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Yes, all those comment sections full of screaming fan boys every time a 16-year-old kid commits to their school, those are secretly planted by the media. The jig is up. Great detective work.
Running back and quarterback aren't the same thing. Rotating a handful of tailbacks doesn't ruffle any feathers and is actually fairly expected these days. Trying to get cute with multiple QBs almost always ends badly, especially when the incumbent (Fromm) just put together one helluva season.
I simply mentioned that I'm indeed handsomely paid, which I am, when someone foolishly suggested that I'm one of these basement bloggers working for beer money. At no point did I paint myself as some sort of international jetsetter like this clown did. I've also been all over the world, but listing previous exotic destinations to a bunch of strangers in a comment section is pretty childish, wouldn't you say?
Please point out even one use of the word "dynasty" in the column. And nobody gives a damn how many stamps are on your passport, let alone the embarrassingly conceited way you decided to share that information in unsolicited fashion. Seriously, pal, hubris is even less attractive during the holidays.
These things are fluid. After the column was published, Georgia landed another 4-star recruit to push past Ohio State for No. 1. But I had decided that a 14-hour work day was enough and went to bed, though.
It's still a middle-of-the-pack class in the SEC as currently constituted, which was the point.
I'm trying to control my laughter. Prepare to be "shocked." While you're at it, why don't you replace your left tackle with Eason just to REALLY do something different?
Straight from the column: "I’m not here to criticize the decision that Fields made. Good for him."
The job I have now clearly stated that this only encompasses what they did in the SEC, since covering the SEC is what we do here. Pretty easy for everyone else here to understand. You're the only one to make such an ignorant comment, which pretty much says it all.
I'm paid to be the primary voice of commentary here, so this is basically part of my job description.
Oh, darn. I didn't bat 1.000 on my preseason predictions. Let me type up my resignation real fast.
It's actually the exact opposite. The most clueless of the clueless tend to get highlighted. Congratulations.
Zero. Tebow was mostly a bust in the pros. Manziel even more so. Prescott's NFL success wasn't a factor at all. And it shouldn't be.
Look at the numbers. They don't lie. And if he was so much better as a senior than he was as a freshman, then Georgia wouldn't have fallen from 12 wins to eight his last year on campus.
You have to judge each year on its own merit. Charles Woodson was the best player in the country in 1997, without question, no matter what all the Peyton Manning apologists think. I was impressed that the voters actually made the right selection there. The fact that Champ Bailey was just as good or better in 1998 is moot since Ricky Williams was incredible and totally deserved it, too. I loathe the idea of making it a lifetime achievement award, a la Ron Dayne in 1999, so let's not go that route.
He's not currently in CBS's Top 100, which is why he -- and others -- wasn't included.
Those same facilities and financial advantages were there for Sumlin, yet the Aggies haven't topped eight wins in four years.
Last year, I picked the Tigers to go 5-7. They went 4-8. This year, I picked them to go 6-6. They went 7-5. So over a two-year stretch, I'm actually 100-percent correct at 11-13. Congratulations?
Neither have eight decades worth of coaches at Texas A&M, apparently.
Until the Aggies win something of consequence this century, "frickin' Texas A&M" is much more appropriate than you want to believe.
If you don't think that was a factor, and likely the primary factor, then you're a fool. Keep kidding yourself that this was all about the rich tradition of Texas A&M. Florida State has been playing college football for about half the time yet accomplished about twice as much, and it doesn't take a pigskin historian to figure that out.
To Georgia fans, I bet it is. To everyone else, it isn't.
Don't kid yourself. It was the $75 million. He's leaving behind some family drama in Tallahassee, too.
Here's the irony: One of the reasons Jimbo's relationship soured at Florida State was his refusal to make changes in his assistant coaching staff. You don't see anyone trying to hire OC Randy Sanders or DC Charles Kelly for head-coaching positions, that's for sure. But now he's at Texas A&M, yet he's bringing almost none of his previous staff with him. Perhaps that was conditional for the $75 million. It's weird, though.
"You know who should be higher? The guy from my team!" -- every fan ever