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My how quickly you have forgotten the John L Smith experiment. Morris's Ark tenure was pitiful no doubt, but it was a garbage dump when he got there.
He was skipping class and showing up late to workouts (in addition to his ganja routine). He was also likely to become academically ineligible. Gus'loyalty to upperclassmen is what kept him on the field. DJ, Richards, Tank, and Joiner are all more talented backs. This isn't concerning in the slightest for AU fans.
Burrow's pocket presence was/is off the charts. I don't know that I've ever seen a qb that knows when and where to go depending on the pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. Brennan may very well turn out to be a stud QB but a second coming of Burrow (or anything close)? Doubtful. *LSU has tons of talent in the fold, but inexperience is bound to have its usual effect on the 2020 season in Baton Rouge. *See bama this year-.
She/he/it/zir's (gotta be gender pronoun friendly ;-) ) a journalist, what did you expect?
Will join him in the top division of college football as in D1 football. Horribly worded paragraph for sure
The refs should have to stand at a podium in front of the media and answer for their performance postgame just like everyone else. I might could stomach the fumble/incomplete pass call if it was called incomplete on the field (still would be the wrong call) but to overturn the fumble ruling is beyond ridiculous. I can't stand OSU but I'd be fuming if I was buckeye fan. I'm pissed about the call and I don't like either team that played that game.
War Eagle and all, but need to quit while you're behind. If you read the rules, the actual rules - not the ones you've made up in your head, that was a catch. The three steps do indeed matter. He caught the ball and never bobbled it for a moment the entire time he took those three steps. I hate Ohio State almost as much as bama but they got screwed on that call. Now, we can debate whether or not they win the game if that call stands during the review but it was a catch. The SEC officials deserve the heat they are getting and they've earned it with numerous pitiful performances throughout the season.
He was at Auburn for two seasons. He didn't make much of an impact in year one at AU but I'm not sure I see a concrete rule anywhere that someone has to play multiple seasons in order to be considered.
And he did it without alot of future NFL studs around him unlike several others on this list.
Nick Fairley certainly belongs in the discussion. He was unstoppable. 60 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks from the tackle spot...
Carried them twice to what, a bowl game? Cam took an "average" Auburn team to a title. That's something Manziel never achieved. If you want to exclude guys from the argument that didn't start two years or more that's fine, we can have that argument. But Cam Newton was the most dominating force in college football to ever lace up. The dude carried Patrick Peterson into the endzone.
Definitely wouldn't sniff more than a handful of sacks if he was held as often as Derrick Brown. Chase Young is a decent football player but Derrick Brown is freaking beast that is out of Young's league. Put Derrick on Ohio State's line and they set all sorts of records and likely beat Clemson. But, unfortunately for OSU they are stuck with Young and will have a short stay in the playoff.
I think Auburn is best suited to keep him away from the drawing board when it comes to fake punts. On the other hand, I'm hoping tight ends might become a thing in our offense.
Which means he's working at Auburn for the cheap price of almost free while Arky foots the bill for him to help further develop a conference rival's offense.
Not to mention every coach recruiting against Ole Miss is telling these high school kids that Lane Kiffin will jump ship at the first opportunity he perceives as a better job. I'd have a hard time committing to play for him.
I spit on myself after reading this. Bravo.
Looking for some GA fans to comment on their numerous earlier comments about clearly having a much better defense than AU. This game was supposed to bolster their argument and end the debate.
Should've let bammertime keep believing the NY6 slot would go to them, one more opportunity for disappointment to sink in.
Cause we did what Georgia never can, beat bama.
Pickens could not qualify at Auburn, that’s why he flipped. Now, how in the world Kirby got him qualified at Georgia is beyond me but it is no secret Pickens couldn’t qualify at Auburn.
The kid is next level talented though, no doubt about it.
Umm Tom, your source on AU coaches needs replacing. Sure, the coaches were bummed about not signing him but it was no surprise. They knew for weeks he wasn't going to qualify academically. So I wonder how he qualified at Georgia, hmmmmmm...