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Gruden said he’s going to use him as a RB. That’ll be interesting to see.
Hi folks! My real name is Dr. Phil Steele and I’m here to offer my services in you need counseling. My your team’s special teams coach refuses to accept ruby style punters or maybe your angry your favorite recruit just lost a star. Whatever your issue is, I’m available for private or group sessions. Feel free to let me know.
Is there a more ironic statement you’ve seen recently than,”I’m guess your to stupid”? Having said that, you seem to be enraged. You might want to talk to someone about that.
So King when you say you want to take five guys at once, my response is this is not the proper website for those types of solicitations. No judgement though.
Settle down Francis! Glad more contemplative folks are in charge. We probably shouldn’t/won’t have a season, but they are trying to save the season by doing it with the least amount of acceptable risk.
They couldn’t make it work because if we played 1 OoC game, we’d be in breach of contract for the other ones. So do you pay $2mm to the thee pansies in order to play one rival? Of course not because if you play your rival in the road you get ZERO! Going to an SEC only schedule, mandated by the conference, allowed each SEC team to opt out of the contract guarantees without penalty. It’s not rivalry science. It’s finance.
I have a made for TV idea. Bring all the ADs together for a lottery to have a picking order, then allow the teams to choose their opponents. Using reverse snake, so the team picking first for the first game, picks last for the second game. Obviously half the teams choosing for first game, then sides switch. That way we have something to get excited to watch before the season and every team that gets picked early has some bulletin board material to motivate them.
It was never a done deal. It was never even reported as being discussed by the league. It was a hypothetical from a journalist.
Missouri has lost 5 in a row to UK, so I’d say recent results carry more weight.
UK’s top 2 SEC OL and a stable of RBs including Rodriguez mentioned here are going to continue the road grader running that has been building over the last 4 seasons, especially because with the talent upgrade at QB defenses cannot out 8-9 in the box like last year. Hope this season happens.
It was mentioned the 5star transfer from LSU Kelvin Joseph will be added to UKs #2 ranked defense, but what was not mentioned is that we are returning Davonte Robinson, who was injured in fall camp just before last season. He’s a 4 star recruit and the best DB we had going into last year. Adding two players better than all the returning players to the #2 pass defense, plus we are 10 deep in the DL. We do lack some depth at ILB after Oats was lost to an undisclosed medical issue, but we are more talented than last year and will be more balanced on offense, so there is less pressure to win only with D. Fingers crossed we get to play because I believe we finally have the talent to walk into every game with a reasonable chance to win. We have the third best team in the East and if the ball bounces our way we’ll be playing UGA or UF for a chance at the East. We won’t be favored, but we’ll be right there.
It’s good to see my Cats getting some respect. Nationally that hasn’t been the case, as they are focusing on us losing our WR/QB Bowden who amazed last year. I believe we’ll have a top 4 SEC defense, so how we finish will be determined how Wilson does at QB after a year of rehab. Stoops & Co have been upgrading the WR room, but after a year of block for Bowden it is difficult to ascertain how productive they will be receiving. We will still have a top half SEC running attack with arguably the top Oline, but we will not be blowing out many in the SEC, so pass production will dictate win column.
I'd switch UK and Mizzou. UK clearly outplayed UF on both sides of the ball and a mixture of mistakes injuries and terrible officiating on two targeting ejections cost them the game. It doesn't change the fact that they had more talent than UF and this will be settled when UK and Mizzou play in a few weeks.
So UK is going to lose as a 10.5 road favorite to S Miss? Care to put your money where your keypad is?