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Congrats to Ole Miss on an outstanding game. Now finish 'em off. Good luck today.
Vols better work on playing small ball and manufacturing runs, because they're going to need it when they're playing away from Knoxville. Playing in larger parks (see the UK series) those at home HR's will be long outs on the track. I'm shocked that the team has eight sacrifices this year, and the coaching staff isn't working on that heading into the post season. They have little to work on, with hardly any weaknesses, but this is one that might come back to bite them before it's over.
watching the video, it's hard to tell if he can throw into coverage or not, most of those highlights the WRs were wide open.
I didn't see Barnes playing on Saturday. When you only hit two three pointers after leading the SEC from three point range, you have a problem. Coupled with Michigans ability to throw it up blindfolded and it would go in, and you have a loss. Hey it happens. They hit their shots, TN didn't. At least TN didn't lose to St. Peters.
TAMU got screwed. Shouldn't the "rationale" for the choices made be public? Why all the secrecy? This should be determined by statistics, and not the good ole boy network that allows Duke, ND, Kentucky, Kansas, and others skate by based on the last two decades or more. The Vols were the better team on Sunday, but TAMU just ran out of gas after four games in four days.
Some of those guys that transferred out - may - have been involved in some of the recruiting violations under Pruitt as well.
Ole Miss will need to rely on the "fainting goats" routine of players rolling around on the field in "pain", only to return on the next play. The key is - the more time spent on the ground disrupting the opposition, the better chance they have.
Defenses will be gassed, turnovers will play big in this and TN isn't turning the ball over. Tempo throughout the game, lack of turnovers, and being at home makes UT tough to beat.