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This is going to be a complete rebuild for the Vols, from the ground up. It’s going to be a long haul.
Remember when Johnny Majors went on leave of absence, only to come back and have his job taken by Fulmer? That’s how they are. Their make their bed with this stuff. Translation: Not BS. It’s reality.
This was started well before Kiffin. The roots of this mess grew deep many years prior. Tenn did this to themselves, with their arrogance and greed in the coaching picks. It’s always been that way.
Well who the heck else are they gonna get? Who wants to come coach at Tenn, while potentially being on probation for the next 3-4 years?
In all fairness, he got the report from Chip Towers, one the AJC’s UGA beat writers, who’s a very credible source. He even said as much. Do you people even read these articles or what?
I said “if”. You can read, right? And UGA has nothing to do with my comment. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. DP better have his ducks in a row to be advertising such seemingly absurd rumors.
Bribery, conspiracy, and fraud. Federal crimes. The FBI has been involved in recruiting violations before at other schools.
DP should just keep his mouth shut and let the investigation play out. If the report is false, that’s frustrating. You shouldn’t just spew whatever you want out of your mouth in a syndicated talk show. It’s lazy reporting and it’s unethical. You better really know what you’re talking about. I really dislike the ESPN (and former) talking heads. They are all so obnoxious.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that be a crime, much less an NCAA violation?
I wouldn’t call it bad luck. Tenn has made their bed here. That’s just what they do there. Just like when Johnny Majors took a leave of absence only to come back to a cleaned out office. Then years later hiring that jerk, Kiffin. They did this to themselves. It was greed and naiveness. Not bad luck.
Bound to create waves throughout the conference. Anyone getting fired always means, you could be losing an assistant coach at your place.
I can appreciate his hunger to compete. But the fact is, he stinks as a ball player. The dude had a .168 average the last season he played. He’s had his chances. No other player anywhere would get as much benefit of the doubt as he does. And for no reason more than he’s just a popular public figure. Yes, he does do some great things for the community. But that has nothing to do with the game. I’ve got a lot of respect for ole Timmy. But it’s time for him to hang up the cleats.
I’m sure the idea of trying to reincarnate a Gator team from 13 years ago, is not what Shad Khan had in mind for his Jaguars.
I don’t know what you’re talking about. Never happened. Lol.
I don’t really agree with this narrative. He’s won the East 3 times and played for a national title once. Almost every season has ended with a loss to Bama. How’s that working out for everyone else? Yeah, that’s what I thought... I do believe his time will come.
I was really impressed by Harris this season. And my Dawgs really missed out by not making Tank a priority.
I’m so sick of this guy. And the ESPN network as a whole. I wish every game had the the sky cast view available.
Not really. I get your point but any team in the SEC will get the benefit of the doubt. And the SEC champion will almost always be in the playoffs. It washes out in the end.
So bad it made EJ lose his lunch on the field.
Never been to the Miami campus. Been to Gainesville a few times. It’s unremarkable and smells like a nasty swamp that it is. Athens is beautiful, but I can see a south Florida guy favoring their home over that.
Solid jab. He’s not going to UF though. Don’t hold your breath. On second thought, please do hold your breath.
I think this is a good matchup and as much as Meyer is a d0uche, I can see the score playing out this way.
That’s not really talking trash, it’s holding up trash. Nothing to see here.
I wonder if this is a way to fire Pruitt for cause so they don’t have to pay a buyout. I mean, how many other buyouts are they still paying?