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Yeah, ATM at 10 is dumb. I'd have them in the 5-7 range.
Take a look at Auburn's annual schedule. Bama, Georgia, LSU (better than FL most years for the past while) every year...
When you have an entire recruiting class no longer on the roster (2021), you're going to have holes...but I expected more from Thorne. I don't expect AU to have Heisman contenders at the QB spot year after year, but is a competent QB too much to ask??
I don't want to get on a soapbox but ...I don't owe Napier an apology. I have been beating the patience drum for a while on this site when it's comes to Napier.
When Cal was scheduled, they were expected to be a team on the rise. But regardless, Auburn plays one of, if not THE, most difficult schedules in football every year. We go to ATM and then get UGA home next followed by another road trip to LSU. I think we're about to find out plenty about where AU belongs in the pecking order. I'm hoping it's more middle of the road instead of the back of the pack.
Overall I would agree with this sentiment, but I don't think it's too early to draw some conclusions about the atypical deficiencies on this Bama team. It is certainly the worst Saban Bama team since at least 2010, and maybe only better than the 2007 unit in Saban's first year (and even that is up for debate if things continue to look horrible on the O-line and QB positions).
Hugh is going to need to eliminate the QB swaps completely or find a better balance/timing when he makes that change. I thought Payton looked like he might find a bit of rhythm at one point fairly early in the game, and Hugh sends Ashford in to show us more proof of his inability to throw an accurate pass. I really do think that Freeze and Co. will figure out how to best utilize the offensive players they have and find some consistency moving the ball in the coming weeks. If Auburn can figure that out, and we continue to do a good job of creating turnovers on defense and rushing the passer, there isn't a team on the schedule that we can't be competitive against.
Attention all women: to get rich and famous, simply accuse some guys of SA fifteen years down the road so there's no possible way to prove or disprove the claim. Freaking clown world we live in...
Agreed, I don't care if Deion wins ten championships at Colorado...he was a horrible choice by that administration. I say this while fully accepting/acknowledging that I was originally a huge proponent of Auburn bringing him in as the head coach early in our search. That dude could make a bajillion dollars and still be the classless bozo he's always been. He makes it incredibly easy to hate Colorado and to hope they get trounced multiple times this season. And believe you and me, a butt-whipping is in their near future. It'll be interesting to see how Deion handles a team kicking their tails. Something tells me he won't have the same classy response as Coach Rhule...and I hope the HC of the team that demolishes them runs his @$$ down as he's tucking his tail and sprinting for the locker room.
Agreed, but this Auburn team will look a lot different by the time the IB rolls around. If our defense continues to improve and we can develop some shred of consistency on offense, Auburn will make that a competitive game.
Miami scored 48 bc this is basically the same ATM team as last year. Why they keep getting propped up year after year in the rankings is bamboozling to me...
Look Ron, I love Auburn as I'm sure you do. Can you quit being such as @$$hat in the comments? Every article I read has you being a jerk. Please...just please...stop.
I get the retort and it's desired recipient, but AU won't finish last in the West. To be fair, neither will ATM.
A look at the box score say 2 int's, but that doesn't give an accurate view of the game.
If Nick Saban knew, for sure, all along, why take Buchner?
Um, pretty sure Auburn wins championships every so often. Not sure why you felt compelled to throw Auburn into your TN insult, but you might wanna check your facts first hombre.
Pretty sure my similar remarks are being slammed on other articles here about the UF game. I think it's more difficult to find the silver lining when it's your own team getting beat where there are multiple sore spots. But truthfully, I saw a lot of bright spots for this Florida team amongst the miscues. I think there really are some solid building blocks in place that Napier can build on with another top-notch recruiting class or two. For starters, Utah scored one TD on one play where there was a busted coverage, something easy to fix. Utah also only scored seven second half points. Obviously, the Florida defense is improving and made some decent adjustments at halftime (take away those 14 points and UF wins by one against the #14 team!...albeit one without a few starters) Everyone with sense knew the offense was likely to take a step back. AR looked like garbage fairly often last season, but the guy wasn't the fourth pick in the draft for nothing. Mertz clearly can't match his athleticism, but I was more impressed with his ability than I expected. I think as he grows in this offense, Florida will be a much better team midway through the season than what they showed last night.
For the doom and gloom UF bunch: chill out. Utah is a very good team, regardless of what string QB is starting. I'd love to be sure Florida is gonna stink for a long while, but I don't think that's likely and y'all have got to give Napier some time. He doesn't seem to be a fan of flipping an entire roster via portal (not totally portal averse, but not a portal disciple), but that also isn't a death sentence....given that he gets some time to right the ship. Give this guy more than a season plus a game. This wasn't an unforgivably bad performance. Yes, UF has some clear deficiencies, but it's not all bad. Florida did some promising things tonight (despite the score) and has building blocks in place to anchor the future.
This list is laughable at best. I didn't even bother to read the author's name, but their future in sports writing is non-existent. This may be the worst garbage I've ever read. Who knows what Carson Beck will look like? We don't know who will even start for bama. Brady Cook was a decent player for Mizzou, much better than a few of the players listed above him. KJ Jefferson has been a great player for Arkansas, but best in the SEC? Nah. Connor Weigman at 10?...he couldn't dethrone Haynes King until midway through last season (and the play wasn't much of an upgrade over horrible even when he did). Should Payton Thorne be in the top 5? No. But the dude has thrown for over 6k yards in his career. He didn't do that playing against the Sisters of the Poor either. Devin Leary is a bona fide all-american when healthy. Outside of one game, no one has a clue what Joe Milton will look like. He can throw a 90 yard bomb, but has never shown he can hit a seven yard dig route consistently. Please SDS, hire a writer that has actually watched a game or two and knows more about football than just it's played on a 100 yard field.
Lose a game in Tuscaloser...*LOSE* a game. Come on people. I'm not a grammar nazi by any stretch, but this particular grammatical/spelling error grinds my nerves like no other. It also appears to be the most common error amongst the English-speaking world for some reason. "Hide ya kids, hide ya wife" from this mistake...please. Loose = opposite of tight Lose = opposite of win Ex. I hope my team doesn't lose tonight. I hope the players are able to remain loose. Ex. 2. Oh no, my team is losing. Just when I was loosening (because loosing isn't a word, not really - although there's some LOOSE discussion over this) my grip on the remote. I also believe that bama is looking at a season where they'll experience 2-3 losses. Texas, LSU, and Tennessee are all up in the air, while the SEC champ game won't be in their favor either (should they make it). Ole Miss won't be an easy out. There are one or two more games on their schedule that could trip them up. Unless their QB is much better than anticipated, bama is *losing* 2-3 games this season.
In fairness to LSUSMC, I think most of us are hopeful for a bammer team meltdown (even those who refuse to admit it). Georgia isn't going anywhere anytime soon, that seems almost unquestionable at this point (although, I would love for the same meltdown to occur), but bama does have the feeling of a team on the decline from the mountaintop. Does it mean they drift into obscurity? No. But bama losing three games this year would totally eliminate that cloak of invincibility and allow teams to compete with them without it causing their b-holes to pucker up. Kinda like when Tiger Woods fell off. He no longer had that sheen of invincibility and wasn't the same intimidating player he once was. It feels an awful lot like that. Bama will still be a top ten/top five team over the next few seasons, but it does seem like they have been knocked from the perch and don't have what it takes to reclaim it. Y'all had an incredible run, but anyone not naming their kids and dogs Bear and Bryant are ready for bama to fade.
What do you expect out of UF this year? Why don't you put your balls where your fingers are typing so we can save your prediction for future laughs? Napier is doing an okay job at UF and may very well build a solid program, but UF isn't staring down the barrel of some impressive campaign.
No, I'm not a female (which means I have a more logical brain). Why don't you support punishing the criminal instead of the innocent baby? It does not matter what situation a child is conceived under, they are not responsible. Abortion is murder, regardless of what your gender studies numbnuts professor tried to sell you. No one has a right to murder anyone.
The bama offense is likely to be fairly anemic this year, so don't count on any records quite yet.
I'm pretty sure that Kirby has been cheating from day one. Kirby has been injecting his players with cocaine and money...not sure which one increased performance the most but those injections were the catalyst. Kirby has been cheating his whole life. Like his whole entire life. He is such a cheat, he wouldn't even know what fair looks like. Mr. Fratastic is gonna get a real taste of fairness here soon. I have it on good authority that the CIA and IRS are gonna ram fairness up Kirby Smart's rear end. It's possible that the FBI are even involved. Kirby's days are numbered. Georgia Tech is gonna take all his players for sure. Georgia will be left with nothing but flower girls.
Georgia will probably finish last in the east next year. They cheat and stuff so they be falling off and stuff. They probably won't win but three or four games next year because the FBI and CIA will put a stop to all their cheating. It's possible that bama will get caught in the net and sent to college football prison (they're pretty sneaky so they may get away with it). Either way, bama and Georgia will ask the PAC-12 for admittance so they don't have to go to division two. I heard this from my best friend, my dentist. He assured me that this is what's happening.
He'll be calling the plains home...and the Auburn faithful will pour out the love on this kid. War Eagle Kamarion!