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He is the new Spurrier. Love and hate him all at the same time.
I know it wasn't a great year on paper, but surprised to see all of these transfers out. They played with heart this year and a few bounces the other way, and their record looks much better
Heupel did a helluva job this year. And those players that stayed showed a lot of fight.
Both are excellent. No doubt. Really splitting hairs to determine which is the better job. I'd give the nod to UF though. And it is because you are in the hotbed of FL. You are the premier program in that state as well. Forget that you are competing against FSU and Miami for recruits. UGA, Bama, OSU, are all more formidable programs running through FL on a recruiting basis.
Bama has a helluva team. I don't really understand all of the hate that they are receiving. With Saban at the helm and all of the talent on the field and bench, they can beat any team out there.
For sure. I have a good number of vol fans that are good peoples. But the bad eggs are really bad. And there are clearly a good, large number of them.
Or all of the fans defending the actions all over social media and news outlets. Caveat - yes, I, and anyone else here, know that not all vol fans are bad. But still, the bad ones are REALLY bad.
I mean, is 2 - 2 against a team that has been in turmoil for over a decade some sort of accomplishment? I guess it could be if you consider how absolutely miserable UK Kentucky has been for dang near forever. So I gotta ask, who is it that has the bias? Uk is ok. Better than average defense. Average offense. They are certainly better than they have been for a very long time. But, being better than they were doesn't make them some kind of great team. Your boys certainly are doing better than competing with Vandy for last place. But, it looks like UT is on the up-swing. Will take a while, but they are better than I would have expected. UF, is, well, I don't even know. Mizzou is worse than I was expecting. Like, way worse.
This is a football article, correct? And UK fans coming in here talking sheet about football?! Uk still hasn't beat anyone. I've said all along this year that they are over-hyped and over-rated. At the start of the year, I would have expected Uk to manhandle UT, but I just don't see that being the case. I think UT walks out with a W. And don't get me wrong, I love watching the misery of the worst fanbase in all of American sports, but I doubt UK pulls it out. But kudos on your 2nd place SEC-E finish cats.
Sounds like the only thing he contributed was off-field issues. 6 games in 19, 0 in 20, and 0 in 21 thus far? And having attitude and possibly off-field issues?
Georgia covers the line here. I don't see UK being able to move the ball. They can wear a team down with the run, but they will need to abandon that plan midway through the 3rd. The D is going to dare them to throw, I I don't see them keeping that up with sustained drives. I think this game plays out similar to the Auburn game. Similar score as well. 37-13
I see UGA more like a 38 to 9 kind of game. I don't see nix getting that offense down the field enough to hit double digits. UF over vandy seems about right. Bama is going to torch A&M, something like 45-16. I still don't know what to make of this UK team, but LSU looks pretty bad thus far. I'd pick UK straight up, but no telling on the score.
Feel free to chime in once UT is not the one that needs to pull and upset to get a win against and SEC team.
My worry here I that cks will just rely upon the d and play the same ho hum offense as they did in the Clemson game. Grated, have some more offensive pieces back, but Kirby is happy relying upon the d
Something about the Bama/OM games just feels like a disaster for Bama on the horizon. Really feel that Ole Miss walks out with a W here. That o is clicking on all cylinders and they have found some defense. Bama's d line doesn't look like a Bama D line this year. Not writing Saban off here whatsoever, as the man is a genius, but this Bama team just doesn't feel like the Bama teams of the past. UGA and Arky will be a fight. Think this is close at the half. UGA to start pulling away midway through the 3rd. Arky just doesn't have the talent to keep rotating in like UGA does. Jefferson looking good and his play style does tend to give Kirby fits on defense historically. Should be a good Saturday of football in the South.
It's possible. Time will tell. Not seeing anyone at this point in the season who truly looks elite. As UGA gets more players back, especially on the offensive side of the ball, I expect them to continue improving. But, time will tell. Still plenty of hurdles.
Maybe 5th, but ATM has not looked good. Auburn went out and did exactly what they should have in the 1st 2 games.
Good argument to made for either Arky or OM at #2. Aub is maybe 4th. Cupcakes so far, granted, they did what they could with them. Nix doesn't tend to show his true colors until the season heats up. Hope they beat Penn State, I just wouldn't have faith in Nix.
These are the kind of alternate uni's I can get behind. Well done
Meh. Sounds like he is there to better his education, and not really play football. Good for him.
Watching him last year when Pitts was out, there was not much of any drop-off. Dude will be a force
Barring some unforeseen injuries or the like, I'm on the planet that believe there is no excuse for not making it to final game this year. The schedule, the talent, the transfers, the QB. Would CKS be fired? No. But the seat would getting pretty dang warm
Do you always have to be a tall glass of fking retard?
Things are aligning for UGA this year. No reason not to at least play in the NC this year, if not win it. If we fall short of making the Natty, CKS will be on the hot seat. Too much talent. Finally have an elite starting QB returning and working with the same OC. Good enough WR's. Good RB's, although not as dominant as we have become accustomed to in the past. Inexperienced O-lone, but the talent is there to be good. At least good enough. I have always held back the feelings of pre-season national champs, and still am, but this year looks to be it. On paper, I know - play the games, this is the team to get UGA over the Bama Hump. Am I ready to write a ticket to the Natty? No, but this should be the best team UGA has had in a while. CKS needs to put up this year. I'd expect them to works some kinks out early in the year, but hopefully not so many that Charlotte is a rough trip.
Helluva season for the Razorbacks. Always sucks to lose, but they should be proud.