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I still wouldn’t sleep in Bama. Not yet at least.
This is shaping up to be such a weird season.
Calling someone a coward is a little harsh and over the top. It’s just football.
Hats off to Carolina, they played tough. Rattler is a heck of a player.
I have always claimed I’d never pull for the Gators, but…… Nah, I’ll stick with that claim.
Take a look in the mirror. You may notice some similarities.
You’re a total schmuck, but you aren’t wrong.
Brain Kelly and his LSU fam-uh-lee should be pretty good. Might be a toss up between them and Bama on who wins the West.
I love kicking a good gator when it’s down, but Billy is putting together a pretty decent recruiting class for ‘24. If he can manage to hold on for this year, things could improve quickly. This article was pretty ridiculous.
Any marketing campaign is absolutely about selling tickets. Money is the only thing that matters. Don’t pretend like it’s not. Wearing some random color means nothing to us military folk.
This is 100% in honor of selling tickets, let’s be honest. A struggling program needs to put rumps in seats. It has nothing to do with honoring military or first responders. You want to honor us, give us a free ticket, 2 hot dogs, and a cold beer.
UGA is not “on the verge…”. The season hasn’t even begun.
Yes, as in quite literally, baggage of clothing and personal items…
Tell us you’re jealous of our football, without telling us you’re jealous about football. Your attempt at a dig on UGA athletics is actually quite flattering.
Often misquoted, it’s actually only “Run, Lindsay!..”.
“Mississippi State WR arrested on felony charges”…
Every once in a while I get surprised by how much people suck. Today, you are that guy.
Gotta soak this up. Might not ever be this good again.