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He didn't launch or leave his feet. This is what happens when you run routes across the middle of the field. Big hits happen
How is Pruitt not on this list? Would expect that Gus was on here as well. Auburn simply has too much talent to be so fickle. Orgeron gets a pass. If they are this bad again next year, then yeah, he is gone. They simply lost way too much this year to reload and go on. I could see Mason getting fired, but doubt it.
Whoever they are playing next should not be a consideration. Mullen handled himself poorly. I get the anger. I get where it was coming from, but Mullen is payed millions to be better than what he showed. That was a dirty hit. Cannot deny that fact. This was a two-team brawl. It wasn't one-sided. Cannot put it all on UF, cannot put it all on Mizzou. When you, UF, has so much left to the season and everything to play for, you cannot let a crap team and crap player who have nothing to lose get under your skin. We see this every year with players making poor decisions That affect their team. UGA certainly has had it's issue there (looking at you, George Pickens). Now UF has a coach that lost sight of the end picture. Simple as that. Without Mullen acting as he acted, there likely would not have been a brawl.
I've pretty well always liked Burrow, but the more I see from him, the more I like him. He's a baller with a good head on his shoulders.
This^^^ Not sure why there is any debate on this article or how anyone gets their panties in a bunch with this article. Kirby was just having about as much fun as Kirby allows himself to have in press conference.
Looking past the whole anything UF is ugly, I dig em.
I think Trask will be good. Reminiscent of what Burrow did last year, just not to the same degree.
How is Wisconsin a top 10 team? Much less a top 5?
That's one very emotional kid. Will be a good game to watch just due to the dynamics there, even though the game itself will likely be a blow-out.
That may be the most Harbough thing I have ever heard. It's always odd the impressions we make on people. Part of everyday life as much as the recruiting trail. I enjoy hearing little inside stories like these. Makes all of these folks more human.
I'd flip UF and LSU. I still think that leaves LSU getting from benefit from last year's ridiculously good team. I'd put UT ahead of at least UK, maybe even MSU. Overall, I think it's a good ranking
There is stupid, then there is Cowherd somewhere below that level.
Granted, I don't follow all Florida players intently, but I don't remember hearing anything negative about Dunbar, or Deandre Baker. Kinda a shocking first step into crime. Both seemed to be model student-athletes during their collegiate tenures. Sure as hell hope this isn't true, but if it is, throw the book at em.
Clearly, everyone is bored. Rivalries take shots at each other. 16 times is pretty ridiculous, but, there isn't much else to do or talk about right now. Congrats to the Vols on the recruits. If it turns into anything, fantastic! It would be nice to have more than a 2 team race in the East. But some of you Vol fans are acting like you have a title guaranteed here shortly. Need to simmer down a bit. UT hasn't been relevant in quite a while. Gonna need more than a few 4 star 17 year-olds to get there.
Truly amazing how many of these kids have a complete lack of respect for themselves and their futures. It's not difficult to make it through college without getting into trouble.
I don't see any magic this year like last, truly one of, if not the greatest, championship teams ever. The offense won't be anywhere near what it was last year. Those Texas, Bama and Auburn games would be L's. I think that this will be a tough year for LSU. L's from UF, Bama and Auburn. Texas and TAMU could very easily be losses.
Ouch!Kudos for not skipping a beat after that shot.
Amazes me that Jamie Newman is this high. Don't get me wrong, would love for him to light it up and Monken seems to be the guy to facilitate that, and I do believe he will do well next year, but up that high for the Heisman? I'm not really seeing it.
I've not heard UGA fans taking the hype. I'm sure there are some, it is a huge fan base, but everyone I know is somewhere between tentative to be excited for another ACC QB transfer to optimistic that he will perform well. No crazy expectations, that's for sure. More excitement revolves around Monken and reviving what should have been a good offense at worst last year.
He clearly just wanted more playing time or truly hated living in Tuscaloosa. If his grandmother was the issue, he wouldn't be in Colorado right. The 1 year waiting period should be upheld here.