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I wouldn't count on it. I would be more surprised by a bama win than a UGA win by 40 pts.
AU should've won the game if not for horrible coaching in the 4th quarter...even with Tank going out of bounds.
Dude, Bryce Young can't handle pressure at all. If you can get to the QB, bama can be shut down. Perfect specimen my rear end. He's the most flawed bama QB in a long time (granted, his O-line is the worst bama O-line in a long time too)
No way a 2 loss bama makes it this year. Cincinnati wins out, they're likely in. OU-Ok St, either win out and they're in. Michigan wins out, they're in. UGA is in regardless but if they beat bama, bama is out. A one loss ND likely sneaks back in before 2 loss bama.
You're kidding, right? Opening kickoff bs call? Missed holding, picked up facemask, no call on intentional grounding, etc? If you think bama was on the wrong side of the officiating you are the purest, crimson tinted glass wearing moron on the planet. It was just another typical hosing by then officials in bama's favor.
I think Napier would be a great hire for LSU. I wish Auburn would've given him a longer look. He's learned under the best coaches in the business. He took over at Louisiana and built a successful program and has managed to sustain that success thus far. He has already done the hard work of building relationships with LA high school coaches and should be able to hit the ground full speed in recruiting. Reports I've read about him state he's meticulous, detail oriented, CEO minded, masterful at the X's and O's, and interviews exceptionally well. What other boxes do you need checked in the future LSU HC?
Dear Negan, PLEASE. STOP. Sincerely, Everyone on SDS
Haha, he WENT to the portal because Kirby called him....or Lincoln Riley.
Wanna know one of the biggest, probably THE biggest, improvement that's led to a resurgent Auburn team? Receivers running the correct routes and catching the football when it's thrown their way. Tony Franklin can go sck a fart. Hate it for Cornelius, but his group wasn't getting it done when he was around. Now that he's gone and a different coach has taken over that group, they are...
Nothing like choosing the one stat that supports your argument by ignoring ten others that don't. A&M's passing defense is average, maybe. Nice back-handed compliment for Bo as well. He's played well on the road, but Bo sucks on the road anyways so naaaa.
If FL doesn't beat UGA (which clearly isn't going to happen since Mullen is a scared b****) UGA isn't losing a regular season game. Remains to be seen who would win the potential Bama-UGA matchup but I'd hold off calling that a done deal until we see how AU & A&M perform over the next few weeks. Bama is not some unbeatable juggernaut this year.
Dude, AR is not the best starter on your roster. He may be that in the future, but Emory Jones is the guy that give FL the best chance to win. Because Dan Mullen is a b**** he has cowered to the fanbases' whims and let AR start. Mullen should be sitting at home after today sending his resume to Conference USA and Sun Belt teams hoping for a chance to coach again. The guy is a coward, joke, prick, jerk, expletive, expletive, expletive.
What week was that Auburn/Florida game there champ? Must've missed it somehow
Dan Mullen is a freaking coward. He said early on AR was not ready to be a starter in the SEC. After a couple rough games he starts to feel the heat from the fan base and throws this kid out to the wolves against UGA, no less. Emory Jones, for all his warts, gives Florida the best chance to win week in and week out. Florida's AD should fire Mullen at halftime. He is a coward. Always been a prick/jerk, but today he's proven he is a coward.
One day a freedom you hold dear will be on the chopping block and the ones you are mocking will be giving you the middle finger saying "told ya so". Takes a special kind of idiot to not see the problem here.
I think that's too far to the "doom and gloom" side of things. John L. Smith and Chad Morris aren't that far in the rearview mirror. Arkansas is a much improved team and Pittman seems to be the right man for the job. The Cinderella start makes the last few weeks more deflating, but the truth is somewhere in between Arky rising to the top quickly and now a team that's fallen off a cliff. You don't want a meteoric rise in year one or two. You want a coach that builds a program his way that is built for sustained success (see Stoops at Kentucky) and improves incrementally each year. Arkansas is well on their way to being a West contender in a couple years if not sooner. Now, I will say the fumble play yesterday should've resulted in an AU first down (that tackle is illegal now) so the outcome was actually more favorable than Arky deserved. PI and holding calls are usually arguable but tend to even out over the course of a game - unless it's bama. They can hold every play and it never get called.
The hit on the fumble is illegal. It should've been a penalty and AU first down instead of a punt. Arky got a better outcome than they should have.
Alabama was sporting some really interesting uniforms this weekend. Didn't know orange and blue were a part of their color scheme.
The problem is that men no longer lead according to biblical standards. It certainly isn't that "men control everything so everything sucks"
Auburn has to stop the run - that is the X factor (although AU being about plus 5 in the turnover margin would be nice). Without looking at anything else at all in the box score, the rushing yards for UGA will tell the tale. If we can stuff the run for most of the game, we have a chance. If they are able to line up and run the football effectively, we're done.
I think us Auburn folks will be okay regardless of your feelings about us. The only dirty thing about those plays was Aaron Murray's jersey. He took a beating, but that's SEC football. UGA certainly has no room for judging other teams as dirty, either.
Auburn athletic department offered to do that, but the UGA athletic department refused.
You mean the same advantages Muschamp and McElwain had @ UF?
AR is young and can't run the full playbook. In time he'll be a great QB for Florida, but you (and the rest of the gator clan) aren't privvy to the same info Mullen has on these players. I'm pretty sure he knows which guy gives the team a better chance to win each week. The backup QB is always the fan favorite at every program...but is usually not the better QB on the roster.
There are many years at this point in the season that the talking heads (and everyone else) says that is the case. Someone will surprise and make a game of it, against UGA and bama. They may both make it unscathed to the SEC title game, but history says it's not likely. Still alot of football left....
Good for you! I didn't know many 85 year olds could surf the world wide web... and comment on articles to boot!! I kid, I kid...those weights for LB's and OL only make you like...75 years old.
Anyone with eyeballs (AU fans at least) should see Tank is not 100%. I'm not sure why they won't just feed the rock to Jarquez Hunter and let Tank get healthy, but I digress. Hunter is the best running back on this roster. Dude is a monster.
Max Johnson is a heck of a quarterback. Lack of a running game/competent offensive line is LSU's problem. But, Auburn is a better team than the talking heads will admit. The team that struggled against Ga St is not the same AU team SEC teams will face each week. Is AU winning the SEC? Not likely. But they aren't hot garbage like many predict.