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Or, he could use, 'I just took Georgia to it's first NCG in 35 years, almost won in OT, and I did it all with lesser talent than Saban.'.
What "level playing field"? The best commit Florida got this year would be the 12th best in Georgia's class. And, what exactly did Mullen accomplish at MSU?
BTW, Georgia already has the current #1 class for 2019 with 3 players in the top 10 (no other school has any).
Your best recruit this year would be the 12th best in Georgia's class. That's an entire side of the ball. And, 14 was not referring to the number of commits but the team ranking.
Don't worry. Almost every Georgia fan doesn't think we can beat them either. Good thing it's not up to the fans or pundits.
Hell no, not Bobo. I would take Chaney over Bobo every f'n day.
When has any Georgia fan ever called Eason "savior"?
Why you blaming Kirby? It's not his fault the kid didn't want to play for a miserable human being like Saban.
Maybe because they get a free education.
Sure, but looked what happened when Florida let Zook and Muschamp go. Also, Michigan looks like they finally got it right. It's about hiring. Unfortunately for Tennessee, they haven't hired very well.
Agree with Chuckles. Dawg fan here and feel that Gamecocks pull this one off. Chubb will get his.
There is good reason to be optimistic this year. Georgia is at the top of the SEC at RB, OL, LB, and special teams. Their wide receivers and secondary will also be better than expected. Add that to Pruitt being there for his second year and Georgia should be tough to beat.
Georgia fan agrees. Also continue to dominate Auburn. ;)
The whole defense should be fine. I'd focus your concern on the other side of the ball.
Trent Thompson is top 5 and everyone will know it after the South Carolina game. Also, McKenzie is good, but L. Carter and MM should be ahead of him right now.
Is there anything accurate in your post? Georgia loses to Tech once every 6-8 years. They've beaten Florida 3 of the last 4. They beat the two teams (Ark. and Auburn) they played in the West last year. They are 7-2 against Auburn in their last nine games. Go Buckeyes!!
UT has the advantage because it's a week after the UGA-Alabama game, and the game is in Knoxville. So, probably not upset worthy, right now. Still not clear, as I don't think anyone really knows how much UT will be this year.
Not saying it won't be hard, but Georgia plays Alabama at home (pick em) and Auburn has only beaten Georgia twice since 2005 (once if you don't include gift in 2013). So, yes, the east game are all important, but let's all assume that Georgia will definitely lose one of the games against the teams from Alabama.
Agree. This is a list for 'most accomplished while at Georgia'...not best or top.
Georgia is 7 and 2 against Auburn in their past nine and one of those losses should have been a win....should be 8 and 1.
1 and 2 based on potential, while 3 has already proven to be the best. This list is a joke and slap in the face to Chubb. It's impossible for anyone to disagree. I'd like to see someone try, because this author certainly didn't do it.
Not really much of an argument Barnatime against Chubb as one.. maybe you don't have one.
All indications are that Park is the best looking QB on the team and that Ramsey will have to fight him off to keep the job. Jacob Park was a top 5 QB coming out of HS last year. He redshirted this year.
Chubb - 219 carries for 1547 yards (7.06 per carry) Jalen Hurd - 190 carries for 899 yards (4.73 per carry)
Who did Tennessee play? I heard it was like the fourth best team in the second best division in the Big Ten. Yeah, good job Tennessee.
"Interested" doesn't mean he's the leading candidate..just that he got an interview.
"Under Pruitt, that number changed dramatically with UGA forcing 26 turnovers in 2014 — a number only surpassed by Ole Miss and Georgia"
Replace "Terrific" with efficient and I might agree with this. Plus, once again we are stuck with an inexperienced QB next year because of Richt's loyalty to guys who stay, even when they are just average players.
"He (Chubb) spent nearly half the regular season as an afterthought" might be the single dumbest thing I've seen written about CFB this whole season.