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John Crist is the senior writer for Saturday Down South and also hosts the SDS podcast. He’s an award-winning member of the Football Writers Association of America and a voter for both the Heisman Trophy and Biletnikoff Award.
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Florida has three Heisman Trophy winners and three national championships in program history. Missouri has zero and zero. How's that for relevant?
Our Missouri readers are just the worst, aren't they? How many Big 8 championships did the Tigers win in the four decades before they joined the SEC? Zero. A generation will pass by, yet Mizzou types will still be clinging to those East titles -- you won a weak division, by the way, not the entire league -- like grim death.
So when Patterson is healthy again, Ta'amu is just gonna high-five him and go back to the bench with a smile on his face, right? If all you want is Ole Miss coverage that blows sunshine up your you-know-what, there are plenty of outlets in Mississippi for that. There are indeed many schools that would love to have one of these Rebels quarterbacks, which is exactly why at least one of them might not be around next year. That's not stirring the pot. That's simply a fact in today's QB environment whether you like it or not.
Nobody's offended. I couldn't care less. This is my job, by the way. I just don't understand how a column basically praising Alabama at every turn gets parsed to such a word-by-word degree that you invent new ways to take issue with it. But that's your only setting, I presume.
What exactly was ominous about this one? I basically said that Alabama had a minor handicap in the passing game, but because Ridley is so good, it doesn't really matter. Are you really here to tell me that this receiving corps is anywhere near as good as last year's was with Stewart and Howard, or are you just going out of your way to be pissed off because that's what comment-section people do?
Unnecessary in general? No. Unnecessary before a football game? Yes. It's always seemed like such an odd setting for such a thing.
Well, "The Big Bang Theory" is the most popular show on television. It still sucks.
The story has been updated accordingly to reflect the source of the news, since you're correct that it technically wasn't Muschamp.
Yes, I'm dodging questions. Either that, or I have a life and am under ZERO obligation to provide you with answers. Sure, I'm a UF shill. Either that, or I'm a Florida State graduate with the ability to look at a situation honestly. Speaking of questions, if Tennessee is such an amazing job, how come nobody wants it? Kiffin was damaged goods after embarrassing himself with the Raiders. Dooley had zero résumé outside of being Vince's son and working for Saban. Jones won some games at two programs that have never mattered. This program has thrown around money and courted big names for almost a decade now post-Fulmer and keeps getting turned down. As far as bias is concerned, the only thing I have against the Volunteers is the toxic environment their readers create in comment sections like this one every time I write about them.
I guess we'll never know since Tennessee keeps having to hire its third or fourth choice every time because all the "really good coaches" say thanks-but-no-thanks.
I picked Tennessee to finish fifth in the East this year. Fans howled for me being so pessimistic, of course. Turns out I wasn't pessimistic enough.
"Additionally, Tennessee is a much better job than Florida has ever been."I may be lazy, angry and confused, as you suggest, but at least I'm not dumber than that rock on Tennessee's campus, as you must be if you honestly believe what you just wrote.
If an 11-1 Georgia team beats a 12-0 Alabama team in Atlanta, then there's still a very good chance that both of them are going to the playoff. Yes, Georgia got blown out Saturday, but there's no shame in losing on the road to an Auburn program ranked in the Top 10. As you said, Notre Dame and the Pac-12 are done. The Clemson-Miami loser is out. If Wisconsin loses in the Big Ten title game, that conference is probably on the outside looking in, too. There's really no point in trying to predict this stuff three weeks out because it never goes the way we anticipate anyway.
Because it's different for quarterbacks. Only for that position do they keep win-loss records for when they start. Stats are largely hollow for passers if they don't win the game. Is that necessarily fair? No, but those are the unwritten rules of engagement whether they like it or not.
What a crock. Like other conferences are only out for personal accolades and put less of an emphasis on winning. I don't remember Tim Tebow, the ultimate team-first quarterback, handing back his Heisman when he won it despite losing four games that season. This is why those "S-E-C!" chants get mocked by the other 116 fan bases at the FBS level. College football may mean more to the followers of this conference than the other Power 5 leagues, but Alabama players and coaches don't want to win any more or less than the ones at Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, etc.
Name a better candidate from the SEC. I'll wait. I'll even hold my laughter.
So you're asking me to ignore a five-game losing streak in conference play, four of which were essentially ass-kickings?
I'm only one of 900 or so. Some of them are as uninformed as you are. Scary thought.
No doubt. So why would a 19-year-old college athlete want to open a direct line of communication with these mouth-breathers? Sure, it's easier to meet adoring girls and all. But when I was in school, athletes didn't have any trouble meeting adoring girls.
My Gators? I went to Florida State. The Missouri readers on this site have been more embarrassing lately than their own team, that's for sure.
Based on what exactly? Because I interact with readers? Because I shoot down ridiculous arguments? Because I'm paid to broadcast my opinions and back them up accordingly? Enlighten me, please.
No, I don't agree. You have to get your hands dirty recruiting, plain and simple. Spurrier's name goes a lot further in college football than Gruden's does, but his recruiting fell apart at South Carolina once he stopped putting in the necessary effort.
I never once claimed to have the answer. But it's my job to comment on such things as I see fit. Whether you agree or disagree, vaya con dios.
No, I'm not saying that he can't. But we have zero evidence that he can. He's also said publicly that the idea of recruiting doesn't exactly do it for him.
None of the above. No dog in the fight. Just give me something to write about, please.
So fill out an application. You clearly have extra time on your hands. Too much, in fact.