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Things rarely work out for classless bigmouths. His fate was sealed when he started trash talking bama after their win. I am guessing lsu is in for years of drought after Burrow goes.
Good, we need more distractions so the barn won't be focused on the iron bowl...
I guess this would be considered the opposite of rat poison? Maybe not, he is usually wrong, so maybe the kids will see this list backwards...
I'm always shocked when I see a woman get punched after slapping someone... well usually
He was holding up 2 fingers to signify it took 11 quarters for the vols to score a TD.... or was it that Alabama has 11 straight wins.... I can't remember
Kiffin got divorced after the 2015 championship, and his 3 kids headed out to cali with mom. My guess is a west coast job. Blake Barnett is in talks with Oregon, and he was recruited by Lane, so I could see some momentum for the him going to the Ducks... They are not at all happy with their coach.
Excellent point... If Kirby was staying, I would be more worried...
Alabama will do one of two things... lose horribly, or blow Georgia out. I don't think this will be a close game.
It is clear there was an ineligible receiver down field, that is indisputable, but it is easy to understand why the refs missed it. What needs to be fixed, is moving the 3 yards to 1 yard like the NFL, and breaking the plane of the LOS, like the NFL. Then the refs can easily see if they broke the 1 yard rule. DONE. Review the breaking the plane, DONE. NFL has this crap figured out, why can't the NCAA?
How is the barn even ranked at all?
The trillionth 'Nick Saban is leaving' story... *yawn*
After going 8-5, a 10 win season would be great.
Has gameday ever been to Auburn when Alabama wasn't there?
I have never seen a team unify Bama's rivals more than the Ohio State. I guess everyone hates them. SEC! SEC! SEC!
That lying cow was already wearing state colors... no matter. State's success is it's worst enemy. There are lots of big time programs that need a good coach, Mullen will pop smoke at the end of this season when his stock is high.