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He clearly just wanted more playing time or truly hated living in Tuscaloosa. If his grandmother was the issue, he wouldn't be in Colorado right. The 1 year waiting period should be upheld here.
The simple answer is that there is no way to replicate a talent like Burrow.
36 tackles on the year? Is he sure that he is gonna get drafted?
The NCAA is a joke. Arbitrary bowl bans. Arbitrary transfer eligibility. Well, it isn't arbitrary - they choose based on wallet.
I disagree. Yeah - defense wasn't good. BUT, who else has done anything near LSU this year? Clemson and OSU certainly haven't beaten anyone worth note.
I dig it. Hopefully will piss off the snowflake protestors on campus as well. Kudos Mizzou
UF remaining in the top 10 is crazy. Hopefully they fake their way to the cocktail party in the top 10.
UF looked pretty bad all game. Trask came in, gave a bit of a jolt, but against a better defense, the results would have been much different. Trask should have thrown 3 picks. UK simply remained UK and didn't finish. Hilinski will be a star. Bama has an insane receiving corp. I don't remember Tua throwing the ball over 10 yards except once (probably wrong, but most everything was short) and then the receivers made majic happen. Scar simply didn't have the speed or coverage on defense to match up.
I'm not seeing any complete team. Task was lucky to not throw 3 picks. Good for him with the feel-good story of coming in and getting the comeback against that daunting UK team, but the tests are about to start rolling in for UF.
Most of that reasoning, for me at least, is Franks. Kid has talent, but the head is preventing him from seeing anywhere near his potential. It will cost them.
From what we have seen THIS season, Burrow, Tua, Fromm, then everyone else. Franks is still ranked too high though. Mond might be #4 on the list, but it is a big drop from number 3 to number 4. Would feel very confident with any of the top three.
Good ole Rocky Bottom. One would think they have already hit it, but Pruitt and Co may keep digging to find new levels.
Eason lost his started job and didn't cry about. He worked hard, supported the team, and quietly exited. Fields, on the other hand, came in thinking he was hot &*%# and thought that he was going to beat out a QB that the team to the NC. When he didn't, he wined on the sideline and was a negative impact in the locker room. He transfered out, and then went for a waiver to play immediately. Would compare his attitude to Tate Martell, although Fields is nothing anywhere near that kid's ego and sense of entitlement. I think most UGA fans are still wishing Fields a great future. Don't like how he handled himself towards the end of the season, but have nothing truly against him.
Exactly. Best of luck to him. Would love to see a showdown between UGA and Washington. The kid is pure class.
Wish him all the best. Sounds like the type of player and guy every team needs to have.
Can it not be both? And throw in a guy that worked his arse off.
5-7 is more likely than 8-4. Wish all the best to UK, except against UGA of course, but 8-4 is too high. Good year last year, but I don't see UK beating UF again or UT this year. USCe is the toss up game in my view, but I still see the cocks pulling a W this year even with UK owning the past half decade. Good thing these games all end up being played. Thank God football is almost!