobal makes the most sense but I doubt we can get him especially if the Miami job comes open.