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Like MattyJ I’ve never been one to let my heart make the pick and have predicted Georgia the last three years to win the East. Looking at the schedules in a worse case scenario I can see Georgia with two loses and Florida with one headed into Jacksonville. Georgia will have played both Alabama and Auburn by that point and Florida will have played LSU. Both LSU and Georgia are going to be starting new QB’s while Florida, AU and Alabama return starters. Given the fact there was no spring practice this will be a big factor for all teams. How well Florida’s offensive line comes together will dictate whether they win the East. Right now I give Georgia a slight edge until Florida reclaims the game in Jacksonville but it’s a closer race than it has been in several years. If Florida wins and UGA has 2-3 conference losses it will be interesting to see how hot it gets between the hedges for Smart and company.
Oskie that goes to show you don’t know Tebow!
UGAGrad417 he realized they weren’t doing well with him in charge and by stepping aside was hopeful his staff might turn things around so as to enhance their job chances. Also, walked away from a guaranteed large buyout. More like he was trying to look out for others besides himself to me.But considering how UGA fared against him over the years your opinion is understandable but not necessarily correct.
Leghump easy on the prison familial references given your state was founded as a prison colony. As far as your placing so much emphasis on Not So Smart’s 3 straight SEC East Division titles notwithstanding Richt’s better winning percentage (42-10 for .807 vs. 44-12 for .787) it’s refreshing to finally see you concede Florida’s superiority over Georgia over the last 40 years based upon your own criteria ie Championships. So based upon a poorer winning percentage and one more division crown your dismissing the comparison between Richt and Not So? I really had forgotten what a mental midget you could be.
Leghumper I’ve taken a while off from SDS since nothing of any substance is happening right now in college ball. Log on to find your still spilling the same moronic drivel You were several months ago when your puppies once again underachieved. I’m amazed that you have this kind of longevity. Have you stopped to compare Richt vs. Smart at this point in their coaching careers at UGA? Remarkably similar. I’ll give Not So Smart one more season and after they lose 3 conference games this season you will crawl back in your hole until your next hire trying to achieve what every school in the surrounding states seem to be able to accomplish since 1980. Such a loser!
SOS would be like a Bull in a China cabinet as a Czar. He is great for the game and Gator Nation but isn’t politically correct enough to fill that role nor would he want to! Much happier needling his rivals like Jawja and free shoes . Urban Meyer would be a better fit
mudragon the SEC is a leader not a follower. Our commissioner took the prudent course of action and the other conferences will soon follow our lead.
Oh UsmcDawg your such a manly man I just love it when you talk dirty like that. However did you learn to be so scary with your words? Do you like to pitch or catch big boy ?
UsmcDawg still retains those quick witted comebacks but hey if you repeated the 6th grade 4 times I’m sure something would stick!
Don’t waste the postage as UsmcDawg prefers boogers and dingle berries
About as close as UsmcDawg got to being a marine was when he was a school crossing guard for his elementary school. He lost that gig when he flunked 6th grade for the 4th time! Kinda a mental midget as evidenced by his posts.
UsmcDawg that was probably either your upper lip or your Dawg breath you were smelling
Hey USMCDAWG when did you return with your drivel? Seems like you left us before the end of last season after you kept getting torched so much. Didn’t realize being masochistic was another of your deviant character flaws? Can’t wait to see what pearls of prognostication you put forth this coming season and if you put your little puppy tail between your cheeks and run again this season. Take care dweeb!
I had the privilege of getting to know Wendell and his wife, Belinda, while he was still working at the school a few years ago. Truly a class act and someone that all Alabama fans can be proud of for his many years of service to the school. Roll Tide. Congratulations Wendell!
Unless it’s written in crayons it’s usually above your comprehension level USMC
I’m sure those Auburn players would take exception to that evaluation. Complete player who does everything well.
Look at the logic below by Corch........if Franks had stayed healthy Florida would have lost the games I thought they would lose so really I was right. Hell in his feeble mind if UGA hadn’t lost two games they would have won the NC so see they did win it all......that’s not the logic of a well person. Need to get that boy some counseling before his delusions get worse.
Wrong.........most of the Florida fans realized we weren’t going to be there last season. Go back and look. However, where many did agree is that UGA spoke the loudest for a program that has produced the least for going on 40 years. It will be the same drivel this off season as you try to convince yourselves that your about to reach the promised land this year only to realize it’s a Richt nightmare all over again. That must really suck!
Wadeles “ waining years of the empire” would be construed to mean that they are past their prime. If someone were to ask me to bet the ranch on who wins the conference over the next three seasons I’ll take Bama. Sorry sport but I deal in reality not fantasy and the reality is Bama is still the dominant program in the conference. When another school starts stockpiling championships like they have I will be ready to admit their run is over. Having been going to Hawgtown to watch the Gators since the early 60’s probably gives me a perspective you lack and enough sense not to let my mouth overload my ass as you are apparently so wont to do. Your the kind of fan that gives Gators a bad name with your drivel.
Wadeless 25-3 record over the past two seasons and you’re writing them off? Maybe clueless is a better handle for you! I’m glad we don’t play them next season and Georgia does.
King would be interesting given the fact that is who Trask sat behind in Texas at the same high school. The media would have s field day with that storyline!
Count me as another Gator who is in the Fromm camp. Aside from being a great college QB he’s a top shelf person with tremendous leadership skills. He reminds me a lot of Danny Wuerfel in many ways. I’m also glad we will not have to face him again and even happier that Kirby was able to manage to run off Jason Fields. His comments about Fields on the failed fake punt against Bama went a long way to sealing Fields transfer. UGA is still loaded and the road to Atlanta will once again go thru Jacksonville. The window for Georgia has not closed given the individual talent level and the slight edge they still hold against Florida in that area However, the amount of leadership that is leaving the program including Fromm will be hard to replace and while individual talent superiority is good it doesn’t always equate to success. Unlike last year when most of the Georgia faithful in August were proclaiming the Dawgs would will win it all I’m not ready to say the same about Florida. I will say that at this point they appear to have their best chance in over a decade to return the series to the way it was under Spurrier. Even though your season was not everything you wanted it was more than most programs can wish. Congratulations
Loved the pregame scuffle! What do you expect after all these are the states which gave us the Hatfields and McCoys. If you get to look at a video of the scuffle focus on the Kentucky cheerleaders along the sidelines. I think a couple of the members wearing pants needed an underwear change while some of the ladies were ready to join in the fun!
Two things about Kash..... he plays with a lot of emotion as evidenced two years ago in Gainesville with the water bottles and he seems to be capable of self evaluation and reflection as evidenced by his apology today. Most of these players are still part kids ( looking at their physical size makes it hard to remember that fact) and as such are still developing emotionally and mentally into the adults they will be one day. What I think we witnessed last September in Lexington was Kash the Kid and what we witnessed today was part of that maturation process. Hopefully Kyle can let him know he heard and thanks him! Good job Kash.
Amen I got where I didn’t want Florida to play in the game of the week so I didn’t have to listen to that pompous ass!
Funny thing is that the 24th best DB goes to Georgia and ends up on the practice squad not showing any improvement, leaves school after his junior year due to personal problems and was last seen working on his game outside of Hezabah , GA hoping to catch on with a semi-pro team........ while that same player goes to Florida and thru the coaching and conditioning program improves to the points where ends up making an All SEC team or two, gets his diploma, becomes a mid round draft pick and after 5 years in the league with his diploma from a top ten public university garners a career he had also always dreamed about. Yeah, that’s a good recruiting pitch.
Football season is about over so now it turns to talking season and Lord knows them dawgs sure can talk. Once you understand why they run off at the mouth the irritation soon turns to pity. As I’ve Previously pointed out over the past 4 decades they’ve had to watch the teams from the states next door capture 22 ( possibly soon to be 23NC’s) while they’ve won none.its not that they haven’t had the talent because they constantly remind us how full their cupboard is ad nasseum Yet they just can’t close the deal. If that doesn’t give you an inferiority complex nothing will and boy do they have one after this season! They remind me a little of the Florida fans of the 70’s and 80’s always more talented but couldn’t get over the top! Then came SOS and Urban and the doubt disappeared. Florida no longer though they could win.......they expected to win. Even after Nebraska stoned us in 95 we were right back there the next year winning 4 straight SEC rings in a 5 year streak.Georgia has never reached that mindset neither as a fan base or a team. After reading this article I’m certain Florida will be headed to Atlanta next season. No I don’t think the talent gap will be erased but it will be narrowed. The depth on defense will be a noticeable difference. Had we had the depth on defense this year that we will have next year it may have made a difference in one of the two loses. Yes, the offense went MIA against Miami and Georgia but Mullen knows what he can produce on the offensive side of the ball so he is going to shore up the part that needed the most help. Keep a close eye on #11 and I don’t mean Trask but rather the kid from Auburn which will have us screaming the freak is back! The second reason I’m so bullish on the Gators is the Georgia schedule. When they come to Jacksonville they will have a least 1 and quite possibly 2 conference losses having to go to Tuscaloosa in September and play AU in early October. It’s not a back loaded, let our new QB learn trek but rather a gauntlet that will take its toll. After this years disappointing results the Georgia confidence level will be shaky to start. This was their year to win it all and the failure to do so will be like a closet full of skeletons ready to tumble out at anytime! So during talking season when the bob tailed puppies start slobbering and peeing all over themselves about how bad they are going to beat Florida just sit back and smile that lil cocky grin the HBC used to flash because we know where this is headed as we’ve been there before ,they haven’t and that my fellow Gators is nuff said!
Please, please, please keep up the mentality that UGA is head and shoulders above the rest of the East especially Florida. Only an idiot would be talking about Smart being on a short leash! Who pray tell would you hire to replace him and expect better results than he has already produced? Granted there is still a noticeable gap in the talent level with Florida but the performance quotient is favoring Florida based upon the eye test. After watching both teams performance against LSU it’s clear that the overall gap between those programs is nowhere near where it was back in September. How many players leave early for the draft will dictate who will be the team to beat in 2020.Florida has LSU at home in October and Georgia goes to Tuscaloosa in September. Florida trades AU for Ole Miss and Georgia keeps AU while picking up Bama. Should make for a fun season!