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At the very least, as a formality, Hooker and Corum should've both been on the invite list. Doesn't mean Bennett should not have been, or that Hooker or Corum will win since they didn't complete a season. But this is a pretty down year for the Heisman in how they've been treating it recently. There really is no true standout, and that's why they're struggling with the nominations and getting blasted for it.
There were plenty of times here where LSU looked like they were getting blown all the way out to the Atlanta suburbs. But I do credit them for hanging in there and playing with grit and heart, even if it seemed futile. Not many teams have put up 450+ passing against this Georgia defense. Really proud of my Dawgs and it feels great to bring a trophy back to the East. But just wanted to give credit to an LSU team that was shouting for their coach's head on a stick earlier this year. That's a fighty bunch out there in Baton Rouge.
Sounds Notre Dame-ish. Sounds even more Alabama-ish, because they've done it before.
My favorite thing is the Cincinnati Bearcats fan in the background.
Not worried about hypotheticals like that because they can only play the schedule. Your team lost twice at home, and one of those was a smoking. They've only lost a close one once, on the road.
Slightly surprised to see LSU over USC. It doesn't matter this week, but you'd think a one point loss in one game on the road would be less hurtful than getting your head kicked in at home by Tennessee. That Florida State loss week 1 seems to have been completely erased from memory for the committee.
Holy cow, Wright. There's a lot to unpack in this river of sewage. - Pre-writing your articles? "We watch every snap of every game, every weekend." Then following that up with Tennessee's one loss playoff chances. This right after your first point is about how UT got completely disassembled in Columbia. - This year's Illinois team is elite by Illinois standards. A very below average team historically is leading the nation statistically in defense, and showed why in Ann Arbor. - Ohio State's win against Notre Dame does look better every week. Just like you lead the charge about how Georgia's destruction of Oregon looked better every week right up until the Ducks lost again. It fits the entertainment narrative right up until it doesn't, which is what you and all the other media pundits shove down our throats every week. - Any Georgia fan worth their salt assumes no blow out of LSU in the SECCG. We've been there far too many times historically. Remember how last year in Atlanta went for the Dawgs? Grateful for the opportunity to replay the Tide, but it's only been recently that a heavily favored Georgia team follows through. - That said, half the chaos will sort itself. There's still more teams than spots, but more teams on the cusp need more help than they realize. Does a one loss Georgia that's been curb stomping people all season not make it in over a 2 loss LSU? Or, God forbid the Ohio State-Michigan winner go on and lose the B1G to the West champion. Stranger things have happened. Do you leave the one loss non-B1G winner at home? One loss non SEC champs have been invited to the dance before. There's gonna be another upset we didn't see coming, within the next two weeks. And honestly, any of the four CCGs we are watching has the potential. LSU-UGA, USC-Oregon/UCLA, TCU-some other #2 seed representative...
Dang. That's terrible news. Even if he played for a rival, he was a treat to eat h. Hate to see it. Best recovery for a potential pro career.
Valid points. I never put together his wife's cancer coinciding with his "fire" on the field being pretty well extinguished. Many Richt teams did well, but you rarely saw those Georgia teams have a killer instinct. The 2009 season on through the rest of Richt's tenure were full of examples of heavily favored Georgia teams losing games to teams they should've physically dominated. LOS was always a problem, especially when matching up against Alabama and Florida teams, pre spread offense domination.
To think, Richt probably would've won a few more against Florida if he had that kind of fire when he was an active HC. Just seems like light hearted banter to me. Florida was always in Richt's head, just like Georgia was always in Spurrier's.
I didn't have a horse in this race but I don't think this was where Mississippi lost the game. He went for it because Alabama had been driving it pretty good throughout the 3rd quarter and had a lot of momentum. I understood wanting to give his gassed defense a bit of a rest and potentially put up 7 instead of only 3. The last drive that got them into the red zone was where it fell apart. #4 was running nearly at will against the Bama D and they tried to get cute. Should've kept running the ball and kept killing clock because the last thing Ole Miss needed was to leave Bryce Young with time on the clock. That delay draw play was being keyed on all second half and never worked properly. Bama respected assignment when Dart was gonna run and they had been planting Dart trees all over the backfield all game. Just puzzled how Lane thought it was suddenly gonna work there at the end.
Look. I'm as much a Georgia fan as it is, but this needs a little bit of brake pumping. Alabama has won two National title games since 2017, and played for two more. Georgia has played in only two, and split. I hope it happens because it feels great to watch big wins, but Georgia has a few more years to go before I think "dynasty" can be applied. That's a BIG word, and it's applied to Alabama for almost 15 years. Georgia needs to do it more than once, but they're on the road to do it this year.
Can we get off the Hugh Freeze train? He beat Saban twice. Okay, cool. He also got smoked by Saban two other times, and couldn't beat Arkansas to save his life, and that's pre-Pittman Arkansas when they were a West doormat. People put way, way, waaaay too much stock into "beating Saban". Know who else beat Saban? Chizik. Sumlin. Malzahn. Fisher. Meyer. How's the coaching meter on all those guys looking right now?
Sheesh. Deion Sanders to Auburn is gonna make those Aflac commercials with Nick Saban get a whole lot more interesting.
Nope. Harsin was low on their list to replace Malzahn and once Harsin found that out, he cared less about his deficiencies showing in recruiting. In short, Harsin never gave the effort. Auburn never gave him the chance to give the effort.
"We’ve seen blowouts for years in the Playoff semifinals, and it’s bad television. Clemson delivered and sustained a couple." I see Hayes is just talking his usual river of sewage. Yeah. Clemson also played two all time great games against Alabama, split them one a piece, and also played a whopper of a semi final game against Ohio State. Let's not act like Clemson always stinks it up whenever they get in. They're not like Notre Dame who has an allergic reaction to touchdowns the two times they got in the playoff.
They haven't, since the Oregon game. Stetson is not the only problem on offense, but the offense as a whole is a problem considering the TE and RB schemes that are possible with SB's wheels. Whatever it is they thought they had, they no longer do, be it because of injuries or the opponent's defense scheming it better. There's been little reason lately to believe this team will repeat.
This doesn't surprise me. I was at that game in person. It wasn't a sell out but for how badly the Auburn game went for Missouri, they showed up in force, made life difficult on 3rd down and stayed the entire game. Was definitely entertaining.
I'll be at this game as a Georgia fan with my Mizzou graduate wife. Either I have a good time and celebrate a UGA victory, or I get real real drunk on Chase's dime. So it's gonna be a good day.
Please. "Sound the bell." Until Alabama has several consecutive YEARS like 2010 where they've lost 2+ and finish 3rd or worse in the West, there is no reason to sound the bell. Smart and Pittman are doing work now, but Saban has been doing that same work for almost 2 decades now at Alabama.
I understand that mental block concerning the Gators. Suffered through the Donnan and Richt eras with some truly baffling losses to Florida. Tennessee has got to win this week, and then they need to do it again next year. Even a small winning streak is a streak and will begin to turn the tables. 1-30 against your two biggest rivals in the last 15 years is pretty bad.
Who TF are you even talking to? I don't even comment enough here to be "dodging you" because I don't care enough about you to dodge you. Get your log in names straight next time Negan.
Calm down. Nobody is kissing Gump rear. Rat poison is exactly why I'm fine with Georgia being #2. Let Alabama mess up their own #1 ranking. #2 still makes the playoffs and that's the only time Georgia needs to stand up to #1 and take care of business.
Firing hothead Pelini for consistently going 9-4 doesn't look like such a great move nowadays eh?
I'm not real sure that needed to happen. It was an ugly win for Alabama, sure. But it was still the first time they've played a legitimate non conference away game in like a decade, and they won in a hostile environment.
A&M will pay a lot more dearly for that loss than falling to 21st.
Auburn didn't beat two #1s in a row in 2017. There was a game against Louisiana Monroe between Georgia and Alabama that year. It was still a pretty impressive feat though and really played up to how hard it is to play at Jordan Hare.
I go back and forth on this. There are some schools out there where an "alternate" is a clear TF is that, moment. But there are tons of alternates in the SEC that are great and a real treat to see once or twice a year, provided the schools don't overdo it. Ole Miss powder blues, Georgia's black unis, Missouri doing the all gold, or Tennessee's smoky mountain alternates. It's not like Alabama is suggesting Oregon green helmets. White is a school color, and based on history, white helmets would tie in just fine to any Alabama combination, without being some kind of affront to tradition.
The first version of the UT smokey unis was kinda weird cuz they wore the white helmet. I'm also not sure of their recent trend to the black alternates they wore twice this past year. But the UT smokey grey unis from the late 2010s where they incorporated the mountains into the helmet side was legit awesome. There's some real spark to those.
Oh cool. So the powers that be think the fix is to be able to give out a few free tickets to recruits. Can't talk to them. Opposing teams gets to do the same. Then whichever school loses the game gets to explain to recruits why they lost the game at a different time. Since they can't talk to coaches. Seems legit. Where do Smart and Napier sign that contract at? *Eye roll*