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One in freaking four. Jawja fans are catching up with then Aubs for most delusional fan base.
About what I’d expect from a Jawja goobermonster.
Hey lemmings…Finebaum really knows very little about CFB…don’t let anything he says affect you. Bowlcut owes knows who his daddy is.
Whiney Kyles yacking about rough play by a QB…nice take cupcake.
1 in how many tries trailer park? Go bounce another child support check cracker.
And here come the dbag dawgs. How many times has Jawja beat a BAMA this freaking century? Never been to a BAMA vs Jawja game and didnt have to deal with some Cracker ahole.
LK would be an idiot to wade into that dumpster fire…at some point he has to stay somewhere and build.
Jawja won one freaking game out of how many at bats? Way to dominate Samford. Now go back to leveling the single wide and bouncing another child support check.