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SC got robbed more than once with either non calls or ticky tack calls. That said, Muschamp lost the momentum with his indecisiveness at half. You've got two time outs Coach Boom, stop the clock, challenge the knee being down. Best case, you go into half 24-17 against a superior opponent and a shot to even the score coming out of halftime. Worst case, they uphold him being down but theres still 33 seconds on the clock to come up with a better 3rd down play than that rushed in crap. SC interior defense is legit. They will be the reason SC plays a better game or even wins against somebody else on their schedule that they have no business hanging with. Maybe even Georgia.
I've watched Alabama intently over the last 20 years. They were garbage at one point but they weren't going to stay that way long. They've been the thorn in Georgia's side and I've watched sure as sunrise as the Dawgs have found new and exciting ways to consistently come up short in the Saban era. Saban isn't just doing that to Georgia. He's been doing it to Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Florida...Everybody. The machine that Saban has built is going to take A LOT (like...LOTTTTT) more than this to bring down a dynasty such as that. They've had turnover there for a few consecutive years now. It hasn't had a significant effect. One kid comes out and says this one year after one other kid came out and said this and now Alabama is falling apart? Please. Until what happens last year against Clemson starts to happen to Alabama on the regular, they are not going anywhere without a heck of a fight.
Bama hired him as an OC and after everyone hollered how much of an idiot Saban was, the Crimson Tide went on to break all sorts of their own offensive records. Provided the AD hires an elite defensive mind so the school maintains their defense first stance, why wouldn't Alabama take a chance on Kiffin? If Saban retires, then the one person Kiffin supposedly was at odds with in T-town wouldn't be there anymore. But I would imagine with the equity Nick has in Tuscaloosa, no one short of himself would be allowed to appoint his successor.
Game was lost on a last second Hail Mary. That's a defensive breakdown, and Pruitt was responsible for the defense. Don't know how else to spell that out.
...what? Are you even breathing correctly, man? If Georgia swept the East and lost to both West teams like they've been prone to do lately, they would be 6-2 in conference. If Tennessee finished 7-1 in conference with a loss to Georgia, they would win the East even though they lost to Georgia because they beat both Alabama and whoever their other West opponent was. Out of division games absolutely determine division champions. It has happened before and it will happen again. See 2007 Georgia/Tennessee. Tennessee lost to Alabama, a West team whereas both teams Georgia lost to were East teams (Tennessee and South Carolina). They finished tied for 1st but Tennessee got the division crown because one of their losses was to a West team.
Are you out of your mind? What dynasty? The only dynasty we can be accused of is being the most consistent Bridesmaid in Division 1. It's been THIRTY NINE YEARS. Until we prove our worth by bringing home hardware, our consistency to sit at the table means nothing.
Because Bentley managed zero points against Virginia in SC's bowl and a worse overall record last year than in 2017. There's little reason to assume that after 3 years, Bentley is going to massively improve.
Turns out that's exactly what they did. But it's stupid. Georgia now plays Florida and Tennessee within 3 weeks of each other. Auburn gets off like a porn star with a squash because now they don't have to play their two biggest games within 3 weeks of each other.
There is no point to this from Georgia's side. Until the Vols turn their train wreck around, we have little hope of climbing the polls in November now. Schedule now looks like Florida when it falls after halloween, Kentucky, Tennessee, FCS Scrub and the Bees. That's a soft schedule for November if I ever saw one.
What's your source? An Auburn newspaper reporter pointing at Kirby? Play us twice in Athens, you get your Georgia Alabama split back. The game doesn't need to leave November to fix your problem.
Nuts to that. That's a BS move designed to help Auburn not have to face Georgia and Alabama in the same month. They still haven't paid Georgia back for the two in a row at home in 2012 and 2013. Auburn's schedule is Auburn's problem. Not Georgia's.
I'm a fan of the same team as you are. But be just slightly realistic. 1. The recruiting cycle is far from over. Saban (and Kirby) still have plenty of time to recruit and sign. 2. If you think one year of signing only three 5 stars at Alabama somehow negates the years of depth they've built, I have tropical islands to sell you in Canada. 3. Georgia signed the #1 overall QB recruit just last year, amongst a bevy of 5 star talent. Remind me where that quarterback is now, just 9 months later. Point being, until Nick Saban retires, doubting Alabama is a fool's errand.
Exactly how cold do you think it gets in Los Angeles in January?
Man, that wasn't but 30 seconds of simplicity and yet I barely got through it. What a great acknowledgment. Boiler Up, Tyler.
I'm bitter as he!l that we lost to you guys yet again, and I'm not a very big Alabama fan right now but I can say mad respect and appreciation for yours and most of the other Alabama fan comments on here. I'll get over this one eventually. It really brings that LSU loss into perspective. We had a gameplan that was working during that game and for whatever reason decided to suddenly chuck it around the yard. It is what it is at this point but the running game was working so well against the Tigers that I can't imagine the thought process to get away from that when Holyfield is averaging north of 7 a tote. Run. Da. Bawl. I mean fcuk, it was working against Alabama of all teams last night.
It doesn't matter. It is irrelevant what rank Oklahoma's defense is. They only lost once and they proved their mettle by beating that team when given a second opportunity, just like Georgia did last year. We had our chance. Alabama proved to be the better team. So eat your medicine like the rest of us are, and await the next game. That's sorry what you did up there.
You sorry lame ašs excuse for a Georgia fan. You don't turn around and root for the team that has ripped your heart out twice on national television.
To he!l with CMR. That fool would have lost to Florida and Missouri this year and not even won the East. Kirby is the right man. Alabama is just more right.
I laughed a lot harder at this than I should've. I don't know about this ploy but I don't run the alum Twitter account so I guess I'll bury the hatchet for a day lol
It won't matter. Alabama makes the playoffs anyway. Georgia is in a precarious spot here. Lose, don't make the playoffs. Win, Alabama makes the playoffs anyway, now with a chip on their shoulder because the big argument will be Alabama v Ohio State for advancing to final 4. Georgia will have to play them again. No one has beaten Alabama this season. I don't trust Georgia to do it twice. This system is broken, even more so than the BCS system.
What he actually means is that it's not very hard to see how BamaTime feels about Missouri. Does Wolfman post nonsense sometimes? Sure. But however jaded he might be, he is no less a Mizzou fan than you are an Alabama fan.
It begins to make sense if you think that EVERY player on Sunday is an NFL caliber talent. That includes the defense. Any NFL team that takes Tua at QB will not be blowing out opposing teams 50-3 like Alabama has all year because the defense every week will be a step up from what he's faced so far. Don't take that to mean I think he sucks or is overrated. It's just a reminder that he won't sustain Heisman stats every week like he is now.
I'll be relieved when the old guard of uppity fans finally gets off their high horse. Black is not an off the wall color for Georgia. It is a TEAM color and nearly every other sport we play has a black alternate that we trot out regularly. Swim team, gymnastics, basketball, all of them have black uniforms. Football should be no different. I'll cheer whether they show up in the likely red unis or black ones but it would be a sight to see and it dang sure should be implemented more into the rotation. The uni doesn't make the player so the change shouldn't be treated like disease.
What is about this game that causes verbal diarrhea from Florida players? Wasn't Chauncey's mouth enough of lesson last year?
Jordan Scarlett all on his own gives Florida a decent shot at this game. Absolutely can not look at last year's Gators with half the team suspended and that bumbling idiot for a head coach as indicative of what Florida can put together this year. This will not be a 42-7 beatdown and it would be naive to think it would be. I hope Georgia wins and I think they will, but I would not be nearly as surprised if Florida does pull it out.
I said that because he is an aTm fan and I know that's a bitter rivalry. Nothing beyond that. Michigan also lost week 1 and they have one ranked win against Wisconsin. Nobody's pissy about that though.
Because they lost week 1 and have beaten more ranked teams than Georgia or Florida has. I know it's difficult for you to look at Texas objectively but it is what it is.
The minute LSU lost to Florida last weekend, I knew Georgia would lose this game. They were pissed off, hungry, and just flat out wanted it more and they knew Georgia would just assume that if a #21 team could beat them, a #2 team would monster them. Exact same thing happened last year at Auburn. Holyfield was AVERAGING 7 yards a carry and that was up the middle. But no, let's not ride what works and instead start throwing all over the yard. Fromm was sloppy, Fields wasn't any better because Chaney just treats him like a glorified RB and Nauta had all the receiving yards and yet we still refuse to throw it to our TE Corp. We deserved to lose. Congratulations LSU. Take that energy and geaux beat Bama.