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Why all this negative vibe towards Bama? With the assistants Saban has lost, on an annual basis, his success should be celebrated throughout college football. Bama's players commit to Saban and Tuscaloosa. Same thing with Dabo and Clemson, as well as Coach O. How many others are on the list? Not many. Mullen could get there, Kirby seems poised to get there and, even Pruitt, nah. My goodness, Saban and Alabama have made college football what it is in 2019. They haven't won every game, they are "sore losers" when they do lose but, they are responsible for the level of fan interest we have today and the media access we have. I chuckle when they lose. My team lost not one, but two heartbreakers to them, but their success has made our game better.
Hey scribe! Are you wearing your "second place in the east" t-shirt?
Les just can't keep a GOOD man down. Harbaugh loses to Oleo State and Les is back in "The Big House."
Domestic violence/assualt and other criminal behavior in today's society, increasingly, has accompanying video. It's becoming, "if you don't have video, then I'm not guilty." Testimony is an opinion now. The point though, is what has a perpetrator done to rehab/repent since the crime. Is there remorse? Has the person assisted in assuring the victim that he/she is not the problem? Have actions been taken to address the root cause of the violence "trigger?" While the results are subjective, the NFL, is making a mistake with a pompous and arrogant policy in an attempt to appear supportive to women.
This guy probably will win the Heisman and Natty. Number one overall, nothing is out of reach for him and any quality team he plays for. He's like in qb grad school now.