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  • AUB
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  • UGA
    3:30pm ET
  • FLA
    4:00pm ET
  • SCAR
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  • MISS
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Recent Comments
Really hoping State can pull it out this weekend on the road. Stats don't win games, but as of right now, the arrow points in State's favor w/ 1 SEC#12 win over GA's #24Ind Win. I think the biggest difference will be the fact that it's in Athens.
Not only in-state, but in-town... Really hope he wants to stay home.
It was obvious the kid enjoyed it. Now he's gonna silently be rooting roll tide for the rest of his life.
I'd put my money on Vandy.
Cannot believe nothing was said about the refs' calls today. They were absolutely terrible. Had to review the previous play to find out if it was 2nd and inches or 3rd and inches. Then missed an obvious block in the back on a kickoff (which was right next to the returner) which allowed a return for a TD before the half. This has to be done better. These refs need to be held to a higher standard. Should we get more refs on the field or what?
Agree again, with out top 2 CB's out, not sure how they picked out coverage over our run D. We'll have much better D that's not suspended this weekend.
I first saw something about this a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a joke. I thought "Hell No!" But the more and more I think about it, I like the idea. He's a good D coach and an good recruiter. I say go for it
No way they give Ole Miss the bump to be #3, over TCU, after struggling to beat Vandy...
As of right now, the cfb rankings have Oregon at #2 right? How does Bama(#1) play Oregon(#2) for the rose bowl?! Do these writers research anything? #1 plays #4 in the Sugar Bowl... I swear they are just making this stuff up. I'm not sure why I keep coming to this page...
Again wonderful editing... the Egg Bowl will be at Oxford, not Starkville. Starting to think SDS doesn't want readers.
Its amazing how many stats SDS gets wrong...
Yeah SDS doesn't have much of an editing team per say(or at all).
Georgia will lose to Auburn. And if there's anyway KY can beat Georgia, then KY will go to the SEC Championship. So no, he isn't out of his mind. Even though I'd rather the SEC Championship be a 'Dawg Fight'. #HAI1STATE
We look at it same way as in going into the 2nd half, we haven't done anything yet, it's 0-0, time to play. We don't need past rings and titles to win the first ever playoff. It starts over now. And the dawgs are coming for blood.
<-Huge State fan. I would never root for Ole Miss to win in anything, but the defense is saving a special can for Tenn.
I'm a huge State fan, but I don't how we got 2nd either...KY is last in wins over basketball rivals?? and im assuming the student population is the ratio between students/total population, because when schools out, Starkville is a slow place.
So why was nothing said all week about the State/Auburn game? It was a must win game for both teams. No State isn't a Bama or LSU. But I think State looked really good against a Defensive Line that was supposed to be one of the Best in the nation...
In all fairness, should LSU be able to talk after only passing the 50 yard line once in their during the previous game and getting shut out? I think BidDaddyDog has the right to say anything he likes about corndogs... Don't you?
oh, by the way, State held that "Beast" to 17 carries for 39 yards...
State Cowbells won't ever be completely taken out... For the morons that want to open their mouths and speak w/o knowing about any of it, the tradition came from an eggbowl game against TSUN in the 30's, where a cow wandered on State's field. We then beat TSUN pretty bad. So we then brought a cow to the field for luck, then stopped and just started bringing cowbells.And for the comment we've never had a good season in 20 years...'98 and '99 10-2 winning the West in '98, only losing to Tenn( the national champions) in the SEC Championship. '99 went 8-0 before losing to Bama. So 12 yrs is the same as 20 yrs??? Guess we learn something new everyday.So blow us off as any Vandy/Memphis kinda team u want. but u ask any Bama fan, they never assume a 'W' when we play.