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Might need to roll up my pant legs to prevent my khakis from getting wet from all you alligator tears. It’s gonna be a loooong year, 2Tits. Recommend you see a good therapist.
2Tits, it’s just football dude. I never get insecure about sports. I’m often quite complimentary of your program and your players. But it does bring me some bit of joy when your fan base gets its panties in wad.
G8R, technically it’s 3-3. 1942 was a long time ago. But it’s still in the archives and it counts.
You Gator fans should feel really optimistic about this guy. I think he’s gonna do good things. And you didn’t even have to go out and find the douchiest personality imaginable. Go figure… a guy with class and coaching skills, all in one. Who’d have thought?..
Oh come on, 2Tits. Don’t play the “crippled” card. It’s football. And UGA had plenty of injuries as well. Don’t try to cheapen the title to make yourself feel better.
You still coping, I see. Yeah, it’s gonna be awhile.
If willing to victory was a thing, you might be right. But I don’t see your proclamation happening. Certainly not to FL or USC (lite). The only one I could maybe see is Tenn. Dawgs won’t be as good as this year. But they’ll be extremely talented. If they can figure some things out early, this team will make a lot of noise next season.
About as likely as Awbarn is to win a title next year. Or the year after that.
You are the first person out of thousands of comments I’ve heard and read to question Bennett’s class. I’m just going to write you off as an anomaly. If anyones class is in question, it might be yours. I heard the comment you’re talking about. And I don’t think you understood the context of it.
I’m loving that the only ugly comments are from Gator fans. Give them a break though, they are coping hard and trying to come to terms with this. Hats off to Bama on a great game. I feel sorry for everyone who plays them next year. They are gonna be angry.
I liked your comment, GP. Thought it was hilarious. And it might even be true.
Yes, we do have lots of PTSD. But at least we turned the Cocktail Party back in our favor. That PTSD has been completely cured.
LoserCojones comes out from under his bed to fire shots. But doesn’t realize he can only fire blanks. I’m sure you’ll be back under the bed again next year, LittleCojones.
Very happy to see the Pigs dispose of that jerkface, Franklin. Well done!
I dislike Tenn, but they were robbed of this game. Plain and simple.
Been thinking about this young man all morning. Get well soon, Mr Shorter.
Love how you guys conveniently ignore the truth. You have one of the most undisciplined teams in FL history. Some talent is there, but zero leadership. The program is a hot mess.
I live a mile from Jags stadium and I refuse to be a fan of this team as long as that creep is in charge. What an arrogant pr1ck!
I wonder how many of these were asked to wait til then.
You got a good one. Dawgnation really wanted him. Looks like Billy is getting the ship righted in a hurry.