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Nothing burger. It wasn't a violent shove. I would characterize more like he ushered him towards first.
Don't sleep on UK's defense. They had a historic D-line recruiting class 3 years ago, so will have 7 quality d lineman to rotate, so will have top 5 SEC front 7. Only question mark was CB depth, but have some interesting transfers coming in for depth.
Edit #6 in SEC wins with 21, whereas UT had 14 in the last 5 years.
Not against this coach/regime. I wouldn't be pushing back if we still had any of our previous coaches. The talent level is historically high and we are #4 in the SEC in wins over the last 5 years which means we have earned a seat at the table and anyone who punches up is living in the past.
I don't know much about Baker, but from what I've read, he has NFL caliber talent with Bush league work ethic. If true, I am happy Stoops passed on him because culture matters and he has built a team with a blue collar work ethic and a chip on their shoulder. No sense reaching for talent that could upset the apple cart.
Notsame-when was the last time we played UGA in football during the spring meet? :)
For fans of a team that has lost 2 out of the last 5 with 2 more that should have been wins, plus finishing below us in the East 4 of the last 5 years, you all sure do love to chirp. Have some shame to go with that oversized since of pride.
Stoops has been hesitant to throw more than he has to due to lack of talent and until last year scheme. Last year we had one SEC calibur WR. This year, we will have 4-5 quality WR/TEs to throw to. Levis has apparently cleaned up his footwork issues that were causing him to be errant on some throws, so I would expect less reluctance to rely on the passing game to win a game.
He did refuse the FST and mobile unit. I had read that was taken at the detention center. I can't find a link, so maybe I made it all up!
Not to mention it was a .08. He did not fail a field sobriety test, but did blow the legal minimum. Not giving a pass, but context.
Agree with your assessment. With parity the way it is 7-9 wins could happen to any team and probably comes down to 2-3 plays per game that could be the difference between just making a bowl vs potential NYE invite.
Agreed, but -160 this year and 7.5 wins and about 20-25% chance we only win 7. I usually bet on Bovada and MyBookie, so I'm holding out for O/U 7 wins and sell some investments if I have to.
Just checked. Bet was $10k over 7 -110, so I didn't actually win $10k.
You could go 2-2 against those four, but I'd lay even money on under 1.5. Vegas Insider set your season win total at 5.5 and you'll be underdogs in every game except maybe UK at home. If Drink fails to make a bowl will his seat be getting warm? Good luck!
You should expect a significant improvement with UK's offense. Levis will be in his 2nd year in basically the same scheme, plus new OC is QB whisperer and dramatic upgrades to the WR and TE rooms. Last year UK was 5th in SEC in points p/g and 8th in yds, so expect that to improve.
I made $10k last year UK over 7. I'll probably do the same again this year if it stays 7.5 because I think 8 wins has the highest probability, followed by 9, then 7.
I agree with the workers getting their fair share, but I suspect quite a few sports/scholarships will be cut unless they work the contracts to allow the cost of attendance to be debited from the revenue share.
Indeed and I just saw ESPN ranked defenses preseason and UK's is #18. I suspect he won't even get 500 snaps.
So UK is returning 7 starters from a top 4 SEC defense and you think their best defensive player will be a transfer from FBS? He may have some good stats due to playing nickel, but UK plays base defense, unless forced into nickel playing against spread. Expect one of the 4-5 high quality LBs to be their best player on D.
At least 4 of those interceptions were dropped/bobbled catches. The numbers looked worse than the effort. Also had quite a few dropped TDs. WR room was terrible expect for WR1, but that room has flipped this season with transfers and high 4 star recruits.
I don't think the UK prediction was very bold. How about UK has a top half SEC passing offense and top four overall offense? Maybe not likely, but certainly obtainable.
What rule did Cal get accused of or penalized for?
You don't understand Louisville or their fans. The Pitino video played at the Russ Smith jersey retirement this week got a standing ovation. They don't have a President, as she just bolted for Penn State, and they will gladly take someone of questionable character if it gives them a chance to beat big brother.
Louisville, as a program, is definitely a step up compared to any team in the SEC sans UK, but they are currently a dumpster fire and have major sanctions looming, so anyone who takes the role will nee to negotiate a 7 year deal with a built in expectation that the first 3 years are expected to be underwhelming.
Beat me to it. When was the last time an upper echelon SEC coordinator took the same role at a less prestigious program? That's telling.