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John Crist is the senior writer for Saturday Down South. He’s a member of the Football Writers Association of America and a voter for both the Heisman Trophy and Biletnikoff Award.
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Imagine how much more enjoyable this could be if you were actually in on the joke.
Yep, that's what these radio stations from all over the Southeast blowing up my phone on a daily basis tell me. "Nobody likes your articles, so can you please be our guest to talk about the latest one for 15 minutes." 99 percent of people in this business go out of their way to ignore the comment section altogether, but I have some masochist in me.
I "glazed over" Mizzou because Kentucky, South Carolina and Vanderbilt all upticked in 2016. The Tigers clearly downticked. Those other three programs appear to have more momentum right now, that's all.
The reasoning goes a liiiiittle deeper than that and requires a bit of work on the reader's part, but I should have known that nuance tends to be lost in the comment section.
Judge away. No records request on the cell phone of this happily married father of two will show calls made to an escort service. Freeze is the dictionary definition of hubris at this point.
So go complain to Dennis Dodd. He's a Mizzou alumnus, by the way, not me. It's his own school he characterized as a "warm body."
I was actually pretty complimentary of Luke's passion and purpose. He just gave the impression of being out of his element once his opening statement was finished and it was time for the actual Q&A, which was far from a surprise. I don't give a damn one way or another about Freeze being canned because I don't have a dog in the fight, but I'm going to comment on it because that's what I'm paid to do.
So you found a way to be insulted by those seven words. Feel free to throw the other 975 or so -- the ones speaking highly of your program and glowingly about your coach -- in the trash then. By all means, be angry on the internet.
That's all you got out of the column? Really? Nobody cut down on Starkville. This simply repeated what most people in and around the state of Mississippi -- Rebels, Bulldogs and otherwise -- tend to think.
Miles has produced diminishing returns as his career has gone on despite an embarrassment of riches from a talent perspective. How exactly is he going to be any better at a mediocre program with far fewer advantages on the recruiting trail? Coaching is increasingly becoming a young man's game, so an old man who refuses to evolve is likely to have his career ended for him before he has a chance to end it himself.
That's not it at all. Too many readers wonder why I'm editorializing when it's literally my job to editorialize. Disagree all you want. That's perfectly fine. Columns are meant to inspire debate, not questions as to why a debate is being started.
As Obi-Wan Kenobi might say, "Who's the bigger fool? The fool? Or the fool who follows him?"
I'm a columnist. I'm paid to broadcast my opinion. I'm hoping one day that I don't have to keep reminding everyone on a weekly basis.
I guess you don't understand sarcasm, either. As far as the "intellectual high ground" is concerned, it's certainly warranted over someone who still uses an AOL account. Feel free to go trash me on your MySpace page now.
If I'm disrespecting Miles, then so are some pretty mediocre programs. Doesn't it say anything to you that he was desperate enough to interview for the frickin' Purdue job? And doesn't it say even more that God-forsaken Purdue went another direction? Is this thing on? Miles didn't turn Purdue down. Purdue turned Miles down.
So a guy who couldn't get the Purdue job, one of the true bottom-feeder jobs in Power 5 football, would be a "home-run hire" for Ole Miss. Got it. The man can recruit ... at LSU, with every recruiting advantage known to mankind, almost none of which he'd have at Ole Miss, especially once the NCAA picks this bone clean.
I have no idea why some readers think all these different coverage outlets get together and make universal picks on who they like and who they don't. There is no collective opinion on who SDS thinks is going to be first in the West, last in the East, etc. If my byline is on something, then that's my opinion and my opinion alone. Same for CBS and every other title out there. Dennis Dodd -- a Mizzou alumnus -- is down on his alma mater right now and doesn't expect much from them this season. Apparently, someone else at CBS (Tom Fornelli) feels differently. It's really that simple. This isn't some grand conspiracy by CBS to talk out of both sides of its mouth. Same for SDS. I get accused all the time of writing things that I indeed never wrote. Someone else at SDS may have, though. There is no campaign-like platform put together by SDS, or anybody else for that matter.
Feel free to rewrite the column as you see fit. And that was a metaphor, not hyperbole. There are lots of literary devices at our disposal.
Calling Freeze a hypocrite doesn't make me a hypocrite. Me calling Freeze a hypocrite while having my own phone log full of calls to escort sercives would make me a hypocrite. So, yeah, no hypocrite here.
I'm a columnist. It's literally my job to give opinions. I always find it funny when people criticize me for editorializing when I'm paid to editorialize.
(possibly risking a detached retina from rolling eyes so hard)
Uh, yeah. The column pointed that out. Some people actually read it before commenting, you know.
Patient: "Doc, it hurts when I do this."Doctor: "Then don't do that."Problem solved.
I'm fine with it, too. But there's a difference between teaching kids how to handle media responsibilities -- they only increase the better you are as a player -- and spoon-feeding them answers so they sound exactly like the coach. It's tacky. Alabama's players were all on the same page, but they didn't talk like they were reciting pre-programmed answers line by line, like Tennessee's did. As for editorializing, that's my job. I'm a columnist, not a reporter. I'm supposed to editorialize.
I'm well aware of what's been going on in Thompson's life. It's not like that entry was entirely dedicated to him. I was simply pointing out that many of the best players in the SEC weren't there, which is actually a compliment to Thompson, but it's clear that anything remotely subtle will fly over your head. "Like" and "Loathe" is little more than alliteration, so there's no need to be so literal in your interpretation. And, yes, there are half a dozen backs who deserve to be named Third-Team All-SEC over Michel, and most people who don't sleep in red-and-blag PJs every night feel the same way.