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GM's and coaches want leaders that are passionate about the game of football. The fact that he was willing to sit out a year opened up opportunities for people to question his commitment to football. Even very gifted athletes, when lacking a passion for the game, tend to flame out in the NFL. I don't know Newman or his reasons for opting to sit out, but if I was an NFL GM, I would have a tough time spending a draft pick on him.
It doesn't appear as flashy, but like any offense, it'll come down to discipline and execution. Truthfully, I would settle for keeping Bo's butt in the pocket when it's clean...and him throwing off a technically sound platform. That back foot, side arm fadeaway crap has got to stop.
I wish I knew what happened at Auburn that the powers that be are keeping hush hush. Something went down.
I agree that Bo will be QB1 opening day, but thankfully Harsin gives reason to believe his leash won't be unlimited. Bo could've thrown 12 interceptions and fumbled 10 times in a game and still taken every snap. Harsin, Bobo and company HAVE to rid Bo of his mechanical and fundamental issues. He's got to stay in the pocket, he's got to plant his feet, and for pete's sake quit throwing a fade away every freaking pass. If he won't fix these high school errors, there's no sense in keeping him out there. We'd be better served by allowing a young guy to work through some growing pains and prepare for the future.
Tuscaloosa is a nasty city for sure, but there are plenty of beautiful places to live all across the state of Alabama. Mountains, lakes, rivers, plains, beaches... Alabama has something for everyone. I do believe it is the most biologically diverse state in the country (I believe I read that somewhere at one point).
That's a generous analogy, house plants still have life left in them usually.
Bo doesn't have the quick, decision making skills necessary to be a QB at this level. He made the same peewee mistakes over and over again. The kind of stuff a good QB can see on film once and correct. He left clean pockets, he threw as he was falling away (many times when no one was around to keep him from planting and following through). He would throw against his body to the field side. He is inaccurate period, but when moving he can't even get it in the right zip code...yet he constantly would throw while on the move when the opportunity to set his feet was there. I blame Malzahn for not pulling him in game 2. But I blame Bo for not clearing up glaring, rookie issues somewhere along the way. It's time for Auburn to move on from Bo Nix. He's a good kid by all accounts, but he's not cut out for this level of football.
#1. Harsin was not the third or fourth choice of the AD. The power brokers at Auburn were working overtime to get "their guy" but every faction was pulling in a different direction. Greene proved to be a much more savvy guy than we gave him credit. He threw out some names for them to argue over and went and hired his guy. #2. If you think TN (even without the sanctions) is a much more attractive job than Auburn you are sniffing glue. With the coming sanctions, no coach that could stir up even ten percent of the vol fan base is coming near that pile of rubble. Y'all just torpedoed your own program to save a buyout check.
I like where his heart is, but if a clown like corch was keeping UGA from a title, bama wouldn't have sniffed a winning season in a century.
At the current rate, playing the 2021 season may not even be an option.
And Gus would've thrown all the same trick plays at bama if the game were midseason. He knew how important beating bama was to his job security. I wish AU would focus more on sustained excellence (I have high hopes for the culture Harsin will build) but it seems most of the old school power brokers at AU would willingly sign up for a 1-13 season for the next ten seasons if that one win was against bama each year.
I think the "kick six" game still would've gone AU's way if it went to overtime, and that's why Saban screamed for the extra second and chose the long fg attempt. The 2017 game was the only year that AU lined up and whipped bama from start to finish during his tenure, but I tend to give him credit for those two wins. Regardless, TN is only going to garner the attention of a nobody or damaged goods looking for a mulligan. Gus fits the bill and I think he would relish the opportunity to tell Kevin Steele to "suck it". Unless TN gets lucky and finds a hidden gem they are likely only going to get a temporary placeholder to oversee the coming nightmare. As frustrating as Gus is, he'd probably do a great job of being the guy before THE guy. Plus TN would get him for cheap.
Just because we haven't heard about it doesn't mean it isn't happening. I'm pretty sure I remember ole fat phil being notorious for trying to throw his competitors under the proverbial NCAA bus.
I don't think any of those commenters were surprised by the attorney's press release. And none of us will be surprised when TN pays an undisclosed amount of money to Pruitt in exchange for his silence. I think we all know some level of "gray area" recruiting takes place on most (if not all) campuses. The glaring difference at UT is that someone on the inside used that information to burn Pruitt. At most institutions focused on winning football games, everyone that dons the school emblem is willing to help sweep that kind of stuff under the rug. If Pruitt was winning games do you think any of this would have seen the light of day? Maybe so, eventually, but it wouldn't have come from inside the program. TN had a financial interest, a big one, in making sure Pruitt could be shown the door holding a stack of purported violations. In the end, TN wanted Pruitt gone because they had enough evidence he was in over his head, not because he was cheating. The cheating was just the golden ticket for keeping their pile of cash.
Hire a saboteur as AD, who hires a bafoon as HC. HC gets booted along with the saboteur AD only to pass the HC torch to another saboteur. And I thought the back room dealings at Auburn were bad.
Oh good gosh almighty, you clearly have a couple masters. Only someone with excessive years listening to a loser college professor hack would spout some nonsense about socialism being beneficial. I can't even with the level of stupidity. Have you read Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto? If you haven't, shut up, learn -real- history, and then come back for a discussion. Social welfare programs does not equate to a socialist country. Universal healthcare is a fairy fart's fantasy. It reduces quality, quantity, or availability OR a horrible combination of the three. Name one awfully horrendous thing that the government couldn't make worse. And this crap comes from the same hum drum beating crowd that cry about police brutality, yet wanna hand more control over to the folks that employ them. I'm sorry, you're an idiot. Gosh almighty, what in the h-e-double hockey sticks has happened to society. Please parents!!! Pull your kids out of the public school system. They are being indoctrinated with this horsesh*t. No sense of accurate history. It's being white-washed (black-washed is probably more accurate) and we are raising a generation that will repeat the mistakes of the past with worse consequences.
I mean, the playbook was on the right page...but the execution left me a little disappointed. I'm an Auburn fan and I'm enjoying the saboteur-in-chief being booted and our ex-saboteur taking over the reins of y'all's program. Can always count on TN to out-Auburn, Auburn. But even I'm getting annoyed at seeing H-I-L-L-B-I-L-L-Y commented on every TN article. After the time it took to type that out with the "-'s" and caps one time, I can't imagine how empty one's life must be to do that over and over again.
Nah, Phil hitched his wagon to Pruitt so it definitely wasn't him. But it is ironic that this is how Phil's tenure on rocky top ends, internal sabotage...
As bad as AU was, AU boat-raced LSU and beat Ole Miss. With the returning talent and a new regime that most certainly has to be better at development than the exiting staff, I don't know why anyone would rank AU outside the top 25. Last I checked, AU was somewhere around 9th, I think, in roster "blue chip" talent. Kirby may be doing less with more than Richt at UGA (Booger said it, not me), but I'm not sure anyone did less with more than Malzahn at Auburn.
Not really. Big Kat was never more than mediocre and most often abysmally failing to maintain containment on his side. Pretty clear he was getting rock star treatment from Gus (it showed in his limited/non-existent improvement) and didn't like the new regime telling him he better be ready to get off his @$$ and work if he wanted to play. Btw, that's not an assumption or a guess, that's directly from someone in the room when Harsin gave him that speech. Good riddance.
Good gracious, are you collecting royalties every time that gets posted? Cam was @ Auburn over ten years ago, get over it. Tell your coaches to buy better players than the ones they've been paying and maybe uga will finally hoist a natty.
Pickens could not qualify academically to get into Auburn, the only reason he didn't end up there. Georgia's academic standards are higher than AU's. How did Pickens even get in to UGA? A UGA fan talking about Auburn paying players is delusional, at best.
And that's with Saban's bestie running the NCAA