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It's ok. Just sitting here in my rightness corner having been right in waiting all year for that Georgia letdown. The offense tried to out Alabama Bryce Young just like they did in Tuscaloosa last year. The secondary was always a weak point, and continued to try to pressure with the front 7 instead of dropping LBs into coverage when it was clear Young was going to throw 60 mins of darts. And then the Mailman delivered gifts to the wrong team. And then continued to be able to play instead of getting benched where he belonged. I am heavily disappointed, but nowhere near surprised. Just Georgia doing Georgia things once again. Congratulations to Alabama. We'll meet again, and hopefully this time the pain of defeat forced Kirby back to the drawing board to actually change something about how this team operates.
In reference to points differential, I'm not talking about historically. I'm talking about this year. The only bias I have is being tired of Georgia not getting their ish together against Alabama. I had the same bias against Florida in the 2000s. It is irritating when better discipline could've earned victory but that's not Alabama's problem to fix, it's Georgia's. Re: points differential. I brought it up because it holds weight. Alabama could've just as easily won that game against A&M and been undefeated as they could've lost the close games against LSU, Arkansas, Florida and Auburn. Suddenly, a 7-5 Alabama isn't all that hot, eh? When people like you bring up the unconvincing wins Cincinnati has against Navy, Tulsa, etc, it's amusing that it's suddenly such a slight to do the same thing to Alabama. There's nothing bias about it.
Overly kind, especially this year. They're consistently the only team during the CFP era that has not critically paid for a loss. But even though the stats back that up with a points differential of barely a touchdown, you can't say that out loud.
This hire was so far out of left field, it wasn't even in the same stadium. This is THE popcorn eating moment of the upcoming 2022 season. Either it works out perfectly, or Kelly looks like a complete fool. I don't feel like there's any room in between. Also, the tweet about "Neck" had me screaming. That was great.
Maybe I'm in the minority, but I didn't truthfully understand the grief given to LSU for their 2020 season. That was a unique situation for every team in the nation. They lost a few games they shouldn't have, but they also pulled out a few upsets that they shouldn't have. Basically, I feel like 2021 was going to be the 2019 season's rebuild and if Coach O was going to face enough pressure by the fans and media to be canned, that should've taken place in 2022. Not this year. Now it's looking like LSU acted a little prematurely, and that's starting to manifest in the fact that USC and Florida both found their guys faster than LSU did. They had a whole month's head start on this and they're still standing outside in the cold.
As the last 25+ years have trained me to do, I have waited all 12 games so far for that "what was that?!" loss from Georgia and suffice to say, it's the first time in my life that it hasn't happened in the regular season. Suffice to say, I still have a pessimistic outlook on the CG because of the dominance and powerhouse that Saban has built at Alabama. It is all time GOAT. Maybe not this year, but that formula is still there, and the mad scientist that made that formula is still wearing the crown. And each time the Dawgs have tried to figure out that formula, something has been overlooked. I WANT Georgia to win, but the bag of tricks Saban has is deep and there is no greater danger in college football than a threatened Alabama. Here's to hoping! Go Dawgs!
Agreed. That should've played out just like Missouri Florida last weekend. You win, you destroy your rival's biggest aspirations. You lose, you had the balls to do it and just came up short. Auburn was playing with house money there and could've pulled off a major upset but instead continued to trust a gassed D and gimpy ankle QB.
"Now, Ohio State is leaving Ann Arbor with a stunning 45-27 victory..." Sorry. What now?
This is a Florida article and there you are YET AGAIN writing a library about Alabama. Come on dude.
There are bitter undertones in his statement, especially considering Joe Burrow just took that hardware home to LSU a couple years ago. However, it has been a really, really long time since the Heisman went to the outright best player vs the best player on one of the blueblood best teams. I'd argue that Lamar Jackson and Tim Tebow were the last two to win it that played for teams not exactly sniffing national title trophies. That's how it should still be, but unfortunately that's not how it is.
They have Nascar money. This shouldn't be a surprise to many people at all.
The Missouri Florida bit at the end was the best part.
Michigan vs Michigan State needs to be put to rest. Head to head is not an absolute. Michigan lost by 4 on the road to an undefeated Michigan State. Michigan State got demoted to FCS against Purdue. That is easily a worse loss. Michigan has two good road wins against Wisconsin and Penn State. MSUs claim is a road win against a poor Miami team. They are lucky they're even within shouting distance of Michigan in the rankings, let alone being ahead of them. How quickly the media forgets ALL the rules of the CFP and not just the rules that make for great clickbait.
If Auburn didn't get special treatment in 2017 after beating TWO #1 teams in three weeks, then Alabama doesn't deserve it either. This is a non-starter of a story.
Ok. ಠ_ಠ Fromm didn't take his team to the national title the week, or even the month after Eason got injured. It happened the first game, and he was healthy again a month later. Daniels has followed largely the same timeline, and here we are with him still on the sidelines holding a clipboard. At least this time we had the benefit of seeing Bennett's inconsistency during the Missouri and Florida games, and how outright dreadful he was against Alabama last year. He got us this far by being luckier than he has by being a force. Truthfully, Daniels probably isn't a deadly force either. Meanwhile, Vandagriff sits on the bench as a five star doing nothing, Beck will transfer, and Stockton comes in next season potentially as a third string. It's a great season, but let's not pretend the handling of quarterback has been flawless over the last 2 months.
Wow. Quite a lot to unpack here. - Florida moved up ahead of Tennessee after giving up 52 points to an underachiever of an FCS squad? At home? Come on, man. I know it's meaningless considering how far down the rankings both teams fall, but that's just flat disrespectful to the Vols. - If it seems like there are holdouts to SB4 remaining the starting QB at Georgia, that's because there are. I don't think there would be as much chatter about this if Georgia didn't JUST go through this with Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. Yes, Justin Fields was the athlete, but few people seem to remember that Eason had an absolute rocket bolted to his shoulder and with time and polish, would've been a better down field threat than either Fromm or Fields. This feels like that same situation all over again. The incumbent gets hurt (Eason), the backup comes in and does well (Fromm) and Smart chooses to take the status of the backup-assumes-starter so that flow isn't disturbed because the team as a whole is doing well. There is no real problem right now because Georgia is 10-0. That conversation quickly becomes a big hot topic the minute Georgia loses, and when they're on the precipice of the best season in more than four decades with such an elusive prize on the line, that's going to be a HUGE question to answer if Georgia gets eliminated by another team in the semi finals. Fromm did as well as he could, just like Bennett currently is. We are not coaches, but the general public is also not blind. Where could Georgia have gone given a true down field threat (Eason or Daniels) or with a running threat (Fields and to a lesser extent Bennett)? Hopefully, that question doesn't even need answering and Bennett helps bring home a much needed national title trophy so that all of this gets put to rest.
That should happen. That's what happens when you mailed it in against a mediocre Iowa State team. Texas is supposed to be a name that carries serious weight in college ball. It hasn't, for years now, and it won't change until the culture does. You still have to play and have the drive to improve your game, and when you're hamming it up on the sidelines while getting skulldragged by ISU, that ain't it.
Yes. Despite a ... we'll call it "inconsistent" day on offense, we still had a 27 point lead deep into the 4th. JT didn't need to start, but he needs reps. Heck, Vandagriff or Beck could've used a little game time against an SEC opponent cuz if Stetson gets hurt and JT continues to be held out, we are gonna be in a warehouse of hurt with potentially the best season in decades on the line.
That was entertaining, if not exactly how I thought it would go. Props to a few Gators showing up afterwards. Wish you guys luck in getting that coaching staff cleaned up. The player pieces are there, they just need to be educated properly. I was not at all pleased with that first half. Overall, the whole game had the feel of a defensive bail out. The 4th down calls were um...unique. Probably because they didn't work real well. Before the turnover flurry, the offense was pathetic. Georgia won today almost in spite of Stetson, not because of him. The rainbow into double coverage is the type of stuff that got Georgia in trouble last year against Alabama. I will enjoy the win because it's still a win, but Kirby better get that nonsense cleaned up with Bennett/Daniels before the SECCG. Saban isn't Mullen. Alabama doesn't let mistakes like that go unpaid.
There's still too much to do between now and then for me to be worried about Alabama. Georgia hasn't even locked up the East yet. Granted, Alabama can't lock up the west until the Iron Bowl or until Auburn loses another conference game. Even then, after all that, I can't confidently say Georgia wins. UGA football history has taught me too much about disappointment. I WANT them to win but we all know Saban and Alabama are at their best when they are doubted. And recently, Alabama hasn't exactly laid over and died when facing a great Georgia squad that has had them on the ropes. I'll be happy when the 4th quarter has ended. :D
If he comes back next year, the Vols will be dangerous and might end a few of their current losing streaks. That guy is a treat to watch when he's healthy.
Two things I learned today: 1. Hogtown = W Gainesville 2. Kentucky a 1 (ONE!) point favorite against State. That seems positively insulting.
Man, this was a sobering read. I'm a Yankee by birth, but have been in the south for years and witnessed the marvel that is college football and southern hospitality. Whether you're a Bulldog, a Gator, Tiger, Aggie, Rebel or any other of the teams in the SEC, I have no doubt we all have a story like this. Very good read.
They weren't frauds last year when they made the Sugar Bowl and Georgia had to win it on a last second field goal.
Huge eye roll. "Want all the cards." Spencer Rattler is not a desirable QB. Georgia already has a crowded QB room. We have no use for him.
Yep. I expect the muzzle for sure. lol But a loss is a loss. We can dance around singing kumbaya on hypotheticals one way, but I can't stand illogical arguments like that. For any team.
This is the most important thing in this entire comment section. "Georgia is favored, Georgia had a lot of injuries last year, Mullen is .500 against Kentucky of all teams, Grantham sucks as a DC, the talent gap between Georgia and Florida is rising..." None of that matters. Georgia has been favored before, had more talent, been elite on Defense, whatever the story may be, and still not only lost, but been dragged behind the shed and beaten with lead pipes. Florida is never a team to be taken lightly, and it's been that way for over 30 years. 2005, 2014, 2016 and last year are just a few of the many shining examples. I think Georgia wins. But I don't think it will be as easy as we all want to think it is.
Trask to Pitts was a monster combination for Florida last year. I love the talk but let's not be brash in our reasoning. You can't.bring Georgia's injuries to the table in hypothetical "what ifs" and not consider Florida. destroyed on that targeting hit and they still reeled off a pretty good splintering of the Dawgs.
This would've been funny if there weren't so much truth behind it. Bulldogs, Hawks, Falcons and Braves have all been right there and had the massive let down and all in the last 10 years or less.
Can LSU really afford the near $20M buyout AND a home run hire that isn't a guarantee "beat Alabama/Florida every year" guy? Cuz I'm sure it's stating the obvious, but there ain't many of those type of dudes around.