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All year we've been outscoring teams with questionable bullpen performance, but this post season has been all about the arms. UK shutout two teams, Indiana State and Oregon St, who had not been shutout all season AND only gave up 3 hits in the super regional to one of the country's best hitting teams while shutting down the projected number 1 pick. I figure the Cats have to be one of the favorites to bring home a title since their pitchers are peaking at just the right time.
I'm seeing 4-5 wins here for the Gators, so it would take a borderline miracle to make a bowl. I can't say it makes me sad after 30+ years of beatdowns, so I'll be in Gainesville again looking for another great game and likely close win for UK and since it'll be in October I won't be roasting like usual.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Omaha. Go Cats!
ISU could have hosted, They have ace pitching, though not the hitting that UK has. Hoping for an Illinois upset, if they decide to sandbag their pitching hoping to upset UK in game 4.
Big get! Especially when you consider he's only lived in KY for 1-2 years after growing up in East TN.
Aluminum bats, inconsistent pitching accuracy and really inconsistent umpiring are all impediments to exceptional pitching performances.
Beau is here to graduate, join the staff as a GA to get into coaching. He hasn't seen the field since 2022 and they will not be saving a scholarship for him. If something happens and they can't find any more transfers for those scholarships, then they'll probably reward him.
Absolutely zero chance Barnhart talks to Pearl. He was asked in an interview a few years ago and said he would have no interest in any candidate who had broken NCAA rules and/or lied to investigators/their employer.
He played both in HS. He committed to Wisconsin as a RB, but decommitted this summer and accepted a scholarship from WF as a linebacker. It seems, after going through summer workouts, he decided he didn't want to play LB, so he contacted Vince and asked if he could come play at UK, since we had recruited him pretty hard. He was told there was no scholarship available, but he could walk on and earn a scholly next year.
INterestingly, UK could be much better than last year and have the same number of wins given the difficulty of the schedule. I'm predicting 8 wins.
UF has picked up their recruiting so far this cycle, but if Napier only manages 5 or 6 wins what are the chances he keeps everyone in the fold? He selling a dream to these recruits, as he should, but I suspect the fanbase gets hot if they miss or limp into a mid December bowl game.
UK scored 5 runs on Skenes in 6 innings (most runs scored against him this year, if I'm not mistaken) and also scored 13 runs on the Saturday matchup (which I believe is a season high against LSU), then had to score 3 in the final two innings to overcome a 2 rund deficit in the Sunday rubber match. LSU should be favored, but I hope they are as overconfident as some of the fans posting here. This could series might surprise a few.
UK with some love, I love it! Go Cats!
Agreed. I kind of feel sorry for whoever wins the starting job in 2024 with him on the pine. Every loss the calls for Cutter to start will get louder, then the coaches have to walk the tightrope of he's not good enough yet, but don't want to be too emphatic, so as not to hurt his confidence.
The expectation is for him to redshirt. He's a high 4 star, but he needs some development time, as his footwork is less than stellar which leads to accuracy issues. He's got a gun and has gotten by with his superior athleticism, but UK will get another portal mercenary to start next year and Cutter vs Wade to fight it out for 2025 starter.
Hell yeah! Come on down Cutter. No Little Indy 500 in Lexington, but we'll think of something! ;)
Bizzare that that this keeps getting flagged.
Not sure why my prediction has been awaiting moderation all day. Must be a Vol fan not happy that it was 100% accurate.
Virtually zero chance he picks the Vols.
Everything I have read indicated FSU and Clemson as the primary SEC targets. Also read that NC St prefers SEC and UNC prefers B1G and their state legislature wants them to travel as a pair. Most speculation I have read is the SEC would not be so interested in Miami.
Yup. This is a depth piece with a chance at rising.
I suspect UT is going to realize how special Hooker was. His completion percentage was about 70%. Milton's is closer to 60%. If that holds out, then they're probably looking at about 8 wins instead of playing for the East.
Maybe you can get a prince if you kiss a frog.
Amazing how some people who have reached a respectable level of success, then throw it away for greed.