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John Crist

John Crist is the senior writer for Saturday Down South and also hosts the SDS podcast. He’s an award-winning member of the Football Writers Association of America and a voter for both the Heisman Trophy and Biletnikoff Award.
Recent Comments
You just read 900-plus words praising your football team to no end. Then you read a dozen words referring to Kentucky as a basketball school, which always has been and always will be true. Take a wild guess what you people found comment-worthy.
Well, the people who matter do:https://the5thdown.com/category/best-writing-contest/2017-best-writing-contest/
This argument again? It's a figure of speech, not an endless debate over something with no definitive answer. Move on already, everyone.
Nobody suggested UT hadn't been to South Bend before, so I don't understand your point here.
I'm not offended. I'm laughing at such an ignorant comment. And I'm swimming in credibility from my peers in this business, so if you think I spend one second worrying about a comment thread from the most combative fan base represented at SDS, then you've misread the situation entirely.
Yes, that's why I picked Tennessee to win the East last year. Pathetic life? If you think you hate me now, you should see the woman I'm married to. You should see the house I live in. But by all means, keep being angry at strangers on the internet. I'm sure it's led to a royal existence for you.
You are such a mediocre reader. I suppose I should've been more complimentary of UT's defense and completely ignored the fact that it gave up 535 yards rushing, right? Clearly, the Vols are on their way to a national championship with that unit.
Florida State was every bit as good as Alabama last night until its special teams went to hell. It should've been 10-10 at the half, but the Seminoles had a field goal blocked. Then they had a punt blocked. Then they fumbled a kickoff. You obviously can't give away easy points to the Crimson Tide, so there was no recovery from that. FSU started seemingly every drive of the second half at its own 10-yard line. 'Bama kept getting the ball on the plus side of the 50. Give the Tide credit. Aside from the missed field goals, they didn't really make any mistakes last night. The 'Noles did and paid for them dearly. If Deondre Francois weren't hurt, then there would be every reason to believe this team could still win the ACC and make the playoff. But if he's out for the year, then forget it. They'll lose a few games because their backup quarterback situation is dire.
I can write it, but I can't always expect you to understand it.
I said the result was meaningless, not the game itself. You've already won the Week 1 award for "glancing at a headline and then immediately racing to the comment section." Try actually reading the column next time.
Read. The. Column. That's not the point. There's quite a difference between "knowing but not announcing" and "not announcing because we don't know."
Because everyone knows Dormady is the starter, that's why. Jones is just playing cat-and-mouse with Georgia Tech. People who cover Tennessee have told me that directly. McElwain clearly isn't doing that. People I know who cover Florida have no idea who's going to play because it seems like the leader in the clubhouse changes every day.
Much better? Florida State was 3rd last year and 6th this year. Georgia was the opposite, 6th last year and 3rd this year. But don't let silly things like facts get in the way of a good argument. There's also a liiiiittle more to coaching than simply signing recruits, as evidenced by the guy the Bulldogs got rid of not too long ago, Mark Richt.
Intriguing meaning interesting to watch. Will they surprise with no expectations? Will they disappoint again despite the lowered excitement? Maybe you have a different definition of the word "intriguing" than what's in the dictionary. It doesn't mean "pump up the reader's favorite team."
What's intriguing to you may not necessarily be intriguing to me, and vice versa.
What exactly are you talking about? The comment I was responding to had to do with the Ole Miss-Kentucky matchup. Kentucky is in the East last I checked, but don't let that get in the way of your unending quest to complain on the internet with half-baked perspective.
Yes, as a matter of fact. He was suspended for the biggest regular-season game of the year against Clemson, which Florida State won anyway with backup quarterback Sean Maguire. What's your point?
Yes, it was a typo. There was a ridiculous amount of content and coding doing 14 of these things over the course of two weeks. It's been fixed, and I'm sorry for ruining everyone's day beyond the point of repair.
So what's a better comparison for Missouri from the Big Ten? Ohio State? Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.
Would you like this "poor writer" to point out the half a dozen or so grammatical errors and spelling mistakes you made in those two short paragraphs?
You realize that I've been voting for the Heisman for the better part of a decade, right? They don't just hand those out to interns. And Ron Zook jokes are about as fresh as a Foghat concert.
It was a joke. Lighten up, Francis. We're talking about college football here, not tours of duty in Afghanistan.
Now that I'm older and wiser, I have no problem admitted that Tallahassee isn't such a great place. The campus itself is nice, though. The stadium experience is fantastic, too -- totally underrated on the national scene. While the tailgating is good, it's not legendary like some SEC schools. I actually thought about eventually raising my family there, but I've since done a 180 on that idea.
And why exactly is that a problem? Like the comments directed at me are so full of class and charm? If you start a food fight, you lose the right to cry foul when you're hit in the face with a tomato.
I couldn't be less sensitive. Ask anyone who knows me. I'm opinionated and back up my opinions when I feel the need, which is exactly what's expected from someone in my position. And, yes, I have a little fun with some of the more dim-witted commentary I receive. The ones crying foul are usually the same ones calling me sensitive, probably because they don't own a mirror at home.
Readers crave interaction, which is half the reason why something like Twitter even exists, but then writers get criticized for actually interacting. Pick a lane, people. It's not the writers' fault that most comment sections resemble a toxic-waste dump.
Imagine how much more enjoyable this could be if you were actually in on the joke.
Yep, that's what these radio stations from all over the Southeast blowing up my phone on a daily basis tell me. "Nobody likes your articles, so can you please be our guest to talk about the latest one for 15 minutes." 99 percent of people in this business go out of their way to ignore the comment section altogether, but I have some masochist in me.