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Wish him all the best. Sounds like the type of player and guy every team needs to have.
Can it not be both? And throw in a guy that worked his arse off.
5-7 is more likely than 8-4. Wish all the best to UK, except against UGA of course, but 8-4 is too high. Good year last year, but I don't see UK beating UF again or UT this year. USCe is the toss up game in my view, but I still see the cocks pulling a W this year even with UK owning the past half decade. Good thing these games all end up being played. Thank God football is almost!
He is not a criminal, just transfering
He is doing a fine job. I still feel Arky is close to winning a couple they should not.
I'm a Dawgs fan and might rush with you. That TN game was painful.
And this has what to do with the conversation?
That is what I was hoping for as well. At any rate, GO DAWGS!