T-Bone is an idiot

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I just had to quit responding to Tbonehead. He swears he has connections, but I have family members that work in the athletic dept at AU that would vehemently deny the cr@p he spews. Harsin is an intense guy (classic football coach type) but the people in and around the athletic dept love him and believe he is going to turn AU into a consistent winner. They say his attention to detail is unmatched. My previous attempt at this comment is awaiting moderation for some ridiculous reason.
I've known Rolando since we were kids. I'd love to tell you this is a surprise, but that just wouldn't be truthful. His mother really screwed him up. I don't know why he keeps coming back to North Alabama at all; there's nothing but trouble waiting for him here.
Look, Bo Nix and his daddy sat in Harsin's office after the season and presented their list of demands. Harsin told them he was the head honcho and they could shove that list up their @$$. Bo announced he was leaving shortly thereafter.
You aren't playing 2021 Pitt, you'll be facing 2022 Pitt. They may surprise, but I'd wager they take quite a dip in the W/L column. Also, AU plays UGA and Bama both on the road this season. You get Bama and Florida at home. Mercer/San Jose St/W Ky versus Ball St/Akron/TN-Martin is basically a wash. AU road games: UGA/Ole Miss/MS St/bama - home games: Penn St/Mizzou/LSU/Ark/ATM. TN road games: Pitt/LSU/UGA/USC - home games: UF/bama/UK/Mizzou. I would never argue that TN has an easy schedule, but I do think one could objectively (based on current team expectations) state that AU has a slightly tougher schedule. TN's toughest stretch is likely UF/LSU/bama but you get a bye week in that stretch, and it's also bookended with Akron and TN-Martin.
Question: If Pruitt had taken TN back to prominence and won a SEC Title (or at minimum showed clear signs he was building a consistent contender) would TN have spent all those resources sinking him? Let's be real. TN realized they had made another bunk hire and needed an out that would save them from his buyout.
No telling what he might've accomplished if he could've remained healthy throughout his career. Always enjoyed watching him play in JHS.
There was nothing realistic about your prediction. You are just the typical pessimistic, debbie downer, soul sucking hanger-on that everyone wishes would find a new hobby. From a fellow alumnus, it is shameful that you gained zero percent of the Auburn spirit during your time at the loveliest village on the plains. Auburn will have an excellent defense this season, better than last year. Our offensive line should have at least moderate improvement. We have the horses in the backfield. If we can just get consistent QB play, not stellar - just consistent, this is an eight-win team with a chance at better. For pete's sake, do us all a favor and just don the crimson already.
The power index is view of the expectations against an average schedule. If Auburn played ASU's schedule they would probably be ranked higher than 11th at the end of the year. Auburn has some holes on offense (O-line recruiting has been atrocious for a decade and we have lacked a true difference maker at receiver for a while) but I expect the AU defense to be better than last year's. I also think Calzada will bring consistency to the QB position. O-line should be improved, even if only incrementally. AU plays one of if not THE toughest schedule year in and year out, so we likely won't have a number close to that by season's end attached to our logo, but those talking about AU like they have bare cupboards are foolish.
Make em pay Jabari. Ole Slim Jim and Crampy we're huge mistakes by the first two teams.
Incredible performances from both aces today, but just a legendary day from Delucia. Congrats to the Hogs on a great season. They were a fun group to watch...great pitching and elite defense. Just a couple hits short of a title shot. Good Luck Ole Miss. Hate this CWS setup that allows a team to be fully rested while another team can enter the champ series short their best arms. I would rather see both teams at full strength. Regardless, bring another trophy home to the greatest conference in the land.
Glad to know I'm not crazy. I get on here regularly thinking, "surely an Auburn baseball article will have made it on SDS." The lack of coverage for this team on SDS is ridiculous. Prior to today, they've been nothing more than a footnote at the end of SEC baseball write-ups throughout the postseason.
Quite the turnout from our SECW brethren. Four teams that were either totally discounted from the start or endured rough patches to play their best baseball at the right time. Omaha will host one heck of a tournament this year.
Let them keep overlooking Auburn and disrespecting them at their own peril. They are playing some excellent baseball right now. I hope they bring the same grit to Omaha. War Eagle!
No one in their right mind would try to argue Pickens has more speed than Jameson Williams. The manager of your group home should do a better job of monitoring your internet activity.
I'm looking forward to it. I hope AU bats stay hot. We'll need it.
It could just be gas. Have you tried pulling your knees up to your chest?
You could start by not being a jerk to everyone, especially the ninety percent of pot shots you take that are unprovoked and unsolicited. Just a thought.
Real easy fix for this: stick a 90 plus MPH fastball in his earhole his next time up. Ump just shrugs his shoulders and tells the kid he had it coming. For the record, I'm not against guys having fun and enjoying the sport. But baseball has unwritten rules. You don't watch a HR ball that long from the batter's box and expect a pain free at-bat the next plate appearance.
A&M has deeper pockets than bama. If the reverse were true, you'd be getting crickets from Saban right now. This is solely about Saban's stronghold on recruiting evaporating.
If Saban's primary concern was for the game and setting up controls, he didn't need to call out Travis Hunter, J St, Texas A&M, Jimbo Fisher, Miami bball, etc. What Saban did was cry and point at his sizable recruiting advantage floating away, hoping to stir up sentiment in his favor to restore his advantage. I hate NIL in its current form. It is destroying the game, but a cheater getting mad at another cheater for being able to cheat better than he cheats? Boo. hoo.
Forget about the A&M/Bama game in the fall, I'm here for the postgame handshake.
Nick Saban's greatest advantage has been neutralized by NIL. That's why he's upset. Saban will no longer have the best 60 football players on the field every game and sign the 25 best high school recruits every single year. Is NIL destroying the game as we know it, yeah. But Saban does not care about parity, or fairness, nor does he have some altruistic motive to save the game. He cares about winning, and now schools with deeper pockets than bama can snatch away recruits he wants.
I think you are missing a team there, champ.
Couldn't reply to gwhite713 above, but this is in response to your "no Elon Musk's in AL" dig. Huntsville, AL has one of the highest densities of genius level IQ's in the entire country. So, keep your toothless redneck stereotype in hillbilly hicksville, where stereotypes belong (I say this jest, so don't get butthurt). On a more serious note, you are wrong about about there only being two camps in the NIL battle. Many of us that voiced concerns about NIL stated that alot of what is happening now, would happen. It's going to ruin college football in its current form. Also, what makes you think bama and UGA are going to suffer recruiting losses? The REC has been buying the best rosters in college football for decades, I'm not sure why you think lifting regulations could possibly slow them down.
Really what's happening is players are contacting guys on other teams, and there's no rule to stop that. And of course, coaches will use their players as intermediaries to let players on other teams knoe they've got an opportunity available. NIL has opened the flood gates to cheating that can't be monitored nor curtailed.
Not that I would argue Kirby has done a poor job of developing football players.