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Negan tonight I will not call or text any of my friends or family members who are die hard Georgia fans. The vast majority of the Dawg fans I know are fine people. You on the other hand have clearly demonstrated a mean spirited narcissistic nature on SDS obviously taking pleasure in other fans misery. Are you really so clueless to act offended now when the worm has turned? You deserve everything that will be dished on you in the days ahead! Roll Tide and Go Gators!
LOL Looks like a #2. From what I’ve heard about him he probably gets his wife to cut it at home. Going to a barber shop costs time and money. He doesn’t like to waste either. He might just be as frugal (cheap) as Spurrier.
I haven’t been this excited and confident on a hire since Spurrier.
You need to go back and research who was the best recruiter at Bama when he was on their staff. It wasn’t “Not So”.
Napier did a pretty good job at recruiting when he was on the staff at Alabama with “Not So” . I think you’re going to see the Cocktail Party reach a new level in the upcoming seasons with Billy Ball. Remember the last time a Billy was a head coach in Hawgtown we had pretty good success. Georgia will continue to field good teams and this years team will likely go down as their best since the Herschel/ Erk Era. If they get past Bama next Saturday I don’t believe there are any teams left that can defeat them this season. I will be pulling for them and be the first to congratulate them if they win a NC. Notwithstanding a few Georgia fans who sprout their drivel on this site most Georgia fans are good people and their storied program has gone too long without a title. I never was a Mullen fan and was on record as far back as last year stating we would never win a Championship with him as our coach. My top two candidates have been Cristobal and Napier even before Mullen was fired. I’m very pleased with this hire. We are in for some fun times in the years ahead. Go Gators.
I agree about the way today’s players seemed compelled to act out after every play for doing their job. If our new coach is either Cristobal or Napier I have the feeling that the players in Hawgtown are in for a rude awakening. The even better news is both are as good, if not better, recruiters than that “Not So Smart” fellow in Clarke County, Georgia. Going to be fun to watch over the next few seasons.
Tailwhipp99 there’s one person I know who loves the Gators more. His wife Jerri.
I’m hoping it’s Aranda or Campbell only for selfish reasons. I would love Florida to hire Napier or Cristobal.
Poor puppies still whining about a NC and how close they have come without bringing home the bacon. Maybe, just maybe, this is your year but I kinda doubt it. Kirby (Not So) will find a way to make another blunder like a fake punt …..
All the comments about Florida being soft on both sides of the line are absolutely correct. I can’t see any new coach giving much weight( pun intended) to the players lobbying for a S&C coach when that’s the case.
Don’t remind me as I already had my Rose Bowl tickets prior to that game in the Swamp.
It seems as if there is a general feeling amongst many commentators here that there’s something wrong with Florida having high expectations post Spurrier. As the article so succinctly points out Mullen is the 5th Florida coach since SOS. I seem to remember another SEC school who faced the same criticism not too long ago who had 7 coaches over a 25 year period after their legendary coach retired. They ended up with Nick Saban and look where they are today. Nothing wrong with an expectation for excellence. Both Spurrier and Myers demonstrated that it’s achievable especially at the flagship university of a talent rich state like Florida. Yes Spurrier left to go to the pros but he had always wanted to try coaching in the NFL. Keep in mind he had accepted the Tampa Bay job a few years before until his boss (Jerri) said no. Also he would have returned to Florida after the NFL gig but for a new President who wanted his boy Urban. Yes, Florida is a tough place to please it’s fan base and so is Bama. However, as Saban and Spurrier have shown the rewards can be significant. Hopefully our next coach will deliver. Roll Tide and Go Gators.
Agreed if they are dumb enough to hire that man they do deserve all the baggage and then some. Mario Cristobal makes the most sense but I doubt we can get him especially if the Miami job comes open.
After we lose to FSU (in a one score game where we outgain them) maybe then everyone will realize that he needs to go.
Yeah EJ was doing the same thing in the LSU game when AR came in and you saw what happened.
I enjoy reading the articles on SDS and usually enjoy reading the comments. However, what’s with this SEC ICON who signs himself Negan? Does he have a loose screw or what. He seems so intent on making sure he must comment on almost every Florida article it’s like he has Gator envy. What a loser!
The only comment he could have made which would have been met with any sort of approval was “I resign effective today”. Then we could have really celebrated!
WSWSM while I agree Cristobal may have it made in Oregon you discount one very large factor. He’s spent much of his life in Florida where most of his family still resides. He has previously coached in the SEC and as such knows the competition is greater in the SEC. However, him being the competitor he is makes the move even more attractive to him. Competition against the best motivates the best as evidenced by all the 5 Stars your school and Georgia continue to sign each year. Scott Stricklin needs to get a suitcase full of money and head to Eugene. With Cristobal’s connections to talent rich South Florida coupled with his work ethic it would elevate the Gators much quicker than any of the other coaches on the list.
I agree that Kiffen and Cristobal are probably the best two candidates. However, Cristobal should be the first choice. He is a much better recruiter than Lane and that coach in Clarke County, Georgia. He proved that when they all worked for Saban. His connections to South Florida coupled with his passion to develop both sides of the line of scrimmage are what this program needs to return to the level it enjoyed from 1990-2009. Additionally, the program needs someone who will bring discipline to a program that’s presently a dumpster fire. Let LSU hire Kiffen and we get Cristobal.
Congratulations to the Cock-A-Doodle Doos up in the Palmetto State. A great win for a great group of loyal fans. Our AD needs to find an interim coach for the rest of the season ( maybe ask the guy who’s already in the building) and start looking for a new HBC.
Throw that bank at Mario. He’s from Florida and has a proven record as both a recruiter and a coach. I’m not sure he’s going to leave Oregon but at least make the discreet inquiry. Be like Bama and be relentless like they were with Saban.
Congratulations to some of the most devoted and passionate fans in the SEC. Unless immediate changes are made in Gainesville there are going to be many more Saturday’s like the last two.
Congratulations to South Carolina. I’m not going to bother repeating what I’ve previously written about Mullen. I will suggest we look for someone who can recruit as good as or better than that guy up in Clarke County, Georgia. I would start in Eugene, Oregon.
No the negativity is being realistic and recognizes he’s lost this team and will continue to put us deeper in a hole as evidenced by where we’re at in this years recruiting picture. He said when he was hired he realized the expectations at Florida and he certainly isn’t living up to those expectations. We should discreetly see if the South Florida boy coaching in Eugene has any interest in coming back home.
Making the arguments that firing Mullen now will only make our present recruiting class worse ( hello we are presently ranked 25th which would make this the worst Gator recruiting class that I can remember) or would disrupt the team more ( maybe disrupting a team that’s won only 2 games out of its last 9 FCS games over the past 2 seasons is just what these kids need!) are illogical reasons, at best, for keeping this arrogant clown.
I don’t need another month to see the obvious . Waiting a month only guarantees we have no chance of salvaging this years recruiting class. Right now your looking at an unranked program which will be lucky to finish in the top 25 in recruiting. That’s unacceptable given how much Mullen is getting paid and the available in state talent. He needs to be gone now!
That’s the most idiotic answer I’ve ever heard and in my 68 years I’ve heard a lot of them. I agree with the Kirby Smart approach of being at HS games whenever the opportunity presents itself. This should also apply to most of your assistant coaches. A large part of the recruiting game and it’s success stems from relationships. You better believe both the HS coaches and parents take note when those college coaches are in the stands on Thursday and Friday nights. Those are the people who are going to have an influence on these kid’s decisions. Until you reach the rarified level of Saban you multitask. If I’m paying my CEO 7.5 million a year I expect him or her to do exactly that and to outwork everyone else. Mullen needs to be gone if for no other reason than the answer he gave today!