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It will make it all the more sweet for me. And all the more sour for you when you are forced to suck on another loss to Kirby this season.
Personally, I wouldn’t want someone with multiple personality disorder in office. But that’s just me. Doesn’t mean I don’t love and respect the guy.
I wish the Falcons would draft him. But it’s not looking that way. I hate Gators, but that dude is a stud.
The comments section is made for trolling. That’s what we do in sports, troll our rivals. Don’t get your feelings hurt.
I did read the article. He didn’t completely say it wasn’t possible that he’d end up as a coach someday. But I wouldn’t expect a marine to understand sarcasm all that well. Their minds are more geared to literal speech. Like saying “he’d run through a brick wall for you...”. A Marine would literally try to run through a brick wall. You get the picture. Or maybe you don’t...
All of those guys were way underrated. Or well coached up. Or both.
Will Emory Jones be able to hold his lunch while out on the field?
That’s fine. It was a well earned victory. We win two (or three), you win one. Sounds fair to me. I’ll take it.
That’s great. He’ll be able to make a cheesy, cringy speech after a loss. Then they’ll engrave it on a plaque and hang it in the men’s room.
We were truly in the golden years with Chubb and Michel. They are like #2 and #3 all time on the schools rushing records. Really miss them.
Bama doesn’t even have a career rusher in the top 10 all-time SEC. Najee is their best at 13th. Herschel and Chubb are #1 and #2.
Go suck an orange. And after that, go back to your basement and obsess over the Dawgs some more.
Bama has been every bit as good at RB lately. I’d call UGA and Bama 1A and 1B respectively.
Well, he is a man with morals and values. And that might be just enough.
I love the guy, but I’m not sure he’s right for political office.
This woman is getting way too much hate. She’s not wrong to expect the institution she’s given $75M to be a little personal to her and offer condolences. I don’t blame her for being upset. It just proves that they care about her money, not her. If this has been an ongoing issue and she continued to donate, that’s on her. Put yourself in her shoes and give an honest assessment.
I’m sure there’s more to the story. Clearly it’s not just about this one thing and the Pres. there’s prob been lots of bad blood over the years. But it’s her own fault. Nobody forced her to donate. Still doesn’t change the fact that it was rather poor taste from the school. The fact that Clemson reached out, is pretty embarrassing for USCe.
Miss St has a better recruiting class than FL right now. Go suck an orange.
Ima go crawl in a cave til the season starts. See you then.
How is the Gator class shaping up? I see you have a couple of 4-stars and rank just above North Carolina and Miss St, so that’s good, I guess. Another solidly mediocre class.
Spoken like a fan from a team that has hardly any playmakers. We all feel bad for George. But it’s in any fans nature to analyze the impact of his absence. Go back to your cow college and figure out how you’re gonna get bowl eligible this year.
Agreed. I always want the Gators to be at full strength when our teams play. Victory is always a lot sweeter when you beat your rival when they are at their best. Wishing George the best.