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Look at the logic below by Corch........if Franks had stayed healthy Florida would have lost the games I thought they would lose so really I was right. Hell in his feeble mind if UGA hadn’t lost two games they would have won the NC so see they did win it all......that’s not the logic of a well person. Need to get that boy some counseling before his delusions get worse.
Wrong.........most of the Florida fans realized we weren’t going to be there last season. Go back and look. However, where many did agree is that UGA spoke the loudest for a program that has produced the least for going on 40 years. It will be the same drivel this off season as you try to convince yourselves that your about to reach the promised land this year only to realize it’s a Richt nightmare all over again. That must really suck!
Wadeles “ waining years of the empire” would be construed to mean that they are past their prime. If someone were to ask me to bet the ranch on who wins the conference over the next three seasons I’ll take Bama. Sorry sport but I deal in reality not fantasy and the reality is Bama is still the dominant program in the conference. When another school starts stockpiling championships like they have I will be ready to admit their run is over. Having been going to Hawgtown to watch the Gators since the early 60’s probably gives me a perspective you lack and enough sense not to let my mouth overload my ass as you are apparently so wont to do. Your the kind of fan that gives Gators a bad name with your drivel.
Wadeless 25-3 record over the past two seasons and you’re writing them off? Maybe clueless is a better handle for you! I’m glad we don’t play them next season and Georgia does.
King would be interesting given the fact that is who Trask sat behind in Texas at the same high school. The media would have s field day with that storyline!
Count me as another Gator who is in the Fromm camp. Aside from being a great college QB he’s a top shelf person with tremendous leadership skills. He reminds me a lot of Danny Wuerfel in many ways. I’m also glad we will not have to face him again and even happier that Kirby was able to manage to run off Jason Fields. His comments about Fields on the failed fake punt against Bama went a long way to sealing Fields transfer. UGA is still loaded and the road to Atlanta will once again go thru Jacksonville. The window for Georgia has not closed given the individual talent level and the slight edge they still hold against Florida in that area However, the amount of leadership that is leaving the program including Fromm will be hard to replace and while individual talent superiority is good it doesn’t always equate to success. Unlike last year when most of the Georgia faithful in August were proclaiming the Dawgs would will win it all I’m not ready to say the same about Florida. I will say that at this point they appear to have their best chance in over a decade to return the series to the way it was under Spurrier. Even though your season was not everything you wanted it was more than most programs can wish. Congratulations
Loved the pregame scuffle! What do you expect after all these are the states which gave us the Hatfields and McCoys. If you get to look at a video of the scuffle focus on the Kentucky cheerleaders along the sidelines. I think a couple of the members wearing pants needed an underwear change while some of the ladies were ready to join in the fun!
Two things about Kash..... he plays with a lot of emotion as evidenced two years ago in Gainesville with the water bottles and he seems to be capable of self evaluation and reflection as evidenced by his apology today. Most of these players are still part kids ( looking at their physical size makes it hard to remember that fact) and as such are still developing emotionally and mentally into the adults they will be one day. What I think we witnessed last September in Lexington was Kash the Kid and what we witnessed today was part of that maturation process. Hopefully Kyle can let him know he heard and thanks him! Good job Kash.
Amen I got where I didn’t want Florida to play in the game of the week so I didn’t have to listen to that pompous ass!
Funny thing is that the 24th best DB goes to Georgia and ends up on the practice squad not showing any improvement, leaves school after his junior year due to personal problems and was last seen working on his game outside of Hezabah , GA hoping to catch on with a semi-pro team........ while that same player goes to Florida and thru the coaching and conditioning program improves to the points where ends up making an All SEC team or two, gets his diploma, becomes a mid round draft pick and after 5 years in the league with his diploma from a top ten public university garners a career he had also always dreamed about. Yeah, that’s a good recruiting pitch.
Football season is about over so now it turns to talking season and Lord knows them dawgs sure can talk. Once you understand why they run off at the mouth the irritation soon turns to pity. As I’ve Previously pointed out over the past 4 decades they’ve had to watch the teams from the states next door capture 22 ( possibly soon to be 23NC’s) while they’ve won none.its not that they haven’t had the talent because they constantly remind us how full their cupboard is ad nasseum Yet they just can’t close the deal. If that doesn’t give you an inferiority complex nothing will and boy do they have one after this season! They remind me a little of the Florida fans of the 70’s and 80’s always more talented but couldn’t get over the top! Then came SOS and Urban and the doubt disappeared. Florida no longer though they could win.......they expected to win. Even after Nebraska stoned us in 95 we were right back there the next year winning 4 straight SEC rings in a 5 year streak.Georgia has never reached that mindset neither as a fan base or a team. After reading this article I’m certain Florida will be headed to Atlanta next season. No I don’t think the talent gap will be erased but it will be narrowed. The depth on defense will be a noticeable difference. Had we had the depth on defense this year that we will have next year it may have made a difference in one of the two loses. Yes, the offense went MIA against Miami and Georgia but Mullen knows what he can produce on the offensive side of the ball so he is going to shore up the part that needed the most help. Keep a close eye on #11 and I don’t mean Trask but rather the kid from Auburn which will have us screaming the freak is back! The second reason I’m so bullish on the Gators is the Georgia schedule. When they come to Jacksonville they will have a least 1 and quite possibly 2 conference losses having to go to Tuscaloosa in September and play AU in early October. It’s not a back loaded, let our new QB learn trek but rather a gauntlet that will take its toll. After this years disappointing results the Georgia confidence level will be shaky to start. This was their year to win it all and the failure to do so will be like a closet full of skeletons ready to tumble out at anytime! So during talking season when the bob tailed puppies start slobbering and peeing all over themselves about how bad they are going to beat Florida just sit back and smile that lil cocky grin the HBC used to flash because we know where this is headed as we’ve been there before ,they haven’t and that my fellow Gators is nuff said!
Please, please, please keep up the mentality that UGA is head and shoulders above the rest of the East especially Florida. Only an idiot would be talking about Smart being on a short leash! Who pray tell would you hire to replace him and expect better results than he has already produced? Granted there is still a noticeable gap in the talent level with Florida but the performance quotient is favoring Florida based upon the eye test. After watching both teams performance against LSU it’s clear that the overall gap between those programs is nowhere near where it was back in September. How many players leave early for the draft will dictate who will be the team to beat in 2020.Florida has LSU at home in October and Georgia goes to Tuscaloosa in September. Florida trades AU for Ole Miss and Georgia keeps AU while picking up Bama. Should make for a fun season!
LOL I have a lot of Georgia in my roots from playing high school ball against Nick Hyder’s West Rome teams, several cousins having played for UGA and spending my summers on my Grandparents farm in Lowndes County. Back then everyone knew Jacksonville was the capital of South Georgia and there wasn’t much difference between the old school Florida or Georgia fans just the ones that came along in the last 30 years or so! Don’t get me wrong I love beating UGA but wish them ill will only one day a year down by the river.
It’s funny to read all the bashing and comparisons of Kirby and Richt. Truth is they are both good coaches with some flaws in each. Each during the early part of their tenure has put Georgia in a position to win a Championship. Unfortunately, in order to win a Championship there has to be a little good karma thrown in to the mix (or as the HBC was fond of saying “God smiled upon the Gators today”). It seems that those small strokes of luck, good fortune, karma or whatever just seem to be missing for the dawgs over the past 40 years. Or is it more than that? When one reviews great fortune or lightning striking to pave the way to a Championship one play is almost always mentioned.......Lindsey Scott. Perhaps that was such a stroke of good fortune that the dawgs may have to wait a while longer to be due again. After all those things,as the HBC pointed out, are beyond our control. The one thing wrong with my theory is how you explain Saban and Bama. Maybe he has cut a deal with the devil and there will be a steep price down the road! Only time will tell. Nevertheless congratulations to UGA on another good season. Wasn’t what you wanted but there are a lot of other schools would love to be in your shoes!
I might agree with some of your comments except your disparaging ones about Tallahassee and that part of the state. Anyone who has spent time driving the many oak canopy roads in this area would likewise disagree including the ultra wealthy plantation owners who have invested millions in those showcase properties.
That’s NC’s plural and depends how far you want to look in your rear view mirror. While it’s nice to say your school won some titles way back when it doesn’t compare to having actually lived thru the accomplishment. Probably a little like looking at a copy of Playboy as opposed to having actually dated a playmate.
What's funny is your moronic drivel about the credibility of a concept because you can't understand it while the best coach your school ever had not only understood it but was the master at it's application . Of course after your illogical attempt to employ "irony" it's apparent we aren't dealing with a Rhodes Scholar. Bless your heart you're just a product of a program whose championship pedigree is practically barren. Going bowling this year sport.....NOT!
You know what I’m upset about? I’m upset that our coaching staff didn’t have this team ready to play yesterday. The first series of the game was evidence of either a team too tight or not ready both of which are coaching! Two weeks ago we were the beneficiaries of two blown calls that both resulted in TD’s which contributed to our win. Bear Bryant once said if you have to blame the officials you didn’t play well enough to win! Georgia was the better coached team yesterday and had the edge in talent. The positive is the players kept trying and never gave up. As much as I hate to say it Georgia is to be congratulated. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Georgia lose at least one more conference game though as they just don’t stack up to the way LSU and Bama are playing right now. As for the Gators the next three games will speak volumes about whether Mullen and company are the right fit to get us back to where we belong. Thus far they have done a good job overall but they by no means have produced in the manner of Spurrier or Urban. The HBC would have laid the blame for yesterday’s loss squarely where it the coaches feet. We need to quit our bellyaching and hope this team mans up to win the next three games plus the bowl game to go 11-2. The arrows would all be pointing up for the program at that point. Go Gators!
Congratulations the better team won. I said earlier this week that Florida needed to do 3 things to win one of which was limit 3rd down conversions. They didn’t do that because Georgia made better calls with the better players. Good luck the rest of the season and look forward to next Halloween down by the river.
@ 1080 I don’t need to bash Richt as the Georgia faithful did enough of that during his time as their coach. In fact if the Gators win this weekend and UGA loses to AU later this season they will start in with “Not So” Smart in short order. I’m not oblivious to the fact that we’ve had some poor coaches at UF but usually not ones who had to resort to what Richt did to fire their players up. Pitiful coaching tactic no matter the reason dawgbreath!
You know every time it looks like you’re making progress away from your standard drivel you immediately regress. Oh well, some puppies just can’t be house trained and expected to coexist in polite society. Bless their little hearts they just show that breeding matters.
You know what’s neat? The second play from scrimmage in 2008 when Spikes absolutely destroyed Marino about 5 yards deep in the backfield. I don’t think anybody in that stadium had any doubt the ass whipping Florida was about to put on Georgia that afternoon for the classless display from the year before. The next 59 minutes was better than one long pass that UGA lives for every year. Remember both those teams were ranked in the top ten yet it looked like boys trying to compete against men in the payback 49-10 pasting. However, I don’t hold that display against UGA but rather the coach who demanded such a display which shouldn’t be any surprise given his Miami/FSU pedigree. It’s a shame he left that mark on the rich ( pun intended) Georgia program. Although Urban did many things with our program that I dislike his measured response to the UGA end zone celebration the following year was one of which we can be proud. Hopefully the payback resumes on Saturday!
Lets all agree to disagree and hook up with Leghumper pregame to burn some of that good Colorado weed he was talking about......go from the worlds largest cocktail party to the worlds largest toking party.....yeeehah
DSBG I agree totally with one of your last statements about the feel of this game. Before the season I was convinced Georgia would win in light of the alleged disparity in talent and experience. Georgia seemed to have one of, if not the, best OL in the country, the QB position clearly favored UGA and Swift is in a class by himself. On the defensive side of the ball I gave the dogs an edge with the linebackers, Florida with DB’s and a push on the line. Florida might have had a very slim edge in the kicking game but that was on a good day and we all know how kickers can disappoint! However, something has happened over the course of the season. I’ve watched Georgia remain as they started without any visible signs of improvement. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing when you’re loaded with talent like they are maintaining the status quo can be good. Florida, on the other hand, may not be noticeably improving with each game, except for the OL which seems to be coming together but they seem to have this knack for making the other team play poorly while having someone step up to make a big play and break the game open. They remind me of the Erk Russell teams years ago when there was no way in hell they should be in the game, much less win it, yet you looked up in the 4th quarter to see that’s exactly what was happening. As for this weekends rumble I still think Georgia is probably the better team and should win this game. However, I can’t shake this feeling that Florida is going to do something unexpected and when the dust settles there will be a lot of happy Gators dancing down Bay Street with bumber to bumber traffic heading north on 95. Trick or treat If nothing else hope it’s a game for the ages.
Hey leghumper what’s your problem with smoking a little weed? Equipment manager probably has some pretty good stash at least your sister thought so when she was chillin with him the other day ( ok that really didn’t happen I was just joking). Pot just doesn’t have the stigma it once had. Hell you might like it if you tried certainly wouldn’t harm your writing skills or lack thereof!
The biggest key is if Georgia can consistently run the ball and keep Trask et al off the field. Florida has not done a very good job of stopping the run all season and must limit ( not going to be able to completely stop Swift) the run game and third down conversions. The next key is turnovers. Florida can’t afford more than 2 if it expects to win the game. In fact, if Florida is going to win the game it will be as a result of either a defensive or special teams score. The odds favor Georgia due to the disparity in talent but Florida has shown an ability to hang around and win a game in the 4th quarter except for LSU. Looking forward to another rumble by the river with the sun setting on Georgia’s preseason hype!
Yes Volzdeep22 it really does help local economies including the ones in the Golden Isles which if you’re geographically challenged is in the State of Georgia. You say you don’t have a dog in the fight yet voice your opposition to the change. I can understand that position since your program has nothing even remotely close to this event to showcase the pageantry and tradition that is college football. Recruits, like many of the players for both schools, would recognize how unique an event this truly is and would give each institution a leg up on all other conference foes to be able to showcase it as part of the recruiting process.
Do you get help drafting your witty retorts or do they just blossom in that jarhead of yours all by themselves? Your missives are proof that the time you spent in remedial classes worked wonders.