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Florida didn't beat any ranked teams. That's just how it is.
No Trey Smith on the All SEC Team, not even as a honorable mention? That's a joke right?
Life long Nashvillian and what he said is the truth. The only thing that they talk about Vandy Football here is the lack of support by the school for the football program. The only actual football talk in Nashville is usually the Titans or Vols.
For a Florida fan, you sure do love to read about Tennessee...
No interviews? Come on man, you're not that important. I hate how social media is entitling these kids. Learn what commit means or you'll end up like Jalen Hurd.
Alabama is going to have their hands full the next two weeks...
I'd say something about Florida's players but they are too scared to play the game...
Not with the top of your helmet into the face mask of people. Berry is out of the game because of that dangerous hit.
If you don't think that was targeting, then you're blind. No excuses trying to be made, that was a horrible missed call.
Absolutely targeting. Horrible no-call that gives A&M excellent field position which they scored on and it takes Tenn's best return man out of the game. These refs are awful.
How was that not targeting? He hit him with the crown of his helmet right in the face mask. You can still see the mark on top of his helmet. Some interesting calls and no calls so far.
He picked Tennessee to beat Va Tech...
The SEC should count this as a forfeiture of the game by Florida which would make it another loss. If they don't like it, they can play LSU and earn their way in the honest way.
Just win? That's rich coming from a fan of a team that won't even play a game they're supposed to.
Exactly, people at Tennessee don't hate Chief and I really don't think he hates Tennessee. Just the dumpster fire that was Mike Hamilton.
My god, just play your games, or have you guys already realized you're done?
What the hell is a Lamborghini Mclaren? That's like a Ford Chevrolet.
Nashville has several bypasses (Briley Pkwy, 440, 840). It definitely needs more public transportation. They are working on it though, and there is a possible multi-billion dollar project that could take place within the next 10-20 years. Nashville will hit the 2 million mark in the metro area very soon.
Keep your rapists in Tallahassee Jimbo.
Well Peyton may need a job next year. If only he had said something about coaching QBs at UT....