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Dook was ranked (450 yards of offense and 5 TD). And he was great against Bama (550 yards of offense by himself 5 TD) and Auburn (500 yards of offense 5 TD) but yeah i see what you are saying. so really he was bad against maybe 1 ranked opponent?
Uh right...because up-tempo offense is boarding the line of life and death.
Poorly done. Georgia was 7th on rivals not 8th. what is the (#)?
I'd say that's the case with any SEC city. I can promise you that 99% of tuscaloosa is watching Bama on a sat, and 99% of Auburn is watching auburn...athens, gainsville, ect. this is a stupid pole
You forgot 2 on UGA offense. You left off WR Justin-Scott Wesley and WR Malcolm well as 3 game starting QB Hutson Mason. so definitely 7 starters...but really 8
Well they do have a point....when it comes to the top, the SEC is 0-2 and they went 2-0. ef them
Something that makes the GA vs LSU game that much more meaningful. Ex-UGA CB Paul Oliver, killed himself days before this game. This news hit Mark Richt especially hard, as he looks at all players (past and present) as his sons. If you remember, he broke down in the locker room after the game. Onions....
ya that's kinda mind boggling....neither team plays, but TAM jumps 3 spots. weird
You answered your own question...Championship game. Which Mizzou played in, not you. sadly
I love how that UGA poster destroyed them all! Awesome response
10-1 with wins over @AM, Ole Miss, and GA...I'd say they be actually be pretty good. We will find out sat.
Agreed...what a completely ignorant statement. Obvs, anyone who watched the game would have see his WR open for the jump ball, had it not been tipped.
Take the Swamp out of this...those "fans" get there late and leave early...
Gurley missed the 2nd half of the clemson game as well...people seem to forget that. UGA is 1-3 in games which Gurley doesn't play more than 1 half.
Cream-puff schedule? UGA Plays (and i am just assuming they are ranked to start the season) 5 ranked opponents next season in CLEM, SC, MIZZU, FL and AUB... Including (most likely), Three top-10 schools (maybe 4). SC plays 3, maybe 4 ranked schools in UGA, FL, CLEMSON, and Mizzu. with prob only 2 of those being top 10. So, id say you are wrong sir.
improving LSU defense because they gave up 250 yards to UF? UF's offense is the equivalent of a middle school. 250 yards to UF is like giving up 500 to a normal offense.
Hmmm, Wouldnt UCF get the at large bid to the Orange Bowl, NOT the Sugar?
incorrect. UCF and Houston are in the same conference. UCF holds their fate in their own hands, as they are tied with Houston and play each other soon.
haha i think his point is they should be playing Bama. and if so, the reason they will not play bama if both they and Oregon go undefeated is because Oregon has 3 more top 20 matchups and FSU only has 2.
3 games. he missed half the Clemson game too....
Georgia's kicker should obvs be 1st team all sec. The kid has made a 57 and 56 yarder this year.
if you find it please please email me.
*arguably...and he was a 2x all-american, my bad.
Did you actually do research? You left out arguable the greatest offensive lineman in SEC history. Jon Stinchcomb. All-American/Pro Bowler. Leaving that man out limits the credibility of this article.