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It may not make a huge difference, but then again it may. UK fired their OC and QB coach. Vince Marriw, the TE coach and Recruiting Co, is calling the plays. Also, UKs running QB is likely not playing in favor of better passing options. It could be interesting and I’ll be there to watch it.
I try to live in the last Stoops years with UK football. I’m not arguing out past. We historically suck, but now have passed UT in the SEC East pecking order in the last 5 years.
Fair enough. He played three years and transferred his Sr season after Mumme got fired.
UT has only finished above UK in the SEC standings 1 out of the last 5 years and twice UT has been last below Vandy. UK is finally in the top half of the East and one could easily argue UT is looking up to Mizzou.
The problem with the coaching job at UT is the fan base still thinks it’s the 1990s. UT is battling USCJr and Mizzou to be daddy of the bottom half of the East. Champagne expectations with Butt Lite results. Like Matt Jones says, UT has joined Nebraska in the land of broken dreams.
Vandy is the only team in the East that UT can claim supremacy over. How the mighty have fallen.
Ark St paid $750k to their last coach. Butch will not get $2mm+
I must admit, I was not expecting such level headed analysis. Kudos to the author. I bet USC Jr pretty big at under 4.5 wins. The win against UK was with a QB who had a broken wrist and separated shoulder from our game against Fla, and Bowden was thrown into action that game with little preparation. You won, but I would chalk that up to very good fortune. Honestly, I hope Muschamp wins enough to stick around because I’ve enjoyed the reversion to mean after Spurrier’s run.
His name is Terry Wilson and he was our QB in 2018 when we went 10-3 and beat Penn State in the Citrus Bowl. Tore his ACL due to horse collar in game 2 last year. So this will be his 3rd year as QB1 and as backup we have Joey Gatewood transfer from Auburn. Top 50 recruit. We’ve got the best QB room we’ve had in a generation and will still have one of the best running games due to our OL. I’m taking the 11 points and betting the farm. Might be the easiest money I’ve ever made. I’m not guaranteeing a win, as I think a FG wins it, but Vegas sometimes gets it very wrong in week one and if you can find those games, you make your whole season the first week.
It’s shameful how many ignorant and shameful people are commenting here. Show some empathy!
Great point! If I had a college age kid, they’d be taking a year off, just like my 10 yr old is going to WiFi school at least until January. After my illness and continued mono like symptoms, there’s no way in hell I’d consider subjecting my kid to this. A lot of people think this is a hoax until they or someone they know gets it. I’ve had at least 30 people tell me they are taking precautions since learning that I caught it. I told each of them that I am happy they are choosing to be safer and the fact that it took my illness for them to wake up is probably the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.
I hope we play, selfishly, but if we do those young men are pawns in a giant experiment. We have limited data to ensure their safety and we will be having a season with our fingers crossed there are no deaths or, like me, a month long debilitating illness that one cannot seem to fully overcome. We could make it through with no serious illnesses or the result could be much worse. An experiment most risk management professionals would not take. Only time will tell.
This is what every Risk Management Committee is doing. They are running worst case scenarios and probability analyses. Fan and player pressure will have little effect on their decision making process. They will use SWOT matrix and other tools to determine the risk/reward scenario and they will make a decision based on the data. As a risk management professional myself, I can tell you this is where the difficulty lies. There are so many unknowns and dramatic shifts in relevant data that your normal risk management formulas break down. These decision makers are fiduciaries, this there responsibility is both professional and personal, so they will err on the side of caution. Anyone screaming that they are snowflakes and that we should step in the gas, is ignorant of what is at stake. I hope they are able to develop a plan that limits the risk scenario enough to play, but thinking there is a better than 50% chance of that happening would seem to be Wishful.
He’s right. Mizzou, like USC Jr, has dropped to bottom half of the East after long losing streaks to UK. You’re not in Arky/Vandy land, but there isn’t anyone that doesn’t pencil in a W looking at Mizzou and Ole Miss. The talent gap isn’t huge, so both of you are a couple of top 20 recruiting classes away from sniffing top half of the SEC.
Just get rid of the automatic cross divisional game and rotate two every year trying to make one top half and one lower half team, if possible.
The only teams that have any gripe are USC Jr, Arky and your Vols. The SECs goal is to schedule two top half and two bottom half cross divisional opponents. Since the West is top heavy And the East is middle heavy it’s an impossible task.
Agreed. Bama is a no lose situation and Ole Miss should be a relatively easy win given the talent disparity this year. Can’t be too disappointed with that.
I’ve had it. Yesterday was my first day without fever since July 13. You do not want this virus, trust me.
Exactly right. The data coming in is chaotic and difficult to interpret. Then add competing political and public health agendas and it’s easy to understand that nothing is set in stone. I don’t even those having to make these decisions. At least a third of the population will be angry at every decision you make.
That will cure some of our ills, but not COVID unfortunately.
It’s the liability. If you play, then the institution is accepting responsibility to provide a safe environment. If anyone, staff or players, dies at has a server illness, then they have to assume they will be sued. This is all risk management. I keep reading knuckleheads on here claiming politics, but that’s absurd. NO ONE wants to cancel the season, especially any of the stakeholders that work/play in the system, but the college presidents and ADs have to recognize and weigh the risks of playing/not playing and anyone who has ever owned or managed a business knows how difficult that kind of challenge can be. We are in the middle of a black swan event and some people are complaining we don’t just step in the gas and pray. Glad they’re not leaders anywhere except their own minds.
Yes it is real, but it didn’t have to be this bad. Our country has poor leadership and lot of ignorant people. I have foreign colleagues and friends abroad and they keep writing me asking WTF is wrong with Americans? I reply, I wish I knew.