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Trump's a bama fan. He likes Saban because he Made Alabama Great Again
Its just PFs opinion. Don't see what the 80 year reference has to do with the price of tea in China. The four best teams, period
Let's be honest. LsWhos defense isn't anything to write home about lol Lewis is finally playing like he was when he sacked Fromm in NC game and Jennings on the other side is starting to wreak havoc like he did in semifinal that same year. But yeah still not the dominant Ds of the past and LsWhos O looking good so I agree this is the best chance they've had in about 7 years, lol Should be a good game though
The wheels on the bus go wound and wound, lmoa!!! I'm just here to pile on and read the pathetic comments
I'm just here to read the pathetic comments and pile on lol Florida was the better team though
Nick Saban for POTUS. After all he did Make Alabama Great Again
I'm just here to read the pathetic comments and pile on. Lmao 13 in a row! Blawhawhaw
It wasn't a questionable holding call. Moses was held. Buggs was chop blocked on the same play and the no call was what was questionable
So the best team in the SEC had four losses and lost the SECCG? I bet Danny Kantell picked Clemson to throttle Bama and Okie would beat Ga. An all SEC NC game probably had him steaming with SEC hate, lol. Clemson was the one seed but was an underdog to the four seed. Don't see how Bama was "gifted" with anything when they were the favorite to win it all even though they lost to Auburn. Oh and sorry Mr Kantell that Bama took FSU to the woodshed, knocked out your QB and ruined Fsu's season, thus ultimately sending Fisher packing to where? The SEC!! LMAO
ND wanted to make sure Saban was gone so they wouldn't have to back out..... again
Newsflash: Its Sabans offense. Always has been always will be. Sincerely, Jake Coker
I was hoping Jitch Bones stayed forever. Tennercee is the bottom dweller of the SEC now where it belongs. You hillbillies can thank the Phat Rat Phil for throwing Bama under the bus to save his Phat butt and awakening the sleeping elephant. Karma is a Butch! LMAO!
Reality: Botch Jones should be fired and maybe even the AD as well. As a Bama fan: the longer they both stay the better. Stomping them most years never gets old
0-5 in SEC, lose to UK, lol What a great time to be a Bama fan, lmfao
Losing to the mighty orangemen of Syracuse gives you the best resume period Maybe if his FSU Seminoles weren't so pathetic.......
TennerC is getting a bad rep, pun intended, and it's well deserved, lol
I love it! Now what would be perfect is for UT to call out Bama. Either way and either QB, Bama and Saban will beat the snot out of the viles, lol I can't wait
I hope Bama stomps the viles 66-0 and they never ever win another game again but keep Biotch Jones forever! Lol Roll some Tide on that!
Bashing Botch Jones and TENNERCEE will never ever get old. Giving that program an annual butt kicking on the third Saturday in October will never get old either.
1. Dobbs isn't that great and won't play a down in the NFL 2. It doesn't take a great QB to be successful. 3. Regardless, Botch Jones will be exposed as the fake he is next year although I hope he stays forever 4. Ten in a row, LOL 5. Roll Tide
Botch is doing a fantastic job. I'm all in 100 percent and think he should be given a few more years at least
Clemson: paper champions every year since 1981. Anyone that doesn't bow down to that and e coots
Those were the days, LOL Now the mighty Vols are playing for hardware. Music city bowl champions to go along with the Bristol trophy and championship of life,......great and exciting time to be a vol.