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Laughable? Since Stoops 3rd year when most of the players were his recruits, USCjr has one exactly one game and that was due to an injured QB and a WR having to take over under center. It's delusional to look at those results and think you are out recruiting us. We have the better player at at least 15 of the 22 starters.
Crowing about an individual accomplishment when the team is down by an insurmountable lead is the poorest of forms. It shows there is a lack of leadership on that team. An upperclassman should have put a stop to that.
Their D line is better than average, with two future NFL players starting, but I suspect Stoops will have them whipped into shape and the real UK team will show up. This game may be close on the scoreboard, but the talent disparity is just too much for the Cocks to overcome.
LOL, we are so sick of the Liberty and Music City bowls because they were the only bowls we could reach for a few decades.
It'll be interesting to see how UK responds against the Cocks. Stoops' teams do not have a good track record as road favorites (might be due to small sample size), but his teams have a great record of bouncing back after disappointing performances. I suspect you'll see a much more focused team, but they cannot keep turning the ball over. Ten fumbles and 4 interceptions in 3 games is ridiculous.
The primary issue for UK, is the 6 players suspended for trumped up charges. Three defensive backs that would all see significant minuets are sidelined and we have zero depth now. You can't play man if you have no subs.
Yawn. Their fans will have fun, but ND is terribly overrated. I watched their game against FSU and I don't know how they didn't win by 30, much less allow it to overtime.
Some UK fans were saying the same thing when Stoops went 5-7 in both years 2 and 3. I thought it was absurd and I am glad the AD ignored the morons calling for his firing. I don't keep as close an eye on MSU, but it would seem he hasn't had enough time to be judged too harshly, but as your annual opponent I'd be happy if you keep throwing away coaches and rebuilding.
PFF has UK's Will Levis rated as the #1 QB in the SEC and #4 (if my memory is correct) nationally. Interesting that he gets no mention here.
It'll be a while before Mark gets that kind of credit for what he's done in Lexington. Plus, the ADs at these football blue bloods schools, UT included, don't have the patience that Stoops was afforded at UK. He was a made FG away from getting fired himself, which is outrageous.
Mizzou should be happy if they only lose by 7 points. IMO, UK by 14 is more likely than Mizzou by 1.
I wonder is it age or where you were raised. I'm 50 today and, for me, basketball season begins after the bowl game. I'll watch the autumn games, but I don't consume basketball content and I probably couldn't name all the players until Jan. I grew up in KY, but my dad played ball at FSU. I didn't know what basketball was until I moved to KY in Jr High.
Peter Burns just predicting this will be a blowout. UK by 21. And Doering agreed this will be UKs coming out party. Can't wait to watch this game. Hoping for the best.
I analyzed the film for both UK's and Mizzou's game and have been posting this all over the internet. Mizzou will need 2+ TO margin to keep this game single digits. People were sleeping on UK this summer, but apparently they are starting to wake up. If they win by 2 TDs, they should be ranked and the rest of the country will start to take a closer look. If Mizzou somehow pulls an upset, then I would think they would be ranked then as well.
Indeed. Tough to imagine Stoops going too many places. At UK he makes $5mm a year and gets an automatic one year extension for every win over 6. He has no pressure, but decent support and that is growing. If half the basketball only UK fans jumped on board, it'd be a site to see.
A big cat can bite and scratch, but a little pu$$ie never hurt anyone.
Just watched SEC this morning and Peter Burns and Chris Doering agreed that this will not likely be a close game, That the talent disparity is too great. Upsets, happen, so that's why you play the game, but game tape doesn't lie.
Nice! Do you live in KL. I lived and worked in Asia for a decade and suspect we will move back as soon as the kid is off to college.
Their DC will have to choose between stopping the run or pass. They play press coverage with a single high safety and bring 6+ every snap, trying to plug every gap (to stop the run) and then after the QB if you choose to pass. They will get some sacks and negative plays when we call a run, but they will get gashed on an occasional run and those pass plays where the QB has more than 2.5 seconds. It will definitely be fun to watch.
On Saturday we will see. I've watched the UK game three times and the Mizzou game twice and there is a significant talent disparity. They will try to scheme a victory, but if they can't force 2-3 turnovers, then we will win with Bo Allen on the field.
Not to mention we had played 4 SEC games in a row and our Oline coach died of cancer days before the game, while Mizzou had their bye week the week before. Let them continue to think last year was some kind of breakthrough, but we know the truth.
Indeed. I didn't expect this, but as soon as Levis arrived to campus the buzz began to build. He's the real deal it would seem.
EasyCat-what are our weaknesses that you think Mizzou will exploit?
This game will not be close unless Mizzou turns them over 2+ times. If the game is clean, UK wins double digits. Should be a fun game to watch because Mizzou blitzes nearly every play. Should be a lot of sacks and a lot of long uns/TD passes from UK.
They play press coverage, single deep and blitz almost every play. If they maintain that scheme, this will get ugly.
I believe you are on the right track here, except I believe it will be a little lower score unless the Mizzou DC makes the mistake of blitzing every play like he did against CMU. If he pulls back we win 28-14/17. If he blitzes it'll look like your score or maybe worse. One caveat, if the havoc defense attempt produce 2+ turnover margin, then Mizzou will be in it at the end. There is a talent/depth disparity that is being buried, though Coach Drink seems to be the only one acknowledging it. If Mizzou keeps this single digits, then I will be impressed with their effort.