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Hey Keith, you're aware that Mark McLaurin is a Junior at Mississippi State and not going anywhere right?
Worth noting, from the last section: "It’ll be a long contract (think eight years), providing safe landing and the school will give secure deals to the assistant coaches." The state of Mississippi doesn't allow contracts of more than 4 years to state employees.
Come on guys, it's "dual threat", not "duel threat". I can't even read past something like that.
There was a time when that population figure was correct but today there are more like 200-250 black bears in the state of Mississippi. That's an estimate and it's still a low number, but they are bouncing back! Having said that, I don't have any real say as to the mascot debacle. I'm going to leave that one alone.
Actually Dan Mullen is on the Division I Football Oversight Committee, not the Committee On Infractions.
Not that I like it, but I do feel the need to correct this story: "Townsend would become the second Bulldogs' defensive coach to leave the program..." Actually he's the third. Manny Diaz to Miami (DC), Tony Hughes to Jackson State (HC), and now Townsend to the Titans. Can only hope this would result in improvements in our defense and not decline. *crosses fingers*
Brandon Bryant is/was a redshirt freshman, not a true freshman.
Dino Babers's verified Twitter account states that the rumors that he has accepted a position at UCF are false and he is only focusing on Bowling Green's MAC championship game.
I agree that it definitely hit the ground, still a stellar heads up play regardless.
I usually stay out of conversations but I felt the need to mention this one. Did anyone notice how impressive Malik Dear looked and how much he looked like J-Rob? I really like the future with Lee/Dear on the field at the same time.
Because you were so spot on about Richmond not flipping to Tennessee and Ole Miss being the favorite to land CeCe Jefferson. Your opinion on recruiting is obviously beyond refute.
Yeah, according to ESPN 164.3 yards per game puts them at No. 66 in the nation, not 6.
I have to agree with everyone else here. I just can't stand the team of Lundquist/Danielson. I'd prefer to listen to the radio broadcast while watching the game than to listen to those guys cover anything.
Minor correction in your story. All of Prescott's career receptions are not from Jameon. Dak caught a pass from Gabe Myles in the game vs. Texas A&M. Gabe is the player that has stepped into Jameon's shoes while he was out with the injury. Regardless, welcome back Jameon!
These stats are from 2012-2013 as it states in the graphic, not this year.
Your stats on Dak in the Heisman section are a bit wrong. Dak accounted for 5 touchdowns, but he didn't account for all of the touchdowns. Josh Robinson had two rushing touchdowns. 48 points = 7 touchdowns with 1 blocked extra point.
On this day, the day after we have knocked off not only our second Top-10 team in a season (a first for MSU) but knocked off a Top-10 team for the second consecutive game, you cannot bring me down. All of the haters and naysayers (which are fewer and fewer everyday) can spin all of the rhetoric they want but the fact remains that Mississippi State has established themselves as a true contender in the SEC West and in doing that have established themselves as a contender in the national conversation. Dak has emerged as not only the best quarterback I've ever seen play at Mississippi State, maybe the best to ever play at State, and maybe the best quarterback in the SEC this year, but he is a fantastic role model who has maintained a genuineness and humility about himself that draws people to him. I've never been happier than I am today to call myself a Mississippi State Bulldog. #HailState
Isn't it interesting that LSU uses the same song in their hype video for Auburn that Mississippi State used in the second half of their highlights video against LSU? Way to be original there LSU. #HailState Highlights vs. LSU
I'm just saying, there's an obvious reason why this guy is a former print media journalist.
Gotta add Donte Moncrief to this list.
Well after the Miss St./Ole Miss game you're already the closest to being by at least accurately picking the winner!
As punishment, Auburn should be forced to keep Chizik as their head coach.