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I can’t stand Franklin. He’s a successful coach, but there’s just something about his personality that rubs me wrong. LSU can do better than him.
Dan Mullen is not a bad coach. But YES, he is definitely overrated.
I like how Bama just goes out and smashes their next opponent. Without having to give cringy motivational speeches that get etched on a plaque and hung over the urinals.
Playing Tenn is only going to hurt GA’s strength of schedule.
I have to give you props for not going AWOL, like your half brother NoCojones. You come here and say your peace after another stinker by the coaching staff. Commendable.
Way to go, Tigers! You guys truly own the FL Gators. Keep sticking it to them, year after year!
Gators are still undefeated in total yardage.
A player like JD will never win the Heisman in today’s college football. Because the award is a complete joke. They should just call it something else, because it’s definitely not (normally) the most outstanding player in college football.
You can have (some) success on UGAs defense. But the window is very small. You have to make the most of those chances. And a lot of teams can’t do it.
Isn’t he looking good with the #1 recruit in the country?
A good game marred by some very nasty Tenn fans. Just shameful behavior.
I’m sold on Levis. Dude is a baller. Cats played tough today. Respect.
People throw around terms like “generational” way too often. Trask was good but he’s not THAT good. He’s not generational.
I’m probably the only one who thinks Gary does a good job.
Dude won the East last year. Y’all need to settle down a bit. Everything’s gonna be ok.
Dude! That is funny! Who knew you had a sense of humor?
Cats are playing tough and very physical. They are who they said they were.
What the heck is he supposed to say? A coach is not going to hang his assistant out to dry, immediately after a game.
I just want to see if he says anything stupid afterwards.
That’s how we felt after the wheel route last year.
That was really something. Terrible coaching by LSU to end the half. Should have been an easy clock kill. Great throw by EJ and amazing catch. I think it will completely turn the game around.
Tenn sold their soul to the devil when they fired Fulmer and hired this schmuck. And they are still trying to recover.