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They separated because of his mother's job not being able to move across the country. That was fully within their own choice of things to do but nothing related to anything about this transfer FORCED them to divorce. This has nothing to do with Georgia law, Georgia football or really Georgia anything.
Oofdah. So Blaylock shreds his knee, Fields is witnessed at practice, Newman quits the team. Curious timeline. Hm. I'm not sure how to feel about this one. Getting bent out of shape over a potential seems a little extreme. That said, we saw what Fields did after he left Georgia so at least there isn't heartbreak to witness twice.
Stop being so Fing pedantic. You know exactly what he meant. Georgia isn't playing in Sanford for 6 straight games and there is no debating that.
Daniels tore his ACL. 1. Do you know how long an ACL rehab takes? I've torn mine. I do. You're looking at a solid 8-10 months before being able to run and cut again and that's if your medical team is on their A game and you have no complications. JT was injured the first quarter of the first game. He already "sat" a year anyway. 2. Coupled with a pandemic and the PAC12 saying they are not playing football, it shouldn't be a surprise that Daniels was granted a waiver. He was injured and lost a year. He would've been granted a medical red shirt even if he elected not to transfer. None of the above applies to Cade Mays because Cade has a sorry excuse for transferring to a direct rival, not an injury that shipped him across the entire country.
That's fair. The NCAA has been a poop show for many years now. Georgia now being the center of two high profile cases. That said, Mays (both father and Cade) are not without fault here. All of the other transfers that have occurred this off season have centered around injury or pandemic related items. Some I understand the immediate eligibility. Others I do not. However, none of them have tried transferring not only within a division, but directly to a deep rival. If Cade signed at Georgia because of Pittman, he should have elected to transfer to Arkansas. Siblings go to different schools all of the time. "I wanna play with my brother" is not good enough to seek transfer to a direct rival because then it opens the floodgates to coaches poaching players to stockpile for super teams. It's why the rule existed in the first place, to prevent a pseudo "free agency". For the record, I'm not upset that Mays wants to transfer. I'm upset with the amount of mud slinging he and his family have done against my school in order to attempt to transfer. He is a good lineman but did not perform otherworldly for us at Georgia so it's difficult to see this as more than a karmic "hah, you deserve that." If he would've said "hey, I want to go to Tennessee", a lot of us would've been bummed but understood. But then he and his family rain down lawsuits and unfounded claims on yeah, it's tough to feel sympathetic that he was denied.
Wish his dramatic behind never came to Georgia. What exactly about his situation makes him exempt from having to sit for a basic interdivision transfer like everyone else is supposed to? If he wanted to transfer to TN that badly, he should've planned to sit and been surprised if they let him play right away. Not the other way around.
Mays needs to eat his MF crow and chill. It wasn't a toxic environment for the 2 years he was playing and starting. Now it's toxic because he didn't get his way? Easy. Your dad's finger is not your problem. You starting is not a toxic environment. I'm not saying they didn't, but if other players gave him trash over it, he isn't helping his case with the amount of flinging dirt he is doing.
It was, but he said that after the 2015 season and signed his own death certificate. Bobo was still leading the offense in 2014. We actually put up points and rushing yards back then. Who knew.
Not to mention Aaron Murray still tears his ACL against Kentucky, so he wouldn't have the opportunity to play the Tigers twice. Georgia loses that theoretical SECCG even worse than Missouri did. All the offensive star power was decimated by that point and Murray literally killed himself trying to maintain it.
This. What a horrific call. Bauta was in no way prepared for that D line and Florida knew it.
Don't antagonize the Vol. We have no more room to talk about our accomplishments than they do.
My favorite team is supposedly the one benefitting from this, and I think the sports world is wildly overreacting. The dynasty at Alabama will be done when NICK retires or dies. Not a minute sooner. All of this "Staffer X who's been there since 2007" has yet to prove worth anything, and it's been 13 years. Learn from history already.
What a sorry excuse for a human being. Seemed fine signing at Georgia when things were going his way. Now that there's turnover, he wants to cry and use his dad as an excuse for early eligibility? FOH. He should sit because he didn't lose any part of his pinky. His father's the moron that can't work a chair properly.
I'm torn. The man needs to do for himself what he feels is right. That's okay. I never fully believed he thought himself a Dawg though. He talked mad trash towards the Vols, and the Vols base talked trash towards him for his decision that went against his family history. And I honestly think that got in his head and he was never fully a Georgia player in his heart. Now all that said, you're gonna be forced to sit. Why bother at this point? Also think that the Vols turning around a 1-5 start to an 8-5 season had something to do with it. They have another crappy year with no bowl, I don't think this conversation happens.
I know this kid personally. His father is military and works with my father. I haven't seen him play in person but his highlight reel is solid and he has great heart for the game.
All of this could've been condensed down to "That was a stupid decision to let him leave" vs "It wouldn't have been the same if he stayed at Georgia so it isn't fair to compare." Bottom line, he left. We don't care about Fields anymore, yet people like you still keep cramming this BS down our throats.
I really hope Fox doesn't win the bid. Like, REALLY hope not. If Gus Johnson starts calling SEC games with his overly animated screaming for a 4 yard play behind, I will leave the southeast. That said, if CBS leaving means that better games can be played at night vs a mandatory 3:30 kickoff, I'm all for that. Can you imagine the Cocktail Party kicking off at 7PM?
We never seriously had a shot against LSU, and that was before the decimation of the sorry excuse we call our receiving corps. LSU is LOADED this year and the game played out exactly as I called it. Offense is lousy, defense is elite and does their best to keep it close, eventually wears down and Georgia got no turnovers early to flip the script. They needed to cash in at EVERY opportunity and they went bust doing the same thing on offense that has happened all year. This defense paired with the 2017 offense would've been a different ball game but we aren't in 2017. Dawgs have to eat this loss and this time not fail to show up in the Sugar or Citrus against whoever they play next. And the minute LSU's season is over, THE MINUTE IT IS, they need to back a fat truck of cash up to Joe Brady's desk and hire him as OC before LSU does. And then Kirby needs to let him do his job and not meddle with the process.
He left because Tennessee was willing to pay him more money than Georgia was. Literally nothing more.
Come on man. Saban has an entire hand decorated in NC rings at Alabama. You're seriously saying his comments post Auburn would keep you from wanting him to coach Georgia? GTFOH. That logic is dumb AF.
This is asinine. I have been waiting with adoring patience for the downfall of Alabama or at least being able to catch them napping once in a while but Georgia hasn't beaten Alabama in over a decade. It is fool's gold to assume the run is over. This is like saying the Patriots are washed up after they lost to the Texans on Sunday. Heck, the dynasty was over in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016. Oh, and last year too. *eyeroll* As long as Saban roams the sideline at Bryant Denny, Alabama is a serious threat until proven (beyond a game or two) otherwise. I've fallen for this ruse far too many times before.
If you got smoked by the only two ranked teams you faced all season, you should be grateful you only fell to 12th.
This defense absolutely could win a championship, provided it was paired with something that even remotely resembled an offense.
Saban followed up 9-7 with 6-10 and bailed. Drew Brees or no Drew Brees, Saban wussed out and ran to Alabama before finding out if he ever would've made it big in the NFL or not.
So homie, you peaced out after Georgia got the #5 spot and OSU got #6. So you're complaining that you got to be the 2nd loser instead of the 1st loser. Am I understanding that correctly? Final rankings, 5th and 6th literally are no different. Both went to a New Year's Six, neither went to the playoffs.
Catholics v Convicts was not coined by the Hurricanes. ND is far from a clean and wholesome program that would pass on Meyer because of his reputation.
Is he, really tho? Is any Alabama fan steaming? They hardly paid for that loss at home and not having any quality wins, and yet right now they're the best non playoff team in the country. This sets up perfectly for them to do the exact same BS they got gifted in 2011 and 2017.
I wouldn't have Georgia at 4 either though. Neither Georgia nor Alabama should be top 4. Alabama had one real game to play this year so far, and they lost it. And it looked pretty ugly for 30 minutes. A. That's too much pressure right now. B. That SC loss just got a lot worse. They're in danger of not making a bowl game now, and Georgia lost to them.