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Sure, let's pay them NIL money, enter the transfer portal once a year, they don't need to get a degree, and if they go undrafted we should let them play in college till they turn 35 years old. Wright is an idiot.
Consider what could have been if (#1) Burns didn't enter the portal before the season started, who went what? 14-1 at Wake? Then the Vols lose #2 pitcher Russell in week one of the season. Vitello and TN did very well without a dominant #1 starter (Beam being the closest). The Aggies will likely be #1 preseason, and they should be with the talent and underclassmen they have.
The Vols are a very good team, no doubt. However, I think their weakness lies in their inability to manufacture runs without hitting home runs. (walk, stolen base, sac bunt, and sac fly for example). One additional weakness, is they have no real closer. There are guys in the bullpen that can get it done, but no one guy that's a shut down closer. So they might have to go through 2-3 guys before the find the guy that has his best stuff. Omaha doesn't play like Lindsey Nelson stadium does. They'll have a lot of long outs if they just swing for the fences. It'll help with favorable matchups, and even without favorable matchups they can win it all, but they do have weaknesses.
The Vols don't control the running game well, luckily Evansville doesn't run any more than the Vols do. They're media darlings because they're the "cinderella" of the tournament so far. Tennessee needs to stay focused, these guys can hit. The Vols pitching will dictate the outcome of this series. I don't see the Aces pitching shutting down the Vol's offense.
Tennessee has two more roster spots to fill, let's see who they pick up that can contribute some quality minutes. The Vols lost a lot of depth between graduation and the transfer portal
He seems like a good guy with a lot of talent - good luck to him, I hope he does well.
I think this one is pretty easy, without saying as much, Kelly was saying that the unproven players he COULD pay wanted more money than the guys he currently has in the system. THAT would upset the entire NIL structure at LSU and I don't blame him for passing if that's what it was.
Williams will be a bust, name the last USC QB that has been successful. They're all over hyped at USC and benefit from playing weak PAC 10 (12?, whatever) defenses.
Daniels can sit a year, he'll be fine. He'd be my choice at QB in this draft.
Barnes needs to find a true center. Aidoo is a power forward, Awaka isn't tall enough facing bigger opponents, and Estrella is a freshman but he's not the answer either. They have zero inside game against a legit big man. Purdue, Miss St, Kansas, etc, etc.
If I'm the Bears, I take Daniels. Williams is a good QB, but Daniels is by far the better QB IMO.
Vols - Purdue will be determined by how the refs call the game. If they "let 'em play" and Edy is allowed to push and shove without an offensive foul called, like he typically does, it'll go to Purdue. Edy's first move to the basket is a clear out with his non shooting arm every time.
Offensively, the Vols either start smoking' hot, or ice cold, there doesn't seem to be any in between. Vescovi needs to shoot more to take some of the pressure off DK. Defensively, the Vols don't have a rim protector, so they're vulnerable to guards driving the lane on them for layups. Additionally, they're not a good free throw shooting team. They'll need to address both or they won't be advancing any farther.
SEC early losses were a surprise, but having two in the final 16 is about what I expected. No cinderella's this year, everyone left doesn't surprise anyone. Big East isn't well represented simply because that conference wasn't that good this year.
UNC is a #2 seed except for someone in the selection committee having a hard on for the Tar Heels.
Clark will have the women's scoring title, Pete will remain the mens title holder. There is no comparison. Aside from the lack of playing his freshman year, and 3 point line, Pistol played against men that were taller, faster, stronger and could jump higher. If the estimate was Pistol could have had 8,000 points with a three point line and playing four years, just think what he could have done playing in a woman's league. There will never be another Pistol Pete.
wait till all those close calls go Florida's way in Gainesville in a couple weeks.
Tennessee has two areas they need to clean up if they want to be "elite". 1) shoot free throws better, 2) better defense against driving the lane. Too often the double team backs away and it opens the lane for a layup or foul shots. Oh and don't let Dalton handle the ball.
He'll continue to be successful as long as he can schedule East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green, Indiana, Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin.
Any conference discussion is somewhat laughable. The fifth best SEC team just beat the second best B10 team. The Big Ten is SO over rated it's a joke.
Michigan has played ONE quality opponent in Ohio State. Being undefeated and playing the little sisters of the poor really means nothing. No one wants to create bulletin board material, but there is no comparison comparing opponents. The Big Ten is one of the weakest football conferences going - at least they get UCLA, USC, Washington to strengthen the conference.
The Pirates will do what they always do - draft high, acquire a very good young player, and not sign them when the rookie contract expires. The Yankees, Dodgers, etc will sign him and they'll be a star who will be the answer to "who originally drafted "X""
Listed at 5'11" 186 WR, DB, KR Kenwood Academy (not Kentwood) was 8-4 and play the equivalent of the "Little Sisters of the Poor" for a schedule. The kid looks good on film but is playing against a bunch of stiffs. If he's the 7th best player in Illinois, I'd start recruiting elsewhere.
I have no dog in this fight, the thing about Kentucky is their brand/style of baseball "doesn't go away". They're fundamentally sound. They play it from the first batter to the last. LSU has the stars no doubt, but if they're off can the rest of the team respond? If I were betting I'd put my money on LSU because it's the safe bet, on the other hand, the Wildcats have beaten very good teams playing just like this, all year. If Kentucky wins I don't think it's a huge upset. The contrasting styles will make this a great series to watch.
Cleveland? You realize they have Watson making 230 million right? Hooker would be on the bench in Cleveland.
I don't like taunting, and don't care who's doing it. Reese had the opportunity to act like an adult and win with dignity, instead she lowers herself to the same lack of sportsmanship Clark displayed. LSU's coach does nothing about it, referees were a joke the entire game so I didn't expect them to do anything. A classless move. LSU played better and displayed better depth. Congrats to Carson for her first half performance, and Morris in the second half. Lets see if LSU's coach knows how to teach something besides X's and O's.