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@tim, I think you're right. Key for LSU is Daniels. As for Perkins, I think he'll get his every now and then, but UGA will do what what they can to neutralize and not let him effect what they want to do. Should make for a good game.
I'm most intrigued by the Georgia D line vs the LSU O line. The LSU line has drastically improved over the season, but UGA is a different animal. I think this game is where the differences in depth for both teams shows by the 4th. LSU needs the game to play similarly to Alabama. Score for score, keep it close, and let the bounces fall how they may. Win or lose, hopefully Georgia annihilates everyone else in the top 4.
We were curious what the current OC was actually doing, not whether he was employed.
Would we really have Nuss start against Georgia? Yikes.
*Next year with only a little tweaking (and luck in the injury department) the Aggies could be really really good next year.* I think this is the same line Jimbo's been using for the last 5 seasons now?
Win or lose, give Georgia your best shot, and use it to build/recruit during the offseason.
Not every year is a chip year. Did anyone honestly have LSU winning it all this year after what O left? I was hoping for progress from last year both culturally and in player development. This year has exceeded my expectations. Great year 1!
Still exceeded my expectations for year 1. Keep building. Get depth from this years recruiting class and add through the portal. They'll be fine. If this was year 5, I'd have other thoughts.
Playcalling and not getting Daniels into a rhythm early. Bech, Nabors, Boutte and Thomas should be a daunting task to slow down if you scheme them the right way. Daniels seems to look for the first option, not want to turn the ball over, and opt to run.
Excited/nervous for this game. Still a bit of Pelini PTSD lingering.
Wish I could disagree with you but yes, season is toast, play some of the young kids and see what you have, and build for the future. Should be a fun one either way.
O/Mickey/anyone else with knowledge of it should be held accountable.
I'm hoping it lives up to the hype! Loads of future NFL talent everywhere. 7 WRs that will be playing on Sundays. Should be super fun to watch!
CEH had 136 vs Auburn and 134 vs Florida. Got it.
LSU doesn't have a run game to fall back on? Rrrright.
Numbers 1 and 2 right now don't mean anything. Next Saturday's game likely won't change anything. Both Bama and LSU look like 2 of the top 4 teams in the country and that's all that matters. Hoping for the game that we all want it to be and that it lives up to the hype.
This game feels like it's going to come down to which front 4 can get the most pressure. Tua or Burrow will shred a secondary if the other defense can't get home regularly.
Hope Tua heals up soon and is ready to go for Nov 9th. He's so fun to watch play and Tua vs Burrow should be an instant classic.
Hopefully LSU uses this week to work on their rush with the front 4 and how to mitigate those first half pressure lapses. Aside from that, maybe Brennan gets a full quarter.
Is freshman Mo Hampton injured? Know he was highly touted as a 2 way athlete but haven't heard his name called this year. Redshirt?