Born and raised in the Salt Life in northern St.Johns County before matriculating to north Georgia, South Carolina then Alabama over 11 years before returning to the beach. Splitting my time nowadays between Highlands and the beach while enjoying the lifestyle I’ve earned.

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That’s NC’s plural and depends how far you want to look in your rear view mirror. While it’s nice to say your school won some titles way back when it doesn’t compare to having actually lived thru the accomplishment. Probably a little like looking at a copy of Playboy as opposed to having actually dated a playmate.
What's funny is your moronic drivel about the credibility of a concept because you can't understand it while the best coach your school ever had not only understood it but was the master at it's application . Of course after your illogical attempt to employ "irony" it's apparent we aren't dealing with a Rhodes Scholar. Bless your heart you're just a product of a program whose championship pedigree is practically barren. Going bowling this year sport.....NOT!
You know what I’m upset about? I’m upset that our coaching staff didn’t have this team ready to play yesterday. The first series of the game was evidence of either a team too tight or not ready both of which are coaching! Two weeks ago we were the beneficiaries of two blown calls that both resulted in TD’s which contributed to our win. Bear Bryant once said if you have to blame the officials you didn’t play well enough to win! Georgia was the better coached team yesterday and had the edge in talent. The positive is the players kept trying and never gave up. As much as I hate to say it Georgia is to be congratulated. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Georgia lose at least one more conference game though as they just don’t stack up to the way LSU and Bama are playing right now. As for the Gators the next three games will speak volumes about whether Mullen and company are the right fit to get us back to where we belong. Thus far they have done a good job overall but they by no means have produced in the manner of Spurrier or Urban. The HBC would have laid the blame for yesterday’s loss squarely where it the coaches feet. We need to quit our bellyaching and hope this team mans up to win the next three games plus the bowl game to go 11-2. The arrows would all be pointing up for the program at that point. Go Gators!
Congratulations the better team won. I said earlier this week that Florida needed to do 3 things to win one of which was limit 3rd down conversions. They didn’t do that because Georgia made better calls with the better players. Good luck the rest of the season and look forward to next Halloween down by the river.
@ 1080 I don’t need to bash Richt as the Georgia faithful did enough of that during his time as their coach. In fact if the Gators win this weekend and UGA loses to AU later this season they will start in with “Not So” Smart in short order. I’m not oblivious to the fact that we’ve had some poor coaches at UF but usually not ones who had to resort to what Richt did to fire their players up. Pitiful coaching tactic no matter the reason dawgbreath!
You know every time it looks like you’re making progress away from your standard drivel you immediately regress. Oh well, some puppies just can’t be house trained and expected to coexist in polite society. Bless their little hearts they just show that breeding matters.
You know what’s neat? The second play from scrimmage in 2008 when Spikes absolutely destroyed Marino about 5 yards deep in the backfield. I don’t think anybody in that stadium had any doubt the ass whipping Florida was about to put on Georgia that afternoon for the classless display from the year before. The next 59 minutes was better than one long pass that UGA lives for every year. Remember both those teams were ranked in the top ten yet it looked like boys trying to compete against men in the payback 49-10 pasting. However, I don’t hold that display against UGA but rather the coach who demanded such a display which shouldn’t be any surprise given his Miami/FSU pedigree. It’s a shame he left that mark on the rich ( pun intended) Georgia program. Although Urban did many things with our program that I dislike his measured response to the UGA end zone celebration the following year was one of which we can be proud. Hopefully the payback resumes on Saturday!
Lets all agree to disagree and hook up with Leghumper pregame to burn some of that good Colorado weed he was talking about......go from the worlds largest cocktail party to the worlds largest toking party.....yeeehah
DSBG I agree totally with one of your last statements about the feel of this game. Before the season I was convinced Georgia would win in light of the alleged disparity in talent and experience. Georgia seemed to have one of, if not the, best OL in the country, the QB position clearly favored UGA and Swift is in a class by himself. On the defensive side of the ball I gave the dogs an edge with the linebackers, Florida with DB’s and a push on the line. Florida might have had a very slim edge in the kicking game but that was on a good day and we all know how kickers can disappoint! However, something has happened over the course of the season. I’ve watched Georgia remain as they started without any visible signs of improvement. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing when you’re loaded with talent like they are maintaining the status quo can be good. Florida, on the other hand, may not be noticeably improving with each game, except for the OL which seems to be coming together but they seem to have this knack for making the other team play poorly while having someone step up to make a big play and break the game open. They remind me of the Erk Russell teams years ago when there was no way in hell they should be in the game, much less win it, yet you looked up in the 4th quarter to see that’s exactly what was happening. As for this weekends rumble I still think Georgia is probably the better team and should win this game. However, I can’t shake this feeling that Florida is going to do something unexpected and when the dust settles there will be a lot of happy Gators dancing down Bay Street with bumber to bumber traffic heading north on 95. Trick or treat If nothing else hope it’s a game for the ages.
Hey leghumper what’s your problem with smoking a little weed? Equipment manager probably has some pretty good stash at least your sister thought so when she was chillin with him the other day ( ok that really didn’t happen I was just joking). Pot just doesn’t have the stigma it once had. Hell you might like it if you tried certainly wouldn’t harm your writing skills or lack thereof!
The biggest key is if Georgia can consistently run the ball and keep Trask et al off the field. Florida has not done a very good job of stopping the run all season and must limit ( not going to be able to completely stop Swift) the run game and third down conversions. The next key is turnovers. Florida can’t afford more than 2 if it expects to win the game. In fact, if Florida is going to win the game it will be as a result of either a defensive or special teams score. The odds favor Georgia due to the disparity in talent but Florida has shown an ability to hang around and win a game in the 4th quarter except for LSU. Looking forward to another rumble by the river with the sun setting on Georgia’s preseason hype!
Yes Volzdeep22 it really does help local economies including the ones in the Golden Isles which if you’re geographically challenged is in the State of Georgia. You say you don’t have a dog in the fight yet voice your opposition to the change. I can understand that position since your program has nothing even remotely close to this event to showcase the pageantry and tradition that is college football. Recruits, like many of the players for both schools, would recognize how unique an event this truly is and would give each institution a leg up on all other conference foes to be able to showcase it as part of the recruiting process.
Do you get help drafting your witty retorts or do they just blossom in that jarhead of yours all by themselves? Your missives are proof that the time you spent in remedial classes worked wonders.
Don’t know about your $3.3 million reasons but I can think of 52 reasons why the puppies shouldn’t ever want to see the Gators in between those sacred privet hedges again. Oh my did Florida just score again?
LOL you really are an old curmudgeon..... bet Archie Bunker was your idol
Hey 78 I’m 65 years old but thankfully I’m not a curmudgeon. While I might agree there are areas that might need improving to call Jacksonville a $hi...... shows you’ve had very little exposure to this area. Do yourself and others a favor and get your geriatric ass wrapped up in a comforter on your recliner with your remote and stay home!
The initial reason the game was played in Jacksonville was so the South Georgia fans would have an opportunity to see their team play without having to travel so far to Athens. It has evolved into one of the greatest events in the country. It’s more than a sporting event but rather more like a holiday weekend where fans from both schools take at least Friday off and come down to the Golden Isles, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine to renew old acquaintances, enjoy the parties play golf and relax. The City of Jacksonville gives this weekend the status it deserves rolling out the red carpet for the fans of both schools which I doubt would be the case in Atlanta which hosts many larger events on a regular basis. Anyone who has taken the time to tour RV city on Friday night, had the opportunity to travel to the game by boat or enjoyed Saturday morning at the beaches before heading to the game would scratch their head at the comment that it’s just the game they attend? It’s an event like no other maybe that’s why CBS airs it every year no matter the records of each team. If it’s ever moved it will then become just a game and I will feel sorry for not only the fans from both schools but especially the students of each of the great universities who will be robbed of an experience that is unlike any other. Long live the cocktail party. We be waiting on you dogs down by da riber!
Try this on and see what you think.....a three way tie in the East with Georgia,Florida and Missouri each having two loses. West winner has one loss thanks to AU upsetting Bama after they beat LSU. East winner beats the West in Atlanta and no SEC in the playoffs. How quickly can you say 8 team playoff format. Based upon what has happened this far this isn’t that unlikely a scenario. The rest of the football world would love to see this happen.
Excuse my ignorance but where I come from giving up 42 points and over 400 yards of offense qualifies as being dismantled.
Kash Daniels will do anything including dirty play as shown when he was caught trying to twist Kyle Trask’s ankle after a play in the Florida game!
Last week I made a similar observation to Boxster regarding Smart and where he was in the coaching ranks at this point in his career. I suggested, at this point, he is about where Richt was in his tenure. It’s not that I think he is a bad coach, far from it. His recruiting, program building and game planning are excellent. However, his game day decisions and the tendency not to publicly shoulder the blame are areas of concern. Only the truly great coaches posses all of those skills. Spurrier for example did not like or excel at recruiting but would coach circles around you on game day. Saturday was a tough loss for Georgia but by all means doesn’t eliminate them from achieving all their goals. The SEC West appears to have the top two teams in the conference with the East looking like a Chinese fire drill with Florida, Georgia and Missouri all capable of winning the division. Muschamp has SC playing well but their loses to Bama and Missouri pretty much eliminates them from contention although a 2 loss team could very well be playing in Atlanta. Looking forward to the next several weeks and we will be waiting for you down by da riber with a cold one in hand! BTW lighten up on the crying over the hedges as Larry Munson said after a victory 39 years ago “ Man is there going to be some property destroyed tonight” It is what it is and when your program charges the field after scoring the first TD in a rivalry game you don’t get much sympathy from others. Man up and payback next year!
You questioned me before last nights game when I pointed out how I would take Trask over JB. I still feel the same way after last nights game. I’m more impressed with LSU after watching them dismantle our defense. They are a excellent team and the game with Bama is looking like a classic. As to the QB’s although Burrow is more talented I love the heart Trask has displayed thus far. We find ourselves in an a position much like 2006 where we were 6-1 at this point in the season having just lost to a Tiger on the road. Suddenly it appears that the games at SC and Missouri hold the key to the season. Georgia is an upset waiting to happen! Go Gators
Joe Burrow not liking Florida is understandable given the treatment he received in Hawgtown last year (5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 pick six). Heck, the last time he was treated so poorly in his mind up at Ohio State he took his balls (if in fact he has any) and went elsewhere. Florida's QB, on the other hand, just kept plugging away thru HS and in college, staying the course no matter the weather. I know which one I'd rather have when things aren't going your way. Just remember Jumpin Joe...........when dat Gator D getting after ur ass ain't no port(al) for dat storm! Tigers be Gator Bait just like the last time we visited the bayou!
BTW thanks for the invite as you will note I did point out your pregame hospitality above.
Ok I guess your President just decided to write this letter for the fun of it? I’m retired LEO and as such know these things happen whether in La or FLA to deny it is laughable given your fans post game antics over the years. Just read above where one of yours brags about leaving a line of destruction. Just like the last time we visited your players and fans keep on jawing how we were scared of the putty kats but when it came to crunch time at the goal line everyone saw who stood tall and strong to clinch a trip to Atlanta......your team been there lately? NOT!!!!
Sounds like something his lawyers told him to write. Having attended this game several times my impression is there are very few venues that tailgating reaches the level it does in BR. Opposing fans go early and take it in. Many of the LSU fans are friendly to the point of sharing some of the delicious fare they serve up. Next go early to your seats as the closer to kickoff that friendly atmosphere starts waning in direct proportion to the alcohol consumption ,especially for night games. Sit with your own fans if possible and if your team should happen to win shut your mouths and leave quietly as you are now dealing with a wounded animal that will strike without provocation! Several years ago I gave this advice to our group before the game which one of which chose to ignore the last part after we won. He was cold cocked right in front of a cop who just turned his head and walked away. Two teeth and several stitches later he said he should have listened. Florida on paper shouldn’t win but like I said last week they aren’t playing on paper!
Boxster let’s look at the facts again. Richt went 13-1 his second year Kirby went 13-2 (had Richt been in the playoff era his team would have been in the playoffs), their records over the first three years are remarkably similar ( two divisions and one conference was my point).You claim Richt had grown stale and that is why he was replaced yet once again when you compare his record with Dooley’s at the point when Richt was let go they are remarkably similar. As for the game day calls you only address the fake punt so I just went back and looked at it again. You are 4th and 11 at midfield with slightly over 3 minutes remaining. Not good odds of making 11 to start with. You are wrong when you say Bama had their punt return team in as the replay and announcers say Alabama has left their defense on the field and they lined up in a 5-3 formation with a deep safety. having watched the replay 5 times their is no Georgia receiver open that I can tell. You say it is Fields fault the play failed. Even if I were to agree, which I obviously don’t, Kirby should have been prepared to call a time out should Bama set up in a regular defense and after the game taken responsibility for the call and not lay the blame on a freshman who he put in the position to fail. As far as what he did with the Alabama recruiting information being embellished that’s like saying your a little bit pregnant. Either he used proprietary information wrongly or he didn’t. Now I’m not saying Kirby is not a good coach because he is an excellent coach. I’m only questioning some of his decisions ( just like I questioned Mullen’s fake punt this past weekend) and a couple of instances where he has not comported himself as the great ones do which distinguishes them from the rest. The jury is still out on Kirby just as it is on Mullen. I look at how long it took Dabo to get Clemson where they are today. My original comments were a failed attempt to try and get that knucklehead UsmcDawg to realize that while his team is good it hasn’t reached an elite status yet. I think I cited sufficient factual evidence for that purpose.
Thanks for catching the typo and if that makes me dumb then I’m guilty! Might have been that education I got at Darlington!