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Why is this even a news story? I know there’s really no expectation of privacy, but honestly, who gives a schidt?
This article is an opportunity to say good things about the guy. Not kick dirt in his face. Really classy…. As if every coach in America hasn’t done dirty deeds. F$@k off with that nonsense. Coach Bowden is a good man.
I’ve heard his speeches are fantastic. You’re lucky you got to experience that.
It’s quietly been 13 years since FL has won anything of consequence. It’s not like you’re all that relevant. You are becoming exactly what you’re trying to make fun of.
We’ll see. But if you’re wrong, you better come here and own it.
You know darn well you’d float FatSlobTodd down the river if you had the chance. He sucks and you know it.
Agree. More boring actually than your comments. Which is not an easy accomplishment.
Kirby very rarely mentions Mullet. I don’t know what you’re referring to. But whatever fits your narrative.
Maybe just be happy for the kid that he gets a second chance at making it to the NFL. Aside from you being a lousy, stinkin’ Gator, you can otherwise still be a good person. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
We all expect the Gators to be a pretty good team this year. Frankly, I hope they are pretty good, cause it makes victory over them that much sweeter.
It’s a nothing article. The only entertaining part is you two dipschidts coming to a UGA article to have your stupid conversation. Go suck an orange with your jort wearing buddy.
I don’t compliment Gators often, but that was a solid take. Well done.
So you really thing Kirby “ wanted” to play a walk-on QB with a separated shoulder, over Daniels? Or that just maybe, there was a good reason for it? I mean, even a jarhead should be able to figure that out.
MsTruth, your trolling takes are getting pretty good. Nicely done. Glad to see your Gator degree actually getting put to some use. Or did you not even attend?…
The real entertainment in this comment is the irony of a Tenn fan commenting about another team’s QB development. That is good stuff!
It’s boring because good headed people like GatorPhil are commenting. He’s not a douche-nozzle like some of you other Gator schmucks. Even your comment isn’t all that offensive. Are you feeling ok, NoCojones?