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I’m trying to figure out how to score 14 touchdowns on 11 carries. But hey, if he can average more than a touchdown per carry, hell yeah we will take him!
Good, one less undesirable to hear about.
I am going to preface this by saying LSU is a great team. That being said, please don’t rely solely on the offense. Remember Choklahoma last year? I hope their defense puts it all together and plays a full 60 minutes. They do that and I don’t think there’s a team in the country that can beat them.
How about a different direction than Arkansas has gone in a very long time. I would love to see a defensive minded coach hired. Actually seeing our defense tackle someone would be great!
I just went and looked myself and it still shows Alabama on too. The only possible “explanation” and a weak one at that, is Alabama has played 6 conference games and LSU has 5. Either way, anyone with a functioning brain knows LSU is in first place.
Um, they were never down by more than 8. They did a great job going into a hostile environment and beating a team that has been great in recent years.
Agreed. As an Arkansas fan a 10-2 season would be a dream! Realistically I am thinking 7-5
While we all enjoy our teams winning, I can not agree with putting blowouts in the list of most exciting games. An exciting game is one that is closly battled, like the Auburn/Oregon game. Watching a game that's decided before the first quarter is even over is not exciting.
Just goes to show, we may give each other hell on game day, but we are still all SEC family! Class acts all the way around.
Woah, pump your brakes too on Arkansas! If Toledo gave us that much trouble, I am not looking forward to playing teams that have any talent on the roster!
You make soooo, much more sense that whoever wrote this article. Sometimes I think the SDS staff needs to share whatever they are smoking so we can all be on the same page. Wisconsin? Really?
I think they are trying wayyyy to hard with this artificial rivalry. Over the course of time it could develop into one. But this year, there is no way in hell Arkansas fans will view this as a rivalry. Mizzou fans, is this game anything compared to your old rivalry games against Kansas? Like I said, over time this could develop into a rivalry, unless they keep force feeding us this crap.
Jayredd, The more you guys win, the quicker you will be accepted. You and A&M haven't been in the league very long, and a lot of fans still consider you guys a Big 12 team. We all know what SEC fans think of the Big 12. The respect will come, it just takes time. After all the time Arkansas has been in the SEC, we are still looked down on at times as a "lesser" school, or that "red-headed step child". Keep winning and the respect will come. Good luck to you guys tomorrow, it should be a hell of a game!
How do those two idiots still have A job?
I have been saying for awhile now, that if they ever figure out how to close a game, they would be a force to be reckoned with. I never expected them to post back to back shut outs! To Ole Miss fans: I know how it feels to be shut out, but one positive you can take from this game, would be your defense did a good job against our power downhill running game. Take heart, you have a really good team, just the misfortune of a bad game.
While I was reading this article, I was thinking of how bad the comments would be. Way to stay classy and honest guys. I always enjoy talking football with fans of other teams that don't have blinders on. Here is hoping the Tide take the first College Playoff Championship!
The way I see it is Oregon lost to an unranked, and still unranked Arizona. Alabama lost to Ole Miss, who was ranked at the time and is still ranked in the top 10. That alone to me should be enough to put them higher than Oregon. How many ranked teams has Oregon played? Serious question there since they aren't in the SEC, they aren't worth my TV time. My issue with FSU, would be that they are a team that belongs in a football powerhouse conference. They are light years ahead of most of the other schools in their conference. It is hard to gauge how good they are when they don't play worthy competition. That would be my thinking for dropping them in the rankings.
Classy comment Coozie! I hope you guys take it all!