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JJJ is a quality kid and a leader, and his ability to guard multiple positions and his athleticism will get the attention of NBA teams right off the bat. If he can develop some consistency in his 3-ball, he will have a long career as a 3&D wing, among the most valuable commodities that teams seek. I don't see him getting drafted, and it isn't clear that another year here would change that unless he did improve his shooting consistency, but if he gets in a good developmental NBA program, a year in the G-League might be valuable. Hope he returns, but I don't think it's likely.
Exactly what he and JJJ should do before making any decisions. I'd love to see both come back, but SV has probably maxed out in how good he can be while JJJ is just starting to scratch the surface at what he could be as a player. Vescovi's future is likely playing overseas, but JJJ has the capability to be a solid 3&D player at the next level.
i4bama - upsets like that are what have made 'March Madness' just that - changing that in any way would ruin one of the main reasons (along with betting brackets) so many casual viewers to tune in. Drawing casual viewers is what the exorbitant TV contracts are all about. Thing is, those upsets almost always spoil the bracket, and especially the second round, depriving us of great matchups. There is no comparison to football, where the chances of a small conference team winning even one game is incredibly remote. The talent is spread much wider in basketball, and a hot shooting game that takes out a favorite is much more likely. There's a reason the same handful of teams are competing for the CFP year in and year out - the top talent is at those schools.
"Arizona’s ability and Tennessee’s NCAA Tournament history make that notion seem a bit far-fetched." Basing a pick on a school's 'history', which has less than zero to do with this year's team, is completely asinine. Obviously take it one game at a time, but Villanova and Arizona will both be stern tests. Jay Wright knows how to coach in the NCAA's and always has disciplined teams that don't beat themselves. This isn't one of his more talented teams, and I believe it will come down to UT-Arizona for the Final Four. Looking forward to a long UT run.
Gig 'em - that's about the best reason for having expansion that I've seen. This idea of pretending that some G5 school is going to go on a March Madness type of run is just silly, but adding playoff games with actual meaning in place of these awful bowls will draw viewers, even if the Final Four every year is the same schools from the SEC and Big 10. And a good point about opt-outs - it's far less likely that players will opt out of a playoff game that will actually have an audience than the Fred's Chop House Bowl in Nowhere, USA.
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"So why would any Tennessee person want Alabama to win???" Primarily because of trolls like you. This column has nothing whatsoever to do with UGa, and yet you've hijacked it, which is your wont. I generally ignore fools like you, as any response is like oxygen to you.
While I absolutely believe UT was robbed and that should have been a W, I don't get the importance placed on anything Finebaum says or thinks, as if it carries the slightest bit of weight. I'm not a fan of any national media these days, as most of it consists of opinions and hot takes to generate clicks and views, but Finebaum comes off as not much more than another Steven A. Smith or Skip Bayless, an attention seeking hack.
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V@ls1998 I'll add that with the short drops Hooker is usually taking he needs to get the ball out quick or the sack is pretty much a certainty, especially against a good D-line.
To me the biggest issue with the offense by far has been short yardage plays on 3rd and 4th down. Always playing out of the shotgun takes away the sneak and with a compressed, attacking defensive front makes the standard RPO running plays very difficult. I hate having to throw on those downs, but a quick slant or square out is far preferable to a runner being swallowed up behind the LOS. I'd like to see Hooker fake the handoff and roll out with the option of running occasionally. Not likely to happen, but having the QB under center at times would allow for the sneak ... or not, but it would add some confusion for the defense. Just some thoughts.
Fuzzyvol01 I believe that Hooker would be making a big mistake in declaring for the draft after this year. Another year in this system with an improved supporting cast will only raise his profile. Where he might be a late round pick or undrafted FA in '22, he could turn himself into a first or second day pick with a solid 2022 season here.
Not making Joshua Dobbs the first name mentioned among notable UT players over the last decade kills any credibility this column might have had. Not only was Dobbs a singular talent who could put a team on his shoulders, but the Butch Jones era would have short circuited two years sooner without Dobbs at QB. Hooker might be more impactful because of how down the program was entering this season, but I'd be hard pressed to call him a better player than Josh Dobbs. The one thing in Hooker's behalf is that Dobbs played on much better and deeper (if poorly coached) rosters, whereas Hooker has done it with a patchwork group to a great extent.
The broadcasting is hideous everywhere now, and those two doing the UT-UK game were a joke. The best was when the 'analyst' was confused at what UK should do on 4th and 10 at the end, and Mowins said "how about Robinson for 11 yards?". Is this the best they can find to do major college football games? That's rhetorical, of course.
Pillsbury, I think the unsportsmanlike penalty was as much based on the refs having had enough of Stoops last night as that one incident - that was the proverbial straw. Stoops was relentlessly on them all night, and must have just crossed the line there. Having said that, can't say I blame him because the officiating has been atrocious all season - I'm stunned that we finally got a break. I don't think they were hesitant to call the face mask, they just flat missed it. Glad UK got the first down so that call wouldn't taint the win. To be honest, Levis needed to let it go and just play, but he was still moaning about the call after they got stopped.
Not a big fan of alternate uniforms, which are primarily a marketing opportunity, but if it inspires the kids and juices up the crowd a bit, what the hell. Long before alternate uniforms or announcements of uniform choices for the week were even a thought, when I was at UT in 1982, we were hosting #2 Bama in Bryant's final season. The Vols had on their normal orange/white home unis for warmups, but when they ran out thru the Power T it was the rare orange on orange combo, and the roof would have come off Neyland if there was one. Needless to say, we went on to win 35-28, and the crowd was in a frenzy all afternoon. Good times.
Said it at the time - biggest steal of this draft.
Pretty ballsy move even mentioning JG as a positive comparison at this point.
I think O'Gara underestimates one point about why it is the same 5-6 schools that attract the top talent, even those 5-stars that know they may not see the field for at least a season: The top talent are looking to win championships and they have pro aspirations, and the best way to achieve those goals is the exposure that the winning programs inevitably receive from being perennial CFP level teams. With a four team playoff the number of schools with a legitimate chance to compete for the playoff is limited, but I believe that if the playoff was expanded even to eight teams, the talent would begin to spread out a bit more and therefore somewhat even the playing field. There are obviously other factors in play, but if 12-15 schools had a realistic shot at being a playoff team annually, the top talent might be more inclined to go where they would play immediately and still get that big time exposure. We might even see the talent level increase at the top Group of 5 schools.
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Highly underrated coach who turned not one, not two, but three train wrecks into championship contenders. His stubbornness caught up to him in big spots, and along with some bad luck kept him from ever getting a team to the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure there has ever been a coach who was better at taking reclamation projects and making them successful.
Careful now, 101, that kind of logic and levelheaded thinking can be a very dangerous thing.
Hands down the lamest post here. I was wondering if we would get one of those inane "I'm a lifelong fan but I need to find a new team" posts, and you certainly didn't disappoint. As the cliche goes, "don't let the door hit you in the ass..."
I'm at a loss trying to understand why anyone cares what Paul Finebaum thinks or says, or exactly what makes him remotely relevant. I constantly see this clown quoted as if his opinion means something, and I don't know a single thing he has done to earn that kind of authority.
Exactly. Breaking my "don't feed the troll" rule just this once to respond to that moron's comment: "Instead, Fat Phil chose the one redneck in coaching even dumber than he is. " I'm no big fan of Fulmer, but it does seem that "Fat Phil" did at least accomplish something that no UGa coach has been able to do since riding Herschel Walker to a natty way back in 1980.