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Hey Coach. Your player said "Where I come from, WE SHOOT COPS" to a police officer. You should have suspended, possible kicked the player from the program. You're pathetic.
The fact that Pruitt keeps him on the team explains a lot. This thug should have been kicked out of the city. And Pruitt needs to go. He has killed UT for the season.
The team leadership is non-existent. Players refusing to play. Coach kicking whiteboard out from under other coach. UT Football players have trouble handling......a football. If perception is reality, UT Football program is kaput.
Sounds like Sapp just called his head coach a LIAR on twitter this morning. 1) bad idea 2) looks like Sapp will have the next 8 months to rethink this mistake. On an unrelated topic, I doubt Pruitt even lasts 8 months. The UT program is kaput. Done. Unfortunately, it has been broken for nearly a decade. It will get worse before it gets better.