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How could they not be better? No need for analysis to answer that. The question is will they be better enough to matter and the likely answer is no. I suspect it will be another long year for Vol Nation and after another disappointing loss to UK, their glory days grip on mattering in the East race will further slip away.
Agreed, though it would not surprise me if we are playing UGA in Oct for first place in the East like we did in 2018. It will all depend on how seamlessly they implement an entirely different offense. Moving from a road grader inside zone scheme to a balanced motion heavy outside zone is a significant obstacle. The talent is there for 2-3 in the East and win it if lucky scenario, but can the offense click in year 1? Only time will tell.
They way Stoops & Co. have methodically built UK up, with out gimmicks, by convincing talented interior lineman, on both sides of the ball, to come build a winner has been a pleasure to watch. It's only going to continue to get better and we'll be sniffing an East title before too long.
Never heard of this guy before he showed up on the radar, but Stoops has earned our trust on personnel decisions.
He'll likely start which will take the pressure off the highly ranked young guys, who can ease into the rotation, rather than being forced into a starting role. Great get!
SEC Mike from this website picked UK to finish 2nd in the East over Florida with Mizzou finishing 5th and you believe Mizzou should be better than UK? To be clear, I don't expect a blow out and will be happy with a 1 point win given that we have a new OC and we play the second game, but there is no doubt the overall talent and depth at UK is significantly higher than Mizzou. Good luck this year!
Darrian Kinard was an All-American/SEC OT and projected 1-2 round draft pick and returned for his Sr season. He is the highest graded O lineman returning according to PFF and will likely be the 1st O lineman drafted next year. And no mention of him?
I believe you forgot UK. They won 4 games last year and with their new OC QB friendly OC from the Rams, are projected to win 8-9 games with an easier schedule than last year.
It’s not UL because they’ve had a lot of draft picks and they are not out of state as stated in the quote. UT or Rutgers.
Given the Oline recruits committed for 2022, I’d say we are an upward trajectory. They have also done a great job of getting snaps for 8-10 players, so they have a pool of backup talent who have already seen significant action. I agree reloading not rebuilding.
Just about every non-local UK writer I have read. I doubt they have any inside information, rather they are interpreting the fact that Coen saw film of the four he had on the roster and he felt it imperative to get another QB AND he recruited someone he has ties to from Connecticut where both are from. It’s certainly not a stretch to think Levis is a good bet, but he missed spring practice, so I believe it’ll be a dog fight to see who starts.
I love it! We are not on par with UGA yet, but we are in the ball park. We are on par with UF, though we need to actually start winning the games rather than just outplaying them. I think the Coen move showed how Stoops has grown as a HC, though I would temper the enthusiasm for the first year. The offense is dramatically different for every position and when I read Coen’s comments I hear that he sees the talent, but too many players “need to get in their book.” I believe the offense will be better and more balanced than last year, but it’ll be year two when they take a big jump in efficiency.
I agree. I like it, but I am in the distinct minority of old white (mostly) white guys who post on UK message boards who like it. Change is difficult for many.
I agree with much of what you said, though If give more credit to the idiot Mullen. He was great at the s**thole MSU. His ceiling at IF is limited due to his idiocy. This year’s recruiting shows that Stoops has put daylight bewteeen UK at #3 and UT at #4 in the SEC East pecking order and UK is sniffing the Gators. We finally have some QBs and an innovative OC to go with top SEC defense ind Olines. It’ll be interesting to watch this season pan out. If UK wins 8+, then their momentum will accelerate.
We’re getting a 4/5 star commitment today from Kiyaunta Goodwin today.
UK is methodically climbing up the East ladder. This year we are solidly holding #3 spot and closer to UF at #2 than UT at #4.
Aren’t many mountain boys leaving the state. He will make a fine addition the Big Blue Wall.
Yea leaves lean UK. They use their final visit to Lexington next weekend and would expect a commitment soon after. If they delay, that would seem to favor the Vols.
That’s a reflection of team culture. UK was not in the playoffs, but they had first round draft pack play and win their bowl games. Leadership and culture matters.
Stoops & Co have really upgraded the WR room. I’m sure several more will realize they don’t have much chance of seeing the field, after spring practice.
If we find a QB that is even average, then UK will be in the East hunt. And keep yourself eyes out for some changes on defense. We have 5 safeties who deserve starters minutes, so don’t be surprised to see a hybrid D, with a couple of our bigger, more athletic safeties playing a hybrid DB/LB role.
Stoops and Co continue to impress. With transfers this class is top 20 and with Coen taking over as OC from the Rams, I’m looking forward to much more balanced offense. UK v UGA should be for the East this year.
And UK fans are happy seeing the Vols drift further away in the rear view mirror. With serious sanctions looming and a likely post season ban, it’ll be 3-4 years before the Vols have enough talent to get the Independence Bowl
They didn’t sell him anything. They bought him.
Paul’s right, especially in the near term, as they will be fighting with USCjr to get in line behind Mizzou and above Vandy. With all the defections and scholly reductions, it’ll be 3-4 seasons before a bowl game is realistic. Heupel’s a place holder until the sanctions are out of the rear view mirror.
It may not make a huge difference, but then again it may. UK fired their OC and QB coach. Vince Marriw, the TE coach and Recruiting Co, is calling the plays. Also, UKs running QB is likely not playing in favor of better passing options. It could be interesting and I’ll be there to watch it.
I try to live in the last Stoops years with UK football. I’m not arguing out past. We historically suck, but now have passed UT in the SEC East pecking order in the last 5 years.
Fair enough. He played three years and transferred his Sr season after Mumme got fired.