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Pretty ballsy move even mentioning JG as a positive comparison at this point.
I think O'Gara underestimates one point about why it is the same 5-6 schools that attract the top talent, even those 5-stars that know they may not see the field for at least a season: The top talent are looking to win championships and they have pro aspirations, and the best way to achieve those goals is the exposure that the winning programs inevitably receive from being perennial CFP level teams. With a four team playoff the number of schools with a legitimate chance to compete for the playoff is limited, but I believe that if the playoff was expanded even to eight teams, the talent would begin to spread out a bit more and therefore somewhat even the playing field. There are obviously other factors in play, but if 12-15 schools had a realistic shot at being a playoff team annually, the top talent might be more inclined to go where they would play immediately and still get that big time exposure. We might even see the talent level increase at the top Group of 5 schools.
I'd like to know why everyone insists on replying to this fool. Don't feed the troll!
Why on earth are you feeding a troll that even other trolls laugh at?
Highly underrated coach who turned not one, not two, but three train wrecks into championship contenders. His stubbornness caught up to him in big spots, and along with some bad luck kept him from ever getting a team to the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure there has ever been a coach who was better at taking reclamation projects and making them successful.
Careful now, 101, that kind of logic and levelheaded thinking can be a very dangerous thing.
Hands down the lamest post here. I was wondering if we would get one of those inane "I'm a lifelong fan but I need to find a new team" posts, and you certainly didn't disappoint. As the cliche goes, "don't let the door hit you in the ass..."
I'm at a loss trying to understand why anyone cares what Paul Finebaum thinks or says, or exactly what makes him remotely relevant. I constantly see this clown quoted as if his opinion means something, and I don't know a single thing he has done to earn that kind of authority.
Exactly. Breaking my "don't feed the troll" rule just this once to respond to that moron's comment: "Instead, Fat Phil chose the one redneck in coaching even dumber than he is. " I'm no big fan of Fulmer, but it does seem that "Fat Phil" did at least accomplish something that no UGa coach has been able to do since riding Herschel Walker to a natty way back in 1980.
Now, here's the actual GW statement, instead of the Bratton hack job above. "I will test the waters and enter the NBA Draft process. I will NOT forgo my last season at the University of Tennessee with the capability of coming back to finishing what I started here. This process helps me gather information as a player and find out what I need to do to improve. I will use the new rules that allow a player to hire an agent to make the most informative decision as possible." Frightening what passes for "journalism" these days.
Amen, Connor, well said. Really disappointing that we won't see this old school group again, and that it had to end like that. Just a brutal foul call on Turner with the game on the line.
As far as I'm concerned, the loss is a blessing in disguise. An ass-kicking like this will show what the Vols are made of, and my feeling is it will serve as a huge wake-up call. All that matters is getting a local seeding in the tournament, and to be playing well at that time, which is on Barnes. I don't care much about the SEC - yeah, it would be nice to win the conference, but this group hopefully has much bigger fish to fry.
I see a lot of long time dwellers here ripping Hooker, and this pathetic excuse of a column should be Exhibit A. How many times in a column that repeats itself over and over and goes nowhere did he trip over himself to marginalize the two UT wins over ranked opponents? We "didn't show up" against UGa and UF, as if a greater perceived effort might have been enough to defeat two teams very likely to be in NY6 bowls? As the famous philosopher said: what a maroon.
Lundquist is a self important blowhard I was happy to see gone from SEC broadcasts - I just wish he would retire from golf telecasts as well. He was always a solid broadcaster, but fell into the 'media star' routine so many have, believing that he was part of the show as opposed to just calling the action on the field. Now it's a story how he ranks sports moments and how HE felt while it happened? Please. Oh, and he stole the "Yes sir" line from Ben Wright, who had used it earlier in that Masters but Lundquist said it at a bigger moment and somehow gets credit for inventing it.
It's good to see our tax dollars going to useful purposes like this.
Thank you. My first thought seeing the silly article title.
Reminded me of Bama in '82, when we beat them in Bryant's final season, and they came in ranked #2. Final was 35-28, just an amazing game, and when it ended we rushed the field and did the same thing, carried the goal post down the strip and then deposited it next to The Rock. Good times.
Exactly. High expectations are crazy with a coaching change and coming off the worst season in the program's history. It's all about establishing schemes and a different culture, and setting up the program to be able to recruit at a championship level again. It ain't going to happen overnight, and UT fans need to exercise patience now more than ever, hard as it might be.
To me this season isn't about the W-L record but about completely eradicating the Jones culture of "pretty good is good enough". If the Vols win five games but are clearly competing at a different level and improving through the season I would be okay with it. Of course, beating UK and Vandy would go a long way in showing that progress has been made and beginning to restore a bit of order, as well as leaving a better taste going into the off season.
"Nowadays, most play-by-play announcers want the television spotlight. Nowadays, many want to be a part of the show." I'd only change the word 'many' to 'virtually all'. My #1 pet peeve with current sports broadcasting is the announcers injecting themselves into the story, as if anyone tunes in to see THEM. Media leeches as 'stars' is the single worst development of modern sports programming. Sorry for the rant, but reading about Ward, who was the antithesis of everything current broadcasters are encouraged to be, just struck a chord. I was at UT from '79-'83, and Ward's calls, especially the basketball calls, were one of the glorious experiences of being here. Those were the Dale Ellis years, and I can remember listening to road games as Ward painted the pictures so brilliantly. To this day, I've never heard an announcer use his "bottom!" call for a made shot. It's sad that the class and humility of John no longer exists in the broadcast world, but he will always be remembered as the greatest there ever was, even if he would flinch at that depiction.